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My A to Z Theme for 2022 is My Vinyl Record Collection. This will be about the music I still have on my shelf. Be sure to check the links for samples of the albums and music I'll be talking about. There will be a lot of interesting music ahead for your listening enjoyment.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Is Like Pay Day

         Anybody else need a rest?   I may slow down a bit for a few days but probably not by too much.  What a time it has been!  I have been so impressed by the way the majority of you great bloggers lasted all of the way through the challenge and even the ones who didn't finish stayed for the most part to see us through.

         I'm not going to bother too much with a recap this Saturday.  And as for the week to come, right now the main thing on my mind is the Monday May 3rd Blogging From A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post. I really don't think I need to say much more about it other than please be there.  If you still don't know what I'm talking about go back to Tuesday's Post and read about it.  Please try to leave us with some kind of thoughts.  And there will be the Linky list that you can add your blog link to--you might even be able to gain a few more followers in doing so.  Don't be overly concerned with the list--it should be fairly easy and self-explanatory, but if you have any problems send me a message in the comments or e-mail me and I'll try to help you out with it. 

           And about that Reflections blog post, don't forget we want to share our experiences, but we also want to share our knowledge.  I think we learned a lot about what it takes to gain new followers and loyal readers.  Let others know so we can help improve the blogging community.  Let's be good teachers of blog science.

             Also on that same Tuesday Post that I mentioned above, we talked about the upcoming Fifteen Fantasy Island Favorites on Monday May 17th when we will be talking about music that we appreciate and that has special meaning in our lives.  If you want to know more about that post go back and read all about it and then please join us on that day.  This will be another educational event where we can learn more about each other and some music that might be new to us.  I hope we can make the post on May 17th even bigger than A to Z, so please tell your friends.  Remember--it's only a one day post so there's no long range commitment.

         And now for Pay Day!

         I had been asked about a badge or award of completing the challenge and despite my technological shortcomings I think I came up with something that works.  Uncle Sam stays since he's been such a fixture in this challenge--I just changed the wording some.  I added it to my side bar okay and I guess it works.  All you need to do is download the image from this page and then go to the layout page to "add a gadget" then go to the box that says "picture".  After you click this, you can add your own text to label it in any way you want.  It's like adding an award and I think most of you have done that.   I tried adding the html code but ended up with a giant monster Uncle Sam that didn't fit on the page--I'll have to work on that trick some more.  Hey I'm learning stuff though, which is pretty cool.

And Still another award!

        From Lydia Kang  at The Word Is My Oyster  comes the Blogger BFF Award.   Well I've turned this into an April Challenge tradition, so I have no other choice to pass this on to all of you--you are all my Blogger BFF's.   If you want to add this to your site then do so and just say it came from Tossing It Out and then go and thank Lydia for passing to me in the first place.  Besides, I like words and I like oysters and I like Lydia and her fine blog--thank you Lydia.

Now I've got work to do.  Big things are ahead for all of us.  Have a great and restful weekend.


  1. Congrats for everything, Lee. Have a great weekend an a well-deserved rest. :)

    Re the album post. I advise you to stick a Mr linky and official announcment up pretty soon so that it can circulate a bit before it actually happens. The majority of people for my blog fest signed up two weeks after I announced it. :) Just sayin ...


  2. Thanks for thelovely awards, much appreciated. look forward to Monday,provided I can get through I have my doubts but will think about it more tomorrow.

    Hve a restful week-end.

  3. Lee

    Congratulations on doing a great job as the administrator of the A to Z challenge


  4. Arlee, I read your post with deep appreciation for the Work That Is behind the keyboard. Your organization and focus inspire! I really learned alot from the A-Z posts. And I'm thankful for my new Followers. My hub's proud! I took heat from some around me for blogging (I'm a 'bit' older) that I really had to fight to keep on a positive track. Anyway, I really liked the challenge's creativity. Thanks to all!

  5. You most certainly deserve a rest! You've done a great job not only posting, but highlighting and visitng other blogs! Well done!

  6. The badge is a good idea. I will put that on my sight.

    I have to admit I had to think about what to post today. No letter to guide me made it a little bit harder!

    Thanks again!

  7. I hope you enjoyed doing the A-Z :) I used to blog every day but it was starting to drive me mad...

  8. Congratulations! You did a great job with the A to Z challenge and awards to boot! Yay!

  9. Thanks, Arlee! Looking forward to Monday's post and the fifteen favorites.

  10. Arlee, Great job, did you ever think for one minute the challenge would get so big? It was an awesome experience, I made some wonderful new friends in the blogging world, including you! I have already written my post for May 3rd..yay! Thanks so much for the badge and the award...We all deserve it don't we! So glad to have met you and feel I made a wonderful new friend in the process!

  11. Congrats Lee...
    :( I want an award...LOL

    Jesus You are my reward...To hear Your voice on that day, is all I'm living for...

    Wish I had wrote that song.

    Be blessed. Be a blessing. Get some rest. Smile.

    DJ GlenMC

  12. AA -- You may have a point about the Linky being put up early with a good explanatory note. Here was my concern-- the link you put on the list is either the general link to your site with after an event day (eg-May 17) a person clicking on the link would be taken to the current day rather than the event day post. But I'm probably thinking this wrong because most people would probably put that home URL up anyway. Don't mind me I'm just thinking this through and I see where you have a good point. I will put the May 17the Linky up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Do you know if any particular Linker is better than another? I notice you used Mr. Linky, Raquel used some other widget, and I used Linky Tool.
    Thanks for making me think--I was trying not to do that today.

  13. Yvonne-- I'm not sure what you're having doubts about, but I don't doubt that you can post something for Monday-- after all you've gotten this far. Like I say if you have any questions just let me know and I'll try to help.

    Ron -- Thanks for the compliment-- do you think it can get me a job somewhere?

    Kittie--I'm a bit confused. Do you have another blog besides The Block? But thank you for your comment.

    Jemi -- Some of it I may have learned from you.

    Gregg -- I've been feeling a bit like that too, then again I was out in the sun for a few hours this morning passing out church flyers at a local street fair and I feel a bit drained now.

    Rachel-- I've been blogging everyday since last September, but of course I was a bit mad already.

    Pal-- because of you and the others.

    Alex -- Your welcome and me too.

    Shannon-- you have expressed my thoughts well. We all did a great job.

  14. Restful weekend, indeed! Glad I got Monday off too to write

  15. Yay I was hoping there would be a badge to say we completed the challenge.
    You must be so proud with the success of it all. It's been wonderful :o)))

  16. You've done a great job as the challenge host and certainly had earned a bit of a rest. Hope you enjoy a blessed weekend.

  17. You The Man...dragged me into this. I would post the award, but I showed up late this party...:) worries. No regrets. I'll be posting and reading.

    Thanks for hosting this madness Lee.

    DJ GlenMC

  18. It almost feels like a family reunion where everybody is having to go home now...;( This has truly been a blessing, and I don't use that word lightly. Even though I LOVE everything, LOL. :)

    Have a great rest of your weekend Arlee and I'll see you on Monday!

  19. Hope you have a great weekend too.

  20. arlee - your Uncle Sam award is very clever!


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