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Friday, January 22, 2010

This Is Only A Dream (Morning of 1/21/2010)

          I am traveling somewhere in the middle of the United States-- Oklahoma perhaps.  I am caravaning with a traveling show, but I have been separated from the other vehicles.  However, I know where I am going in the dream, but I don't recall where that is in my world of wakefulness.  I am with my wife and a baby.

           At some point in our journey we go through a town where I've been before.  I don't really remember anything I see here from my past visit, I only know that I've been here before.  We are in a small car that has a small trunk.  The rear left window is part way down and I stop the car to roll it up.  The window will not roll up and I begin trying to push it up by hand.  When I push against the window, the glass breaks and the shards fall to the ground.  

          Concerned that I should clean up the broken glass, I go up to the door of a house that we are stopped in front of so I can get a bag into which I can put the broken glass.  A man, whom I perceive to be Hispanic,  answers the door.  The man invites me inside his house and tells me to follow him.  As I enter the house I am surprised about how spacious and lavish the interior is.  From the outside the house looked very small and plain.  Inside the rooms are large and pleasant with very fine furniture and decor.

          As I walk through the house I see about six other people, all women,  who are engaged in conversations. I know these are his wife, daughters, and perhaps some friends or relatives.  First, in a open bedroom that I can see directly in front of me as I enter the front door, there are three young women sitting on a large bed talking.  The bed is neatly made and has a flowery decorated comforter with  matching bed decorations.  The furniture is traditional in style and new looking.  The room is very clean and neat, as is the entire interior of the house.

       In another room, perhaps a dining or sitting area, I see three other women milling about apparently preparing a meal.  I continue to follow the man to a den or family room where there is a young man or teenager working on what appears to be radio equipment.  The young man is supposed to give me something to put my broken glass into.  He hands me a stack of about five small flimsy white boxes and some pieces of metal that look like they might have come from his radio project.

       I return outside to my car and realize that the boxes will serve no purpose for helping me dispense with the broken glass.   I open the trunk and place the broken glass pieces, along with the boxes and metal which I have been given, into the trunk of the car.  I notice that the car trunk is very small and would not hold very much.  Then it occurs to me that we are traveling, but we have no suitcases or anything else with us.

       I then woke up.  The room was cold and I had a very uncomfortable backache.  I thought about what I had experienced before waking.  I realized it was only a dream, but I lay in bed for a while thinking about it.  Then I drifted back to sleep and continued dreaming-- incoherenly, unmemorably.


  1. Not a clue. Probably a strange rehashing of events in your life.

    I spent the night searching for something yellow, but that's all I remember.

  2. It strikes me as metaphors for loss and perhaps to make room for something special you might be lacking in life.

    I am by no means an expert or authority but my middle name is Joseph.

  3. Have you got a thing for broken glass because I think this is the second dream you have had about glass or was that lighting. Anyway, In my book of Dream Meanings: to break a window foretells the unfavourable termination to enterprises.

    Sorry I hope I haven't ruined your day. ;-)

  4. I always forget my dreams right away. Probably a good thing. :)
    That was very detailed; but you ARE a writer. :)
    Oh, did you see the couple on TV today that is recording the husband's phrases from talking in his sleep? And they're blogging it and selling T-shirts!

  5. My dreams are totally random too - although they jump around a lot more than this one :)

  6. That is a very vivid dream and an interesting read. (:

    -Alisa Hope
    First Friday Fiction

  7. I dreamt two nights ago that my white German shepherd Thor was a live again and we had to find our way home, without any I.D., money, or help. He had to fight many ornery dogs, and I was so worn out and tired. I woke up before we made any headway.

    Who knows what that means? Dreams are funny.

  8. hello...nice to read ur feels good when you share it with others...these days i am too getting dreams evryday but i m forgetting them as soon as i woke up....

  9. I forget my dreams as soon as I wake up. Dreams do make one stop and ponder don't they?

  10. Thanks to all of you for your comments.
    Jamara -- I was pleasantly surprised that you remembered that previous "broken glass" dream. Thank you for not only reading, but also retaining. Broken glass has not been a particularly recurrent theme in my dreams over all. You made me ponder the meaning with your dream book interpretation. That may be correct in a sense, but not as something foretold but as a symbolic representation of my last job which ended last year. What dream book do you have?

    Rohini -- I'm glad to see you back. Looking forward to more posts about your dreams.

    In fact, I'd like to read more dream accounts in many other blogs.


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