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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honoring Veteran's Day 2010

           Recently I was at a local mayor's prayer breakfast along with a couple hundred other attendees.  At one point a speaker asked for a show of hands of all of the people who had served or were still serving in the military.  I was surprised how few hands went up.  The majority of those present were probably over fifty years of age.

           I recall when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s nearly every adult male seemed to be a veteran.  The men in my father's generation nearly all had served in World War 2 and were proud of this service and honored for it.  My father had been in the navy.  I can recall seeing photos of him in his uniform and feeling so proud of him.  The service of his generation and previous generations was respected.

           My generation had Viet Nam.  We were avoiding service in every way that we could.  Most of us made plans for attending college so we could get out of being sent to Nam.   When the lottery came along the college deferment didn't mean as much.  I was thrilled when my number came up as 276.  They said a number that high was unlikely to be called.

            It was a different kind of war.  Though I never did, many protested.  The soldiers returning from the war were reviled by many and often shown disrespect.  The feeling of honor in having served wasn't like it had been for the vets of the previous generations.  These were the forgotten heroes.  Some of them were guys I knew.   Some suffered permanent consequences as a result of their participation in that war.  Some didn't come back.

            Fortunately, the more recent generations of veterans have gotten more respect.  We may not agree with everything our government does.  We may hate war and prefer that the United States take care of business at home.  But the men and women who serve to defend our country are our family, friends, and neighbors.   They are doing their job and we should respect that.

             If you are in the service, or have a spouse or other family member who is serving their country, today is in honor of them and all of those who served before them.  We should all honor and respect those who take on the challenge of discipline, love of country, and willingness to protect.  Our veterans have kept us free and I hope there will always be those who are willing to accept this responsibility.

God Bless Our Veterans and All of Those Who Serve!



  1. We should honour them everyday, here in the UK there is a small town in the county of Wiltshire called Wotton Basset, everytime a soldier who has paid the ultimate price arrives back the town and relations line the streets to honour the soldier as his hearse passes along.
    Having said that one day a year is a must to remember those who laid down thier lives for us.

    Have a good day.

  2. It's our Remembrance Day in Canada today too. Such an important day. Great post, Lee.

  3. Thanks to all the Veterans and current military serving. Thanks!

  4. Great post. I'm glad that you mentioned the disrespect those soldiers coming home from Nam received. I don't agree with war, but I do believe in honoring and supporting those who do and have served.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. I volunteered in 72 for the USMC. It did me good and I am thankful to have been in the service. I am grateful for all those who have served, especially for those who gave the ultimate.

  6. Great post! Hopefully the retailers benefiting from this holiday or remberence will give liberally to charities and other organizations related to military men and women and their families who need help.

  7. Wonderful trip down memory lane. Very accurate on Nam. I always felt so sad when people shunned them.

    Give a vet/solider a hug :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. Thank you for sharing this post, your visit to my blog, your comment, and for becoming a follower to my blog!!!

    God Bless you!!!

  9. Great post. Times really have changed, as they always do. My father served, my husband served. I think just about everyone who was alive during the Viet Nam war view the way returning service men were treated with regret and that regret is why it has changed so much. That was a really hard, awful time.

  10. I read a good editorial today from someone who believes all vets ought to get the day off....
    I'd support that idea.

    Hey, why not make it a holiday for everyone?

    Oh, and if you see a vet today, buy him a drink.

  11. We should honour and respect them and thank their families too. ;)

  12. Yes Bless them all. It amazes me how some people don't even give a second thought about how or why we are able to enjoy the freedoms that we have.
    I am grateful to all service men and women to bravely serve our country everyday so that we may enjoy our freedom. Love Di ♥

  13. A special thanks to all who stopped by and left their comments today. I've been hacking away at my NaNo novel. I plan to give an update on Saturday.


  14. Lee-

    I missed Vietnam by a few years, and am glad I did not have to deal with the moral struggle being called to serve in that war (that I believed to be unjust) would have put me through.

    That said, such debates are with the puppet masters, not those in the foxholes, so I, too salute those who have spilt blood on foreign sand.

    Just once, I wish the American people would try Aristophanes' way...


  15. Really good post. So important to remember.

  16. God Bless Our Veterans and troops!


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