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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog Boggled: D as in Dedication Duality

            How dedicated are you to your blog?   What are some of the things in your life to which you are most dedicated?  Typical answers might include spouse, children, family, and friends.  Other answers might be job, house, education, or self-enrichment.  For many God and their faith would be high on the list if not number one.  We can be dedicated to many things.  However, for dedication to work there must be duality.

         Think about the concept of love between spouses.  A mutual concern and caring must be present for the relationship to last.  Even in the coldest, most distant relationships there has to exist some iota of interest even if it is primarily for the purpose of fulfilling one's self-interest.  When this interest is lacking in one or both parties there is no dedication because there is no duality of concern. 

          Or think about your job.  Would you keep going to work if you didn't receive a paycheck or benefits, and nobody cared about you in that workplace?  It's highly improbable that you would.  You would be out the door looking for a new job.

          This goes for every relationship that we have in life-- product/consumer, artist/ fan, teacher/student, or any type of interactive, co-dependent relationship.  Likewise this goes for you and me and our blogs.  We should come to an understanding of why we send our words and pictures into cyberspace to end up in the vast Google storage to be looked at by total strangers.  Why are you doing this?  Ask yourself.

        It is not much different for an author, say, who writes and writes receiving one rejection and the next, until that author finally sees their work in print, and even better receives payment.  The same goes for any artist, craftsman, laborer, or anyone who devotes time and energy into creation.  They may create one thing for themselves, ten things for the people they know, but once they are mass producing the end product will probably be going into the hands of strangers.  We should strive to make our products the highest quality that we can because that product is a reflection of who we are.

         Each blog post doesn't have to a work of genius.  But it should be a reflection of you striving for your personal best.  Your blog should be you meeting a stranger for the first time and trying to create a good impression.  Your blog should be you meeting up with friends or family members and saying this is something good about me that I wanted to share with you.  This is a part of the duality of your dedication to your blog. You give your blog visitor something to make them feel that they were glad they stopped by and you feel satisfied and pleased with a job that was well done.

           And here is the other side of the duality.  In maintaining the blogger relationship, don't forget the Golden Rule of blogging:  Comment upon other blogs as you would have them comment upon yours. Sometimes writing your blog posts takes a lot of time and it's difficult to make comments.  But do the best you can to at least make a few.  I've been trying to look at every post that appears as much as time will allow and I have been amazed and amused, educated and enlightened.  As many of you know who are doing the same, it can get downright addicting.  There is so much talent here and we all want and deserve encouragement from each other. 

          Today I'd like to recognize a few of the younger bloggers who seem to be very dedicated so far:

 Life in My Shoes  -- Makailyn is a high school student who has a really fine outlook on life.  Her posts so far display some wisdom beyond most young people her age and in fact would be helpful to any of us no matter what age.

  All In The Mind of a Belbin  -- One of our participants from Canada who sounds like an absolutely delightful young lady whom I am presuming is still in high school.

Juan Velez Photography  --- Like many other participants, a college student who will be fitting his photoblog efforts into an already busy school schedule.  Some of you may remember the interview with Juan that I featured in Tossing It Out last November.

Unedited --  Jennifer Daiker is a young author from Texas who talks about her writing and her journey.

Methodical Madness - Another busy graduate student who blogs under the mysterious name beautifulcurare.  She's been on the blog roll since the beginning of the challenge, but I had an incorrect address for her.  This is now remedied so if you tried to visit her site before now and couldn't get it, try again and it should work now.  If you haven't tried yet, now's a good time.  She has an interesting and very current outlook on things.

          If you can, stop by these blogs and give them some words of encouragement. 

           And keep up the enthusiasm and the effort that you have been putting into this challenge.  You can do it.  It may start getting tough as the days count down, but push yourself if you need to and let it flow when the inspiration fills you.  As you look ahead, when you get to "K" will you be kaput or a king or when you reach "Q" are you a Queen or a Quitter?  Keep your eyes on the goal which is completion-- the knowledge that you started a challenge and you saw it through successfully to the end.

         You can do it!


  1. I WANT to be dedicated to spending TIME writing, but I guess if I weigh it up, kids, hubby and even dogs come first. I do love my blog - I would probably rush back into a burning building to save it ;-)

    I love seeing all the young people blogging and I was put onto this one by a twitter friend, it's a teenage girl who has her first book published, has written a trilogy AND spends her spare time promoting literacy for young people.

  2. Excellent Lee, I try to answer as humanly possible but I also like to give the new bloggers a comment as I only well remember it took a whole hear before I had my first comment.
    Have a happy day and happy reading.


  3. What a motivational post! Thanks so much for the encouragment. It would be wonderful to get to everyone's post, but realistically it's quite impossible. I am doing my best, and I'm sure everyone else is too. You are right.

    I think we should perhaps aim to comment on a particular amount of blogs each day, and mix them up a little so that we're not constantly going to the same ones.

    It's hard for me, though, cause the time I'm mostly available to comment is in my morning, and not everyone from the US has posted. But I do try to jump back on at night a little to see what I've missed :)

    Thanks again for the encouragement and for the new link to Methodical Madness. I was trying to get to that blog the other day.

  4. What a lovely post. Everything in life does eventually come down to a question of passion, doesn't it?

    And I will be sure to check out at least some of the blogs you have recommended.

    ~ Rayna

  5. Dear Lee,
    Wow! That says it really hit the nail on the head. My mom used to have a saying, "Things that you do, do with your might.Things done by halves are never done right". She stuck by that saying her whole life and instilled into us the idea of responsibility for whatever we undertake doing. Good post.
    Regards, Ruby

  6. I am trying my best to be dedicated to this A to Z challenge. Thanks for giving me a goal. Sometimes that is all that is needed for inspiration. You have united bloggers in an amazing way.

  7. Dedication is important if you want whatever you are doing to be worthy. Doing your best at whatever you are doing speaks of one's character too. I try to put my best out there and I expect this in return.

  8. THat's really good advice. I personally follow 300+ blogs so there is no way to read every blog and comment on them all and still be able to write. However, I try to do my best to comment on many. I will check out the blogs you listed.

    Thank you.


  9. Great post. I think I'm getting dedicated to my blog. I have the next three posts finished and scheduled for today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow's is kind of intense, for me, anyway.

    I'll take a look at those blogs you suggested.

  10. Dedication (and stubborness) is what keeps this spunky redhead going!

  11. Never looked at the duality of dedication quite like that before. Very enlighting post. Visiting the blogs in the challenge has become quite addictive. I'll be sure to visit the blogs listed.

  12. Wonderful post. I am new to the world of blogging. Three months on my journey to the big 6-0! I am inspired by the dedication of so many noteworthy authors ... young and old, irreverent and classic, poignant and humorous. Glad I happened upon yours ... and that you have led me to others. Cheers!

  13. Good choice for D!

    I'm a pretty dedicated person too - kids, hubby, family, job/students, writing, blog... there's a lot - but it's fun :)

  14. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for suggestinjg other blogs to look at!!Have a great week!

  15. Arlee, once again wonderful and thanks for the reminder! I try to go to different blogs every day and make a comment or two on their post(s).

  16. Consistent, entertaining, and interesting blogs keep me coming back for more. I haven’t had a chance to visit all those who are paarticipating in your challenge, but I’ve really enjoyed the blogs I’ve read.

  17. After God comes my family, church, writing, and finally blogging.

    As much as I love blogging have to remember to keep things in perspective. My purpose in blogging is to share my writing journey, I can't do that if I'm not writing anything but blog posts. My novel is racked in the right up there in the top 5. It will always come before blogging.

  18. Charmaine -- Balance is the key to everything. I checked on Riley's blog and left an encouraging comment.

    Yvonne -- you have been wonderful in encouraging others, probably because you haven't forgotten what it was like, and look at how it as paid off in getting you new followers. Great job!

    AA -- I now what you mean. I've been discovering posts from a few days ago and I'll go to them and comment. Guess it doesn't matter that much when you comment.

    Rayna -- I noticed a lot of your comments popping up last night. Good job of recognizing the efforts of others.

    Alex -- thank you

    Grammy -- Your mom gave some good advice. That's what I believe as well.

    Rae -- thank you and you guys are stepping up to the challenge really well.

    Teresa -- you are so right-- effort relects character.

    Ann-- I know where you're coming from. I can't keep track of all of the ones I follow on a daily basis.

    Mary -- I glad this is helping you get organized. Setting up future posts does help a lot.

    Diane -- Isn't stubbornness a stereotypical trait of redheads?

  19. Wanda -- I hope you're getting as much as I am out of these other bloggers. There are some good ones--including yours.

    Steel M -- Keep up the momentum. And I'm glad we found each other as well.

    Jemi -- I kind of figured you were a pretty dedicated person.

    Jaime -- thanks and I hope everyone will check these blogs out at least once-- and of course leave an encouraging note.

    Shannon -- I know you have-- I've seen your comments all over the place. Good job.

    Jane-- there is so much good stuff in all of these blogs. Thank you for your continued support.

    Tamika -- you're right-- priorities are essential.

    Karen -- You've left so many nice comments on my site and I appreciate it, as I am sure do the other sites you've left comments on. Thank you.

  20. I get to work with "Belbin," and yes, she is absolutely a delightful young lady, barely out of high school. Glad she found her here!

  21. Thanks for the pep-talk...really needed it this rainy, busy, Monday morning. I shall keep on keeping on...and comment, of course. =)

  22. Nicely done D post. I see, when visiting the partcipants' blogs, the traffic and comments are way up, so way to go, you guys. This the way to roll in Bloggydom! (wink)

    The Old Silly

  23. Excellent post!
    I too have seen an increase in comments and followers. Thanks so much for hosting this challenge. May have to make it an annual thing. ;)

  24. hi Lee...glad i listened to you!!! making new friends too. at some point i'm going to get involved with your Bible studies & discussions.

  25. I believe that my blogging will soon take a backseat to my hectic life after the baby is here. Sure, I will still post often, but not nearly as regularly as I do now.

    A great and interesting post but duality!

    Blessings to you!

  26. Great post. Thanks for encouragement. I will check those blogs when I get more time later, and I'll try to leave some comments.

  27. Well, this blog is cool. I like it. It has inspired me to spend a little bit more time on my own. Thanks Lee!

  28. Thanks for the encouragement, Lee! I made a commitment last month to post every weekday, and I made it! I also made the A to Z commitment, and I'm glad I did. I think it's enriching my blog, just like everything else I soak in like a sponge.

    Great post!!

  29. With 5 kids it's hard to comment on all the blogs I read, but I am trying.

  30. Great advice. It great to see young people writing interesting blogs.

  31. I am so stubborn I know I'll fall off the "alphabet horse" but I'll hop back on and fall in step. I'm probably overly dedicated to too many things. I'll work on that. Thanks for a great inspirational post.

  32. Joining the challenge was like jumping into a lake for me.

    I can see why it's difficult for some people to keep up. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the enormous amount of blogs to read and comment...

    I have focused on commenting back to each reader (following your example) and then going to their page- and commenting on a their entries and then if I have some extra time... i try to read a new blog...

    It requires a lot of work to provide significant feedback but it's an excellent way to exercise the brain!

  33. Thanks to the rest of those who commented on my post for today. Yes, I think comments have increased for many of you and definitely here-- it gets difficult to respond to each directly but I think you understand.

    I hope everyone will continue to hang in there. You are all doing great.

    Debra-- I don't understand why I can't get the correct link on the blog roll -- I will keep working on it, but in the meantime I do have it correct in with the supporters. This is a strange quirk but hopefully I'll figure it out.

  34. OH my gosh I am so honored to have been mentioned on your blog!!! You're too sweet! I'm glad you think I'm dedicated as I too think you are very dedicated to your blog! I now consider it very much a part of me, a part of my soul and my life! I love all the wonderful people who leave me inspiration comments and posts that keep me going each and every day!!!

    Thanks again for such a fabulous honor!

  35. Someone used the word passion in place of your opening words about devotion. I am devoted to or have a

    Passion to spread the supremacy of
    God in all things for the glory of God and the joy of all people through Jesus Christ in Longview, WA.

    This is what I have determined to devote the rest of my natural life to.

  36. What a great reminder of the power and importance of dedication. Great job! :)

  37. lol thanks Arlee Bird and Will, I appriciate the kind words. Awesome D day, dedication is definatly something that is hard but that most people need to fulfill

  38. Excellent post for "D" and I think you've opened a lot of eyes with it. I try to live my life by the golden rule but am not always successful. I do agree that if I want comments, I must GIVE comments. Whether I get them or not. Besides the comments, it's wonderful meeting new folks, learning new things, etc. Thanks for the reminder. :)


  39. Wonderful post, Lee. I'm working my way round the other blogs. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say in the comments, but I like to let them know that I have taken the time to read their posts.

  40. I tend to blog everyday. I guess you would say I am dedicated. I started just to keep family and friends updated. Then it became a vehicle to express things about my life that I wanted to remember.
    I read a lot of blogs but don't always comment. Improvement needed there!

  41. I'm loving this A to Z Challenge!!! Also love the Golden Rule of Blogging :)


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