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My A to Z Theme for 2022 is My Vinyl Record Collection. This will be about the music I still have on my shelf. Be sure to check the links for samples of the albums and music I'll be talking about. There will be a lot of interesting music ahead for your listening enjoyment.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Stopover

          We've embarked on our FIFTEEN FANTASY ISLAND FAVORITES cruise.  If you missed the details of what's happening you can find them on my post from yesterday.  Or to put it simply:  You're left on an island, but you can only take 15 of your favorite albums---okay so we're not in the iPod generation here--it's a fantasy island.   If you'd like to play along, sign up on the Linky enrollment list or you can wait like some to sign up after you've posted your list so you can link directly to the list.  We land on the island on May 17th and then the 15 favorite albums should be revealed to the rest of us.

            It's been a week of downtime after the frenzy of the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.  On Monday we had our reflections posts from participants and it was just grand.  A good time was had by all and in a way it was sad to see the end of the alphabet come, but I think we all took away something positive from the experience.  If you want to read any of those reflections posts, I will leave the Linky list at the bottom of my page for a few more weeks.   

          The remainder of the past week on Tossing It Out was a wrap up time for some of the odds and ends left over from the challenge.  In the week to come we will be heading for the Island.  On Monday I'll be discussing how to put up pictures on your site so you can put up your album covers on the May 17th post. Tuesday I'll be discussing what makes an album good and since this is really a subjective thing I will be talking about what makes the music good in my eyes--see if compares with how you rate your music. 

          Coming up on Wednesday I will be reflecting on the meaning and significance of music in our lives--why do we have special songs and how does our taste change as we grow older.   On Thursday Debate Day I will be addressing the importance of music in our schools.  Then on Friday don't forget that Arlee Bird will be featured as a Blogger of Note as Tossing It Out is recognized as a "Blog of Substance".  I hope you will join with me to share in this special honor which comes from Sandy and Pam at Words of Wisdom.

And now for some more awards: 

The Prolific Blogger Award thanks to Wendy from W.M.Morrell's Musings From Down Under

Tori Cooper from This Journey Called Life gave me a Sunshine Award.   The Sunshine Award is an award to recognize blogs that bring a little sunshine to the blogosphere!

           Since I'm a bit short on time today, I'm going to just gratefully accept these awards without passing them on.  If you would like me to specifically pass one to you let me know and then post the award to your site as coming from mine.  Sorry if I'm not going by the rules but I've got to get ready for my father-in-law's birthday today--he'll be 87 years on May 12.  The family will all be coming over to our house today.  I'll be cooking carne asada on the grill and we'll have all sorts of other good things. 

           So have a great weekend and to all of you mothers ---

              HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!         


  1. Have a wonderful week-end Lee,
    Thanks for putting my name on the list for me.


  2. I'm already working on my fifteen albums!

  3. Hope you have a great weekend! Great update post. Happy B-day to your father-in-law.

  4. Yvonne -- Happy to do it Yvonne. And Happy Mother's Day to you.

    Alex -- Me too! I'm anxious to see how much diversity we have in all of our selections.

    Gregg-- You too! And thanks on behalf of Juan, my father-in-law.

  5. Have a great weekend. Happy Birthday to your father-in-law!

  6. I'm leaving right now! See you there and I'm looking forward to the carne asada. Yum!
    (I'm really thinking about what my 15 albums are gonna be...)

  7. Okay - this idea has been haunting me Lee - I'm in! :)

  8. Sounds like a nice celebration Arlee. Congratulations on your awards!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Kittie -- thank you. You have a great weekend also.

    Wolfie -- I was glad to see you signed up. Look forward to reading your 15 albums post.

    Jemi - Yay! so cool!

    Diana -- Thanks so much. We always have pretty nice family get-togethers.


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