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Monday, May 10, 2010

Blog Boggled: Adding Pictures and Other Blog Tricks

Happy Birthday Yvonne and Ellie!

Before I start today I wanted to make sure we wish Yvonne of Welcome to My World of Poetry  and Ellie at Ella's Edge.  It's also the 9th birthday of Yvonne's granddaughter.  Hope you'll stop by their blogs and leave your birthday greetings.

Adding Pictures to your daily post

          There were some questions about how to add pictures to a blog post.  This was in reference to the upcoming FIFTEEN FANTASY ISLAND FAVORITES blog event that is coming up on next Monday May 17th.  For this post we are hoping that you are able to add the images of the album covers that correspond to each of your favorites.  Some have said they are unable to put up more than 5 images while some have said they don't know how to put up images at all.  I am going to try to help you with this and any other readers who know more or can express it better are asked to add what knowledge you can.

         I will be the first to admit that I am not the best one for this task as I do not have any great technical proficiency and I probably do not explain the how to very well.  But I will try.  I am going to go on the assumption that what I see I blogger is the same as what you are seeing.  If that premise is correct, then I hope it will be clear, but if you have something different then help may have to come from someone else.

       Here's what I did:

       1)  I found images of album covers through a Google search and saved them to my picture files.

        2)  In the tool bar on the page for composing a New Post go to the picture frame icon to the right of "Link" and click on that "Add an Image" icon.

        3)  In the box that pops up, left click on the "Browse" button and locate your picture files.  Find the picture you want to use, left click on it, and click "open".  The picture should download into the window.  Highlight the picture you wish to add and click "okay".  The picture should now appear onto your post screen at which time you can move it to where you want it. Actually this is where I have the most problems.  Sometimes it takes me several attempts to fix the picture into the location I want it.  I haven't figured out how to solve that one yet except for trial and error.

        4)  I haven't seen where there is any limit to the pictures I can download from my files to my post.   In the window where you download pictures you may only see a limited number appear, but there should be an arrow at the bottom of that window that will take you to the next page of pictures. 
          Blogger offers many help topics and tutorial videos that will help you with topics such as the one that I've just discussed and many others.  This is one of the best ways of learning about various blog issues if you don't have someone right there to show you.   If you click on the "help" tab at the top of your dashboard page you will find all sorts of topics for which reasonably good explanations are given.  I would suggest trying these one at a time and moving on to another once you've mastered one.

          For example if you want the topic of how to post pictures, you would end up at:

          I've also found helpful tutorials by just Googling the topic you are looking for and often you can find a pretty good answer if you look long enough.  Also, Blogger offers a help forum where you can ask questions and you will usually get several helpful answers.

          I think the key is not to get frustrated and quit too early.  When you run into something that is really giving you a problem, try to find an answer or help source that suits you and calmly take your time to think through the process.  The solution is often much easier than you thought it would be. 

            And on the Fantasy Island Favorites post, if you can't get the pictures on your site it's certainly not the end of the world.  Just make the post interesting in your own creative way.  After all, it's all for fun in the first place.


  1. People who think they have a limit might want to make sure they aren't still using the old post editor - it's quite deceiving :)

    They should check that out in the Settings Tab and change to the 'updated editor' which is much easier to use because you can actually see the pictures in the post rather than the html code.

  2. thanks for the tips, I think I know how to do this, and I will make time today to get the pictures I need ready.

  3. Hi Lee on behalf of myself and grandaughter Lara thank you for you birthday wishes, greatly apreciated.

    On my New post I have a picture you click on to bring on the screen "Add a picture" at the top left hand side it says browse(for selcted photo) for the next it says add another picture and browse, well one can only go as far as five in any one new post no matter what I do. I think it all depends what outlay one has.
    Ihave over the week-end got all 15
    album photo's in "My Documents" ready to download and also written half of the writing for the albums.
    So quite the busy bee.

    Have a lovely day.

  4. This is just a suggestion, and I'm not sure if it's entirely true, but if you find a picture posted elsewhere on the web, you can right click it and then select "copy image location" (Windows). Then use the url in the blogger add image window and that should make your blog post load faster and save you room on your hard drive.

    The image of course has to be located on a publicly accessible web page (username and password not required).

    Hope that helps.





  6. You can also hit "Print Screen" and paste the image into PhotoShop. I tend to do that so the websites don't know you've downloaded their image.

  7. Thanks so much for this mini-tutorial! I am really looking forward to the Fantasy Island Music post.

  8. AA -- Well, there you go. I guess I've been using the updated editor and didn't realize there was an older version.

    Lisa -- Judging from all of the pictures I've seen on your site I figure you must know how to do this.

    Yvonne -- good job! You should be fine then, but let us know if you run into any more problems.

    Matthew -- I'm sure you're right, but so far I've not been able to do it which is not saying much.

    Yvonne- - I knew you could do it.

    Diane -- I was messing with that concept last night, but couldn't get it to work. I don't know if it's me or my computer.

    Alex -- I'm sure you knew what you were doing.

  9. Yep, I do this, also what Matt suggested up there :)
    Nice informative post, thanks!

  10. It'll be good to see all of your photos!

    Southern City Mysteries

  11. I think your tutorial was very good – because even I understood it! My problem with adding photos is making sure they are okay to use and not copyrighted. Anybody know any copyright free photo sites?

  12. Holy Cow. I thought this would be fun. I have a very modest and limited music collection - 300 CDs, 200 cassettes not many compared to some collections. But narrowing those down to 15, wow! I have been listening to old CDs all day long.

    Now, that has been fun. I would have to leave my clothes behind and take all of my cds I think.

  13. Lydia -- thanks

    Michele -- Now if I can just get them down to 15.

    Jane --- Actually Blogger Help has some info about photos from the web at photos from the web. But I have had the same concern as you and tend not to use many photos in my posts.

    Gregg -- you gave me a laugh. I know what you mean. I've got it fairly narrowed down, but maybe 30 favorites might have been easier.

  14. This sounds like another fun project. First the A-Z challenge, now this. You go. You're rocking and a rolling.

    Stephen Tremp

  15. For a long while (a long, long while) Blogger wouldn't let me update to the newer editor and there was no picture link on the toolbar. I was going batty wondering how everyone was posting photos and pics. Once it allowed itself to update, it was easy.

    Looking forward to the blog hop!

  16. Thank you Lee, how kind! I am intrigued by the new challenge. Thanks for the tips; I will see what I can come up with and I may join at the last minute. I have been sorting it out in my mind on and off for a week. Thank you so much for
    the birthday mention..When is yours?!

  17. Good informative post arlee!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton asked about free pictures on the web - always check Wikipedia - many times you can pick up a picture that is in the public domain or that has been contributed for the creative commons license. There are also several sites that specialize in public domain images - one of the best is:

    (Always read the fine print though before you copy, especially if a model was used.)

    As far as putting photos on one's blog - I'm partial to writing my post first and then putting my cursor exactly where I want the picture - click on the spot and then follow all the other directions that you mentioned arlee. You can do it in "compose" or "html" mode, but compose is probably easier.


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