This Is Me--2024 A to Z Theme

My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Friday, April 30, 2010


       Zzyzx?  Some of you may be thinking I'm making this up.  There's no such thing as "zzyzx".  But as anyone who has driven I-15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas will attest, there is indeed a Zzyzx Road exit.  Zzyzx Road is a four and half mile road that goes to Zzyzx, California which is not really a town but a place.

       Originally Zzyzx was a sort of health spa and tourist attraction founded in 1944 at a natural spring in the Mojave Desert.  In 1974 the land was reclaimed by the United States government.  Since 1976 Zzyzx and its surrounding land has been managed by California State University as a Desert Studies Center.

         Probably few people ever go to Zzyzx, though many see the exit sign for the oddly named road.  It is probably most notable to Vegas bound travelers as the signaling of the last hundred miles of the trip.  It is past the half-way point as the road wearied journeyers eagerly anticipate arrival in "Sin City"-- the city that never sleeps.  Arrival at Zzyzx meets you're getting closer.

          For us A to Z Challengers, our Zzyzx--the letter Z--means we've arrived at our destination.  We've hit the jackpot.   The bells are ringing, the lights are flashing!  We won.   We made it to the end and now we can relax and enjoy ourselves.  We can look back fondly at the road we've travelled and remember the ups and downs of the highway.  The long desert stretches.  And all of the other travelers heading in our direction, us waving at them and them waving at us as we sometimes overtook them and they sometimes sped past us. And now we have arrived in Vegas and our Vegas is Zzyzx.

         Now it's time for the party to begin. It's like a Vegas convention.  We will all convene for our May 3rd Blogging From A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post.  Remember that many of the posts will start appearing on what is Sunday for those in the United States.  As you post your May 3rd blog entry don't forget to add your link to the Linky Tool on the Tossing It Out page and then, if I understand this correctly, you can also add that same Linky to your own page.  This will be new for me as I've never dealt with these Linkies.  I've been learning a lot in April.    Welcome to Zzyzx!


  1. Well we did it Lee, ever had any doubts? now for me the real task is to understand this Linky gadget,
    Have a great day,Hopefully see you Monday.


  2. Thanks, Arlee- it's been a fun ride!

  3. What a creative Z that deserves a prize. What a super post! I was ready to play the slots! Have a great weekend!

  4. It's been a great journey and looking forward to May 3rd.

  5. Congratulations on reaching the end. Zyzzyx...hmm. How do you say that?

  6. It has been a fun ride! I am actually sad that it has come to an end. Great use of your "Z"

    I haven't been in southern CA since around 1985 so I didn't know that place existed.

    That is a great finish!

    I am too technological challenged so I am not sure I will mess with something called a linky link.

  7. Lee-I just really wanted to thank you for this Blogging A to Z experience! I think I had 30 new followers this month, which is the biggest increase I've had since I first started and invited all my friends. I've met a ton of new people, found dozens of great blogs... I really appreciate your efforts! It was a fabulous event.

  8. Thanks for the trip! I'm so glad Debra enticed me to join in. Can't wait for May 3rd.

  9. You are taking us to Vegas? Love it! This has been such a fun challenge - am looking forward to the Mega Post - hope I can get the linky thing understood.

  10. How in the world do you pronounce Zzyzx? It sounds like soomething out of a high fantasy novel.

    Congrats to you on finishing the challenge! No small task by any means.

  11. What a curious name for a destination...I think I would pronounce it zizzix. I suppose perhaps they did it just because they knew it would be memorable.

    I am off to finish my May 3rd post now and I will have to schedule for it to post on Monday as we may be staying in the hospital today to have our baby. I definitely don't want to miss out on that one.

    Arlee, thanks again for this incredible opportunity and for being such a terrific host. I have enjoyed myself tremendously and look forward to continuing to follow your wonderful blog!

    God's richest blessings to you!

  12. Thanks for thinking up such a great blogfest. I had a blast!

  13. First of all, I see a lot of concern about the Linky list. If I understood the technology and installed in correctly, it should be easy for you. After your May 3rd bit has posted, click at the bottom of the list on my side bar where it says something like "your name next" or something like that. There should then appear some boxes that ask for your URL address and Name, which can be the name of your blog or your post-- blog name seems best to me. It should be pretty easy. I did a test run a few days ago and it seemed easy and seemed to have worked.. I think the tool explains what to do as you do it. And if you don't use the Linky then it's no big deal, it just provides a blog list of those who are participating, but it's not a necessity by any means.

    Good luck! and luck forward to everyone's Monday Post!

  14. Congrats to all those who stuck with it!

  15. Yvonne --See my above comment about the Linky. You can do it.

    Rae-- Glad you were there and hope you will be with us on May 3rd and May 17th.

    Kittie -- thank you for stopping in. If you have any comments about A to Z post about it with us on May 3rd. You don't have to have done it-- we'd just like to know what you think of the concept. Also you can join us on our music post on May 17th.

    Alex -- you did great and it was cool to have been able to have your book cover announcement during A to Z. See you Monday.

    Liza -- rhymes with "Isaac". Not the way I say it though. Feel free to add your voice on Monday by being part of the A to Z Mega Post. And we'd love to have you join us on the favorite album May 17th post.

    Gregg -- see my above comment about the Linky. I think it's probably pretty easy. Thanks.

    Watery Tart --It was my pleasure and hope you will put all this and more in a post for Monday.

    The Voice -- I'm glad you joined also. Hope you will add your "Voice" in our Monday post.

  16. Linda -- someone should put together a blog meet or convention in Vegas-- that would be so cool! I'm sure that I'd go. See my comment above about the Linky.

    Karen -- Thanks for always being there.

    Tracy --- rhymes with "Isaac". Feel free to post your opinion about A to Z on Monday. We like to hear what non-participants thought about the idea.

    Trudy -- Your little guy has certainly been well mannered to have patiently waited for you to finish this challenge. You are going to have some story to tell him when he gets older.

  17. Mary -- hope you had as much fun as I did. Hope you will add your reflections on Monday.

    Diane--Thanks for all the support you kept giving us all the way. Don't forgot a few words about it for Monday and add your link to the Linky.

  18. rLEE-b ~
    Hey, man, being a Los Angeles native, I have driven past that "Zzyzx Road" sign countless times. I never got off the highway there to check it out though because I was always in too big a hurry to get to Lost Wages (gotta get that first beer in by 12:00 Noon or it's not a "Vacation", ya know?)

    But I really enjoyed this Blog Bit, my friend. It was a very creative way to use "Z" and wrap up your A To Z Blogfest!

    Also, did you find that photo on the internet somewherez, or did you take it yourself? Either way, I really like it. Whoever took it did a nice job in getting the early morning rising sun reflection on the road below the sign. Just looking at the picture, I can actually "FEEL" that experience of having hit the road for Vegas before the sun has risen. How many times I have passed "Zzyzx Road" that early in the morning, tired from having driven for hours, too much coffee buzzing through my bloodstream, and filled with the anticipation of reaching Vegas and having my first all-you-can-eat buffet and then finding a comfortable bar stool.

    Dang it, Arlee Bird, I am SO READY for a road trip!

    Great post, McBuddy. You concluded in fine fashion!

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McVegasboy

  19. I think you win the award for most unique Z post! :) What an interesting name! Thanks so much for throwing (tossing?) out this A to Z idea and cheering us on along the way. See you Monday!

  20. So glad I accepted your ingenious challenge, Arlee. Met so many people I wouldn't otherwise have come across in the vast space of the web. Learned a lot about posts, pictures, and other stuff. Congratulations on 'Z' day! Woo hoo!

  21. Stephen -- got the photo from "Wickipedia"--I'm like you and every one else,always zooming by so fast that I don't have time to take a picture. And yes I've done many a morning Vegas run to hit the buffet while the lunch price are still in effect. When you're ready to go to Vegas let me know and I'll meet you there. Except I'll pass the Zzyzx sign and you won't unless you take the circuitous route.

    Melody -- Thank you for staying with the Challenge. Look forward to your Reflections post.

    Southpaw-- You must have been going to Vegas.

    Raquel -- glad that you were a part of the Challenge. I ditto what you said.

  22. I read the comments of the others, and see that you answered the question of many... the pronunciation. :)
    Congrats to you and all the others who have made it to Z!

  23. Hi, Lee,
    Great post friend! I will post mine on Sunday evening and do the Linky thingy. I will be off then for Texas on Monday and will be blogging from there using my daughter's computer, beginning tuesday and going through sunday night. Thanks for all your great support to us! It has been a blast!

  24. Thank you Arlee for doing this! It was fun!

  25. well Lee, it's been a haul to say the least. thanks for your encouragement brother! ought`a have something to yak about for Monday's post.

    no regrets whatsove! fact of the matter is i thank you, the participants and the supporters as well.

  26. I love the sign. Reminds me of road trips with my parents when I was little. Not that I've seen that crazy sign!

    Thanks for putting this together, and for your encouragement to try to stick with it to the end. I did my best! It was great to meet everyone.

  27. Congratulations Lee!! You and a whole bunch of others deserve a ton of credit. It was a lot of fun following this challenge :)

  28. To quote Finding Nemo: "We did it, We did it! Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!"

    *does a little Dance*

  29. Carol-- it's like the ultimate Z word.

    Anita -- the way I've always pronounced is different than the official way. I always say "zizz'-icks.

    Ruby -- Thank you and have a great trip.

    Elizabeth -- Thank you for your part and we'll look for your Reflections post on Monday.

    Bud -- thankful for your faithfulness in posting. The support you gave to others was great.

    Ginny -- you did a great job and your twist on the approach was fun. Thanks for participating and I'll be keeping up with you in the future.

    Jemi-- it was made all the more fun to have those like you always there with their comments. Thank you for your important contribution.

    Marjorie -- yes we did didn't we!

  30. Thank You so much for being an amazing host!!! This was such a fun challenge for me to do & it came at the perfect time:)

  31. YIPPEE - it's over! Wait! It's over...:( But I don't want it to be over!!!

    This has been quite an experience to say the least Arlee. I've done a lot of self-reflecting because of this challenge and will continue to do so and find other ways to challenge myself.

    As the song says..."every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"


  32. Nice Lee, I love it! Great way to cross the finish line! It is too bad, we were all meeting to celebrate the end of this challenge.
    What a party that would be...

    Thanks for doing this, lots of inspiring souls in blogland! It was
    a privilege to be part of such a unique and talented group~

  33. Stacy, Lisa, & Ellie -- Thanks to you all! It has truly been a good time. The party's not quite over though-- still got the Reflections post on Monday and don't forget to put your links in the Linky.

  34. Wow! This month flew by fast! Is it over already? Are we there yet? The answer is YES! I'm still pinching myself! :-D Looking forward to monday post! Congratulations on finishing the goal alongside the rest of us! :_D

  35. Congrats to all my new friends. Special thanks to you Arlee what a blog fest. Despite something being wrong with my link I managed to more than double my "followers." Thanks to all that read me I am humbled and I am joyous to find a family of such talented bloggers. See ya on May 3rd.
    The challenge ought to be a yearly event. It will keep us on our toes and help us meet other bloggers.

  36. Kinda makes you wonder who names these places/exits. There are exits in the central valley like Ave 24 1/2. What?? can you only exit half way? Is it only finished 1/2 way? I guess it goes 1/2 way to nowhere...

    I guess it works in one gets your attention if only with a WHATT?????


  37. What a curious road sign arlee! Congratulations on your wonderful blogging venture - it truly has been a fascinating road trip!

  38. Paula -- a curious, and a very real sign. Yes, our challenge was like a trip, but it was good to get home.


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