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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Preview: A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

       The Mega Post has begun.  Since it is actually May 3rd in some parts of the world, some the A to Z Challenge Reflectons post have already begun appearing.   Porch Ponderings by Rae has already posted an early reflections piece and it is quite beautiful.  I would imagine when I wake up Sunday morning there will be more.  The Linky List will have presumalbly been activated so make sure you add your link to the list.

       However the majority of the posts may not appear until May 3rd U.S. Time.  That's when my real Reflections post should appear-- about 2:00 AM PDT.   So hope to see you then and I'll be watching for all of your posts.


  1. I see the link is up and will include mine tomorrow.

  2. You were right adding myself to the link was easy. Had to be for this old guy.

  3. Hi Lee have you recieved my post?
    I clicked on BEFORE I wrote my bit.

    Also I signed up for Linky tools on my blog but it won't copy and paste the code.
    Told you I was


  4. Alex -- Thanks

    Gregg --We "old" guys need to have everything easy or we'd never make it on the computer.

    Yvonne-Your reflections post was absolutely wonderful. I was very impressed. As far as the code, we'll see if anyone else has any problem or if they can help. Since the Link starts on my site I don't guess I had to think about the code. But it's probably not a huge deal. Don't worry about being "thick", so am I --seems like I keep learning new things --very slowly and through a lot of trial and error.

  5. rLEE-b ~
    I don't know nuttin' 'bout all this "Linky-Link" talk. And I'm an old dog who doesn't learn new tricks easily.

    I was thinkin' I might post a short "reflections" Blog Bit (even though I dropped out of the A To Z Challenge). But is it OK if I just post the thing and forget all this newfangled "Linky" thang stuffs? I'm sure the few folks who are "Following" my Blog will find it (and read it if they're interested), and those who aren't "Following" probably wouldn't be much interested anyway.

    So... is that cool wid u?

    ~ Stephenboy (The Drop-Out Kid)

  6. I was so wrroed that my URL code wouldn't work I signed up without posting my thoughts on the challenge. I'll do it later but the good news is if you click on Dream Weaver you will go directly to my blog. For anyone interested & those that want to correct it on their blog it is...

  7. I went ahead and linked up but haven't finished the post yet... it will be there tomorrow though! Can't wait to read everyone's reflections!

  8. I'm looking forward to reading some of these round up posts - everyone seemed to have a great time!

  9. You have done an awesome job organizing this challenge. I take my hat off to you, arlee bird!

    For that reason, I've left you a little something on my blog.

    Will be tuning in for the last post :)

  10. I hope you do a Reflections bit -- everyone is invited: participants, part-way participants, and non-participants. Don't worry about the Linky thing. But if you want to know, all you do is click where is says to and then add your blog name or whatever name you want and your URL. But don't worry too much about it. I don't care that much.

    Debra -- Yes! It works we'll see your Reflections piece tomorrow.

    Melody -- Thank you and tomorrow it is.

    Jemi -- I seen a lot of good comments. Look forward to the extended reflections. Hope to hear from non-participants like you as well. Want to hear how the whole think looked from the outside.

    Wendy -- Thank you-- you are so kind.

  11. rLEE-b ~
    I assume that first segment of your last post was directed toward me (even if you are too angry wid me to type my name now ;o)

    Well, heck, if it's THAT EASY, I'll certainly give it a try. I figured it was going to be something like a game of 'Twister' and I'm just too old and too tired now for 'Twister.'

    I'll try it, my friend, and if it turns out to be more complicated than you believe, I'll just post sumpin' on my Blog and then go shoot myself.

    Yak Later, Bro. (I mean, unless I shoots myself.)
    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMeboy

  12. thanks again for doing this for us, I love the award for my blog. I entered myself up and am so excited to read everyones reflections.
    1 wasabi mommy- Lisa

  13. I just awarded you with the "Sunshine Award" you can pick it up here:

  14. Stephen -- my dear friend, sorry I usually put the name in there, but you knew who I was talking to. And if was like Twister I wouldn't be playing either. Don't want you shooting yourself over it though, but it's okay if you go shooting off yer mouth.

    Lisa -- Thank you and I be checking about your photo challenge although I'm not much of one for taking pictures. But I can mention it at least.

    Tori -- thank you for the award. I post it on my blog next Saturday per usual.

  15. I'll definitely add myself to the Linky List. But first:
    You've been tagged!
    Hurray! Congrats!

  16. You dragged me into this, and like wolfie above me I'm tagging you also.

    Be blessed. Be a Blessing.
    DJ GlenMC

  17. Okay Wolfie and Glen I will respond to this tag either Tuesday or Wednesday.


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