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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sometimes I Get A Bit Lazy

            I am still posting, but I guess I'm being a little bit lackadaisical about it.  Okay, and so I've used a word that I rarely use, but I do like the word "lackadaisical".   I'm still trying to catch up on blogs and e-mails, but I've come to a conclusion:  I will probably never totally catch up.  If you ever feel like I've slighted you or neglected you, please let me know and I will try to make up for it.

           So today, and not to appear flippant (it's like vocabulary day), I am going to accept some awards.  Like I need awards.  After reading through all of the accolades and super-nice comments that people were giving me yesterday in the reflections post, my head got so big that my wife had to deflate it so I could get in the door last night. 

          Actually I'm exaggerating about my inflated self-image.  I only opted for a life-sized six foot statue of myself on my front lawn.  The neighborhood association decided that the twelve foot version was a bit too much.   And they totally nixed the idea of the rooftop billboard that read, "THIS IS THE HOME OF ARLEE BIRD".  I suppose I could opt for a small sign in my front window, but then what's the point.

          Instead I'll post these awards on my site today:

                       The Cherry On Top Award

       First from Wolfie at Writer Person I received the Cherry On Top Award.  I could say she's just being nice to me because I'm her uncle, but then again she said such nice things about me on her A to Z Reflections post.  Of course, maybe she said nice things about me because I'm her uncle.  No, I think she means it because she's a really nice niece.

         Anyway according to the rules I'm supposed to write three good things about myself:

            1)    When I was a kid I used to really like Tonka toy trucks.  This was in the late 50's and early 60's when they were really well made.  

            2)    I used to enjoy staging massive accidents with my Tonka trucks.  How is that good?  When you're a boy it's really cool to watch a Tonka truck rolling down an embankment crashing into rocks and getting totally destroyed.  Like, wow!

             3)    Now I wish I had all of those old  crashed Tonka trucks still in new condition.  That would be good because they'd probably be worth some good money and I could sell them.

            Okay-- I guess that was kind of lame.   So anyway here's the next award:

                       The Cherry On Top Award

        Wait a minute!  Didn't I just do this?   Deju vu yes I did, but I got the award again.  This time from DJ Glen at Glen's Blog Spot.  Gee, thanks, Glen.   Now I have to come up with three more good things. Let's see:

              1.  When I was a kid I used to like to collect baseball cards.

              2.   When I was a kid I used to like to take my baseball cards and clothes pin them to the frame of my bicycle so they'd clack-clack on the spokes of the wheel until they were destroyed.   Why was that good?  When you're a boy that clickety sound is so cool when you're riding around the neighborhood.

               3.    Now I wish I had all those baseball cards back because they're probably worth something and I could sell them.

          Hmmm -- seems to be a theme going on here.   Well now I'm supposed to pass this award on to some others.  I've been taking the all-inclusive A to Z Bloggers cop-out, but now I guess I can't really do that anymore.   I'm not trying to show any favoritism here so please don't be offended if you're not on this list (and if you still want it you can take it and give me credit).    So here you go:

Box o' Whine because she wanted it and I told her I'd find her one and besides, she's funny.

1 Wasabi Mommy -- I didn't see one of these on her site but her place looks like a doggone art gallery as it is and I'd say her blog has something extra.   I think she's going to be doing some kind of photo challenge too, but you'd have to ask her about.

All In the Mind of a Belbin --- she doesn't have any awards showing on her site and I think she did a good job with  the A to Z Challenge.

What's So Random?    This is another one of my nieces. Okay maybe I am showing a little favoritism.  I don't see a recent post so I'll give her some encouragement.

          These awards are a lot of work!  So sorry if I stop there.  I'll have a couple more on Saturday.  Tell me if you want me to give you one.  It's very helpful to me cause then I don't have to look to see who to give them to.   I like it when I can just give them to everybody.   And that's about all I have to say about that.


  1. Hi Lee, You're lackadaisical and I feel absolutely knocked out, I 'm not sure whether I an going to Nashville in June as it has been hit badly with flooding, the hotel and The Grand Ole Opry is a complete mess, so it's all in the hands of the Good Lord above.

    Enjoyed your blog as usual I feel you need world reconigtion like a "Arlee Bird Public Holiday"
    if you had a statue most of us wouldn't see it but a holiday all would benefit from it.
    There goes my imagination again.

    Have a RESTFUL day.

  2. Your a-z challenge seems to have been a real hit. I'm trying to think of a challenge that I would like to set up with witness of how God has worked in peoples lives but that will have to wait for a little while, I will be working for the next week and no internet and, and, and. We will see. Well done on your sudden influx of accolades, you deserve them!

  3. Your "theme" cracked me up. I think just about everyone has wishes like that when they see that their toys would have been worth something. But I think kids who save their toys in pristine condition are a bit weird... toys are to be played with!

  4. i am struggling to learn all the blogging things to do awards, links and much much more. I felt honored to receive a blog award in the shape of a cupcake I love cupcakes thanks Arlee. I really loved the challenge, when is the record album one start? I am also doing a number from 1-30 blog challenge starting soon.Maybe you will join me...?

  5. Hello - love the pattern emerging in your three good things, such a good reflection on the way children and adults view things. It would have been an awful shame to have kept those baseball cards and Tonka trucks in pristine condition, though, wouldn’t it? I can hear the joy in the paragraph about playing with them! I have several Matchbox cars that I used to play a game with that I creatively called ‘Smash’. They may have been worth something if I kept them in their packaging – but the hours of fun they gave is priceless.

  6. for the last couple of days i've been just lazin` about reading the blogs of those involved in the challenge. for some of us, we're experiencing a type of jet lag, if you will. our minds were being hurdled thru a writing gauntlet. suddenly we had landed and now some of us have exited the writing craft and are just milling about at the baggage area unsure of what's outside Arlee's Terminal. some have gone on already. others are waiting for the next flight:)

    i remember using the clothespin/card deal on my bike too. it did sound cool. also had a siren to that was mounted up against my bike tire. got sick of it pretty quick and realized a new fishing pole would have been better.

  7. Sounds like you could maybe use a well-deserved break. But even if you're being lackadaisical, which I don't think this post was, it is still fun and interesting. Take care, Lee.

  8. Yvonne -- I've heard some about the flooding in Nashville, but didn't hear anything about Opryland. Hope that doesn't mess up your vacation trip because I know how much you've been looking forward to it.

    Geoff-- Thank you. Interesting concept, though I don't know if would be as much of a challenge as a sort of an online revival focused on testimonies. But you may be onto something there. I'm sure there are many good stories to be told.

    India -- I've actually known some people who have become so "collectible" minded that when they buy new toys for their kids, they buy 2-- one to play with and one that stays in the box for future collecting. Also, there are the people who just buy the toys for themselves to collect. It's usually hard to guess what'g going to be the collectible of the future.

    Lisa-- you sure have a lot of things on your page--did somebody else put them there? I don't know how you did a lot of the things you have on your page. There are Google tutorials that help with most of the things--that's how I figure them out. Thanks for finding the award on your own--happy to honor you with it. The record album post is not really so much of a challenge as it is just a one day across the blogs post that will be linked--It will be on Monday May 17th and I will put up a Linky sign up list on Friday.
    If you do the number challenge, I will see what you have formulated and when it is-- June did you say?
    I'll warn you--to do it right you need to do a lot of networking and it takes a lot of time in order to do it right--unless it's something that just clicks automatically with everyone and it just basically runs itself. Keep me posted as to what you are doing and I'll let you know. Of course I will mention it on my site as well if it seems very clear and organized.

    Jayne -- I've always thought that's what toys were for, but when we're kids what do we know? We just want to have fun!

    Bud --I've also been doing like you described yet it's still tiring. There is so much to read and comment on. But I like the way you described it-- very apt.
    Yes, the fishing pole would have been more practical if you had a place to fish. I was never raised to do outdoor type sportsman things. My father took me fishing once and that sounds like a topic for a future blog post.

  9. --> When you're a boy that clickety sound is so cool when you're riding around the neighborhood.

    Right on, Bro! We did it, too. Man, those were simpler and (for my money) better times! Had a "sissy bar" and cards pinned to the spokes of a purple bicycle with metallic flecks in the seat that sparkled when the sun hit them. WOW! I was so "boss"!

    But yeah, kinda wish now that I hadn't been using those $700. Mickey Mantle rookie cards. Ha!

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMeboy

  10. Congratulations. Wish I had all of my old comic books, as they'd be worth a fortune as well.

    Actually, the challenge got me motivated. I'll still blog about my favorite topics, but I'm ready to move into new territory.

  11. Congrats on your awards.

    I wasn't much of a Tonka Girl myself.

  12. I love the word "Lackadaisical". It just sort of ROLLLLS off of the tongue! Oh and regarding,

    If you ever feel like I've slighted you or neglected you, please let me know and I will try to make up for it.

    A nice new car or jewelery will suffice!

    Congratulations on your two awards Arlee, they can cheer you up while you are wishing that you still had your Tonka trucks and baseball cards!
    Love Di ♥

  13. We bought my son all kinds of Tonka trucks when he was little. Tons of them. My daughter loved them as well - they had so many hundreds of hours of fun with them!

    Congrats on the awards :)

  14. I was more of a Lego block girl but I remember the tonka trucks. Mighty deserving award congrats. I'm still going down the list of blogs from the challenge I am determine to visit everyone. PHEW!

  15. That was funny... I wish there was a billboard outside of the house that said

  16. Stmc-- your bike sounds more fancy that the one I had. Metal flecks! Man, I envy you for that.

    Alex -- Exploring new worlds! Discovering unknown realms of blogging! Go Alex!

    Carol -- My sister was never able to appreciate my Tonka trucks either.

    Diane-- If I had kept the trucks and the cards maybe I could have afforded something special for you.

    Jemi -- Gosh, thinking about it makes me want to go to the toy store and see what kind of trucks they sell now.

    Debra -- I don't remember Lego blocks when I was little--- we had American Bricks and Lincoln Logs. And I know what you mean about going through those blogs.

  17. Ha! I am a very nice niece, aren't I? I'm just kidding. You really deserved that award, Tio Lee. You've change a lot of people. It's a good thing you didn't forget your family. I would have been left out. ;)

  18. I used to put playing cards on my bicycle spokes! What a hoot! :)

  19. Wolfie-- Yes you are a nice niece and I like to encourage beginning bloggers, especially when they're part of my family, because I remember what it was like just starting out with my blog and wondering if anybody read it. You're doing good.

    Paula-- I wonder if kids still do that? Now they probably have some kind of electronic device that broadcasts motor noises.


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