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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Q is for Quotes : What People Have Said About the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

           Since April 1st nearly 100 bloggers from 8 countries have been participating in the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.  During this month these hardy bloggers have been posting on topics themed on the letters of the alphabet from A to Z six days a week.  The participating bloggers have posted on a whole range of different topics in their individually unique styles.  We have amazed others and sometimes even ourselves with our creativity, persistence, and resilience. 

        We are now on the downside of this challenge as we near the end on April 30.  When all is finished we will have posted nearly 2000 blog posts to all our sites.  Some of these participants are veteran bloggers while some are new to the world of blogging.  On April 30th most of them will be able to walk away with a sense of satisfaction in completing a significant blogging feat.  On the following Monday May 3 we hope that all of our fellow bloggers will join us as we celebrate this feat.  I will tell you more about May 3rd, but first here are some quotes of what some of the participants have said about the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge so far:

Wow... this has been an interesting and wonderful week! I can't believe we have already accomplished one weeks worth of blogging to the A to Z challenge.I want to thank Arlee @Tossing it Out for hosting the A to Z challenge... it has been such an excellent experience meeting new people and reading so many incredible blogs!   Lee- I'm so glad you started this challenge, I am meeting so many wonderful new people... It's discouraging to write and not know who your audience are... you have a gift of networking! Amazing!
This Journey Called Life  Tori Cooper

I don't know if the participants are doing a good job or not (though I do think they are), but you did a Grandastically, Great job by starting this challenge. Never before have I come across so many such diverse blogs with their own unique take on things.  THANK YOU!!!~ Rayna     coffee rings everywhere

Arlee - like I've said on numerous occasions, this challenge has been so much fun, albeit challenging at times. :) The challenge for me is to put more thought into my posts as I'm very much a quick poster and don't usually do a lot of research about or put a lot into what I'm going to blog about for that day. I'm working on changing that and trying to be more deliberate about what I write. So thank you. I'm a lifelong learner and have been taught so much through this endeavor. Thank you everyone! Lisa at Bombastic Bandicoot

I am so glad you started this challenge. I needed something to get me back into writing again and I'm loving the opportunity to get to know some amazing writers and bloggers.   Melody Green at Melody's Musings

Thanks Arlee. I have been having fun doing the blog challenge -- I am increasing my writing which is the point. Thanks for hosting it. Kathleen at Kath Ink

Okay- okay....Truth be known- yes! I want someone to read my blog! But the good news is- after almost two years and five or six followers, I finally reached the double digits because of this challenge.    Rae at Porch Ponderings by Rae

I am so pleased that I decided to join in also, it can be quite the mental challenge when we can't always just talk about whatever we want to talk about!
I love your little bios on the different participants too, please keep doing this periodically. It really is tough to catch them all, but I'm doing my best!
I am clueless as to how it is exactly that we are now halfway through this A to Z challenge! Does anyone else have a clue how this has happened? I swear we just got started. I don't want it to end...I think we should just start right over again after we get to the letter Z!
Trudy at Third Times a Charm should definitely try the challenge it's fun but also gets you mind going.  All In The Mind of a Belbin by Belbin 9.

What a challenge it's a great ride. Met many new friends and amazing blogs! I am honored and humbled to have met such fine and talented people. I've almost doubled my "followers" during this challenge.        Debra Harris-Johnson  Dream Weaver

Thanks Arlee for hosting this blogfest. Not only am I learning to be more disciplined in my blogging, but I've discovered some great blogs to follow. Wonderful idea. ---Raquel Byrnes

I am really enjoying this challenge. It is really getting me to stretch my imagination. Thanks for this. It's really the kick in the pants I needed to get my blogging back on track. 
Marjorie from Everything Emerald

This is me, trying to catch up on some of the commenting I've been lacking. Thanks so much for sponsoring this. I can't believe I've yet to miss a day and I've been learning so much about myself, other bloggers and developing a voice.So thanks again!           Rebecca T. at Sonshine Thoughts

Taking this challenge was like joining an elite club of fun friends! Awesome!  Rae Frazier at Porch Ponderings by Rae

Through this challenge I feel like my family has slowly begun to expand. And I love it! There's a warming up period, as in real life when you meet people, but I can feel the friendships beginning to blossom, just like the beautiful flowers. Spring has sprung in our hearts!! :) 
  Lisa at Bombastic Bandicoot

Love it. The A-Z challenge is challenging me to think about my beliefs, my journey in this world (today's post), and has brought great joy to each day.   Linda at Whit's End

Thanks so much for all you're doing to make this challenge the awesome experience that is! Having a lot of fun and meeting some great new bloggers! :)   Beth at  Beth: A Work in Progress

Thanks for encouraging all of us to continue! I am enjoying reading blogs I might not have found, if it weren't for your challenge!    Ellie at Ella's Edge

.....after this A to Z is over with i'm going to begin writing again. you've only seen the tip of the iceburg
Bud Ezekial H at B-E-ing Transformed

My take-away from A-Z challenge is the wonderful new friends that I can count on for wisdom, humor, and the variety of topics we talk over. This has been such a fun month.   Linda at Whit's End

God bless you Ruby, I am so glad I have found you through this are just an absolute peach my dear!   Trudy at Third Time's A Charm

The number of people following my blog has doubled since we began this challenge - in fact, there was a huge spike the week before. I've learned so much from blogging, too.  It's taught me consistency, especially participating in the A-Z Challenge. I've had to think through each post and tried to maintain some semblance of order - and quality.       Alex J. Cavanaugh  

I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and made many new friends in the process! Learning something new every day!  Beth at A Work In Progress

I, like you can't believe we;re half way through A to Z, It has been an excellent challenge and have loved every moment.   Yvonne at Welcome to My World of Poetry

I appreciate the challenge it has been loads of fun. I have "met" some folks I would probably would have never met. 
Gregg at Gospel Driven Disciples

I wanted to thank you for starting the A-Z Challenge. .....It has been a lot of fun and I'm really enjoying it so much. I've met a lot of wonderful people too!    God bless, Jane at Kierah Jane Reilly

I'm a person who loved the idea of learning something new every day, and running and reading these blogs have given me so much information and new learning experiences. Doing the A-Z challenge too has been a learning experience, since I now need to keep an idea concise and interesting despite the limitations of it. The number of followers basically equals the number of people who consider your thoughts and opinions worthy of reading and publicly support you. It's a great feeling when you get that one extra follower to a blog (thank you to everyone doing this challenge who has followed me blog as a result!). It's a great sense of achievement            Jamie Gibbs at  Mithril Wisdom

Although I'm a late "Challenger" I've enjoyed the mental challenge. Can't wait for the mega on Monday May 3.   Carol  from  Grandma's on the Go

This challenge has definitely changed a lot of things about the way I blog. Marjorie at Everything Emerald

         Throughout this challenge we received support and encouragement from many in the blogging community who did not actively participate in posting A to Z, but were there for us nevertheless.

Quotes from supporters:

To Box O' Whine
You are indeed doing quite well.  Your grit and determination to hang on is wonderful. I congratulate you.
Joseph Pulikotil  of  Man on the Move

Great challenge. Wasn't brave enough to join in but I have enjoyed it. 
  Ann at Inkpots and Quills

You really started something big, Lee!  
  L. Diane Wolfe Spunk On A Stick

hehe i love that you're keeping up with this challenge! what a great idea -- and i learn something new every time!!     Tahereh  commenting on Writings, Musings, and Other Such Nonsense

What an interesting challenge "arlee" - you have certainly spurred on a fair number of folks! AWESOME! :)
In My Humble Opinion      Paula Slade

A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

          After the last A to Z post has been entered on Friday April 30th, we will take an opportunity to reflect upon this challenge.  On Monday May 3rd, on their own respective blog sites, participants will be talking about their own personal experiences with the challenge.  They will tell us how it helped their writing, how it increased their followers, and how it affected their comments.  We will hear about some of the special new friendships that came about as the result of the challenge.  Participants will be relating how much of a challenge it was and how they dealt with it--everything and anything that they encountered from the start of the challenge all the way to April 30th.

          I invite all participants to tell us your story so we can learn from your experiences and possibly gain some new insights about blogging, writing, and networking.    This is an opportunity for us to educate each other and to be educated.  Also, if you were not a participant in the challenge, but were following the action, even if you joined in late, I'd like to hear your observations and opinions about what was done in this challenge.  Whether what you have to say is negative or positive it is all valid and we'd like to hear your voice.  I invite all bloggers to join us on May 3rd for the A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post.  I will be posting some final details about this Post on Tuesday April 27th so join me there and please keep checking out all of our posts until the end of April.   There are still some great posts left.

Thanks for getting us in touch with each other. It's been wonderful. And yes, I'll definitely be participating on May 3rd. 
  The Alliterative Allomorph


  1. What a lovely tribute to the challengers Lee, but how you have stayed on top has amazed me, even to planning a May 3rd get together.
    It's been a wonderful journey without having to queue for trains, buses, but in the comfort of your own home. Just as well people didn't have flights booked.

    Have a peaceful day and thanks for the visit,


  2. I'm holding my breath to see what everyone posts for the X day!

  3. Great post Lee. Can you believe that you - YOU - alone are responsible for all of us sharing each other's amazing writing? I think you need a permanent shoulder-patter to follow you around, just to make sure you get a decent shoulder pat AT LEAST every hour or so. :) Awesome. You should be proud of yourself.

  4. This was a great great challenge that made for wonderful reading straight across the board, so thanks!

    PS- You have been bestowed on my blog:)

  5. Wow! I'm speechless! This has been a whirlwind of talent and wit! And there is nothing but positive results from your A to Z challenge.
    Have you contacted Guinness Book of World Records? I think they might be interested in those impressive stats! ...or at least call Oprah! :)

  6. You've done a great job indeed, Lee. Thankful to have discovered you and the rest of the Challengers.

  7. hey it was so nice reading all the quotes....moreover today i have seen bright colours too....grt....

  8. What fun! I love reading all the posts about this challenge.

    I don't follow all these blogs but I discover new ones that are taking part every day.

  9. Thanks, Arlee! It's been an awesome month.

  10. Arlee, I have met some very wonderful bloggers indeed, one of my very favorites (for obvious reasons) is Gabbin Granny Ruby, she is such a doll and her stories remind me of my late Grandfather who always had a great story to tell us grandchildren even up to the end a few years ago. Also I reconnected in a wonderful way with old family friends...I just want to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to start a challenge this grand!

  11. I almost did quotes, but it would of pales in comparison!
    This is terrific, very inspiring how a motley crew has come together and bonded, perhaps we are like my Q post today. We are like a quilt, different squares, triangles and patches, coming together to join your challenge. We all have found common threadsin our blogs, as we weave our friendships.

  12. Yvonne -- It was the participants like you that made the challenge work as well as it has. You, my dear, were amazing the way that you posted your poetry and commented profusely.

    Charmaine -- I think May 3rd will be a revelatory day as we see the many reactions and stories about the challenge.

    AA -- I'm not going to be that self-congratulatory. I just took an idea and tossed it out there. You guys were the great bloggers that took it and turned it into something truly amazing. It was a wonderful collective experience that exhibited a wide range of creativity and a focus of persistence to stay with it. I'm proud of Us!

    Query Girl -- I don't think you're that creepy. Thank you for the bestowance on your site -- I will acknowledge this on my Saturday post which is when I traditionally do this sort of thing.

    Rae -- I should contact somebody shouldn't I. I have been telling my mother about it. Right now my total focua has been on trying to get around and read blogs and comment-- oh,yeah, and get my own posts up each day.

    Wanda -- You have done a great job! And your fellow bloggers! I think we've all made some wonderful discoveries over the past few weeks.

    Rohini -- yes, this colorful challenge has been like a dream--I sure you can appreciate that.

    Matthew -- I hope everyone leaves April with some great new blogs on their reading list.

    Alex -- Thank you --you have been an awesome participant.

    Shannon -- Blabbin' Grammy is a blogger who has won the hearts of many of us. I was keeping up with her prior to April because she was from my home state of Tennessee and I loved her style. I'm sure glad that she joined us in the Challenge-- she is so much fun and pretty informative and wise. Shannon, these are the kind of stories that I hope folks will talk about in their May 3rd posts. Make sure you tell this again on May 3rd so more people will read it -- that's a great reflection on the Challenge.

    Karen -- I wish you had been with us too, but, you know, you were with your comments. That's such an important part of the blogging experience. Please join us on May 3rd with your musings. I know you can shed your own very unique perspective on what a challenge such as this can mean.

  13. Ellie -- what a great analogy! Why don't you use that as part of your May 3rd post? Gosh!--that's pretty inspired -- I like it.

  14. Although I am finishin up my degree this semester at 57 I kept up with the pposting ...only missed 2 letters but I regret I couldn't visit and leave comments like I wanted to. I intend to go back after May 10th and visit everyone. I've really met good friends and creative people. I feel apart of a community now.

  15. Thank you Lee, I meant paled in comparison, but you knew that ;-D

    I think I will use Q; Thanks!

    I will remind people of the May 3rd reflection on my "R" post tomorrow!
    I still don't know what R will be, yet!

  16. Debra --I know how that goes. I finished up my BS degrees a couple years ago while working full time and it was a lot. I thought you did a great job. Still don't understand why I couldn't fit you correctly on the blog roll, but I think I made finding your link work pretty good.

    Ellie -- That will be a great May 3rd reflection. And thank you for promoting the A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post. Hmmm? R? Well, remind readers to remember the Reflection will be part of it. I'm sure you'll come up with something special-- Relocating?

  17. Wow, it seems this challenge not only requires a lot of time, but perhaps a lot more thought than we usually put in blog posts.

    I congradulate you all for your progress! :)

  18. It has been awesome! Fun to see what others have thought of the experience. Great Q post!

  19. Emily -- My take has been that the commenting is the real time suck. I would think that the writing itself should have taken less time because we had the prompt of the letter of the day. I found myself with such an abundance of potential topics for each letter that the writing flowed. But this is something I hope to find out from others on the A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post.

    Beth - thank you and yes, I think the reflection post will not only be fun, but educational as well.

  20. Lee,

    Wish I had been around to participate at the onset. Didnt want to jump on when it was half over.

    Let me know if you do another challenge!


  21. I LOVE all of the quotes you have here. It makes me very excited to see what everyone will have to say on May 3rd! I think your challenge has been a smashing success Arlee! Again, I can't thank you enough for doing this...I have enjoyed every moment!

    Have a blessed day.

  22. This is the most fun I've had since I started blogging almost a year ago. Thanks, Arlee.

  23. Arlee, you certainly came up with a brilliant idea. I didn’t participate but I have enjoyed discovering so many new and interesting blogs. Just wish I had the time to visit them all.

  24. Before this challenge I used to just blog when I felt like it. Now I really think about it and I am being creative which is actually part of the whole reason I started a blog in the first place. Thanks again for this challenge, and great tribute post!

  25. I am honored, humbled and feel truly blessed to be a part of this challenge! It has taken many of our out of our comfort zones and for that I say THANK YOU ARLEE!! I know you have spent a tremendous amount of time making this work and I sincerely appreciate it.


  26. Sig -- I will let you know. You had something of much greater importance to attend to and that was what you had to do. I'll bet you come have come up with some great stuff. Under the circumstances if you want to finish out the rest of the alphabet and join us, I'll be happy to add you to the side bar list--- just so you agreed to do the May 3rd Reflections post! Let me know--- you've been a good blog friend and you know I love promoting your blog.

    Trudy -- thank you! I think the quotes are a good preview of what some folks will say, but I hope they get more analytical and reflective as well.

    Patricia -- I figured you were a long time blogger, but I guess you haven't been doing it much longer than I and I feel like a virtual Blog-child. Glad you could have some fun with this-- I did too!

    Jane -- I came up with a pretty good idea, but those who participated made it brilliant. Glad you were there to give some encouragement. And there's just never enough time is there.

    Marjorie -- That's wonderful to hear. I hope a lot of participants were rewarded with self-improvement and enlightenment about the validity of their own talents. If my tribute post was "great", then that greatness has come from the bloggers I quoted-- there were some really fine quotes weren't there.

  27. Oh wow, this looks so neat. And apparently, I missed it. (After all, it's already Day Q.) Maybe you will do another one sometime?

  28. This really was a lot of fun. And I was already planning on doing some sort of reaction piece to how the month affected me, so the May 3rd mega post is perfect! thanks so much for all of the work you put into it. I haven't gotten around to as many of y'all's blogs as I would have liked, but I have made some fabulous new friends that will last long past the month of April :)

  29. Love this! I got covered in actual chills reading this Lee - well done :)

  30. Amanda -- hope you'll still check this out some more. There are some wonderful bloggers here.

    Rebecca --We've been innundated by blogs for sure and we've all established some good blog friends for the future.

    Jemi -- You've been here since the start and you know all about what we've been doing so you understand. Thanks for your continued support.

  31. Lee, I have had such a great time reading so many blogs, meeting new people and learning an amazing amout of stuff. Thank you for hosting something grand such as the A-Z Challenge. I'll stop by on the 3rd of May and be prepared to be wowed once more.
    Take care Lee, have a great and blessed evening.

  32. I will most definitely be participating May 3rd. This challenge has been amazing and I'm so glad I chose to participate.

    Have a fantastic weekend, Lee!

  33. Julie --feel free to not only stop by, but also contribute your own post about what you observed as you followed the challenge and what you thought about it.

    B.-- I'm glad you'll be participating because your writing skill and fresh outlook on blogging will contribute greatly to telling us what you got out of the challenge.

  34. The bond of community is what I am impressed with and I followed it like I follow sixteen-year old sailor Jessica Watson rounding the world solo. She is almost home and so is the Challenge. Somehow I don't really look forward to it, but I do hope to be there on May 3rd.

  35. Ocean Girl -- Yes, only a week left. We will look forward to hearing your thoughts on May 3rd.

  36. Paula -- Feel free to add your voice to the May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post. You don't have to be a participant-- anyone can have an opinion about this concept and we'd love to hear yours.

  37. Definitely will participate on the May 3rd... it was cool to see all the quotes that you shared this day! :-) Thank you for all you do... and all the encouragement you leave us through your entries! Much love!

  38. Tori -- looking forward to your reflections post.


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