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Monday, May 17, 2010

Fifteen Fantasy Island Favorites

           Abandoned for a lifetime with only fifteen favorite albums to listen to, I had a huge decision.  Out of the thousands of albums that I own and the millions that exist, which 15 make the grade?   The following list is based on the genres that primarily fit into the categories of rock and pop.  I did not want to get overly esoteric or snobby in my picks, but I wanted to stay in the realms that I felt would be more closely related to more generally popular tastes.  These albums are all albums that I continue to listen to on a more regular basis than most of my other albums.  I have listed these in the order that I discovered them in my life.

                So here they are for your review, my FIFTEEN FANTASY ISLAND FAVORITES:

 Rubber Soul (1965) by the Beatles
        This was the first rock album I really got into. Prior its release the Beatles were the teenybopper domain of my younger sister.  At first I was the musical snob when it came to rock and roll, but the British invasion began to catch my attention with groups like the Zombies, Manfred Mann, and Dave Clark Five. But the "mop top Fab Four", belonged to screaming female fans.  And yet I was listening to their catchy sound.  I watched their appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and went to see their movies Hard Day's Night and Help! and I began to like the guys.  When Rubber Soul came out it was such a departure from what came before and was more like the music I preferred.  My sister began to lose interest and the Beatles were now mine.  I think Rubber Soul has the consistently best selection of Beatles songs of any of their albums and is the one that I would pick over any of their others.

Music From Big Pink (1968) by The Band     
        I was familiar with Bob Dylan and knew about his back-up band which went by the name The Band.  I had a greatest hits album by Dylan and was familiar with Dylan's work primarily through the many cover versions other artists had recorded.  I was not a huge Dylan fan and was not particularly anxious to obtain the Band's album. However, when I saw the cover on the record rack I was so intrigued by the pink house and the simple album title in big letters.  I got it because of the way the cover looked, but when I listened to the music I was hooked.  This is rootsy, bluesy rock that is the heart of Americana.  It's like New Orleans meets Appalachia meets Canada and records in a pink house in upstate New York.  The music is at times mournful, apprehensive, joyous, and dreamlike.  It's one of my all time favorite albums that I go back to repeatedly.

 Easter Everywhere (1967) by 13th Floor Elevators -- I had already been exposed to a good bit of psychedelic music when I discovered this classic in 1969.  My copy was an 8-track tape version that eventually became unplayable and I couldn't find another copy anywhere.  I searched for years.  Then around 1990 a Roky Erikson tribute album called Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye was released.  Roky had been the front man for the Elevators.  There was a resurgence of interest in the group and CDs of their albums became available.  Easter Everywhere was every bit as good as I remembered it.   This is some of the earliest music from the psychedelic scene and influenced much music that followed.  The songs are skillfully structured and the lyrics are some of the most intelligent and interesting in rock, often dealing with themes of Christian mysticism and esoteric philosophy.  I searched for this recording for nearly 20 years and now 20 years later I still enjoy listening to it.  And who can resist a band that has an electric jug player?

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (1968)  The Incredible String Band --  In 1969 I was first attracted to this because of all the different musical instruments that the band members played.  But when I listened to the album I did not like it very much.   It sounded so weird, so alien from anything I had ever listened to before.  Then I listened to it again, and then again, and then again and again, and I began to really fall in love with the intricate music and magical lyrics.  The music weaves elements of old English and Irish traditional styles with Indian and other ethnic styles with a rock and blues sensibility.  I'd take any one of ISB's albums, but this one is my favorite.  This is music that is spell-binding and I never have gotten tired of listening to it.

After Bathing At Baxter's (1967) by Jefferson Airplane--- Did I mention that psychedelic music is one of my favorite styles of rock?  And overall "Baxter's" is one of the best of the psychedelic crop.  The songs and arrangements are very engaging and are very well ordered on the album.  Grace Slick's vocals are some of her best.  Jorma Kaukonen's guitar playing is as always flawless.  The band is so together on this album and the time and sound shifts in the jams effectively recreate an aural equivalent of a psychedelic experience that makes the music transfixing and mesmerizing.  This is another album of which I never tire.

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969) Neil Young & Crazy Horse.   Neil Young is one of my all time favorite artists and his musical style has been a huge influence in much of the music I like to listen to.   Nowhere is the first album of his that caught my attention.  Much like the music of the Band, Neil Young captures the rugged heart and soul of North America with a sound that is raw rock and roll with an occasional touch of country.  Neil Young has many fine albums, but Nowhere has the beautiful song "Round and Round" and that makes this album the one for me.  I listen to Neil Young's albums frequently, but Nowhere is the one I listen to the most.

Puzzle (1970) Mandrake Memorial ---How does one describe this album?   I guess it is considered a sort of mellow relaxing psychedelic music that incorporates classical and avant-garde rock influences.  It is early prog rock with a dreamy ethereal quality.  The instrumentation is laid back and sometimes infused with lush orchestration.   It is a cerebral sound that is highly conducive for daydreaming and meditation except for a passage of minorly jolting tribal-like chanting to orchestral sounds, but even that is mild by typical rock and roll standards.  This is another album that I lost in the early 70's, tried to find for literal decades, and finally it was rereleased fairly recently.  I probably need to buy another copy or burn a copy of the one I have because I think I'm about to wear this one out.  This album to me is simply amazing.

           What's Going On (1971) by Marvin Gaye ---This is an amazing concept album that merges soul, rhythm and blues, and jazz into such a palatable listening package that while listening to it I wonder why would I ever need to listen to anything else but this. Sure it is politicized but that's okay because the music is so damn good that I can hardly stand it.  Marvin Gaye was in the genius zone when he put this album together.   I especially like to listen to this album late at night when I just want to relax and groove to the music.

Physical Graffiti (1975)  Led Zeppelin----I have to have something by Zeppelin on my list, not just because the music by this band is such a part of my musical history, but mainly because I still listen to their albums often and enjoy them.  The band's music is played often on Classic Rock radio stations and if I'm listening when one of the songs comes on, the volume usually goes up--way up.  Do I really have to describe the music?  Is there anyone who is not familiar with Led Zeppelin?  Just in case, Zep is plain old blues based rock and roll--one of the best of all rock and roll bands.   When I want to rock out, often the music of choice will be Led Zeppelin.   Physical Grafftii is one of my favorite albums by the band because it has a lot of great songs and then of course there  is the song "Kashmir"--I don't care what anyone else has to say cause that's all I have to say about that.

Circles in the Stream (1977) by Bruce Cockburn   ----I haven't included any artists of the usual Contemporary Christian genre on my list because I feel much of the music of these groups is pretty derivative of mainstream popular groups.  One of the earliest Christian artists was Bruce Cockburn.  In the mid-80's his music began taking more of a political tone, although it is still good --- this Bruce is one of my favorite artists.   He writes excellent songs that range from folkish soft rock to jazzy to sophisticated rock and reggae.  Circles is a concert album--one of the best concert albums I have heard.   This concert captures some of Cockburn's finest Christian related songs as well as other compositions.  The band is excellent, the arrangements are superb, and the crowd noise is minimal.  This album has some of the best early music by Bruce Cockburn and has some of my favorite songs by him.       

Poetic Champions Compose (1987)  Van Morrison -- I had always somewhat ignored Van Morrison.  I liked Them's version of "Brown-eyed Girl" when it came out in the 60's, but when Van Morrison went solo I really didn't care for "Moondance" and "Tupelo Honey" and whatever else he did.  I didn't really care for his voice or his style of music.  But then again, I never really listened to him either.  Then in 1987, I got a copy of Poetic Champions Compose and realized how really great Van Morrison is.  His music is jazzy soulful music with often spiritual lyrics that reflect his Christian beliefs.  He has a smoky melodic voice and uses top quality musicians on his albums.  Most any of his albums are definitely worth owning, but Poetic Champions is a real favorite with me and probably the one I listen to most regularly.

Good Rats ...Live at Last  (1980)  by the Good Rats----The Rats are one of the best American rock and roll bands ever.  Why they have been so largely ignored is a mystery-- must have something to do with marketing I guess.   This is real rocking rock and roll with a frontman who can scream out lyrics very tastefully and a band that is as tight as can be.  My favorite studio album by the Rats is Ratcity in Blue which includes some really wild songs including two about Adolf Hitler (and not putting him in a good light at all).  But I would choose the Live at Last album because it not only captures the best songs from several albums, but it captures them performed in concert where you can hear extended versions of the songs and experience the amazing musicianship of this band.  Even as I write this I become somewhat angry at the injustice that the Good Rats are not far more well known than they are.

Jordan: The Comeback (1990) by Prefab Sprout---Another great group that never received the recognition in the U.S. that they should have, Prefab Sprout has several excellent albums I could have chosen from.  The band hails from England where they achieved a fair degree of popularity.  Their music to me is "perfect pop".  Any of their songs would sound right at home on pop radio except that you would start listening to it and realize it was lyrically excellent and musically ingenious--the songs are about as perfect as pop rock songs can be.  The Jordan album is produced by Thomas Dolby, who in his own right is a masterful producer and artist.  I like this album so much that when I'm not listening to anything at all, often this album is playing in my head.  It is that great.

Ingenue (1992)  k.d.lang ---- This is another one of those albums of what I'd call "perfect pop'.   The vocals must be the singing of angels they are so beautiful to listen to.   The musicians are some of the best anywhere.  The production quality is some of the best I've heard.  There is not a bad song to my ears on this album.  Every song has the sound of a classic.   Though lang started out doing country music, there is no country sound here.  This is all pure, perfect pop and I can listen to this one all day.  Is this due to my getting older and more mellow?  Maybe a little, but I can guarantee you I would have liked this just as well when I was in my 20's.  It's as good as anything Janis Ian, Judy Collins, or Carol King ever did and maybe better.

Revés/Yo Soy (1999) by Cafe Tacuba----- I started listening to a lot of Rock En Espanol in the latter 90s.  One of the groups that I especially appreciate is the amazing Cafe Tacuba.   The band's music is rooted in traditional Mexican music with influences coming from punk, electronica, metal, and classical.  Some of their songs have a sound related to the Beatles or Pink Floyd.  The album I've chosen is a tour de force that comes in two discs.  One disc is instrumental music, some which make reference to songs on the vocal disc.  The instrumental disc has some very fine electronic music, folkish music played on traditional Mexican instruments, and classically influenced music.  The vocal disc has a similar mix of styles with all songs in Spanish--something that I easily overlook because the songs are so listenable.   One of the last live concerts that I saw was Cafe Tacuba, in which they performed much of the Revés/Yo Soy album and totally blew me away.  I love listening to this album.

            Now in all fairness, as I have stated in previous posts, my overall preference for listening these days is Classical.  I listen to the above albums and others frequently, but more often than not Classical is the genre of my preference.  I did not want to get overly obscure by naming my favorite classical pieces, but I will be doing this in an upcoming post.  Are you a fan of classical?  If so and you'd like to join me in listing your favorites, let me know and we can set a date to do a classical list.  We could also do lists for jazz, country, Christian, Rock en Espanol, or any number of other genres.  I don't want to run this into the ground, but I am planning on doing a lot of music posts in the upcoming weeks and I certainly open for some joint ventures like we did today.  Let me know if any of this interests you.

            Tomorrow I will be posting on 15 of the albums that didn't make the final list.  

             Any comments on my final list?  Any questions?   Make sure you go to the other sites on the Linky list to see what other albums are listed as favorites.


  1. Wow the list is awfully interesting because they look like big names that I never knew, familiar but do not have a clue. Except of course, the Beatles. Was Neil Diamond ever or somewhere in your favorite? No 80s music?

    As for classical, I could not join you. Il Divo is the closest I could get.

  2. Most interesting list Lee, of course I knew the Beatles, I left them off mine as I thought they would be an obvious choice to make being British. I liked them until Strawberry fields Forever came out.
    There are quite a few of the others I have heard of, but I know your albums and our albums get different titles at times.
    I thought you did an excellent job
    and would love to take part in any music blog that's going except Jazz as I know nothing about that genre,Next tme I won't make the mistake of writing it all out and saving it on draft. when I went to publish each line was about an inch apart so deleted and started all over again.....finished around 2 am English time.
    Take care.

  3. Wow what an amazing list!

    Psychedelic rock, hey? Were you ever a fan of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, or The Vietnam Veterans?

    Did you know the the Incredible String Band got together again to play a gig here in Athens? My fiance booked them for a gig (he organises music events here), but in the end they didn't end up playing. I really wanted to see them! :( One of the members ended up in hospital - he over did it during their mini European tour and exhausted himself.

    Was a bit surprised at the KD Lang addition there at the end! I never got into her, but I did LOVE Melissa Etheridge, who was popular around the same time and fellow iconic powerful female figure.

    Loved this, Lee! Thanks for hosting! :)

  4. I would have loved to take part in the Fantasy Island challenge, but I have no organization to my favorites. Mine are just some great songs here and there and no solid albums, so to speak.I guess that comes from listening to the radio instead of owning a collection. My husband owns a few of those on your list and I will definitely keep my mind open to listening to your faves whenever I get the chance. Interesting and entertaining post!

  5. Quite the variety! I own one of those albums - Physical Graffiti.
    You'll probably think my list rather odd then!

  6. Great list. We have a couple bands in common - only I couldn't choose only 1 Beatles album so I went with the anthology.

    Thank you so much for hosting this - and for dropping by my blog to tell me about :) I had so much fun making my list. This was great! I heart music!

  7. Ocean Girl-- I do like Neil Diamond, but never enough of a fan to buy any of his music. He is really good though. It's funny--I probably bought more music in the 80's than any other time and I do like 80's music, but overall do not listen to it on a regular basis.

    Yvonne--You have such dedication! I'll let you know when I plan to post my other lists, but it won't be this week. What did you decide about your trip in June?

    AA-- Maha Orch I really like and own some albums, but their music is so complex that I don't listen to it real frequently. The Vietnam Vets I've never heard of. The members of ISB are probably getting up there in age I think, but I do know Robin Williamson and his wife tour often. ISB are musically great-- too bad you missed them. I do have a few of Melissa albums and like her music, but I like kd's smoother sound.

    Rae --I know some people are not album people. I you do try any of my picks, I'd love to know what you think.

    Alex -- I'm thinking I won't be too surprised by your picks and you will have several that I like.

    Tara-- I hoped you would enjoy this. Thanks for going along with it.

  8. Great list. The beatles are one of my favorites.

  9. i would have joined this fray were it not for the fact that this a super busy time for me. i would have doubted your sanity had i NOT found Neil Young and Van Morrison in here:)
    great picks. i love music and this contest is surely going to add to my collectiopn as well. the Hangmans Beautiful Daughter sparked an interest...

  10. Arlee, I haven't even heard of most on your list, but I grew up listening to mostly beach boys type music...I recognize Neil Young of course and KD Lang and the Beatles, but the others elude list!

  11. No Pink Floyd?

    This was a fun list to put together, Lee!

  12. That is quiet a list. Most I had not heard of before. The beatles and Neil Young of course, I knew. Good Rats? Never heard of them. This is quite an experience. I am afraid I would need some ear plugs it seems. There is really a wild variety of selections out there. So far I seem to be the only country guy.

    This was fun but it was hard. The easy way for me would be to take 15 George Jones, since he is my all time favorite. But that wouldn't be fair to Merle, Buck, Johnny, Conway, or Porter...

  13. My Trip arlee has been cancelled, they are hoping to re-shedule for October.The hotel and The Grand Ole Opry has been extensively damaged. To say I am disappointed is an understatemnet, They say everything happens for a reason but I can't fathom this reason out.
    So Nashville will have to wait until October to see me play my tambourine,
    Thanks for asking.

  14. Christine -- Thank you for stopping by. Beatles were a must for me because their music always been such a big part of my life.

    Bud-- ISBs "Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" is very unique and probably an acquired taste for many, but I think you might really appreciate it -- it is very traditional sounding music.

    Shannon -- Thanks- I've waiting for your page to load - should be done by now so I'll comment on it shortly.

    L. Diane -- Alas, no Floyd or even David Gilmour whose albums I really like. Glad you had fun. I know I did.

    Gregg-- Nothing wrong with country music--I have many tapes and CDs, but I just don't listen to it as much as other styles. My middle daughter is a big fan of new country, but that's rock and roll as far as I'm concerned.

    Yvonne -- Actually October might be a better time to go. Not as hot and humid and the leaves should be pretty colors. My mother said she saw on TV that they have already started gutting and redoing the Music Auditorium.

  15. Lee, have you ever heard of he Geezinslaw Brothers? They are two great guys who aren't really brothers who sing country comedy and parodies.

    They have a great song, arrangement very well, that says what you have said twice now about "so called new country" It is called "You Call It Country, I call it Bad Rock n Roll."

    I almost put their Blah Blah Blah album on my list, but I just couldn't displace the ones I chose. If you get a chance you hot to listen to them, at least the aforementioned song, not to mention Is That Your Girlfrined?; C-H-E-A-T-I-N'; Swervin' In My Lane, Hank Williams Led a Happy Life (Compared to Mine) Paint Me on Velvet- this is a must listen to

  16. Wonderful list, Lee! I know many of these albums, especially the Beatles. Great choices and I loved the way you laid this out!

    Thanks for hosting this blogfest!! Please let me know what the next one will be! :D

  17. Gregg-- never heard of the Geezinslaws but I went to youtube to check them out. Couldn't find the "Country/R&R" song but watched a couple of other videos that were downright hilarious. I'll be on the lookout for more of their stuff-- the videos probably enhance the listening experience greatly.

    B.-- Thanks-- maybe have something in the works for soon. I will be doing some more limited lists myself in the future about Classical, Jazz, Christian, and maybe some other styles, but I will welcome anyone who wants to do a collaborative blog fest experience with these. Will announce it on my site as things come up.

  18. I am a fan of all sorts of music including classical. Your tastes are quite varied as well Arlee. I love that you threw some Zeppelin in there as they, still to this day, are my favorite band. You have good taste!
    Love Di ♥

  19. Nice mix there! I love that Marvin Gaye made this list, his voice is fantastic!

  20. This blog hop is so much fun.:) Interesting mix. Plus, The Beatles, Zeppelin and Marvin Gaye are all awesome. :)

  21. Diana --- Thank you. Sounds like you have good taste in music as well.

    Lydia -- "What's Going On" is such an incredible album. Gaye's voice on these songs is terrific.

    Lindsay-- Glad you joined us. I'm having a good time and it's nice to learn what other music people are listening to.

  22. I felt like I was looking at my brother's album collection. Does anyone have vinyl anymore? I haven't been able to throw mine away! Great list and descriptions. I really enjoyed participating and reading others list. And so many had beautiful presentations!
    I don't listen to classical often due to not know what to buy. So a blogfest would help me discover the classic genre. I'd participate in country and christian.

  23. I will have to do some reviewing of some of your picks. Always interested in the new and non mainstream stuff. I, too, am a fan of Bruce Cockburn. Sam Phillips is another of my favorites, but alas, she didn't make my final list, but she may make another list that I may create...

    Be blessed. Be a blessing. Keep tossing it out bro.
    DJ GlenMC

  24. Lee,

    You have some of my favorites that I culled for my list and some I never heard of. That's whats fun in checking out other's choices!! Great commentary!


  25. rLEE-b ~
    Oh yeah, the Marvin Gaye album is a true classic, and I'm a big fan of that Van Morrison recording, too. In fact, when I wrote my screenplay way back when, I specifically mentioned songs to be played in the background during certain scenes - in other words, I put together my own idea of the musical soundtrack for the movie.

    My screenplay opens like this:

    FADE IN:
    Sunlight reflected on the rippled water fills the FRAME, seeming to explode like small, quick, random bursts of a camera's flashbulb. The water appears to move rapidly as we HEAR Van Morrison's song, "I Forgot That Love Existed".

    And I used one or two other songs from "Poetic Champions Compose" later in the screenplay.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens

  26. Interesting list. I knew the Beatles but I wasn't familiar with the other artist. I am going to have to check them out though. They sound like great albums. Great Idea for a blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I like that Led Zepplin made your list! In reading everyone's selections, I keep thinking, "Oh yeah!", "I forgot about them", etc. That's what makes this so interesting and fun!

    When it comes right down to it, I wonder how true each of our lists really are...know what I mean?

  28. I definitely would enjoy having the Beatles album on my list. I have to admit many of the other albums I didn't recognize, but I am a goldie oldie type person.

  29. Terrific list. The only one I don't recognize is Mandrake Memorial. Don't recall ever hearing of them. Seeing Rubber Soul made me realize I inadvertently left the White Album off my list. I also wanted to fit in Van Morrison and KD Lang. Fifteen is hard!

  30. Rubber Soul has always been my Number One Favorite. I think it bridges the transition between poppy, young Beatles and older, more sophisticated Beatles without all the Magical Mystery stuff. Wonderful choice! I found you through Words of Wisdom. Bravo!

  31. Great list. There are a few that I'm not familar with. I had intended to add in some latin music too because I love it with passion, but they just didn't make the cut! 15 is too few! Need more music to survive on the island...

  32. Marvin Gaye, Neil Young and the Beatles it doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for another interesting blog fest treat!

  33. Dude, I gotta tell ya, I was in a band (many years ago) called "The Missing Links" and renamed "The Mods" who used to play split shows with the 13th Floor Elevators at La Mason in Houston. Roky Erickson would usually show up late for their performances or sometimes not at all. The sound of the electric jug was mesmerizing. I am surprised it has never been duplicated by any other rock bands. Anyway, God took me through all that drug-induced mess and changed my life.

  34. Lynn --- I still have my vinyl,but need a cartridge for my turntable. I don't have time to listen to music. Be watching I'm going to do some more lists in the next few weeks. Next Monday: Jazz.

    Glen -- I especially liked "The Turning" when Sam was Leslie.

    Sig -- thanks. I've gotten a kick out of reading everyone's picks.

    StMc -- You should finish that screenplay.

    Carol -- thank you for stopping by.

    Lisa -- You think some people are not sincere about their lists? I know my list is true -- today at least.

    Jane -- most of mine was oldies, but not particularly traditional.

    VR -- Mandrake Memorial is classic. Usually fairly highly critically acclaimed so it's not just me.

    Melissa -- Glad you stopped by and hope you'll come back again.

    Jennee -- I know what you mean. That's why I'm going to do some more lists in the weeks to come. I'm going to do a Latin list in a few weeks if you want to join up. Watch my blog for details.

    Debra -- Thank you for stopping. I hope you'll check in on Thursday for my Debate Day question. You might have some interesting input for this one.

    Eddie -- Yes it was a wild time. I'm going to be doing a more in depth post about the Elevators and especially Roky in a week or so. Maybe you can add some enlightenment to that.

  35. A fantastic list. There are some I've never heard of. But most I agree with wholeheartedly, GREAT albums!

    Also - Classical music, although I don't like listening to it on a regular basis, I do enjoy learning to play it on the piano. Something about making something sound so beautiful is captivating for me.

  36. Marian -- I think they are great albums and worth checking into if you like the styles. Classical music is the ultimate as far as I'm concerned.

  37. rLEE-b ~
    I DID finish the screenplay, back 'bout 1991. It got me a personal, one-on-one interview with producer/director Tony Bill, but that's as close as it got to the silver screen.

    Yak Later...
    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens

  38. A very eclectic list indeed Lee! I liked it, while not familiar with many of the groups you listed! I do love Bruce Cockburn though and attended a concert of his with friends many years ago. Wonderful music!

    This was such a fun event, thanks for hosting. I am off to check out your next list of 15!

    Blessings to you!

  39. Very interesting and eclectic mix arlee!

  40. "You think some people are not sincere about their lists? I know my list is true -- today at least."

    The "today at least" part is what I was alluding to. I can only speak for myself, but I garner new favorites ALL THE TIME. So now what's your favorite? See what I mean now?

  41. Interesting list.

    As you may guess, were I to include a BAnd album on my list, it would have been "Stage Fright," although I did fall in love with the album before I was aware of who Rundgren was.

    Bruce Cockburn is an interesting choice-I have all of his stuff, but my favorite album was "Human," mainly for "How I Spent My Fall Vacation."

    And you reminded me that I did not even consider "What's Going On" for my list.

    Fortunately, no one is threatening to take away our music collections, so no harm done.

    I could also post for weeks about the albums that did not make it.

    In any event, great list, great idea to make it a communal exercise, and don't let that Lonesome Dogg McCarthy rattle your cage any!

  42. Disc-- It's funny I have "Stage Fright" here on my desk and had been listening to it and seriously started to think about making it my Band selection. But I had to go to "Big Pink" since it was my first and it really had such an influence.

    Cockburn's "Humans" is definitely one of my favorites, but I still had to concede in favor of the early more spiritual stuff.

    If you want to join me in weeks to come, I'm going to do a different list for the next several Mondays. Next Monday I'll be posting NINE NICE JAZZ FAVORITES.

  43. Mr. Paulboy, non-blogging friend of StephenMay 21, 2010 at 11:48 PM

    Lee -

    Your list humbled me. I thought I knew music a little better than I do, apparently, because I have never heard of the Good Rats, 13th Floor Elevators, Cafe Tabuca, Mandrake Memorial or Van Morrison.

    No... kidding about that one, of course. I love Morrison and have many of his innumerable albums, though none would make my 15 desert discs.

    Thanks for the lesson. I'll have to "YouTube" these names and see what comes up!

  44. Mr. P.-- I must say that I'm surprised about 13th Floor Elevators, whose frontman Roky Erickson still tours. The Elevators are an established piece of rock and roll history and influenced so many groups.

    If you listen to any of those others I'd like to hear your opinion.

  45. We have a lot of similar tastes in music. As for the Elevators, they came right out this town where I live. I never knew any of them personally, (though I did met the drummer once) but I was close friends with people who did. Does that count? :)


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