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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I as in Information

          Wow! What a week!  We are a third of the way through the alphabet in the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge and everybody is doing an absolutely amazing job.  I know (believe me I know) how difficult it is to make it to all of the other posts on a daily basis, but I see many giving it a valiant effort.  Please try to visit a couple of new ones everyday and leave a comment.  I would hate to see anybody feel neglected in their efforts.  But likewise don't forget the reciprocity element--if you're not receiving visitors, comments, and new followers it may be because you are not doing it yourself.  Try to squeeze in at least a few every day.

        On Saturday I provide information about the Tossing It Out blog.  This past week I have been mostly stressing the things I stressed in the first paragraph of this post and trying to provide encouragement to all of the hardworking bloggers in the challenge.  I was able to stick to the capsulization that I outlined last week, only changing my debate topic.  My thanks to all who commented on my posts and continued to encourage me.  For me personally this challenge has become far more of a challenge than I expected.  It's tiring, but worth everything ounce of energy that I have been putting into it.

        My planned topics for the upcoming week will be a Blog Boggled installment on Juggling; a piece on Knoxville, Tennessee; Living in the Library; a debate on Math Matters, as in regard to Followers; and then for "N" nothing has been decided yet.  I think I will be able to stay within these parameters (especially for Friday's N day).

         What about you?  How are you holding up?  I have noticed that at least two participants have dropped out so far:

     The Red Headed Step Child  and Time For a Bucket List have given notice and will be dropped from the blog roll.  I'm not going to rush just in case they change their minds.  Maybe you can drop in on their comments and send them your love and support.   I want to thank Dee and Margaret for the fine efforts they put into the challenge.

       And now to recognize a few blogs that are keeping up with the challenge:

   Angel's Muse -- We'll cut her some slack. In all fairness she's been on vacation, but has made some effort to post something.  I think she's back now so maybe stop in and give her some encouragement.

Beth: A Work in Progress --  Give her a big hello.  We're thinking of you, Beth.

Bombastic Bandicoot --  Lisa is giving it her all with posts and comments--- Thank you Lisa!

Faith, Hope, and Love ---Another ever so constant commenter, Shannon has been posting other bits in addition to the ones for the A to Z Challenge.   Wow, she's a pretty busy blogger.

Gospel Driven Disciples --  Gregg puts a lot of work into his very substantive posts.  Let him know that you appreciate his efforts.

Learning Contentment --  Okay she's a little behind, but in all fairness she started a bit late.  Stop by and let her know you're backing her efforts.

Trying To Reason -- Bry Robbins is still in the running.  Don't forget to say hello to her.

Woven Words -- I'm a little confused about this one because the page that loads actually says The Meeting Point.  Presented by a dreamy gal this site features some lovely poetry.  I particularly liked her "Hunger" entry for the letter "H" -- wow.

        Please try to check out these sites and as many others as you have time.

       And now from Rayna at Coffee Rings Everywhere I have been given, for the second time, the Prolific Blogger Award.   Okay, I admit it--I have been prolific since I started this blog last year, so I am deserving.  And now what other prolific bloggers can I pass this off to?  All of the participants of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge, that's who!  You bloggers have been pretty darn prolific so far so I pass this to you if you would like to accept.  Feel free to pass it on to others who you think are also deserving.

Thanks to all and enjoy your week-end.  See you on Monday with the letter "J".


  1. Hi Lee. I really appreciate you putting these links up. It makes it so much easier to drop by someone new. Thanks for all your effort and all your support in my blog too - and all your wonderful posts! I'll definitely be keeping you in my blog roll when April's up! ;)

  2. It is hard getting around to many blogs. But I have enjoyed it tremendously.

    Thanks for the plug. I truly appreciate it.

  3. i visited your site n was good enough then othere site that i visited last month

    work and study

  4. woohoo - a collector's award, Thanks! :-)

  5. Lee thanx for including my blog over here ..I have renamed my blog -Woven Words into The Meeting Point ..And bloggers , those who are in A-Z April Challnege and others who have commented on my space ,sorry n thanx ..I jus couldnt reciprocate and comment ur blog , been a really tuff week ..Please keep showering your love , will drop at your places next week :) And a special thanks to you Lee - both for conducting this unique challenge and passing on the award to us :)

  6. As you say Lee this is more than a challenge for putting a blog on every day in aphabetical order but commenting on others, It has been a tremendous challenge for me personally but though a wee bit tiring I have gained such alot through other people's wisdom.
    Have a good week-end.

  7. i am pretty good at leaving many comments but I like your way of reminding. I have enjoyed this challenge and will go back and do a-e that i missed- I think it was a great idea, by you.

  8. I tried to leave a comment on both the blogs that are dropping out, but my comments got swallowed up :-(
    Maybe I'll try again.

    The A to Z challenge has been hectic, not only the bit about thinking up a post for every letter in sequence, but also commenting and keeping up with the comments. Hectic but fun!

    Thank you.

    ~ Rayna

  9. Thanks for the links, Lee! Sounds like everyone is doing a great job with the challenge.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  10. I'm still at it and trying to visit the others as well. Today was the easiest for me!!

  11. hey there...been enjoying this A to Z. met some fantastic new people. my blog list that i follow is growing. only a third of the way...too. a couple of the blogs don't have a follow option so they're just bookmarks. been reciprocating to most comments. have 2-3 that still need attending to. will do so today. till later. still have to write "i" yet.

  12. Thanks so much Arlee...your so sweet! Thanks for the award as well, I am having a lot of fun with this challenge and trying to make sure and comment as well. You are right, I am a busy blogger! God Bless!

  13. Hi Lee. I have been guilty of not getting around to many of the posts this was a crazy one for me, preparing for my talk and also being plagued with contractions throughout the week and wondering if we'd be having a baby. Yvonne is thinking perhaps our little one wants to be a part of this challenge!

    In any case, I am going to make a better effort at getting around to visit this week because it is so wonderful to meet new bloggers and see what they have to offer!

    I can't thank you enough again for hosting this challenge. I admire your preparation for your posts also, I often have no idea what I will post about until I open up my blog (like today, for instance). Perhaps I need to give this a bit more thought.

    Blessings on your day and weekend!

  14. Thanks to all for the great comments. And thanks for the effort you are all putting in. I realize it takes a lot of time to go to all the sites, but I know you're trying your best.

    Dreamy Gal-- I will try to remember to change to name on the blog roll, but at least the link goes to the right place.

    Bud-- from what I've seen you've been doing an amazing job with posts and comments.

    Trudy -- take care of yourself and that little one.

  15. Thank you for the encouragement... it is not easy and I'm barely keeping up because of my personal schedule... :-) Today is catch up day on the comments for me... Everyone is doing such a fantastic job... Lee- you totally deserved that award- you are doing such a great job organizing all of this... and encouraging everyone and looking out for the laggers... :-)

  16. Congrats on the award. What a challenge it's a great ride. Met many new friends and amazing blogs!

  17. So far, so good! I'm doing well with this challenge for the most part. I do try to get around to other blogs. Difficult though. I have to divide my time up these days to get to all of the ones I follow.

    I'd like to post here that Box o' Whine may have had issues in the beginning of this challenge with her page, but if people could drop by once more and show some support, I know it would be appreciated. I hate to see my following numbers grow and over there, they've stopped. So show some love!

    And thanks, Lee, I have a few people I could pass that award on to for sure. :D

  18. Thanks Arlee for hosting this blogfest. Not only am I learning to be more disciplined in my blogging, but I've discovered some great blogs to follow. Wonderful idea.

  19. I am really enjoying this challenge. It is really getting me to stretch my imagination. Thanks for this. It's really the kick in the pants I needed to get my blogging back on track.

  20. Thanks for the award! I think I will pass it on! Great Post!

  21. Congrats on the award Lee - you deserve it! I'm amazed at the diversity of topics when I visit some of the sites.

    Just an FYI, I may not be visiting as regularly - my laptop went in for repairs and I may not see it again for 6 weeks. *Sigh* I'm borrowing my daughter's when I can.

  22. Again a heartfelt thanks to each of you and congratulations on jobs well done.

    Cal Lass-- Maybe I'll give Box O' Whine another plug to encourage others to visit her site.

    Jemi -- 6 weeks!!!! How horrible. Now you may have to start living a normal life. Seriously, they should give you a loaner or aomething if they keep it that long.

  23. I'm loving this A-Z challenge.

    Good stuff!

    Congrats on the award. Very deserved. Indeed :)

  24. Information... I've been gathering a lot of it lately thanks to your challenge... my brain is working overtime... but it's FUN!

  25. This is me, trying to catch up on some of the commenting I've been lacking. Thanks so much for sponsoring this. I can't believe I've yet to miss a day and I've been learning so much about myself, other bloggers and developing a voice.

    So thanks again!

  26. Thanks for all your hard work, Lee! Tis appreciated more than we probably say! :)

  27. nice challenge...visited ur blog after many days...and found a grt challenge in it...interesting...

  28. Hi Lee, It is hard to visit everyone, but doing my best. It is fun, I'm really enjoying the challenge. "I" was tough~ I look forward to tomorrow's post.
    Enjoy what is left of the week-end!

  29. Taking this challenge was like joining an elite club of fun friends! Awesome!
    I hope no one is offended if I don't get to their posts regularly. But I want you to know I appreciate all the kind comments more than I can say! THank you all!

  30. Arlee, I have not been doing a good job as the self-appointed cheerleader. But the challenge is great. It brings people closer and I really like that.

  31. Fifi -- love your site. You've been doing a great job. I think your comments attest to that.

    Rebecca -- great job you've been doing. I also think it is rewarding.

    Beth & Rohini -- Thanks so much

    Ellie -- Oh, I know it's tough. But do the best you can.

    Rae -- I think people understand. Your posts have been really fine.

    Ocean Girl -- Well just keep reading and cheer us as much as you are able. Every little bit of support is helpful.


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