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Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog Boggled: Where This Blogger Gets a Bit Lazy

        Well, I was all ready to moan and complain about all these things that bug me about certain blogs, but then I got filled up with so much love that I forgot what I was going to say.  Maybe I'll remember some of my complaints later.   I guess if I want to complain about anything it should be about Daylight Savings Time and how I lost my precious hour of sleep.  Why do they have to mess with our schedule every year and get my sleep cycle all confused?

      But blogs about blogging have been all over the place lately and maybe I don't need to add to the mix right now.  Maybe if I wait long enough somebody else will address one of my gripes so I don't have to air it at all. 

      For me, blogging has been quite a learning experience.   The learning experience has included discovering some excellent blog posts about blogging which often have some excellent comments that have led me to more blog posts about blogging. Collectively, we have access to a real wealth of information in the realms of blogging. Here are some recent blog help posts that I have found:

      Most of you have probably already seen the excellent infomation provided in several posts by Jody Hedlund .  Check over the entire series if you haven't done so already.  She addresses many of the same issues that have bugged me.

        Theresa Milstein through a comment she made on Jody's blog linked me to an excellent blog post about improving one's blog:   Tips for a better blog and what makes readers stop reading was written by Jane Friedman at Writer Unboxed

         Jane offered a number of links which I found quite interesting including the ProBlogger site which will be keeping me busy with the tips it has to offer about blogging.

Now concerning this award I spoke of on Saturday:

       On my post for Saturday I mentioned that I had received--for the second time-- the prolific blogger award from Jamara Falconer.  Like many others of you have noted upon receiving these awards, at times it becomes somewhat time involving to find recipients who have not yet received an award to pass them on to.  So taking a cue from other bloggers I offered the award up to whomever felt they might like to receive this Prolific Blogger Award.  Well, I did get a request and it's like "Doh! Why didn't I think of her?" (slapping my forehead).

        Part of being a Prolific Blogger is being a good commenter.  Yvonne from Welcome To My World Of Poetry has been a faithful follower of mine and many others for some time.  And if I'm not mistaken I believe she has left a comment on every post I've put on the Tossing It Out site since she began following.  Her comments are always sweet, encouraging, and helpful--in other words I can tell by what she says that she actually reads the post and leaves a relevant comment. If you look at her blog posts you will see the same loyal followers commenting on her poems time after time.  She has followers from all over the world.

      Yvonne, I am honored to pass this award on to you for your consistent postings and your prolific comments.  Readers-- If you are not familiar with Yvonne's site, she delivers lovely little poems that offer witty looks at her life and thoughtful observations she makes about the world around her.  Her poems are to the point and easy to understand, which probably accounts for the universal appeal that she has.  She also includes wonderful photos that bring you further into her world.  I've never met Yvonne, but I feel like I've known her for a long time.  I encourage you to visit her site, become a follower, and let her know that I sent you.

So one Prolific Blogger Award  goes to Yvonne at Welcome To My World Of Poetry

         If any others of you would like me to recognize your work let me know and I will officially pass this on to you as well.  I know I'm taking the lazy way out but I think many of you know how it is.  Thanks for understanding and even if you don't understand, thanks most of all for reading.  Hope to see you tomorrow when I present some thoughts about Michael Jackson and his film THIS IS IT.


  1. Lee, thank you very much for the wonderful write up, also the award.I think commenting on people's blogs who you have publicly shown you are a follower is every bit important than writing new ones. I enjoy reading the blogs every bit I do as writing them.

    Thanks for your visit pleased that you actually saw Daniel on TV, He was very good to me when I lost my mum and husband so quickly together, you mentioned him singing about The Roamnian Challenge Appeal Orphanage, A few years back I did a set of 6 "Poetry Postcards" for his charity and raised quite a few thousands pounds over a period of 2 yrs, it was great fun but most of all rewarding.My children and grandchildren wanted for nothing these poor children lived in the most horrendous conditions.

    Have a pleasant day.

  2. Thanks for the links Lee - you always have such helpful stuff :) Congrats on the award too!

  3. Thanks for the links. I'll definitely be checking out the post by Theresa. Congrats on your award, Arlee! :-)

  4. It's better to remember the good stuff anyway!

  5. I'm always interested in learning more about blogging. Thanks for your suggestions. Will head over to check'em out.

  6. Again, kudos on the award, and I absolutely love Yvonne's poetry blog - I go there several times a week. Good choice for passing this one on, for sure.

    The Old Silly

  7. Congratulations on the award.

    And other than spammers, I have no blogging complaints.

  8. I’ll join in on complaining about the time change. I think they should just pick one time and leave it alone.

    Thanks for the links. My blog can always use improving so I’ll be sure to check them out.

    Congratulations on your award.

  9. Lee,

    Great Links!! And as always, you are most helpful!!


  10. Many bloggers give it up after a while and I can tell the ones who will. They blog to fill up the time (bored housewives?), but when something life changing happens, they quit for a while. Shouldn't it be the opposite?
    To me a blog is an ongoing scrapbook.
    They have blogs on blogging? I'll have to check it out.
    I think consistency and making your world universal are the key.
    Constant bragging (yes, I've seen those) and a sense of self importance are a big turn off.
    Oh, and you have to visit other blogs if you're totally unknown.

  11. I totally agree with half of prolific blogging is prolific commenting. You have to let people know you're reading their blog! It's a support network thing, I think.

  12. Yvonne -- you deserve every recognition you get. Thank you for always being there. And the Old Silly Marvin is there to back me up on this one.

    My collective thanks to the rest of you who commented.

    Wolynski --You said it, I didn't-- but I was thinking some of it, and you said it well. There are a lot of blog posts about blogging and, yes, some blogs about blogging. Some of us can use the help.

    B. Miller ---You are so right-- thanks.

  13. I love finding new blogs! And I, too, read the blogs about blogging. Speaking of daylight savings time, I think we dunces in AZ are the only ones who don't switch. It's quite annoying when everyone else does and all the tv program times change, and friends times change, and then there's us....

  14. Georgiana -- I have a sister in Phoenix and I always get confused about what time I should call her -- I should have gotten used to it by now.

    Thanks for following and I am following your blog as well now.


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