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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Giveth After the Week Hath Been Taken Away

           Did you learn anything this week?   It's always nice to learn new things and this blogging world in which we explore and cavort provides many learning opportunities indeed.  I know I picked up some helpful, as well as some fun infomation this week.  I hope that my posts were somewhat enlightening to you as well.

            Hopefully no one was bothered by my suggestion that fiction writers lie.  Fabricating creative untruths in a believable manner was last Monday's topic .  You can always drop by on an older post and contribute your opinion because I'd love to hear it.  This Monday I will be posting a Blog Boggled installment on the topic of bloggy things that really bug me.  I wonder if any of them bug you too.

            It's been a little on the chilly side lately in California, but nothing compared some other parts of the country.  This cold weather has made me want warming foods and in my post of this past Tuesday I gave my recipe for Arlee's Realee Tastee Chilee, which I made using a Dolores Chili Brick. "What?" you say.  Go check it out if you missed it.  Why even the folks who make the Dolores Chili Brick checked it out and left a comment.  I'm still waiting on my sample of pickled pigs feet!  Next Tuesday, since I've started on Monday with buggy blogs, I'm going to rant on something else that bugs me--neighborhood associations.  Do any of you have to deal with this one?  Feel free to rant with me or tell why yours is so great.

          My dinner with Rudy Vallee was the topic last Wednesday.  I've got a few more encounters with fame coming up this week.  On Wednesday I'm going to tell you about some times when I met up with some really famous cowboys.  After you read this one you can tell me if you have ever heard of these guys.  Believe me, they were the real McCoys in more ways than one.  There's a riddle there for you in my last statement-- anybody able to solve it?  You'll find out on Wednesday.

         This past debate Thursday dealt with jury duty and as usual we got some good responses.  Next Thursday I will be posing a question concerning the Academy Awards.  Even if you don't watch them on Sunday, you will still probably have an opinion on this one.

          Yesterday, I posted about spelunking or cave exploring.  I suggested that being in a cave can make  one think about death and dying. Next Friday I am going to continue along the same train of thought as we explore being in a cave as a metaphor for being in a grave.  I will be presenting a poem that was inspired by this subject.  I hope I'm not digging myself in a hole with this topic.

           This week may have been taken away from us, but again this Saturday I am passing on some awards which were kindly passed my way.  So in keeping with the awards theme of this weekend, today we'll deal with the big important awards before we get around to those petty little movie awards tomorrow.

                         The Quillfeather Award!

And now from Jemi Fraser at Just Jemi  comes the Quillfeather Award.  In receiving this award I'm supposed to tell you how I like my eggs done and pass it on to some other cool chicks if I can think of any.

Funny you should ask because I've been thinking about how I like my eggs cooked lately.  I've been really wanting them soft boiled over buttered toast, but it seems like they always turn out harder than I like.  So usually I just settle for my eggs over easy with bacon.  I wonder if these awards can get any sillier?

I can certainly think of lots of cool chicks to pass this on to, but I'm just gonna give this to some of my friends back in Tennessee.  If you want it, grab it, and pass it on:

Kristi Faith at Critter Corner -- She's in Knoxville and offers a lot of good writing tips. I don't see any awards on her site so maybe she doesn't like them.  Heck, maybe she doesn't even like eggs or chickens, but after all it is the Critter Corner.

Grammy at Blabbin' Grammy ---  Out there in East Tennessee somewhere, she's been blabbin' since 2008 and she writes it all down for us to read.  She's typing it on her computer, but if she was writing with quillfeathers she'd have some nekked chickens running around the farm.

And there are some other Tennessee bloggers who deserve this but I just can't recollect who you are at the moment and I really got to be getting a move on here.  So if you are a Tennessee blogger who has been blogging away grab this here award and tell us how you like yer eggs.


From B. Miller at B.Miller Fiction I have received the Circle of Friends Award .  B -- may I call you B?--I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  I am excited about this blog and I'm watching it carefully.  I've already received this award once, but it doesn't hurt to get another.  I feel like I have a lot of blog friends out there but I hope you'll forgive me if I just leave this one hanging for now.  If you really feel like I'm missing out by not passing this on to you, please take it and let me know so I can acknowledge you in this space next Saturday.  Right now though time has gotten away from me and I gotta git!

         Will you be watching the Academy Awards tomorrow?   Are you rooting for anything or anyone special?  I wonder what the first Blog Award was, who started it, and why?


  1. Funny -the week taketh and Saturday giveth. For me Friday is the offering even though I still must go to my job. It's just so promising.

  2. Thanks as always Lee for a very informative post. Yes I have learnt something this week,
    how not to get spam comments.

    I do like to know what goes on in the Acadamy awards, I see Wallace and Grommet are up for an award,
    they originated from my home city of Bristol UK many years ago.
    Who knows with my tambourine talents I may be there one year lol.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  3. Congratulations on the awards and yes, I will be watching the Oscars. And pulling for Avatar.

    Looking forward to your Monday post.

  4. Great idea about recapping the week. You had some great topics. I especially liked the brush with fame and the jury duty. Looking forward to the neighborhood association since I was a two term president of a home owners association.

  5. Good wrap up, Lee. This week was a tough one in our neck of the woods. Hoping for better things next week.

  6. Love this post's title. And kudos on the awards and unto those upon whom the awards have been bestowed upon by thee.

    The Old Silly

  7. Congratulations on your awards. I like the rooster who doesn't lay eggs but perhaps is a good spokesman.
    I love reading your wrapups in case I missed something during the week.

  8. You have a great blog here. Will definitely pop in again.

    Congrats on the awards :)

  9. I don't care much for the Academy Awards but I do like Sandra Bullock and I hope she wins best actress.

  10. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog :) It is much appreciated!

  11. Thanks to all of you for your comments. See you at the Oscars-- or not.


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