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Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Not Official, But I Won

51,468 Words!

           As of Sunday night November 28, 2010 I have passed the 50,000 word mark, but I have not officially registered as a "winner" yet.  I will do this today (Monday).  I've got a little further to go--a few more scenes to write--before the story is complete.  Then I may have to flesh out the story to give it greater length and substance.  However all in all I'm pretty pleased with my results.

           So besides the start of a novel which I feel pretty good about at this point, what have I gotten out of NaNo this year?  Here are a few things:

1.  A handful (hopefully not too many) of NaNo related posts that are mostly self-indulgent and probably of little interest to most readers who are not participating in NaNo.   Hey!  I'm not the only one that did this!

2. As I write this my e-mails are up to nearly 700.  I did so well cleaning this all up a while back.  Now I see in part how this accumulation came into being last year.  Thanks NaNo!  Oh well, now with my new system and some focused email decluttering I should have this remedied by the end of the week.

3.  I'm way behind in keeping up with a lot of blogs.  Let's face it--with all of the blogs that I try to follow I was behind before I even started NaNo.  If I haven't visited yours in a while please give me an electronic slap on the back of the head and tell me to come over to see you.   Sorry!  And NaNo didn't help this situation at all.

4.  Reading--I'm behind on my reading.   I've got some good books waiting to be read.  And what have I been doing?  Writing--okay that's not too bad, but I'd still like to read some.

5. Neglecting my personal life-- Finally, I can take a shower after one month---Just kidding!  Seriously though, I've got some mail to go through and other personal things that need to be done.  I've been paying my bills on time, but I think there are some other things that I need to do. I think, but I don't remember.  Who am I?  Where am I?   Why are all of these agents and publishers calling me about my new novel, Time Light?  Okay maybe not the last part yet, but the rest is true.

         Anyway, that's my post for today--felt obligated to hack out something.  

         What has NaNo given you?   What have you been neglecting?   What's your favorite movie?  Did you eat all of your Thanksgiving leftovers?  Have you ever carried moonbeams home in a jar?  Are you afraid of clowns?  Do you like it when someone asks you a bunch of random questions?


  1. Congratulations Arlee

    I guess the Nano time has to be carved from somewhere! Now, GO HAVE THAT SHOWER!! ;)

  2. NaNo has taught me that it's okay to write while sick, but not revise. Therefore I have no excuse not to make some time throughout the day to just write.

    Congratulations on making it past the 50K mark!

  3. Congratulations, Lee! I hit it yesterday afternoon as well. Story's not finished, but I'm now more than two-thirds of the way done.
    And yeah, I neglected a lot of things. Not showers though. Nor movies!

  4. Congratulations Lee,well deserved.

    Have a grand day.

  5. Way to go, Bro! Just wanted to sound different. Man, now I know what that smell is in the westerly wind :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. I grow moonbeams in my backyard along with stardust and fairysparkle.

    Congrats on officially becoming the successful NaNoWriMoManiac!

    Has everyone survived your Thanksgiving dinner?

  7. Congratulations! It feels good to reach 50k and still have story to write doesn't it. I think I'll blog about what nano gave me this year...sometime later in the week. :)

  8. Yea! Congratulations!
    Doesn't matter what still needs doing, you accomplished a HUGE goal. Great job.

  9. Congratulations! It's a great feeling, isn't it??

    I didn't do NaNo this year and I really, really missed it. Back on track next year.

  10. Hooray for you! That's quite an accomplishment!

  11. Dominic -- Actually showers are something I find it hard to do without. Not really going to carve time from those.

    Jeffrey--Well, I've always managed to work when I was sick. Why should writing be any different?
    And I can stay home in my pajamas, drink hot tea, and lay down whenever I want to. Writing while sick is probably good for you.

    Alex -- I've been keeping up with your progress. We've been staying neck and neck. I also watched some movies and even managed to read CassaStar

    Yvonne -- Thank you and I hope everyday is a wonderful day for all of us!

    Teresa -- Appreciate your support.

    Jules -- Yo! Dude! Honest, it's not me.

    Dezmond -- Not only did everyone survive, some came back the next day for leftovers. And I should finish up the last of them today.

    Charity -- I'll look forward to hearing about your NaNo experience.

    Carol -- I think my writing did better than last year in NaNo. I'm fairly pleased.

    Karen --It is a great feeling and hope you're back to the challenge next year.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless!!!


  13. Congratulations! :D

    As for the questions:

    I've been neglecting the projects I usually do. I used to have all kinds of crafty stuff going on . . . but NaNo (plus blogging) has detracted on that. Spirit probably; some great music in that movie, too. No, we've still got a lot of leftovers! Er, no, I've never carried moonbeams in anything. Freaked out by clowns, more like. Sure; I enjoy it. :D

  14. Congratulations, Lee! Well done! And you're definitely not alone in neglecting stuff! Now if I can just remember where I put my children... (kidding... mostly) My biggest neglect is ALWAYS the first thing to go... my house is a disaster. The bathroom only got cleaned once (though four people live there... it really shouldn't always be me)... I fell behind on blog visits regularly, though not obscenely...

    I'm pretty pleased though--this is my 3rd WriMo and definitely the story with the fewest holes. There is a subplot to weave in, but I think it won't be horrible to sort out. Much different that the other two WriMos which STILL have big plot holes.

  15. Hi Lee .. well done is all I can say - tremendous achievement .. I didn't do it - but I'm still not up to date?!

    Have a great week .. I think December starts soon - ? Hilary

  16. Congratulations on being a NaNo winner! I didn’t participate, but Nano month has increased my admiration of all you hard working authors.

    And, if I answer all those other questions, my reply will be longer than your blog! Though they're actually great questions.

    Good luck with catching up on your email and all those other chores you’ve had to avoid lately.

  17. HUGE and Massive CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!
    As for what I've left behind for NaNo? The housework (but I look for any excuse to put off housework)

  18. Congrats, Lee!
    And if you've haven't visited me, it's because I've either slacked or been offline for a while. But I'm back now!

  19. Congrats on reaching your goal! What a fantastic accomplishment! I've been neglecting things and I didn't even do NaNo. And no, I didn't eat all of my Thanksgiving leftovers! I had crab cakes the next day!

  20. Lon -- Thank you!

    Golden Eagle --You actually answered the questions! Talk about being a good sport.

    Hart-- My wife pays one of her sisters to clean our house each week so the housework didn't get neglected. My first NaNo novel has a gap which I still haven't finished. Hope your new NaNo work sees a reward in the future.

    Hilary --- Yes, December starts sooner than I'd like to think.

    Jane -- I guess the questions were almost rhetorical, but Golden Eagle answered!

    Lynda -- I'm not much on housework either.

    L. Diane -- Love the new look of your site!

    Marguerite-- There you go teasing me with crab cakes again!

  21. Congrats to you brother. I have missed you, haven't seen you come by in awhile, but I understand. No, I don't mind random questions at all.

  22. My daughter (who is now an adult) is terrified of clowns!! I don't mind them - well, except for the sad, creepy ones...

    Congrats on the nano win!! I clocked in with 50k yesterday too. Feels good! And I've definitely neglected my blog buddies.

  23. Congrats! on your milestone. And you've managed to blog this month too. I'm impressed. Celebrate with a large ice cream sundae!

  24. Congratulations on reaching (and passing) your goal.

    Thoughts in Progress

  25. Gregg-- I will try to be by more often now.

    Jemi --Finishing NaNo has kind of a liberating effect doesn't it.

    Mason Canyon -- Don't see your comment here, but I saw it in my e-mail. Thank you.

  26. Congratulations!
    I guess I'm going to have to go solo...

  27. Congrats, Lee! I didn't join in NaNo, but it has given me some pretty nifty excerpts to read from authors who did. I love random questions; clowns frighten me because I always flash to "Pennywise" when I see them; Thanksgiving leftovers are still in the fridge and will be reincarnated into something else today; favorite movies are "Last of the Mohicans", "Love Actually", and "V for Vendetta".

    Have a great day, Lee! Again - congratulations!

  28. Pat -- Where are you going?

    Kim-- Thanks for answering those crazy questions!
    What is "Pennywise"?


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