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Friday, January 29, 2010

Do Dreams Predict the Future?

              Marley is my granddaughter.  That's Marley in the picture.  The following are two recent dreams that I had in which Marley was the star.

             My wife and I are preoccupied with something.  I don't recall what we are doing but we have forgotten that we are supposed to be babysitting Marley.  Suddenly we hear her crying in a very alarmed manner.  We are afraid.  We rush to her and I pick her up.  She stops crying and  is looking at me. I can tell that Marley has something in her mouth.  I coax her to open up and let us see what is in her mouth. She looks at us carefully and opens her mouth, sticking out her tongue.  On her tongue is a very expensive looking piece of antique jewelry made of ornately worked gold with a large amber-colored gemstone set in the center. I take the piece of jewelry from her mouth and we are amazed.

         Later, I hear Marley in an adjoining room-- a bedroom I believe.  This is not the house in which we live in waking life, instead it is an older house, perhaps built in the 30s or 40s.  In the other room I am surprised to hear Marley talking in a very adult fashion.  I peer into the room and see Marley talking on the phone about business.  She is talking to her "agent" about upcoming acting jobs.  I had no idea that she had an agent, or that she worked as an actress, or for that matter was even able to talk.  I am surprised.

----the next morning I had the following dream:

         My mother is driving an old station wagon that my parents used to own when I was young.  I am sitting in the backseat on the passenger side--in the same place where I would have sat when I was young, except now I am an adult, but my mother seems to be about the same age as I am.  The rear seats are folded down so that the back of the station wagon is in cargo carrying mode.  My wife is in the back of the station wagon with Marley in her car seat.  I am concerned because the car seat is not strapped to anything and I fear that it is not safe.  I crawl back into the rear, but the car suddenly swerves and the car seat falls onto its side.  I see a police car through the rear window and I am sure we are going to get a ticket.  However the police car skids sideways and takes off in the opposite direction and I am relived.

       The station wagon comes to a stop and I start to move Marley and her car seat up to the back seat where I had been sitting in order to fasten the car seat in safely. My mother gets out of the car and enters a house we have parked in front of.  I get out of the car.  It is dusk with darkness quickly approaching. I open the passenger side of the front seat door.  I notice my mother's purse on the floor and pick it up so I can take it to her.  As I am picking up the purse, I realize I am holding it upside down.  The purse is not clasped and some of the contents begin to spill onto the grass.  In the dimness of late dusk I grope about to gather what has fallen.  I realize that everything that I am picking up is expensive looking jewelry.

---- I'll leave this to you.  What do you think it means?  In the Bible sometimes dreams foretold something that was going to happen.   Many people believe that dreams are prescient.  Do you?  Or does this tell me something about the current state of things in my life?   Could be an symbolic interpretation of something in my past?   Have you ever had a dream that predicted something that eventually came to pass in your life?

Photo of Marley by Juan Velez

Jewelry photo by Lee Jackson


  1. In all my years, I've had one dream that approached predicting something. But probably what it did was answer a question.

    We'd recently moved to a new city and we still had many unpacked boxes. It was early winter and a cold front was predicted for the next week. I had purchased new buttons for my coat before our move, as I had lost one the previous year. I'd been searching for them for a couple of days and decided I would just have to go buy more.

    That night I dreamed where they were. When I woke up I went to the place in my dream and they were in the same exact spot.

    Love your dream posts.

  2. Carol -- Thank you. It sounds like since your information was already knowledge that was store in your sub concious the subconciousness of the dreamstate merely brought what was in your mind to the forefront so you could use the information. I too have had similarly helpful dreams like yours.

  3. I find this sort of thing fascinating. Years ago I tried to record my dreams just as I awoke. Now I can't even remember what I've been dreaming about.

    I've had nightmares twice in my life that came in a short period of time just after my sister died. I assume that it was my subconscience dealing with the situation.

  4. Arlee, you do a lot of dreaming... My dream book: 10,000 Dreams interpreted, A complete guide to the meaning of your dreams was bought from a charity shop, but was published in 1985 by Coles Publishing company Limited Toronto, Canada ISBN 0-7740-3620-6

    Jewelry: to dream of broken jewelry, denotes keen disappointment in attaining one's highest desires.

    Jewels: To wear them, brings rank and satisfied ambitions. If you inherit jewelry your prosperity will be unusual, but not entirely satisfactory.
    To dream of giving of giving jewelry away, warns you that some vital estate is threatening you.

    I hope this will help you. Do I believe dreams predict the future. maybe if you can full understand what they are saying to you.

  5. I do believe God will speak in our dreams. When He has for me, I've known that is was Him. It was more of a communication- Him sharing something with me that I had been asking in my prayers. Leading me in a new direction, or a clear insight into a struggle that I may be experiencing.

  6. I don't think that I've ever had a dream that has predicted the future. The only thing that may come close is that I know when I'm going to get sick by the type of nightmare I have. If I have a very intense nightmare, I usually vomit after. Not sure if that's a dream predicting my sickness or my dreams are so vivid that I can actually feel them.

    I did read that if you find jewels/jewelry in a dream that it signifies rapid advancement. You're about to become a famous writer!!!

  7. Alan -- If you get in the habit of recording your dreams they start becoming more memorable and more vivid. But it does take time in the morning right away because I find if I wait too long I usually forget the dreams very quickly.

    Jarmara -- as you have seen I do like my dreams, but I doubt that I dream any more than most people. I just make a effort to think about them. My jewelry dream was not any of the ones you described.

    Tamika ---I do believe that dreaming can be a tool of the Holy Spirit to speak to us.

    A to Z - I'm sure that sickness can influence our dreams and that the subconcious mind can sense the onset of sickness. I hope you're right about rapid advancement as a writer. Fame not necessary but steady income would be nice.

  8. Without knowing what you worry about or stress over, I think it would be hard to decipher your dreams. So much of the time, your dreams are your subconscious working out the problems. Case in point, there was a time that I dreamed I could fly jet fighter planes. When in the air, I would shoot down other planes, or anything airborne. It felt so good being behind the guns and seeing other planes fall from the sky. Turns out that there were so many negative events in my life that I felt I had no control, the shooting down the planes was a way of my subconscious getting rid of my problems. The exhilaration I felt was me getting back control by getting rid of my problems. Another dream was me hunting through a house, an attic to be exact, I kept looking for a baby. This turned out to be my subconscious helping me find a way out of a sticky situation. Maybe with Marley you're trying to find a new start or begin something new that could grow into a new career or job. Maybe the policeman means there is danger be it financial or emotional and you feel threatened, yet it hasn't reached a critical point, so the policeman passed by. Like I said, a lot of the time, dreams have to deal with what's going on now and in the past.

  9. I think you hit your dreams spot on. I do agree with you that dreams unravel the past and interpret the present, and perhaps offer suggestions for future actions. I also believe they can come from God.

  10. I think dreams tell you something...perhaps these two dreams are telling you what a blessing your granddaughter is...

    Perhaps, it's telling you to write a mystery about a piece of jewelry...

    Perhaps, it's reminding you to appreciate your granddaughter and to encourage her to reach for the stars...

    Or, maybe they are telling you to buy your wife a piece of antique jewelry for Valentine's Day...

    Hope you figure it out. :)

  11. Sharon -- yes any one of those could be good suggestions.
    I already know my granddaughter's a blessing and I do want to encourage her in every way possible. I don't think my wife wants me to give her antique jewelry -- she's got a thing about antiques --she doesn't like them. She's a very modernist sort of person, but she might like modern jewelry. Writing a mystery about or a story about a piece of jewelry might be my best bet.


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