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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

G as in Great Job! -- a Thursday Debate Topic

          My original debate topic today was supposed to be about "government", but I changed my mind.  After all, I'm the boss of this blog and I guess I can do what I want.  So here is my debate topic for today:

The participants in the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge are doing a great job.

         Normally I pose my Debate in the form of a question, but I didn't see any question here.  As far as I am concerned I have made an indisputable statement of fact.  Perhaps this is the lamest debate topic ever because there is really no debate.  But if there is anybody who disagrees feel free to defend your case.  In defense of my statement I present the following evidence:

Dream weaver -- Debra Harris-Johnson's fine blog still shows up under "supporters".  I can't figure out why but I can't get her proper URL listed on the Blog Roll of Participants.  Please pay her a visit to let her know we haven't forgotten her and give her some encouragement. And I'm going to keep trying to fix this glitch.

.......and this time, concentrate -- Stilling hanging in there with delightful posts.  Coming to us from Georgia (the state, not  the country),  Summer has plenty to say with lots of pictures too.

Coffee Rings Everywhere --- Rayna comes to us from India.  Expert writing on a variety of topics and always ready to leave a comment.

Writer Person --  This person is a mystery blogger.  This is actually a person I know in person.  For now she will remain a mystery.  There is no mystery in her blossoming talents as a writer.  She joined the challenge late, but she intends to catch up and keep up.  Please look at her writing and leave her an encouraging word.  Don't forget to follow her blog as she has just started it.

Slushpile Slut -- Who's the gal with the wacky blog title?   If you think the title's wacky, wait until you read her posts. Actually she's a serious writer, but a girl's got to have some fun too!

My Fleet-Footed Self -- Sophia is here and there.  She's blogging A to Z and posting other things as well. Keep a look out or she'll get away from you.

Mithril Wisdom -- Fantasy and science fiction seems to be the focus here, but he can write about anything.  He also has a comics blog.

Wagging Tales -- Charmaine Clancy's delightful site is busy with activity.  Always inventive, this is a fun place to go.

Whit's End -- Linda offers pithy pieces that will make you think.  They are quick reads that stimulate interactive comments.

Alex J Cavanaugh -- Alex is a science fiction authors who posts on many topics.  There is a good chance that he's already visited your blog--his comments seem to be everywhere.  Thanks Alex.

         So that's only part of my evidence and I'm sure you probably can show me plenty more.  So tell me, what do you think?  Are the participants in the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge doing a great job?


  1. Everyone's doing an awesome job. No debate about it :)

  2. I don't know if the participants are doing a good job or not (though I do think they are), but you did a Grandastically, Great job by starting this challenge. Never before have I come across so many such diverse blogs with their own unique take on things.
    THANK YOU!!!

    ~ Rayna

  3. Hello there! I' just browsing around to find some nice people (I'm brand new in the blog's world!) and I found you! I hope to hear from you..
    Blessed be,

  4. Rayna and Alex are on my watch list, so I know they've been regular with posts & comments. So has B. Miller.

    And YOU!

  5. Aww Gosh! Thanks for the mention! :-)
    I am loving reading all the other A-Z blogs - there have been some great topics. Excellent job everyone!!!

  6. Thanks, Arlee! I've been working diligently to keep up with others and and the challenge.

  7. This has been a great Challenge! What have you got planned for us after "Z" ?

  8. Great challenge! I'm really enjoying the posts that are being created by this.
    Nice job!

  9. Yes, they are. Several people I follow are doing it and they have come up with some pretty great stuff! If I had more time, I would - but I don't have that much discipline. lol ;-)


  10. Amen! Brother! I have been doing a lot of reading of blogs and leaving comments all over the place, tryin' to do a good job of letting people know how much I appreciate all the work I know that they put into their pieces. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and the first place and for starting this really cool challenge.
    Best regards to you, Lee.'

  11. Thanks Lee, I'll have to check these links.

  12. AA -- and you are one of them!

    Rayna -- agreed there is a lot of diversity in the blogs.

    Yvonne-- You have really been faithful to the challenge.

    Jessica -- I will check out your blog.

    Diane - Yes, they are top-notch commenters.

    Charmaine -- keep up the great work!

    Alex -- you certainly do your fair share--thank you!

    Rae -- we will want to do one post (or maybe more) post right after the post to talk about our experiences. I'll post more about this in a week or so.

    Christine --Thanks!

    Justine -- I think a lot of participants are learning more blogging discipline---that's what the challenge is about. Anyone can do it, they just have to decide to do it.

    Grammy -- I don't think I'm the only one who's been loving your posts. I want to come to your house for dinner--- or maybe some gravy and biscuits.

    Matthew -- please check them all, say hello to them, and click the "follow" button.

    Sugar -- I know I've been having a good time.

  13. I Think everyone is best at his or her part !! Great.Unseen Rajasthan

  14. I've been having a lot of fun writing and reading the entries for this challenge! It's really interesting to see how everyone incorporates it into their blogs.

  15. I would agree, there is no debate. Everyone has been doing a fantastic job.

    I have enjoyed reading the various topics. There are so many that I can't get to them all and some of my daily "to do list" has suffered as a result of trying to get around.

    Let me take this time to thank all who have visited my blog, some have decided to follow, and the comments have been very encouraging. I am an amatuer at this and I have enjoyed it immensely.

    Thank you all!!!!!!!

  16. I'm loving all the posts. I have a bunch booked marked to go back an read & comment on when I'm a little less spacy. I did post an abbreviate (ok, I cheated, and combined posts/letters) form of the challenge today.

    Thanks for a great challenge Lee!

  17. Arlee - like I've said on numerous occasions, this challenge has been so much fun, albeit challenging at times. :) The challenge for me is to put more thought into my posts as I'm very much a quick poster and don't usually do a lot of research about or put a lot into what I'm going to blog about for that day. I'm working on changing that and trying to be more deliberate about what I write. So thank you. I'm a lifelong learner and have been taught so much through this endeavor. Thank you everyone!

  18. Hi Lee:)

    You have listed down a very interesting blog list. Surely I will visit them and enjoy what they have to offer.

    For some reason my blog LIFE IN MOTION has been blocked by the administrator. Others can access my blog and leave a comment but I cannot open it. So I have started a new blog under the heading A MAN ON THE MOVE with the

    Best wishes Lee:)

  19. Everyone is doing a great job!

  20. Learning a lot and making some great connections. This is lots of fun! I think everyone is doing a great job!

  21. I can't say anything that has already been said. Except add my own:

    Great Job Everyone!!!!

  22. I'd say we're doing an awesome job! There's no stopping us, we're a machine, hehe.

    Thanks for the shoutout and the link to Mithril Wisdom too!

  23. Yea bloggers! You are all great. Sometimes I've had to miss a letter but I've got my calendar marked so I always know which letter we are on and post accordingly. Sooo it's no excuse to do what you can with the challenge. Love it!!!!!!

  24. Well, I would have to degree 100% on this one Lee. I have enjoyed this challenge immensely and love visiting the participants to see what they have all been writing about. I am so pleased that I decided to join in also, it can be quite the mental challenge when we can't always just talk about whatever we want to talk about!

    I love your little bios on the different participants too, please keep doing this periodically. It really is tough to catch them all, but I'm doing my best!

    God's blessings to you today!

  25. I'd say you outlined that debate very well ;) Plenty of evidence to support your point. :)

  26. I am so happy that the consensus so far agrees that the efforts have been great and that the experience has been positive.

    Trudy, I do plan on highlighting every participant in the challenge over the course of my next several posts.

  27. I've seen many participants doing a great job. =] Thanks for instigating it. And thank you for visiting my blog today. I truly appreciated your wisdom about getting out of the slumps. =]

  28. You'll get know disagreement from me, Arlee. I've been so blessed by reading the other challengers' blogs. To see everyone's unique twist on the challenge is great!

  29. I agree completely! So many great posts from great bloggers. I haven't been able to visit as many as I'd like - hopefully I can add a few on the weekend :)

  30. I think that all of us are doing a great job... My question which is debatable is what will happen towards the end of the month when we have to use the letters UVWXYZ... I have found my words... Have you?

  31. I think that all of us are doing a great job... My question which is debatable is what will happen towards the end of the month when we have to use the letters UVWXYZ... I have found my words... Have you?

  32. Hi Lee:)

    It is true you can open my old blog but the problem is I can't open it and post anything new. Hence the new blog.

    Your challenge is very tough for me. I just can't think of writing a post every day. However, I will try and keep visiting as many participants as possible.

    I also wish all paricipants grand success.

    Have a nice day Lee:)

  33. I've been keeping up with them. I think they're all doing great as well!

  34. I'm impressed with the effort by everyone. I'm just not able to commit the time myself, but I certainly admire anyoe who can do this. Great job to all. You have my support and admiration.

    Stephen Tremp

  35. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving your perceptive comment. Yes, you're right about the city in which I live. I just didn't want to get any nasy zings from those who have google alerts. Besides the powers that be weren't on the blog to give their side of the story. I try to be fair.

    Thanks, again. Roland

  36. Definitely a great job being done by all! And some phenomenal commenting going on too!


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