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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Capsulization: The Seven C's of Saturday

         Today I can stick with my originally planned topic (whew!).   For any new readers of Tossing It Out, on Saturdays I offer an overview of the past week and a preview of my upcoming topics for the next week.  In other words the Saturday post is a Capsulization of the Tossing It Out blog site.

         First thing, I'd like to explain the normal format of Tossing It Out to new readers, so regular readers bear with me please.  I have been posting seven days a week since this blog began in September of 2009 (okay I did miss one Saturday post at the beginning) and at the beginning of November I set up the following format:
Sunday    Bible Study -- this is primarily based on notes for a Bible study that I lead at church on Sunday mornings.  This is usually my least read post but I would love to have more readers interested in this topic join me.  I am not an expert in the field and I'm always open to any corrections or suggestions that might be helpful or even questions that are on your mind.
Monday   I rotate between blogging with my BLOG BOGGLED articles and writing with my PERSNICKETY PENMAN series.  These are often the days of highest readership, but maybe because it's Monday.  There are typically many comments on Monday.
Tuesday  is a potpourri of popular topics.  I do reviews of books, movies, food, travel, and just about anything else I might want to give my opinion about.
Wednesday is a day devoted to people.   Much of this year so far I've  been presenting my memoirs.  On this day I also offer interviews and personality profiles.
Thursday is Debate Day.  Sometimes it gets pretty deep and involved, while other days it is trite and fun. I especially love comments on this day because, well, it's a debate and I don't want to do all of the talking.
Friday is a mystery.   I will sometimes tell stories about strange, but true events.  I may also recount my night dreams or dreams in general, things we are afraid of, dark topics, and occasionally I even present some of my poetry (which is not intended to be scary, but maybe is for some). 

Whenever things get back to normal in April or in May, I will be posting according to this schedule.  I'm not really going to review this past week like I normally would.  There was a lot of talk about the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge with a few other things thrown in and you can certainly look in the archives if you are interested in reading these or any other past articles.  If you are interested in knowing more about the mission statement of Tossing It Out, you can read it on this post which was among the earliest which appeared on this site.

Here are the topics I have planned for the upcoming week:  Monday = Dedication, Tuesday = Eggs, Wednesday = Favorites, Thursday = Government, Friday = Hell, and Saturday = Information.  Any of these topics are subject to change, although Dedication and Information will definitely stay.  What happens as the week progresses will dictate the other days.


       We should always be ready for change.  I'm pretty adaptable. Lately I've had to be.  Up early and late to bed trying to keep up with all of the wonder posts has kept me on the computer far more than normal.  In the end I think it will be worth it.  This week-end I will probably fall behind a great deal so don't feel neglected if I don't make it to your site right away.  And let me know if you are being visited and we'll see how we can change that. Always be prepared for change.


      I'm committed to seeing this challenge through and I hope you are too.  I have seen so much interaction and support among you and that's really great.  That's what it takes to make the  challenge successful.


         Go to as many other sites as you can and leave a decent comment.  Say something that has content.  It doesn't have to be long or profound, but just enough to show that you actually read what was said.  This helps you and the blog you have visited.  And when someone comments on your site check out theirs and leave a comments.  If your post doesn't have at least 6 to 10 comments then something's not working and its up to you to change that situation.  I know it can be difficult because I'm doing it too.


        And that's what makes it a challenge--daily posting and commenting on as many blogs as you can. I know we have our favorites, but make sure you try to visit at least one new blog every day.  You may be missing a lot if you don't.  We all deserve some attention so I challenge you to keep your commitment to post, but also support each other.


          I know many of you will be celebrating Easter tomorrow and many have been and will be posting about Jesus Christ.  Easter is the celebration of the ressurection of Jesus Christ and I wish all of you a Blessed Easter.

Credit and commendation

I'd like to give some recognition to some very helpful blogs that you may want to check out if you have not done so already.   These are some top notch writers who give some excellent tips to writers, but a lot of what they say could apply to just about anything you are doing.  Take a look at these:

B. Miller Fiction---   wonderful writing style and some good advice to ponder.

Graphomaniac -- Elizabeth West offers tips for the professional writer-- but good advice for any of us actually.

The Watered Soul -- Wanda offers some lovely writing with a fine message.

Patricia Stoltey  -- Writing advice from an author who knows.

Then for a bit of something else go visit Rags by Sock Monkey -- Ginny has turned the challenge topsy turvy by blogging from Z to A.  There is variety on her blog so no telling where she'll take us next.

And these are but a few more of the blogs that you can check if you haven't already.  So visit, support, comment, and don't forget to post your topic.  Busy fun coming your way.

And now an award!

        L. Diane Wolfe presented this award to me on her Spunk on a Stick Blog yesterday.  Many of you are probably familiar with Spunky, but if you are not then I recommend that you check out her site.  She is a noted author, photographer, and motivational speaker who offers plenty of good tips on her site along with interviews and special guest posts.  There's always something good on her site.  Also she is part of the Blogging From A to Z official cheering section that you see on my sidebar below the participants.  If you get a chance, drop by her site and let her know that you are participating in this challenge and tell her how it's going for you.  She is a good commentor.

 The Soulmates Award. This award originated with Christi Goddard at A Torch in the Tempest and is one part gift, one part social experiment! Fun!

The Rules:
1. Choose five followers/commenters that 'get' you
2. Write something fake (preferably not too mean) about them
3. Link to them, and link back to this post to comment your receipt of the award.

       Diane knows I'm pretty busy here and I can't just be picking out five when I've got 70 here so if you want it, accept it, and wear it proudly on your site and let whoever you pass it on to know that it came from the Blogging From A to Z April Challange.  And thank you Diane for your support of the Challenge.

And something fake?  Let's how about you guys are an unreasonble, mean, unruly mob of bloggers?  That's pretty fake considering you all have been so understanding, helpful, and encouraging and I thank you all for that. 

Have a beautiful and restful Easter Sunday!
And don't forget that Monday is D Day.


  1. Hi Lee just read your "C" blog, very informative how are you coping? I have suddenly got more new follwers than anticipated,I like to comment on each so I too am at the pc a wee bit longer than usual but whose complaining.

    Have a wonderful Easter yourself and Take care.

  2. I'm okay with being an unruly mob!

    The challenge will force me to blog a little more often, but I'm determined to stick with it this month.

  3. Always a pleasure to read Lee. SO thankful that Gregg turned me on to your blog and to this challenge! Thanks for calling all bloggers so-to-speak!

    Love in the Truth.

  4. I like being unruly...lo...Arlee, once again a great post and I like how you kept it about this coming week and the challenge at the same time, very nice. I have to say I am finding some great bloggers through this challenge!

  5. Lee, great C(s). I loved the blog format idea of specific topics for each day of the week. Since I began blogging I have not been a daily blogger so the challenge has cause me to change. And what a surprise compliment I received by seeing you mentioned my site in your post. Thanks & have a Happy Easter.

  6. Although I'm not participating in the A to Z Challenge I do enjoy reading some of the posts.
    Your doing a great job Lee.

    God bless you and have a great Easter.


  7. What a wonderful post Lee. I enjoyed learning more about your blog format and will definitely be sticking around to follow after the challenge is over! I am especially looking forward to the Bible studies on Sunday (close to my heart as I've written a few myself and will be speaking on Obedience next week!) and also the debate Thursday, since I love a good debate!

    You have some great 'c's listed here and I can relate to so many of them. I pride myself on my own adaptability when it comes to change and I think it keeps life interesting!

    May you also have a restful and glorious Resurrection Sunday!

    God bless you!

  8. So deserving of the award!
    And you've got those involved in the challenge so excited.
    Have a Blessed Easter, Lee!

  9. I like how you broke it down into seven c's. This is a great post!

  10. Great post! I love to see the inner workings of blogfriends' brains. :D

    Happy Easter, Lee! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

  11. This really has been wonderful. I've had so many new bloggers joining my blog. And whoever joins mine I always join theirs. Doing my best to get to everyone. Every day I look at a couple of new blogs. This challenge has really given us the opportunity to put in our best I think. It does take commitment as you say, but it's definitely worth it :)

  12. Lee I have another C for you.


    I think you're challenge is awesome! I'm having so much fun and I am gaining new followers as well. I always try to comment on blogs I read. Sometimes I don't, only if I feel rushed for time. However, when I do have time, I go back.

    But thanks. I think you've helped create a feel of community with your challenge.

    I'm so glad I am meeting all of you through this challenge!

    Have a great Easter and a wonderful weekend. :)

  13. Congrats on the award Lee - woohoo my comment began with a C!

    You must be quite proud - you've had such an effect on the blogging community with this challenge. Well done :)

  14. I'm so happy that I joined up with the challenge. You've brought together all these bloggers and the support is wonderful. And its made me get into the habit of writing something everyday. haha I'm doing Eggs too! :o))

  15. Great post Lee and I'm trying to do stay committed, leave as many comments as possible and stick to the challenge. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well. Of course Christ for me is the center of it all -- without Him I am nothing.

    Thanks again for moderating this A to Z challenge. I know we all appreciate you for it!

    Happy Easter,

  16. Great idea to have your mission statement, now that you have fresh followers!

  17. Wow, you are seriously organized! I'm pretty random in my blogging. Have a wonderful Easter, Lee.

  18. It amazes me how much you comment. I do my best to keep up with all the blogs I follow and try to make meaningful comments and I know how time-consuming it can be, so thanks for the effort you put into it :)

  19. Arlee -- thanks so much for the kind mention and link. I really appreciate that.

    My most sincere wishes for a blessed Easter Sunday...

  20. I appreciate so much all of the kind words and the messages of thanks but in reality I need to be thanking all the participants, supporters, and readers-- without all of you there would have been no challenge, but only me blogging from A to Z. I am so happy to have everyone joining me for what is turning out to be a wonderful ride. Congratulations to all of you in this community for making the challenge work.

  21. Wish I could plan ahead, I pretty much decide what I'm blogging once the 'new post' box pops up. Enjoying the challenge.

  22. Hi, Arlee...Happy Easter~!!
    I love the "C" with all the topics, and I also am pleased to learn about your weekly/regular schedule...Committed it to Notepad to follow up...
    Thanks for the "C" posting~!!

  23. Very informative post. And I will definitely check out at least one new blog every day. Most of them are fantastic, and I know I am going to keep following them even after the challenge is done.


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