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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update: Blogging From A to Z Is Taking Off!

The posts for letter "A" have already been appearing and the challenge is on.   I wanted to get this update posted earlier today but for some reason Blogger was down, at least for me.  But here are a few sites I have noted:

Check out Yvonne's Welcome to My World of Poetry  on Tuesday she promoted the A to Z challenge in a wonderfully clever poetic way and then if that were not enough she contributed a second plug in poetic form on Wednesday.  Yvonne's going to be one to watch as she comes up with a poem a day in alphabetical succession.

Fifi Flowers has already started getting ready for her April in Paris virtual trip with two wonderful posts-- you really need to check them out.

Other nice mentions came from Carol's CornerSlushpile Slut, Mary McDonald's Write Stuff, The Watered Soul, This Journey Called Life, Blabbin' Grammy, Bombastic Bandicoot, Porch Ponderings by Rae, Gospel Driven Disciples, Kelly's Home, Patricia Stoltey, and Third Times a Charm .

Also, we have gotten encouragement already from the cheering section with posts like the one The Going to be a New Me,

Thanks to everyone participating.  Please let me know if your link has not been noted on the blog roll or if there are any other problems.  My aim is for this challenge to be fun and also rewarding for you and your readers.    See you next post with the letter "A".


  1. Thanks for mentioning me in your post. This is turning out to be a lot of fun.

  2. Glad to oblige. Just hope I didn't miss anyone. I had that blogger problem and that slowed me down. But I wanted to get this post out there.
    Thanks for the participation.

  3. Am I too late, or can I participate still too? :)
    I'm having a bit slow net, so could bloghop to Yvonne's only now..

    Lemme know if I can still make it to the challenge.

  4. Leo --- you are in, but you probably heard that already. In fact since this challenge is so last minute will take stragglers as late as next Monday 4/5.

    Cal Lass-- You and me and everyone else. It's already happening!

  5. Hey friend...can i participate too...please????

  6. Yamini -- would love to have you join us. Which blog will you be using?

  7. This is so cool! The interesting part about it all is that for me it's still March and for many of you other blogger's out there it's April already! So I'm getting a head start on commenting on "A" bloggers! :-) Thank you Arlee for visiting my blog... it's always good to make a new blogger friend! :-)

  8. This is so fun. I think I'm going end up speaking alliteratively at the end of this month. It's addictive! hehehe

  9. thanks you dear...!!!

    The Land Of Dreams..!!!

  10. Yamini -- Thank you for joining us. You are now on the blog roll and I am a follower on your blog. I love dreams. I'll be anxious to see your posts.

  11. Oh man, this is so awesome!
    It's First April in India today, so I've got the A! :D

  12. Hello Lee well we're on our way,
    Thanks for the write up.
    For some reasons I had 6 comments first thing this morning(UK Time) but only 4 went through. I know the internet has been playing up hope it don't caus to much hassle for the challenge.
    Have a good day.

  13. Enjoyed doing my first post - being earlier than anyone else meant I obviously got lost in the system. Will try something different next week
    Great idea this as it will make me think

  14. Yes everyone we are heading out of the starting gate in a big way. I am so glad that all runners are running a good race. Congratulations.

    Yvonne --I am impressed so far. On the comment thing, I think it must be something with blogger. Mine does the same-- It'll should comments that really aren't there. It don't think the comments are getting lost, I just think it shows ghosts of comments past.

    Cathy -- You'll get in gear I'm sure.

  15. I'm having fun with this so far. Thanks for issuing the challenge, Lee, and thanks for your kind words about my post today!!

  16. Hi thank you for calling into my blog and leaving a comment, also inviting me to this challenge. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to participate in it, well not this time. thank you for the invite and I will enjoy reading the others that have made it!!

  17. You have a good thing going here Lee. I've read a few entries, and I'm enjoying reading.

  18. Becky - you deserve the kind comments and looking at the comments you've been getting, I'm not the only one.

    Anne -- keep reading and supporting the others and maybe you can join us next time.

    Tamika -- thanks for the support you've given to the ones you've visited. Maybe next week you could give us a shout out in your blog and I can link to it from my site. I want to see all these A to Z bloggers get as much readership as they can for their creative efforts. Have a wonderful Easter week end.

  19. So, I've dcided to participate.

    Might as well put both in, since I've been posting daily, lately. Thanks!

  20. Wolfie -- you are in, but I guess you knew that. Great posts so far.
    Blogging From A to Z April Challenge


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