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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Does the Blog Math Matter?

           I'm not here to argue the importance of having a good basic knowledge of mathematics.  Most of us would agree that learning basic math skills is pretty important to anyone trying to get by and that the subject of mathematics is an essential course for all students in school.   Today I want to look at the more specific math as it applies to our blogging activity--that is the quantitative mathematics of amassing followers. My question is this:

Does the math of amassing more followers to your blog really matter?

        This is a topic that has been addressed in one way or another on many other blogs and has been one that I too have explored.  It is something that remains of interest to me and indeed was the catalyst the sparked the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge, which if you are not aware is to celebrate this blog having reached 200 followers by April 1.  Many blogs commonly make some kind of hoopla over reaching some milestone number of followers.  Why does it matter?

           Some bloggers will argue that they don't really care how many followers they have. They might insist that they blog for themselves and they doubt whether anybody else really cares about their blog.  This doesn't make sense to me.  If nobody is going to read a blog, or the writer claims that they don't really want anybody to read it, then what is the point of writing it?  I think this a blogger in denial trying to make an excuse for not taking the time to acquire a following.

           I don't care what anyone says, whether they write it in a notebook or blog it in a blog, they want someone to read their thoughts, otherwise why not just keep them in one's head?  Blogging or writing takes an effort and almost anyone wants their efforts to be recognized.

          Based on the premise that bloggers want to be read, one would have to come to the conclusion that one would have to have followers, whether they be visible or invisible.  To think that if you blog it, they will come is unrealistic.  This was my approach when I first started posting the mostly unread pieces in my first month or so of blogging.  I soon realized that I had to make an effort to create an awareness that I existed so readers would come. I had to work to increase my followers so I would have increased odds of having a reader now and then.
         Most of you understand the premise and especially after this experience of the A to Z Challenge it is that much more evident.  Receiving recognition in other blogs helps, but you probably are not going to get that very often.  The key factor is to have readers who follow your site on a regular basis.  The more followers you have, then the more potential readers you will have for each post --the numbers are important, the math does matter.  Agree or disagree?

M also as in Middle:

         We have reached the halfway point of the A to Z Challenge--my congratulations to all who have kept up.  See, it wasn't that bad, was it?  Now we're on the downhill side and it should only get easier from here.  So hang in there!  You will finish now.

          On Monday May 3 I will be recapping the Challenge with my observations and some of the things I learned during this month.  I will talk about what this has meant to me and how it helped me.  I hope that the rest of you will also share your thoughts, reflections, opinions, or anything else you have to say about this challenge on this day.  The cumulative posts could be a treasure trove of information for all of us as participants and very helpful to the other folks who did not participate.  Will you join me on May 3?  I would really like to know about your blogging experience during April and how it affected you and your blog.  I will be posting more about this over the next couple weeks.  Perhaps you can spread the word as well for those who miss my posts.   Thanks to all of you brilliant bloggers!

And speaking of brilliant bloggers, make sure you check these:

Country Girl -- Jessica Tate is a student who on top of working a job is also working on two novels.  I don't guess she's all that busy.

Dragon's Muse -- Writer Christina Weigand's thoughts about whatever is on her mind.  She is currently working on two fantasy novels when not blogging and doing all the other things she's doing.

Ella's Edge -- Coming to us from North Carolina for now, Ellie is a wife, mother, and woman of many varied skills-- she has a lot to write about.

Kath Ink -- Don't get confused by what you see in the sidebar.  Kathleen has mixed it up a little and made alphabet soup.

Life Lessons -- Jan is a doll maker-- check out some of her beautiful work on her blog.  She also is a fine blogger.

This Journey Called Life -- Tori Cooper has probably already visited your blog so you have probably visited hers.  If you haven't, you should.  She writes beautifully.

Symphony--  Leo is the name on this blog.  This wordsmith offers poetry and other word pictures that are like beautiful music.

Author Blog --  Cheri Chesley is an author.  Her blog is called Author Blog because it's about her books, her writing, and her general work as an author.  I guess that makes sense.

Hope you will pay these bloggers a visit and leave them a comment.  And go ahead and become a follower while you're there.  Let's tend to the blog math.


  1. hi Arlee,
    thanks for considering my blog among the brilliant ones! :) glad for ur appreciation of my wordplay and comparison of it to beautiful music!
    i'll check out other bloggers soon too, tied up with work @ the moment! :)

  2. I think the math certainly does count. That's the reason I started blogging in the first place - to get some recognition. It would certainly be a plus factor if anyone decided to publish my books too.

    Although, I can understand the other point of view too. Perhaps it's not so much denial - but insecurity? Maybe they kinda want to be seen but are too scared to be seen? If that, makes sense?

    Re 3rd May. Sure. I'm in. I'll blog about it closer to the date. You'll have to keep reminding us though. I might have to start a blog diary so that I don't miss particular events! ARHHH!

    Oh yeah, and sorry for depressing you with my post today ... :( LOL I'll make sure I lighten it up for tomorrow! :)

  3. When I started blogging, it was with a specific idea. I wanted to gain a following before I got my books published. I'm doing things a little backwards and that works for me.
    I just didn't know how to gain followers. Then I started following other blogs and soon after, I started this challenge. I've gained quite a few followers over the past few weeks. Some before the Challenge, others came during and I am sure I will gain more as we go.
    I still cannot thank you enough for coming up with this challenge and I will be there with you on May 3rd. :D Thanks Lee!

  4. When Istarted my blog I didn'tget a comment for a whole year, at the time it didn't really bother me but one day someone commented and became my first follower, Then slowly more joined. I enjoyed reading of other people's lives and cultures and it helps put my own life and thoughts into perspective.
    Will join you on May 3rd with pleasure,

  5. I kept my first blog for a few years but never posted regularly. I had one friend who started a blog and she never sought followers either, so we just followed each other's blogs. To be honest, I didn't know there was such a HUGE blogging world out there! Then I decided to branch out and start a second blog (my current blog) and after a while discovered these random comments coming up. Then I followed that link, and another, and another until I realized how big this world was. That was just over a year ago now and while I would place myself in the category of those that don't really mind the number too much, it is always nice to get new followers who actually do read and follow regularly! I do agree that the math matters! And I also agree that nobody would keep a blog if they didn't want someone to read it. I think that's just a defense mechanism. So, that was my not too short take on that.

    I will absolutely join you on May 3to do a recap of the challenge, which I have enjoyed more than I even thought I would! Provided I'm not in the hospital of course!

    Have a blessed day Lee!

  6. Okay- okay....Truth be known- yes! I want someone to read my blog!
    But the good news is- after almost two years and five or six followers, I finally reached the double digits because of this challenge.

  7. Hi, Lee,
    Yes, I do love to have people reading my blog. As you may have guessed, I love to talk to people, and it is important to know someone out there is listening and conversing with me. I really like to know what other people are feeling in response to what I feel. I like reading what other people post on their blogs, too. Ideas from them spark ideas in my mind. What a wonderful thing communicating is! Thanks, Lee, for promoting the exchange of ideas and emotions! Great job, Friend!

  8. Well said! I wouldn't even think about blogging if I didn't want someone else to read it. I mean, what would be the crazy point of that?!?!

    Connection peeps - I'm developing connections here with writers who are just like me!!!


  9. Of course it counts. For me not so much the number of followers but for the number of regular readers. And I must admit, I write for them. It would of course be the topic of my choice but I will think what my readers will learn and enjoy.

  10. Leo -- I really admire all of the bloggers who are doing this while working a regular job too.

    AA -- building a platform is all about having followers. Maybe with that insecurity comes fear of rejection and being to shy to leave comments. This is exactly the type of exercise a writer needs to go out and do.

    Cal Lass-- Sounds like you took the right approach. I'm so pleased that you have gained even more followers in A to Z. Thanks for joining us for May 3-- more to come on that later.

    Yvonne -- Your story is proof that the math works. Your following has grown much more over the past couple weeks. With the following you have you have a loyal base of regular commenters.

    Trudy -- Your observations are so true ---I discovered the same thing after I began blogging. Hope you will elaborate all of this on May 3 -- your insights will be helpful to many.

    Rae -- and you well deserved to be read. It would be a shame if people weren't reading your wonderful words. Now to get you to triple digits!

  11. I'm new to blogging and when I first started I kept it to myself. Wasn't sure I had anything really of interest to anyone else. Just needed an outlet to express the meanderings in my head. However, it was impressed upon me that you don't light a lamp and then place it under a bowl. A comment is always nice but I try not to get to caught up in the numbers. An the challenge has certainly increase my numbers. I'll try to do the recap as well.

  12. Oh, man. Seriously. I kept a diary for ages. I HAVE to write, or it makes me crazy. I started blogging at myspace, so that I could let my son know what was going on in my life, share pics, etc - we live so far apart. Also, my RA was progressing, which made actually WRITING very painful. I was a very devoted penpal to a couple of ladies, and with RA, I couldn't. So, I shared my blog link with them, my friends. Then, I decided that I liked the blog formats better. So I switched.

    I AM one of the rare few who don't blog for recognition, or to gain readers. Am I tickled that some folks have found me, and keep coming back? Yes. Because many of them have crossed over into real life (packages sent, texts, phone calls).

    As a "mental health" sufferer, I don't get out. Writing entertains me, and is a therapy of sorts.

    Not all people want to become the next Pioneer Woman.

  13. I agree Lee, math counts! We are in denial if we think it doesn't.
    I hoped when I started to find creative souls, who where willing to share their experiences. It has opened many windows and doors to
    a new world for me. It makes me
    aware of the common thread we all
    desire. We all need to be heard, we all need feedback and friendship.
    Great post; Thanks for mentioning my blog today! Include me on May 3rd, to reflect on the A-Z blog challenge.

  14. My take-away from A-Z challenge is the wonderful new friends that I can count on for wisdom, humor, and the variety of topics we talk over. This has been such a fun month.

  15. Arlee, yes I definitely write hoping that someone reads and likes what I have to say...great post...sorry I have been absent the last few days..I have a nasty Virus but I am feeling much better for having taken a couple days off..Blessings to you and I will be here May 3rd too!

  16. I think the math matters a little. I have found that a few more folks have joined the "followers."

    I dont gauge the "sucess" of my blog by that. I have discovered many folks who join or become a follower is simply to induce you to become a follower on their blog.

    I realize my blog is much different than most, most here are writers they have much in common with many others.

    My gauge of "success" is the number and type of comments. I would rather people actually read my blog and was ministered to in some way than they click a join button and never come back.

    I do know it is a numbers game, the more followers who do join, a number of them will become actual real followers who tune in each day.

    The real test will be when the challenge ends. Of those who have commented, I wonder if they will be back. I am anxious to see who will stick around.

    I enjoy my blog and am proud of it. You have graciously commented a couple times of the time and effort I put into my posts and I do. It is one more outlet for my teaching gift. I want to impart something to every reader.

    I appreciate the challenge it has been loads of fun. I have "met" some folks I would probably would have never met.

    I want to encourage, edify, inspire, educate, and disciple God's people. Tough bill to fill. Thanks for the avenue to share with as many folks as possible!

  17. The math is important. When I aquire a new follower my day is brighter. I smile all day long.

    Great challenge. Wasn't brave enough to join in but I have enjoyed it.

  18. Grammy -- and you are so easy to converse with-- no wonder people love coming to your house.

    Justine -- I think you are in the majority

    Ocean Girl-- and the more followers, the more potential readers. Judging from your comments your ratio of return is high.

    Wanda -- your Biblical example is correct. These blogs are out there so we might as well use them to reach others.

    Matthew -- Thank you for your vote of support.

    Dee -- I agree that the blogs can have a more personal function and can be very useful for that. If it weren't for facebook I wouldn't know what my daughters were up to most of the time.

  19. I don't have many followers but I appriciate the ones I have! Its always good to know that your thoughts are being read. That your not sitting down and writing for 20mins to find out that no one reads it. I will definatly come back May 3 and give you my thoughts

  20. When I first started my blog it was almost like a journal. One that I shared with just family that we didn't see often enough. As time has gone by and I see the scope of the blogging world I can without a doubt say I am selfish and love followers! I love people and love getting to know them (the best I can through a blog)! If I didn't want anyone to read I would write it in a notebook and burn it so ppl would't discover it when I die! LOL!

  21. Thanks for the mention of my blog.
    I can't say I don't think about the numbers on my blog, I'm always checking them and if they go up I jump to the new blog and follow them. Hmm I despise math but it definately does affect the way I look at blogging.

  22. Ellie -- anyone who is writing to be heard needs to have a base of followers--yes.

    Karen -- I think you do have control and it seems like you control it fairly well. and consistent quality posting is important.

    Linda --- I think a lot of us have had a lot of fun with this.

    Shannon -- Hope you stay well and look forward to what you have to say on May 3.

    Gregg-- I think you have captured some new readers because you have so much that is worthwhile to say and you say it well. I think you can compare seeking for followers like a business sending out a mass mailout or going door to door-- most of the people may ignore your contact, but a few will become customers and the more contacts the more potential customers. Then you have to maintain and nurture your customer base in order to keep them coming back.

    Ann -- A new follower gives me a smile as well. You can join us next time!

    Belbin9-- keep the blog going and the followers will keep coming. The more active you are in pursuing them, the quicker they'll come. But you have to keep something on your site for them to read so they'll keep coming back to see what you're saying next.

    Momma -- nothing wrong with what you're doing. It's fun meeting new people and blogging makes it pretty easy.

  23. I think it helps to have followers because it makes me be very conscious of the quality of what I post. I also have learned a lot about writing...especially in other genres, through the people that comment. Having a great time so far...

  24. well Lee, for sure it changed my thinking in some areas. i've been encouraged and thoroughly enjoy reading others that i wouldn't have had access to had it not been for this challenge. never thought i liked poetry until i started reading the poetry of the writers here. i'm even kicking around the idea of writing a book in another blog. May 3rd? Lord willing...if my PC doesn't crash.

  25. I will definitely contribute on the 3rd.

    And when I began, I was forewarned that blogging was a two-way street. If I wanted followers & comments, I had to do the same for others.

  26. Dragon's Muse-- yeah, you don't have to be a mathematical genius to figure it out.

    Raquel -- I agree that for a writer especially all writing contributes to the betterment of one's craft. When your on a public forum like a blog I think most writers want to maintain a quality that is representative of the work they do.

    Bud -- You have amazed me in your posts and your ability to reach out to others and communicate. A book coming from you could really be valuable because I think you have a perspective that others have shared but many don't understand. You could have an opportunity to share something that needs to be discussed.
    Please-- no computer crashes! That would be awful.

    Alex -- sounds like you were a step ahead of the game when you started your blog which probably saved a lot of random efforts. I was basically clueless when I got into it.

  27. I actually have two blogs and my second blog started out to express my spiritual side in a way that didn't promote a certain religion or creed but that was open. Sadly because so few follow or read it and because time is always short for me, I neglect it a lot. I think having followers is important, it validates you. I also think we tend to stress about it more when we first start blogging and then as the followers grow it can be too easy to take it for granted. I suspect that is often one of the reasons behind saying followers don't really matter. But I think the other reason is, what good is having hundreds of followers if they never comment and may not actually even read your posts? It's a tricky subject. I value each and every one of my followers because I know how hard it can be to find time to makes the rounds and read & comment. But my actual commenters, they have a special in my heart because they give me feed back.

  28. Followers do matter, but not for the sake of showing off how many followers one possess.
    Besides, there comes a point where you can't keep up with everyone - there's just not enough hours in the day.

  29. rLEE-b ~
    Well, I know we've discussed this previously, but my outlook is perhaps a bit unusual.

    I do agree that no one would blog if they didn't want it read by someone. And yet, I don't necessarily agree that "bigger is always better" and that having as large a regular readership as possible is necessarily everyone's secret goal.

    I would indeed like to see the readership of my political Blog increased because that is where I post what I consider truly important, socially relevant truths.

    My more personal Blog, 'Stuffs', is maintained primarily for the amusement of a few friends. Yes, I'd stop posting on it if NO ONE was EVER going to read it again. And although I'm pleased if others outside of my immediate circle enjoy it, still, it exists primarily for just a few folks, and as a forum for me to bring into manifestation ideas I entertain in my mind.

    I think there is a certain type of person who just NEEDS to create what they imagine. The appreciation of it expressed by others is secondary - just getting it "made", just giving birth to the idea in some more tangible form, THAT is the principal objective. And that's how it is with me.

    Look at how this A To Z April Challenge has me sharing 30-year-old poetry with people for the FIRST time. Prior to now, all of that poetry had been seen by probably no more than four or five persons in my life. I kept it put away. Why? Because showing it, sharing it with a significantly sized audience, wasn't the real purpose for my writing it. I wrote it just because I needed to get it on paper and out of my system. Having it read by many people was given little or no consideration.

    Sometimes, with some people, it's just the DOING that matters most.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen

  30. Jesus + anything = nothing

    Jesus + nothing = salvation

    That's the only math that matters!

  31. Lee, don't know what it wouldn't let me post your comment on M is for MuteMath. I'm surprised you've never heard of them. I saw them in 2006 at Cornerstone in Illinois.
    A couple of the members used to be in Earthsuit and old Christian Raggae influenced band.

    They are Christians, but aren't necessarily a Christian band. They have some great music and videos.

    Blessings bro,
    DJ GlenMC

  32. The math counts. I totally agree. Once I started following other blogs and they responded in kind, I really enjoyed being able to share this community with other people. And the more I get to know my community, the more followers I get.

  33. The math definitely counts. I think it's more important for bloggers, than say, the friend count on Facebook or Myspace. I've got about 150 friends on Facebook, but most of the time, we exchange a hello via our walls, and if it's an old highschool friend or something, we never talk again. On blogs, there is a lot more back and forth.

  34. I like Trevor's take on the math. And I agree with him. BUT, I will admit that I like looking at my follower's list getting longer and longer. But in my mind with that comes more responsibility. And I'm not too sure I'm so keen on that part of it.

    Count me in for May 3rd!

  35. CC -- You certainly make valid points. If you had a ton of followers who were active commenters it would be virtually impossible to acknowledge them all. I see the importance of increasing number of followers of merely increasing odds of readership and expanding one's platform.

    L. Diane -- You too are right. However, increased fan base just means less personal attention. I agree just arbitrary disinterested followers are not overly meaningful, but it creates a certain illusion that has some validity.

    Stephen-- You and I have discussed this before and undoubtedly will again. I understand where you're coming from, but I do disagree about the merely writing to vent thing-- I have a difficult time conceiving that one.

    Glen-- I've been enjoying your posts. I'm glad you've been doing this.

    Trevor -- I believe we are on different planes of outlook here, or perhaps we can say it's a semantical thing. Yes ultimately and spiritually you are correct. However as long as we are in this world there is a lot of math that matters. If you are pastoring a church trying to bring people to Christ you have to work with numbers, just as the shephard has sheep math and the farmer has farmer math. There are money issues and bills, etc that all entail math. If I am going to blog with purpose, then the blog math matters. If I am blogging with no purpose in mind it is mere vanity and frivolity.

    Lydia -- the formula does work

    Lisa -- see my reply to Trevor. and as for the numbers that's where we have to make some decisions about how attentive we continue to be. What are the alternatives? Do we start blogging less? Look at some of the agent blogs with a few thousand followers and tons of commenters--How are they handling the numbers? Who do you want to be and what do you what your blog to be for? There's a lot to consider.

  36. Hey Arlee, you're right. I agree. I first started to blog just because I wanted a record, then I got my first follower and started to share, then my next few and it was a thrill, then my next 10 and I felt some one really liked to read what was happening here. I know love to post, read posts, comment on post and have comments. I don't think I go a day without at least reading a dozen or so and posting on my every couple of days.

    I have so enjoyed your AtoZ Challenge. Thank you for sharing.

    Take care and God Bless!!!

  37. I don't think the only purpose of writing is to have that writing read by others. For me, writing helps me clear my mind, clarify my thoughts, and just get things out on paper (or whatever medium I am writing on!) :) I do think that blogging is different though. Blogs are by their very nature interactive... and if I didn't want others reading I wouldn't be posting on the Internet. I do not want followers just to get numbers though. If I have a few people who read just because they care about me or they appreciate what I have to say, that is great. :) I am not really blogging to get recognition (as a blogger or potential published writer) though so I can see how others goals may be different. I know I have found several blogs I will follow after this challenge and if someone found mine, that's great. More incentive for me to keep on blogging. I'm in for the May 3rd challenge too... just remind us before then! I can't believe that this challenge is halfway over!

  38. Julie-- I think you are performing a good service to the bloggers you visit and comment up. To me it is not much different to visiting a neighbor or talking to a stranger on the street. The sharing and interaction is considerate human contact, which is partly what life is about. I have gotten to know so much more about the participants in the A to Z Challenge that now I care more and I look forward to my next visit.

    Melody --I concede that different people have different reasons for writing and for blogging.But I do believe that the natural inclination for humans is to leave something to show they were there whether it be grafitti or writing in a journal. What if a friend happens across your written account without your knowledge and not by sneaking or prying, but just sees it where you've left it and reads it -- are you angry? What if they rave and compliment your style and content? Do you feel somewhat proud or gratified? I just thinking if it were absolute catharsis, why not write it and then burn it-- that would be true catharsis I think. Why keep it? But don't mind me I'm just rambling.
    I hope you will continue to check in on my blog now and then after A to Z is over. And I will keep reminding everyone about the May 3rd recap-- I think it will be valuable for all of us.

  39. More numbers to me means more responsibility... I guess when I started out I really didn't care if I had followers as long as my sister Traci read it & commented. For a while she was my only reader. Her comments always put a smile on my face.

    Although I loved her support, I still felt like I was writing to the wind. I did desire some sort of audience... mostly for the experience to see what it was like to write to interested readers. Since I was new I didn't understand that I needed to put some effort into gaining an audience.

    Then she introduced me to blogger support groups for women. I joined two and found another world out there. This is how I found the challenge through a fellow blog supporter.

    Back then, I did get some visitors and feedback but not as much as I am getting from the challenge. To me it is exciting but I try to not think much of it... knowing that anytime someone can move on to another exciting blog... there is so much good stuff out there.

    Now that I have some consistent following I am more conscious about what I write and throw out there in blog land. I agree with some of the readers that comments do validate the author- I guess you can say "positively reinforces" and encourages the blogger to not feel like they are writing to the wind but making some sort of contribution to this world.

    Looking forward to May 3rd. :-D

  40. Count me in on May 3rd. I am honored and humbled to have met such fine and talented people. I've almost doubled my "followers" during this challenge.

  41. Tori -- I guess the real decision we have to make when blogging is what audience do I want to have and then blog for that audience. We created a specific audience with the challenge because we were on the same mission. After we are done some will go back to what they were doing which will be different than what others were doing-- the participant pool will fragment. I think you will still retain a lot of readers because many in this challenge are Christian bloggers like yourself. Likewise I would imagine that you will continue to keep up with some of the blogs that you found here.
    We will all have experienced some growth in one way or another.

  42. Debra --That's great news on both accounts. With your background and knowledge I think your insights about the effects and the effectiveness of this Blogging Challenge will be particular interesting and helpful to all of us. The posts of May 3 might turn out to be some of the most interesting and educational that we bloggers have seen yet on a cumulative level.

  43. I completely agree that the numbers do matter. The number of followers basically equals the number of people who consider your thoughts and opinions worthy of reading and publicly support you. It's a great feeling when you get that one extra follower to a blog (thank you to everyone doing this challenge who has followed me blog as a result!). It's a great sense of achievement, but it can be tempting to get too caught up in the math of it all (visitor numbers, hit counts etc.)

  44. I really haven't thought too much about the numbers. I started my blog a few years ago to keep my six families in the loop. They were happy to have the daily connection. I have continued to blog for the folks who watch for my dolls. As they are made I usually take pictures and talk about them.

  45. Jamie --I'm in agreement with you, excepting for the followers gained by some of those devices that merely engage in reciprocity. I wonder if followers gained like really do ever come back to look at anything you've said or if they are only involved to adding to rolls and nothing more. Readers are more useful than just followers. And that other analytical math is a whole different animal. That's where the blog science really enters in and I wish I understood more of how to interpret and use those numbers.

    Jan -- Your blog is an example of the type where numbers are basically inconsequential (unless the readership within the families is grown). Yours is like a scrapbook or bulletin board that has been left open for anyone to look at and you are not using your blog for the development of any platform or public agenda. It would almost be interesting to understand why you would gain followers.

  46. Thanks for mentioning me in this blog! I'm slow at catching up, but I certainly will get there eventually.

  47. Modern day drifter -- You're not the only one trying to catch up. There's a lot of good posting going on with a lot of blogs.

    May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

  48. New 'followers' who declare they are 'followers' are always a nice surprise, but it is equally fulfilling when someone pops in out of the blue and leaves a comment. I think comments on blogs are more important than the number of followers.

  49. Paula, I totally agree with you. Follower may be meaningless numbers who are there for show, but a commenter is one who actually reads, which is my goal in attaining followers. I would much rather have a commenter because then I know they are reading what I wrote, but all the better when that commenter is also following and reading regularly or even occasionally.


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