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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Friday, April 2, 2010

B as in Boy-o-boy-o-boy!

         Boy-o-boy-o-boy, I was supposed to do my "B" piece on Babylon today.  Then yesterday there I was babblin' on and on.  A comment here and a comment there-- Old MacDonald's got nothing up on me. I must say, as my jaw drops, I am amazed by the kick-off for this Blogging From A to Z thing. There is a huge amount of talented bloggers participating in this challenge and I so glad to see all of the participation.

        Regular readers of this site know that usually on Fridays I post something related to mysteries, dreams, or strange stories.  But all I can thing about now is this challenge--what in the world happened?  In a way it is related to mysteries, dreams, and strange stories and more.  I just made a simple statement last Saturday that to celebrate my 200th follower I was going to Blog From A to Z in April and challenged anyone who wanted to join me. Just a little itty-bitty double dog dare-- guess you gotta watch out for those kinds of dares cause crazy things can happen.

           And really it is quite beautiful and amazing to see how bloggers from all over the place have come together to make this an exciting event.  At last count we had 70 blogs from 8 different countries committed to participate in this challenge.  I have no idea how many states or provinces are involved.  Of those who committed to participate it looks like most have submitted at least one post so far.

           The range of subjects and styles is quite incredible.  We have literature in the form of poetry and several styles of prose.  We have art, craft, and travel.  We have blogs that are very funny and some that are deeply serious.  Many are Christian blogs.  It's like walking into a bookstore and just browsing through all the different genre aisles.  I hope everyone is taking the time to sample and savor many of these blogs.

           I wish I could tell you about all of them because they are all really good, but I will tell you about a few that stood out for me and hope you'll go back to take a look if you missed them:

Stephen McCarthy's Stuffs --  I was laughing so hard that tears were starting to well.  Stephen is so funny as he recounts how he and I first "met".  He even managed to scrape up a rare photo of yours truly which he dug up off of one of my past posts.  He has a wacko writing style that is fun, but he can also get deeply serious when he wants to.  Can't wait to see what he comes up with for the next 25 days.  You must read this blog. 

Gems on Glamour--  This is one of those blogs that I probably never would have found if not for this challenge.  Marsha is an artist and a custom jewelry maker.  There is some beautiful work displayed on this site.  But even the writers will appreciate her reflections about the nature of art and what art is.  Are you an artist?  Go to Marsha's site and see what she thinks.

Time for a Bucket List --  We have several poets in our challenge.  I mention Yvonne's site often here and there are some others that I hope to mention in future posts, but today I want to recognize Margaret Hall's beautiful and haunting poem "Abigail".  If you enjoy poetry I think you will enjoy this poem.  I'm new to this site and I don't know what else she has in store for us, but hopefully there will be 25 more entries of something worth checking out.

B-e-ing Transformed --  Bud Ezekial offers a 5 part series on the letter "A" which he actually started on Wednesday.  This is a raw, deeply moving message that comes from within  and guided by a higher power. Bud has a powerful story to tell which he plans to reveal to us over the next month.  I encourage you to at least listen to what he has to say and leave him a message of support.

Blabbin' Grammy-- Blabbing is one thing she's good at, but she's also good at cooking, taking care of Gramps, and making you feel at home.  Start reading her site and you'll swear you're sitting there on her front porch in a rocker down in East Tennessee.   She fill you in on what's happening back home, recollections of days gone by, and her general outlook on life.   And she's an ex-schoolteacher so she's no dummy.

Wool'n'Nuts -- Niki always looks like she's posting a day ahead of most of us, but that's because she's in New Zealand and she is a day ahead of us.  You may have already seen her comments on your posts which means you've probably already visited her site.  But if you haven't you ought to stop by and see what she's offering up today.

The Alliterative Anomorph -- Coming to us from Greece, this one lives up to her name.  She's had a lot of you stop by already, but if you haven't yet, you really must.  Her alliterative post for the first day was pretty darn creative and fun.  Can she keep this up for 25 days?  Watch and see.

       Like I said, I wish I could just keep going to highlight all the great stuff out there. Check the sidebar on my site and see who's doing what.  I will try to give mention to different blogs now and then and let me know if your feeling neglected or anything and I'll try to fix that.

         This challenge is bringing about some pretty cool activity. If you want to read a fascinating story about something this challenge has already brought about, check out the story on Shannon's Site because it's pretty incredible.  And I want to give Shannon a lot of credit for trying to help me with her research and emails to me about putting up a McLinky.  I still have not done anything about this and I like to explain why.

        This challenge has gone bigger than I had ever expected.  I am trying desperately to get bloggers in who want to participate and comment on the folks that are posting so no one will think I've abandoned the project.  I follow the comment activity on every site I leave a comment on with the end result being 100 to 200 emails each hour.  I have been so busy following progress, commenting on sites, and doing my own blog post that other things have become secondary.  In other words, it's become like a job--since I started this thing I am now the administrator.  So bear with me Shannon and anyone else who feels I've neglected them.  I think I need an assistant.

         So that's why the past couple days and today I am just shaking my head in wonderment and saying "Boy-o-boy-o-boy!"   So far this challenge looks like a real success.  And I'm not taking much credit for that--I just made the double dog dare.  You fantastic bloggers are doing all the work.  Make sure you let each other know and hang in there!


  1. You underestimate us Lee when you made that announcement, we do like a challenge and this one is exciting, thanks for the idea it's opened up new doors for me.
    Happy blogging and commenting.
    Have a "Lazy" day.


  2. Oh my goodness hasn't this just snow balled? I'm even having trouble keeping up with it - so you must be having a real challenging time administrating it!

    If it's any help - you can skip my blog without any hard feelings if you need to save time :) You can always come and visit me again after a week or two and read them all at once. Take care and don't over do it! You have a LIFE, remember?

    ps - thanks so much for the write up - it's SOOOOOO much appreciated.

  3. Hello there
    So sorry to hear you haven't beem able to get your own post done - as you say there are people coming out of the woodwork to join in. I don't normally do things on the spur of the moment but I did for this challenge.
    Once again I just want to say thanks for hosting it - I'm having to think about what I'm going to post and not just take pot luck and hope an idea will pop up
    It has been hard trying to keep up with visiting everyone - I am enjoying what I have been reading but haven't left many comments as time has been at a premium
    Do you think you need a Mr Linky thing? For some it may be hard to visit your blog every day to post their link - they may have to schedule posts to post automatically instead of physically posting each day - its going to be that way for myself over the weekend of 23rd to 27th. Having everyone in your blogroll will serve the same purpose don't you think - others can choose who to visit in the same way
    Take care

  4. Hi Lee! I am so glad that you have highlighted some of the people participating in the challenge. I will be sure to stop by and visit many of them. I can't imagine your upkeep with all of this and thank you once again for posing the challenge and allowing us all to take part!

    God bless you on this Good Friday!

  5. Funny how one person can ignite such a movement. One person can make difference.

  6. I've already planned through E!

    And mine was 'boy' today as well.

  7. This B a very cool post! (wink) Ok, gonna check out a cupla the other ones, too.

    The Old Silly

  8. The amount of work you must put into looking through all of the posts and comments must be immense! I'm really glad that the idea has kicked off better than expected, and I'm really enjoying discovering new blogs and talking to new people through this (and it's only day 2!)

    Well done, and a big thank you!

  9. See what you started?

    You have an award at my blog today.

  10. I'm enjoying the challenge! Also loving reading everyone else's blogs for this :-)

  11. 70 -- that's crazy! Lot's of fun, and look forward to checking some of these out. True story: I was just saying to my wife that I need to focus on delivering content on my Blog before going hard-core on the promotion, and here comes a challenge to work my hide off delivering content! "Be careful what you ask for..."

  12. Hi, Lee. Wow! I'm the first commenter on your blog today. I guess everyone else is busy writing, but thanks for the really sweet entry on your posting about my blog. I am going to be kept busy just reading all of them. I will be launching on each one of them from your blog list for awhile until I get them listed on mine. So very interesting to see all the different viewpoints of these wonderful writers, yourself included! I'm so glad you found me. Best regards to you, friend!

  13. Ooooh, I just love a brand new list of blogs to check out! Thanks!

    Have a great holiday weekend!!

  14. I think the response is tremendous and well deserved. Someone should call Oprah!!!
    I am loving this connection between all variety of bloggers.
    You have not only given me new inspiration, but also new friends.
    And I am grateful for that.

  15. I can just thank you for this. It is so fun and really brings us in blogiverse together. Meeting people we've never thought of meeting before. It is truly awesome!

  16. Hello Busy Lady~
    Thank You so much for being such a great host & letting a last minute blogger in like me:)

    I am enjoying reading all the different blogs~you are right there is such a wide range of topics. Have a great day!

  17. Thank you so much for the challenge. I hadn't blogged in a little while (even thought I have 3 others) because I was feeling so down at the query process and life in general. I feel sparked and have a goal other than beating myself. I love blog travel and am up for the adventure.

  18. Rather than respond individually I will just give a big thank you to all of you for your support of me and each other. The whole A to Z challenge only can work as well as though who are participating.

    Marvin "The Old Silly" -- I've added your link to our cheering section because you are one of our biggest supporters. Thanks for the mentions you've given.

    Diane - thanks for the award and your support as well.

    And, by the way, I don't mind that I don't have time to post the topics I've planned. Recognizing the other bloggers is now more important in my opinion-- I want to make sure that everybody is gaining some readers. I can always do the things I planned later. I'm thrilled to have so many new topics to talk about -- you!


  19. B is for Boo-Yah! This is awesome and you're right it's like browsing in a bookstore...Loving everyone's interesting posts...Great idea!!

  20. B is for Bravo! Arlee...this is just so awesome and I don't think you are neglecting me...hope all the info on the McKlinky helps in some small way! I do think you had better get yourself an assistant dear you ever think this would get so big? Amazing what one person can do! Thanks dear friend...God Bless!

  21. 70 participans? Fantastic!! I am enjoying this myself since I have laid out my letters. I have even changed a couple which is fun. I have enjoyed reading the others.

    Thanks for your kind words in your comments.

  22. It's really taken off Lee - every time I turn around another blogger is following the ABC's of Arlee! Love it :)

  23. rLEE-b ~
    Thanks, McBuddy, for the free billboard use and for the very nice compliment.

    Several of the other Blogs you mentioned appealed to me, especially the B-E-ing Transformed description. I will have to visit that one and several others... soon as I can find the time. But right now I have a B-B-B-Blog B-B-Bit to compose. Ya see, I agreed to some challenge and...

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McChallenged

  24. I think you need a MClinky for this. So everyone can visit each other.
    You know how to host a linky?
    I have a code for one if ya want me to put the linky on my site.
    Anyway, I did it today.
    GREAT idea!!!

  25. hey there, Lee

    happy to have met you on this narrow and difficult trail. it's a long one and narrow one. don't get to meet kindred spirits very often...but when i do, recognition is almost immediate on my part. the Lord has used you in my life already and for that i thank Him. the trail is easier now and i'm traveling in great company.

  26. I see. we are all on your blog roll. That works too! Awesome.

  27. Thanks to those who have added their words of encouragement. And yes, Stephen, there are some very nice blogs to check out and I encourage you to do so and say hello.
    Bud--- Thank you and I'm behind you all the way.

    OC Brain-- Like I told Shannon, I don't know much about MClinky, but I will check into it eventually when I get caught up. Feel free to add it to your site. I think the blog roll that I put up works pretty well for finding fellow challengees.

  28. rLEE-b ~
    I have composed my "B"log "B"it, but having major bug issues with the Blogger system right now. Can't get it to post. Will try again in an hour or so.

    Iz I the only one having troubles? I think you somehow "broke" da system. B'overload?

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McIrritated

  29. ENCOURAGEMENT???..You need an AWARD~!! Incredible that A-Z would bring this response, but I find it delightful to have the challenge, the fun, and the new blogsters that I have met and have read~!! Thanks for all the toil and "busy-ness" that you have created~!! BRAVO~!! I tried to leave a comment on the A day, below, but was taken to an ERROR page, hopefully, this one will go through~!!Keep smilin'....

  30. I'm so glad I am able to be a part of this, Lee! We do like a challenge, this is incredibly fun and broadens the imagination horizons. I thought I would have issues with daily blogging, but you gave me the opportunity to have a subject. Every. Day! Limited only by a single letter. :D

    I love this challenge.

  31. Arlee, this is great fun! But I just got started visiting blogs yesterday afternoon and Blogger fought back, refusing to let me leave comments. I'm trying again now--if this one posts I'll (hopefully) be back in business. More later...

  32. Margaret -- an award? I need a good job. Or an agent. Anybody listening out there? Seriously, I'm just so thrilled that this challenge is so meaningful to so many. Thanks for your encouragement. I've been getting weird things on blogger as well--hopefully it's cleared up now.

    Cal lass -- I'm glad you're motivated now-- try to keep it going for the next month. Just take it easy and enjoy yourself.

    Patricia --It is fun isn't it. Hang in there. The blogger issues hopefully have been fixed, but it acts up some times though-- keep commenting.

  33. Great challenge, Arlee bird!

    I look forward to reading your updates. Wish I had time to actually participate.

    Well done, you :)

  34. This is such a fun challenge, not to mention that I don't have to worry about what to write about for the whole month! Thanks for your comments!

  35. This has been so much fun and I've met some wonderful people! Thank you Lee for getting this going.

    I am with The Alliterative Allomorph -- skip my blog to save time. My feelings won't be hurt.


  36. Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for throwing down this gauntlet -- I'm having a blast!

  37. Am enjoying following some of the blogs participating in this challenge. Great reading and very entertaining.

  38. Having fun meeting everyone. It's nice to start recognizing voices here. Definitely a great idea, and thanks so much!

  39. Congrats on running such a brilliant challenge! I'm having a great time reading the daily posts.

  40. I am so glad you started this challenge. I've already found three blogs I want to follow, and which I would never have found if not for you. Thank you.


  41. My thanks to everyone for their very kind comments and support. If you've found new blogs to read and follow and gotten some enjoyment out of this then it's all worthwhile. Your comments really keep me lifted up.


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