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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Is Only An Office (My Personal Workspace)

                          View of Sunrise from my home office.

         Some of you have posted views of your workspace-- the place where you do much of your writing.  On today's post I thought I'd get a little pictorial as well and show some photos of my home office. 

    This is the first view you get of my office when you reach the end of the hall and the enterance to the room.  Most recently this was the bedroom of my youngest daughter, Angelina. 


      Here are my files and a part of my office library.
The windows face east and capture the first sunlight which provides nice natural lighting and a pleasant morning warmth. 

The sleeper sofa was what Angelina wanted instead of a bed.  That left me with a nice place for guests to sit when they visit me in my office.  On rare occasions I sit here to read, watch television, or even take a nap.

             My office library consists of books about writing, reference books, bibles and religious books, and other miscellaneous books that I enjoy.  The television is very rarely on--it's another thing leftover from when Angelina was staying here.

This is my desk.  I have a  CD player / radio beside me.  I usually like to listen to classical music if I'm writing.  I like other types of music but I find it too distracting when I write.  My office is very comfortable, well lit, and quiet.  I have just about everything I need within reach or very nearby.  I am extremely pleased and thankful to have such a wonderful place to work.

             Here is a close up of the top of one of my file cabinets. There are a couple of momentos of Tennessee.  I really like globes and maps.  I have several atlases and miscellaneous maps in my office.  I'm surprised I don't have some maps on the wall yet.

 This is a portion of the rug that covers most of the floor.  My wife originally picked it out for our living room, but it has now ended up on my office floor.

              Thank you for stopping by to visit.  I know you have to go, but I hope that one day you can stop in and stay for awhile so we can chat.  I'll look forward to your visit.


  1. Good morning then! What a view. Awesome pics. I might to a post about where I write from. What a cool idea. Thanks fro sharing. neat office.

  2. Comfortable is the key! Thanks for posting the pics. With that view, I'm guessing Florida?

  3. How is that even fair to see the palm tree sunrise first thing in the morn? You are so lucky you didn't post this when we were having sub zero temps. I'm just saying.

    Nice office. I am going to turn the room across from my bedroom into my office. First I want to take up carpet. I want white flowing curtains and wood floor and french furniture. And the view? My backyard where I see other neigbors. OH well.

  4. lovely! Who wouldn't want an office like that???

  5. Those sunrise pictures are beautiful! Sigh. I wish I lived in California.

  6. What a beautiful view! You are truly blessed. :)

  7. After this, I'm definitely not posting pictures of mine.

  8. Nice. I love my office for everything inside but I don't have a view like that.

    No view-basement office.

  9. Thanks for the kind comments. In all fairness every morning doesn't necessarily have a sunrise like the one I've show and the view outside is just houses and the neighborhood, which okay by me, but I don't dwell on the view too much. I am thankful for all that I have. When all of the kids move out you end up with extra rooms to turn into offices and the like.
    Oh and this is in California as Kimberly noted -- we have palm trees here too.

  10. Thank you for your guided tour of where you put pen to paper.

    Great place for a great writer!

    Good luck with all your writing projects

  11. nice sunrise you got there!

    I love the beautiful images a sunset and sunrise emit!!! always unique and always gorgeous! they never get old. Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. I LOVE your desk. I've always wanted a desk like that...and an office with a view is my DREAM!

  13. Wow - what a view! Absolutely gorgeous :)

  14. Thanks for inviting us in your house.

    Did you say you would serve tea and crumpets??



    Was nice visiting!


  15. I'm jealous. You have a real workspace and what-a-view. Yeah I'm jealous. Can't you tell? I face a white my bedroom.... :( That's my view.

  16. I'm a sucker for palm trees.

    But I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've been awake to see a sunrise.

    Not a morning person.

    Maybe I'll post pictures next week.

  17. Great pictures!

  18. `
    Hey, this was pretty cool, rLEE-b.

    I would never post photos of my Writing Space because I use my Brother's computer in his bedroom, and his bedroom is always a mess.

    Rarely do I put on background music when I'm writing. I've found that because 100% of my concentration is directed at the Thinking/Typing process going on, after about 30 seconds, I'm not hearing the music AT ALL. So, it's really kind of a waste of electricity to play music while I write, which is why I rarely do it.

    The only possible exception I can think of is with a recording titled "Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer." Ferrer is an old Cuban singer, and it seems to me that his music may subconsciously seep into my writing and "spice it up." Uh... yeah, I'm being serious. (But I'm still not conscious of his music while I'm writing.)

    In taking this tour of your office, I didn't see anywhere a bottle of Grand Marnier. If you can't pour me a glass of GM, then I ain't ever coming for a real visit! What kind of writer doesn't have a bottle of some kind of booze within easy reach? I think you're a fraud, and I'm going to tell on you to Hemingway and Steinbeck!

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  19. Thanks to all the rest of visitors and their comments

    Sig - tea? sure I can get some of that, but where does one find crumpets?

    Sharla --- I too face a white wall with my "Goals and Map for the Future" tacked on the wall in front of me. The white wall is not distracting like a window would be.

    Carol --Look forward to your pictures. I never really thought of myself as a morning person, but it seems the older I get the more mornings I get up early.

    Debi -- Thanks. You and Jim need to come out to CA one day. We also have a nice guest room that rarely gets used.

  20. Stephen--

    I've also got the Ibrahim Ferrer album as well as a couple of the other Buena Viata Social Club related albums and the DVD. Love that music, but haven't tried writing to it yet.

    I keep my liquour stocked downstairs, but it doesn't get touched too often. My bottle of Grand Marnier is about to run out cause I use that more than anything else-- I like to mix it with my brandy. Guess when I go to Costco this weekend I should get another bottle to get ready for your visit. Maybe I need to get two bottles.

    And you can run and tattle on me to Hemingway and Steinbeck if you want to --- I don't think they'll hear you. Heck, you can even tell Kerouac. If it weren't for the food and liquour being downstairs I probably wouldn't get any exercise.

  21. I love your office, it seems to have everything a writer needs, in one place, and comfort and a view too.
    I don't have an office and my writerly stuff is in 2 rooms.

  22. That was a really cool idea! I saw me in the background!

  23. Looks just wonderful! How inspiring. Thanks for dropping by my blog too and joining me.

  24. Madeleine -- Thanks for your visit to my office and for signing up to follow this blog. Hope you will return to visit again.


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