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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 1: A as in April Fools Day --- a Debate Topic

And let me start off by making something perfectly clear:

The Blogging From A to Z Challenge is Not an April Fools Joke!

        I just wanted to get that out right away lest anybody fear I was a practical joker.  When I came up with the idea for the Challenge I wondered if anybody would take it seriously or would they think I was joking. Fortunately it didn't hinder anybody that I know of and I am so glad that we have so many great participants.

         For those of you unfamiliar with Tossing It Out, each Thursday is "Debate Day".  I pose a question, give a few arguments for one side or both sides, and then leave it to readers to tell me what they think.  Sometimes we get into some pretty heavy topics and other times, like today, the topics are relatively light.
Here is the question for today:

April Fools Day jokes-- are they fun or do they annoy you?

           I suppose one of the things that annoys me more than being tricked on April Fools Day is being pinched on St. Patrick's Day.  When I was a kid I was always very careful to wear green on March 17 because I was in mortal fear of being pinched.  And I don't really enjoy being the butt of an April Fools joke either. A common one that I recall as a kid was being told that my fly was down and naturally I would look and be assailed with a loud attention-getting cry of "April Fool".  I'd fall for it every time.  The receiving end of any of the April Fools jokes for me was embarrassing because I didn't like being the fool.

          However, I delighted in being the perpetrator of said jokes.  I would wake up in the morning of April First and try to devise totally credible jokes to play on people and get a big charge when I successfully made someone else look like the fool.  It would be fun for a few times, but even for the jokester it soon got old.  April Fools is mostly a morning event.

           When the childish games of April Fools Day start entering the world of adults I begin to have a problem with it.  The co-worker who pulls juvenile pranks at the expense of others is usually inappropriate. When cheap laughs are garnered by the embarrassment of another coworker, the jokestering crosses the line.  I can certainly appreciate a good joke  and visual slapstick humor, but when done to embarrass another person it can make me uncomfortable.

         Frequently, morning radio programs or other media forms will play an April Fools Joke on the audience.  I will admit that at times they are inventive and humorous, but when they actually sound like news it can lead to bad situations.  I can recall hearing something that I thought was true and telling others something that I thought was true.  Credibility of all parties can become damaged and the potential for dangerous results is real.

        There is a list of the 10 worst April Fools Jokes at museum of hoaxes .  And as bad as these are I don't even know if they are the worst.

          For me, the bottom line is April Fools Day is silly childhood fun, but it really doesn't have any place in the adult world.

           What do you think?

Challenge update:
I'm still getting queries about joining the challenge.  Since notice of this challenge only went up last Saturday, many fellow bloggers are just finding out about it, so I'm allowing stragglers to join up until Monday April 5th.

I've been following blogs off the list on my sidebar or when I see them pop up on my Google Reader.  Since this type of communal blog activity is new to me and I'm no computer wiz, I'm not sure what the easiest way to keep track of other blogs is.   I plan to check about the McLinky but have not had time yet.  Hopefully this isn't presenting too much of a problem for anyone.

How do you go about checking what the other participants are doing?  Have you checked any others?  I've looked at 6 posts that have already gone up as of this writing and I have been impressed.  There is some really good stuff out there.  Soon the creativity is really going to flow and you should let others know what you think.

Friday April 2 is the letter B as in Be ready!


  1. Great post! Yes I tend to agree with you. I've never actaully been a fan of April Fools - neither my family - so I never got into it. I don't think Australians generally made a big deal of it when I was a kid. I always remember seeing American TV shows using it, though.

    Re keeping up with other bloggersin this challenge. I've just done my best to follow them all. If I've missed you, let me know. If you've miss me - here's my link:

    I'm just trying to keep track of the blog feed thingy! Which is going to be tough this weekend cause it's Easter and things are planned. But I will seriously try my utmost best to get to everyone - even if I am drunken mess in the early hours of the morning :)

    I hope everyone else makes an effort to keep up too!

  2. I always think it's pretty fun...the kids love it. I'll play a minor prank on them and we'll be done for the day!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Good April Fools Day Lee,
    I don't get bothered at all by April fool jokes, I got used to them when my kids were younger.
    It was put on the internet news today that because of the bad weather here the clocks had to be put FORWARD another hour to get in line with summtime. I saw through that one.
    Happy reading.

  4. I'm not a big fan of April Fool's Jokes, either. They tend to get real mean when it's an adult pulling the prank. Although I do remember last year the London Times announced it would switch from print to Twitter feed, sending out news in short, 140-character blasts only. Ironically, a lot of people fell for it!

    Good luck with your challenge!

  5. That would be funny -but not if your blogfest were an April fools joke.

    Checking other blogs -hmm I have no tricks. There are those I check every day. There are those that I check a couple of times a week. There are those I never go back to if it is a one sided relationship.

    Great post.

  6. Hello there
    Had lots of radio stations trying out AF jokes today also saw a few in blogs. Best kept for children who love the silliness but then there will always be some adults who are taken in and fooled
    My posts will be up later in the day from next week so they come closer to all the others - also have 2 & 3 coming online same day so I can do another meme at the same time. Will be much better next week

  7. Hi Lee! I am in complete agreement with you on April Fool's Day being a fun thing for children but don't believe it has a place in adult society. I think that people just take it too far, at the expense of other's and I don't like to see that. I was actually quite grateful that I grew up and didn't have to worry about it anymore! Sure, you still see the occasional workplace prank or hear a joke on the radio, but I don't see a lot of it myself anymore. And I certainly no longer take part in any of the pranks!

    Great topic for the debate. Since I'm new to your blog, this is the first I've seen but I'm looking forward to more! I love debates!

    Have a blessed (and joke free) day!

  8. April Fool's joke are rather juvenile.

    And we are off and running with the challenge!

  9. Lee, I gotta say this...that post really sucked!

    April Fool's buddy!!! LOL.

    Having three younger kids, I'm still a big fan of the April Fool joke! Or maybe, it's just because I'm a kid at heart.

    Love in the Truth.

  10. Great kick off post for the challenge, Arlee. Hey I have an announcement at the bottom of my post on my blog today, too.

    Have fun - I'll be checking this out!

    The Old Silly

  11. As a grown up, I find it totally annoying too! But, if I could come up with a doozy, don't think I wouldn't be the perpetrator ;)

  12. I have never been one to do or like April fools day jokes or jests..but I have seen some funny ones...Happy A-Z Challenge Day 1 everyone!

  13. I've been known to pull an April Fool's joke on a colleague. Like taping a note to her back that says "Pull My Hair" or something like that. But I've only done it to persons that I know won't get mad about it. And if they do something back, I have to laugh, too. I know it's childish, but it can be fun if not mean spirited.

    Have a great day, Lee. I won't have my post up til later.

    See you tomorrow!


  14. I think they are annoying, but only because I am not good at thinking of good ones to play to get people back...

  15. A.A.-- take it easy this weekend. You've got to keep yourself in alliterating strength.

    Liz -- I did always enjoy the pranks within the family as a child.

    Yvonne -- I went in while my wife was getting ready for work and tried the time one on her but I guess I wasn't convincing enough cause she didn't fall for it either.

    Diane -- when the media comes up with something that sounds possible we do sometimes believe it because a lot of the news sounds like a joke anyway.

    Teresa -- it is always nice to have a give and take exchange with friends, even if they are bloggers whom we never ever really know personally. Looks like we have some bloggers who are very versed in blog etiquette in our challenge-- hope you will check out some of the ones you've never run across before. They seem to respond pretty well-- I been watching a lot of interaction among them.

    Cathy -- I liked your post for today. You'll get on the challenge schedule pretty quick I'd say.

    Trudy -- the pranks are juvenile fun, but in the workplace they probably could be the potential of serious legal reprecussions. And told kid the boss that you are going to quit your job--He may take you up on it in today's economy.

    Alex -- our official representative for A-day. Yes it's going strong.

    Trevor -- You gave me a laugh. Actually I got excited at first--I thought another blogger was actually going to say something mean. You folks are always so nice.

    Karen -- I wish you'd been up for it as well. We are accepting stragglers up to next Monday if you decide to change your mind over the weekend.

    Marvin -- thanks so much for your support-- on behalf of this blog and all the blogs you are continually supporting.

    Georgianna -- just don't do anything that's mean! But a really good joke can be fun.

    Shannon -- I checked your post and you done good.

  16. Being gullible, I’m not a fan of April fool jokes and wouldn’t mind seeing the tradition disappear.

  17. I never played practical jokes on April Fool’s Day. I always thought it was mean. But even this morning I was subjected to an April Fools and I am not the better for it. It did give the perpetrator a great laugh though.

  18. Lisa -- Yeah it would have to be a really close friend or family member and done in the spirit of silliness. I'll be watching for your post.

    Ginny -- uoy ekil m'I. Oh no, I'm starting to think backwards. See what you've done!

    Jane -- gullible! You haven't known gullible til you've known me. When I go on vacation it's like "gullible's travels".

    Ann -- of course, it's always funnier for the joker.

    Will Burke --- you are on the role of players and we are glad to have you. Can you get an "A" post in today? If you can't that's alright too.

  19. Lee, for goodness sake, I'm IN on the A-Z Challenge, can you please add my button to your sidebar.
    My thoughts on April Fool's Day & St. Patrick's Day. If your not a fool and not Irish you should just forget about it. xx's Marsha

  20. i don't need an April 1st to play tricks on anyone:)

  21. I never understood April Fool's Day, and not being Irish St. Patrick's day kinda' confused me. If I wasn't Irish, why did I have to wear green?

    I like this idea of posting every day of April, though. I will try, but being the last month of the semester... Well. We'll see how things go. I'm interested to read more of your posts :)

  22. I agree with you that April Fool's jokes or pranks do not belong in an adult world.

    Many times they are just crude, cruel, and/or coarse.

    By the way, this A-Z challenge was used by God to renuite me with a best friend and his family that I met in 1978 and lost track of around 1985.

    We had a great conversation last night after his daughter saw my blog in your roll. Thanks for being an unwitting participant in a grand scheme of our God to renuite me with someone I have loved dearly and should never have lost track of!

  23. So can I get in on this A-Z challenge thing?

    And I'm not a big fan of April Fool's pranks either. I just told my daughter that April Fool's day is over for her.

  24. >>[I suppose one of the things that annoys me more than being tricked on April Fools Day is being pinched on St. Patrick's Day.]<<

    I agree, rLEE-b - I don't like the Saint Pat's Pinch at all.

    I don't mind a good April Fool's Day joke if it's clever and (hopefully) has some comedic value. But those are few and far between. I've come up with a few of my own but that was many years ago. I'm now too tired to invent any really worthwhile April Fool's Day jokes. I just try to keep my head down and slink through the day unnoticed. :o)

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  25. Good luck with the A to Z thing!

    I'm on the fence with April Fool's. I think it can be fun, but it can also be hurtful, too. It depends. How's that for a wishy-washy answer?

  26. Howdy!

    I totally agree with you on all points! Which will probably be a very rare experience so enjoy it while you can! :)


  27. Splenderosa -- glad you arrived. I'm going to look at your post on "Art" very shortly.

    Bud -- A good hearted sense of humor can be fun, it's the somewhat malicious stuff that bothers me.

    Hope--luck doesn't just belong to the Irish-- we're lucky to have you join us.

    Gregg -- thanks for a great story. I guess we should always be prepared for surprises.

    Marjorie-- Kids can be mischievous-- I know I was.

    Stephen -- You indeed have a way with words as anybody who reads your post today will plainly see.

    Talli -- Yeah, I'm like that. I don't know if it's wishy washy so much as being able to see both sides of an issue.

    Beth -- I always look forward to any disagreements where goodnatured debate is concerned.

  28. My mum use to always play April Fool jokes on me as a kid. But nowadays no one really seems to bother with it.

  29. I hate it.

    But I love this challenge. I think I need a one month's break from blogging to read all these wonderful writings:) And to gather my muse:)

  30. An atheist filed a lawsuit in Florida objecting to Easter and Passover celebrations while atheists had no holiday to celebrate.
    The judge dismissed the case and said the atheists do have their own holiday...April 1, April Fool's Day.

  31. Not a fan of April fools jokes. I keep up with people by following them literally, and by subscribing to their feeds via blogger and via google reader.

  32. I'm not a fan of April Fool's because it often turns from silly fun pranks to cruelty. At least in schools.

    I'm a really easy going person, and happy most of the time, so I thought it was interesting that not one student mentioned the day or pulled even a silly prank. They must have intuited I wouldn't like them and steered clear. :)

  33. Totally agree with you there Lee... April Fools Day is more for kids than for adults... it looks ridiculous when a grown adult tries to pull one off...

    I think once when I was a teen I tried pulling a joke on my youth group leader & it didn't go so well... got in big trouble... they never looked at me the same... :-/

    oh well, anyhow... other than that It usually doesn't occur to me to participate... so i guess i would be a potential risk to getting pranked... so far so good...!

  34. The prankster in me loves April Fools' Day, but as I've grown older I keep forgetting about it, heh.

    Looking forward to the "B" posts tomorrow!

  35. http://margarethall.wordpress.comApril 2, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    Ahhhh, YES~!! April Fool's day jokes~!! Love them...(((unless it is on me, of course!)))..
    I think they are fun, unless they are DANGEROUS to someone, or causes a rift at the workplace.
    The worst joke ever played upon me was a friend of mine that called me to come to the jail to bail her out, claiming that she was in a road rage situation and was locked in the "pokey"~!!...Of course, she and her friends were woo-hooing as I parked and approached the steps of the police station~!!
    Good debate call!! Lovin' the A-Z thingie, too!

  36. For me, April fools' day, along with halloween and New years are just hoildays that are set aside for people to do stupid pranks and have an excuse when they are rude or hurt someone. Otherwise, things get out of control on these days and I just don't like them. God bless, Lloyd

  37. So fun to read this knowing where we are now! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

  38. April 1 seems rather far away in the past, perhaps as far away as the first of May?


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