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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stephen Tremp: Guest host

        Not long ago I posted my review of Stephen Tremp's Breakthrough.  I'm a big fan of this book and Stephen's blog--he has had some real interesting information that he has shared with us.  Today we have the honor of a special guest post by Stephen Tremp which is a part of his current Breakthrough Blog Tour. 

         Stephen is such a helpful guy and is always ready to share the information that he has gained from his writing journey.  Today's post is sort of a continuation of his post from yesterday that appeared on Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog.  On that post Stephen discussed the topic of "near-future science fiction" and some of what influences his writing.  Today he expands on this:

“We do not really have any idea what else is out there, but there is no reason to believe we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. That would be arrogant and asinine. There is no reason to believe whatever else is out there will necessarily have to obey the same laws of physics we do.” –Nicholas Fischer, Professor of Physics, M.I.T.

Hyperspace Theories: a space of more than three dimensions, are concerned with space beyond the three ordinary dimensions of space we are familiar with. Modern theories of hyperspace suggest our universe may exist in a higher-dimensional space. These higher dimensions are not forbidden by the laws of physics. Recently, scientific theories such as string theory have emerged in which our universe is really made up of additional spatial dimensions, although most civilizations since the dawn of man have believed the same thing. Are physicists merely reinventing the wheel?

Parallel Universes: set of hypothetical multiple universes--one of which is ours--that compromise everything that exists, including space, time, matter, and energy--sometimes called the Multiverse.

Hyperbeing: a being that lives in dimensions above and beyond our three-dimensional world of length, width, and height.

What could a hyperbeing , existing in dimensions above and beyond our space-time continuum, be capable of doing in our three-spatial world? Theoretically, they could appear and disappear in our world at will. They could look through walls. Reach into an object without opening it and take things out. They could perform feats that are beyond the capabilities of those living in our three-dimensional world.

Think about it. An angel, or hyperbeing, would have the ability to see a sickness inside a person (living in our three-spatial universe) and easily reach in, grabbing the sickness, and pulling it out without the use of an incision. This is what we refer to as a miraculous healing. They do happen. Something to think about as you drive around town running errands today.

Conversely, demons could move back and forth into our three-spatial world and appear as boogey men in the closets or under the beds of young children. They could appear as angels of light, UFOs, Big Foot, and other creatures and monsters that countless people claim to have seen over the millennia.

Problem: These additional spatial theories have yet to be detected let alone proven. They fall under the realm of theoretical physics which seeks to explain and predict physical phenomena. But this does not mean extra spatial dimensions do not exist. And its not stopping today’s physicists from moving forward discovering breakthroughs in these areas.

In the Bible, angels and demons take on all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. There is a class of angels that can appear in full human form. Demons too, who can perform lying signs and wonders. No wonder paranormal, vampire, and sci-fi books are so popular. Perhaps, as the Bible teaches, people are three-fold beings: body, soul, and spirit, and it is the spirit of man that connects, but not necessarily understands, these strange paranormal events every civilization since man first walked this earth claim to have experienced.

Currently, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN are racing sub-atomic particles and colliding them at near the speed of light in an effort to detect the secrets of the universe.

I encourage people to follow events coming out of CERN and follow leading physicists as they seek to understand our world. Be prepared to start thinking of our world to involve things we cannot perceive with our five senses and perhaps redefine how we perceive the universe and our place in it.

Please join me tomorrow as I visit Shannon O’Donell at Book Dreaming as we discuss the new SCIENCE FOR KIDS tab on my blog.

Stephen Tremp is author of the action thriller Breakthrough . You can visit Stephen at Breakthrough Blogs where Breakthrough is available for purchase and download to all eReaders.

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  1. Hyperbeing reminds me of Q from STAR TREK. He was such a charming fellow.

  2. Very interesting stuff, here, and it makes for a good post stop on this book's tour. Nice job, both of you! I absolutely believe in other dimensions and other intelligent beings, on all kinds of levels - physicall and spiritual. To think we are alone only because we cannot 'see' the rest of this 'unbelievably' complex and amazing creation is to limit the vastness and greatness of God.

    Great tour going down, Stephen - Lee, excellent job as usual. Now sell some books! YEAH!

  3. Great post! I think it would be so sad to imagine that this is the only planet with intelligent life on it. The universe has to be more fun than that!

  4. Very interesting post, Stephen. There's certainly a lot to think about, even with my limited brain.

    I love the LHC picture. It brings to mind your book cover. Did that influence the cover?

  5. This makes me think of the ancient Greeks and their they used Gods to explain what they could not understand. Someday, some much more complex civilization will look back at us and say: "How quaint."

  6. Great post Stephen thanks Lee for allowing Stephen to some on your site.
    Enjoyed very much.


  7. Hi Steve .. string theories, multiple dimensions everywhere .. it is certainly thought provoking .. though the concept of mind, soul and spirit is an interesting thought .. I'm looking forward to getting delivery of your book ..

    Hi Lee - good to see Steve here .. I'm not tossed out yet .. enjoy the week .. Hilary

  8. Wonderful post. You definitely have given us something to ponder today. I'll have to check out CERN and see what's going on. Best of luck.

    Arlee, thanks for hosting Stephen.

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. This is good info! Learning a lot from Stephen's tour. Thanks to both of you!

  10. Thanks Lee for hosting me. And thanks to everyone for stopping by tpday.

    I agree there is so much more out there than what can be currently proven in a test tube. Hyper space or higher dimensions, parallel universes, the multiverse, quantum parallel universes, we just don't know what's out there. Yet. But stay tuned as we live in very exciting times.

  11. I think of Hyperbeing as myself when I have to much coffee :)

    You guys sure know how to make a girl think, wonderful post :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. This stuff is so interesting! I especially find stuff like CERN compelling, because it is SO real, SO immediate, and it is just as scary as it is exciting.

    Great post!

  13. Great to see the comments so far for Stephen's guest post. I do want to thank Stephen Tremp for being here today with such thought provoking information.

    And of course, I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting Tossing It Out today.


  14. Thanks for hosting Stephen today, Arlee. He has a great imagination (based on existing science), which should lead to many intriguing thrillers.

    I'm looking forward to more good reads from you, Stephen.

  15. Sounds like Stepehn and Marvin need to do a book together!

  16. Jules, too much coffe can do that to a person. I know. Wine too.

    Matthew, this stuff is SO real and immediate. We live in exciting times when a few breakthrough discoeries can lieterally change our perception of reality and our place in the universe.

    Patricia, your book will be going out today or tomorrow. As soon as I can make it to the Post Office.

    Alex, I've thought about the idea. What crazy ideas we could come up with.

  17. I’m going to start saying there’s a hyperbeing looking over my shoulder. Great post.

  18. Fascinating post....
    I've been interested in the hyperspace issue for years.

    I think Breakthrough is another book to add to my (very long) reading list.

  19. Very interesting post about hyperbeings and other scientific theories!

  20. This is fascinating information to think about. All the possibilities of what’s out there boggles my mind.

  21. Something that I have always struggled with, Science and the Bible! I love them both!
    Love Di ♥

  22. Great thought provoking ideas. I agree with Diana, sometimes a struggle to think about the science and the Bible together. What a great God and creator we have. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading the book.


  23. Science and the Bible ..... the Theory of Everything .... could there and should there be a connection? Can science and faith co-exist without contradicting each other? I've blogged about that before and have some upcoming blogs regarding this very matter. Most interesting to say the least!

  24. It's been a fine day on Tossing It Out thanks to Stephen Tremp and all of the comments of our fine readers. Thanks to one and all for making this stop a success. Feel free to keep the comments coming.


  25. hyperbeings sound cool. Parrellel universes just scare me ;)

  26. Excellent post, Stephen (thanks, Lee, for hosting). To my very non-scientific way of thinking, if we do indeed exist in the context of body, mind, spirit then it stands to reason there are things that could be sensed by more than the physical five senses we know about and can define. This does go more to the understanding of energy (Reiki as an example of this kind of thing) and understanding that seeing what is unseen isn't simply an economic notion, but possibly a deeper and more profound one in the essence of spirituality.

    Will definitely be checking out your blog again. Been quite the long time since I visited!

  27. Great post! I've always been fascinated by alternate dimensions, universes, whathaveyou.

  28. Thanks Arlee again for hosting me. These topics never bore me. I'm always willing to learn something new and in today's scientific environment there is no shortage of information. Thanks again!

  29. I believe that the multiverse is a likely phenomenon, though the issues of a shared consciousness and the divisibility of the soul come into play. Still, it's insanely interesting stuff. I like the notion that angels and demons are hyperbeings that can be explained by science too :)


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