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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How About Some Airport Chaos?

              Last Tuesday we discussed the issues of airport security and the general inclination was that though some security at the airport is indeed something that must be done, the current state of things at the airport has gotten out of hand.  Most all of us agree that although profiling is somewhat distasteful, there is no denying the most terrorism these days comes from a certain type of person who practices a certain type of religion. 

             Facts are facts, and though a few of us may start trying to dig through certain anomalies of the past, the real fact remains that our most recent threats regarding flying are related to the group already alluded to in the previous paragraph.  So what has the government decided to do?  Inconvenience every single one of us by presuming us all guilty until the TSA can assume that we are innocent after a thorough screening.

            And now, tomorrow, Wednesday November 24, 2010, has been designated as Opt-Out Day by an internet site.  Travelers are being rallied to participate in this event which involves opting out of going through the airport body scanners and instead submitting to the body pat down.  They say that they are not intending to slow down the security lines, but why else would they do it.

           According to the organizer, this event is intended to educate the public about the new TSA screening process.  But let's face it, if many people did participate in Opt-Out Day, it could have a massive effect on the busiest airport travel day of the year.

            I really don't think that many people will participate.  After all, most people just want to get where they're going and have a great Turkey Day with their families.  But with all the publicity this stuff has been getting of late, who knows.

            Personally, I wouldn't do it either if I were flying, and I'm glad I'm not flying. And I don't have any family flying either so I don't really care about the security lines at the airport.   My perverse sense of enjoying the chaotic nonsense that is surrounding all of this would kind of like to see huge back-ups in the security lines because of the opt-outs.  And perhaps it would encourage change in the security screening process.

          From what I've been hearing it sounds like changes are coming anyway.  And we've been hearing plenty.  This TSA stuff has been all over the radio talk shows, TV news, internet, and print media--and now it's getting a bit tiresome.

So what do you think about National Opt-Out Day?

          Are you going to opt out?  Do you hope a lot of people do participate and create airport havoc?  Are you ready for some serious profiling, no fly lists, and prescreening of fliers?


  1. Personaly speaking, I think that airport security measures instituted by way of undergarment screening is a serious violation of your constitutional rights, (not that I know anything about your bill of rights but I seem to remember your right to privacy or something like that.) Also if I remember correctly Jesus tells us that our enemies will be those under our own roofs. I like your option,drive.
    You don't have to travel thousands of miles to eat a turkey and a piece of pie, you can give thanks right where you are as is my American friend right here in Cape town, Dianne. We don't celebrate thanks giving the way you do but to me it just makes sense to be grateful every day anyway. God bless you my controvercial Christian friend.

  2. I personally find pat downs a lot more distasteful than a body scan, but to each his own. However, I feel that inconveniencing thousands of passengers on one of the busiest flight days of the year to further a personal agenda is ridiculous. Just my two cents (which in this economy is worth about a half cent) Kat

  3. I rarely fly - probably twice in the past decade - and I live in Canada, so I hadn't heard of this before. I think whatever makes people safest is probably the best bet.

  4. I flew to the USA a few years ago, I must tell you, after almost 26 hours on a plane and in airports, I was NOT at all impressed with the so called security measures....
    Then, 2 years ago, flying back from Heathrow, my husband had to open a sealed carton of BABY FORMULA and drink it!!!!! Honestly, I think it's all a bit excessive. In South Africa, we have security measures too for obvious reasons, but nothing quite as invasive and violating as you guys have.
    I'd be more than slightly annoyed though if I were waiting to go through the security check and everybody was holding up the queue... I fly regularly (locally) and I spend enough time in airports - and something like this would just drive me off the wall....

  5. I've read today in newspapers that some company is already producing some special underwear through which these modern scanners cannot see your genitals :) How lovely.

  6. You know I don't fly but a little extra knowledge.

    There are parts of the country (KY) that do not have the option of opting in. Body search is our only option.

    Just saying... :)

    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. Speaking personally there has to be a certain amount of security otherwise who knows with what can get through. I am flying soon to Spain and next year to Nashville so welcome any security checks one has to endure.


  8. As much as some people do not want to hear this, TSA needs to profile people. Perform the invasive searches on those groups who fit the profile of a terrorist, and let the rest of us go through with minimal screening.

    Oh, and I have an award for you on my blog today.

  9. although i'm not flying this holiday weekend, i think the protest is needed. our government has taken away so many of our constitutional rights! many are being emotionally traumatized with these pat downs-ups. Gov-O is trying to de-sensitize people with all this coverage. instead of being politically correct, they should use common sense.

    then again, there's another side to all of this. it's all about money! that's the bottom line. another government agency is born and contractors are making money. normally in a given year, i fly several times. far as that's concerned now, one flight will be too many for me.

  10. I don't think that huge numbers of people will participate in Opt-Out Day either. I still think that the security measures should stay in place, though; if it keeps us safe, then I think it's worth it.

  11. Geoff -- Thank you for your thoughts. I like staying home on Thanksgiving.

    Kat -- I don't know how many supporters they'll win over by delaying the security lines, which are already a hassle.

    Jemi -- I want to be safe, but at what expense? Where do we draw the line?

    Eve-- If I'm flying I just like to get to my gate, get on the plane, and get to where I'm going. Delays are annoying.

    Dezmond -- I've also been hearing about this x-ray proof tungsten underwear. The problem is that they can't see a bomb or a weapon either so where will that go next? NUDE SCREENING!

    Jules -- Are you saying modern technology hasn't reached Kentucky yet?

    Yvonne -- We'll see how far they take security screenings before we don't care about safety anymore.

    Stephen -- I think you're right and thank you for the award.

    Bud-- I think you're correct about the money. The government agencies and the security equipment companies are all for us. And the government continues to desensitize the populice to keep accepting directives. The mark of the beast will be easy to foist upon the ignorant masses when the time comes.

    Golden Eagle -- I can only repeat some of what I already have said in previous responses. Safety yes, but at how much cost. Is there more to this security stuff than meets the eyes? Is it really only about safety? We need to start thinking about some of this before all of our rights have been taken from us or intruded upon.

  12. The body scanner has people losing it!
    And I'll just opt out of flying, how's that?

  13. Lee-

    Stephen T. McCarthy and I discuss this one a lot.

    I do not find the idea of making sure the plane is safer a bad one, I simply question a few things.

    (1) How does shoe removal add to my safety (talking about making the line slower)?

    (2) If safety is such a concern, why don't they simply make you check everything?

    (3) Do we really think there are that many radical Islamics (or radical anythings) really willing to die for their cause?

    (4) Where in the Constitution does it give the Federal government the authority to do any of this?

    And, (5) What does it take to get the American people outraged above all of the violations of their personal freedoms perpetrated on them by a Federal government so far out of control that our Founding Fathers would not have bothered to rebel if they knew how far back we'd slide in less than two hundred and fifty years.

    Since the screenings have gotten people fired up, I am all for it!

    And I hope everyone who waits longer in line thinks a little bit of how the Federal government simply violates their rights at will while they bend over and grab their ankles.

    Some Americans are tired of it and are standing up.

    Right on!


  14. opting out of flying altogether sounds like the way to go ;) (I'm not a fan of flying anyway)

  15. I'm not flying and don't know anyone who is. BUT, I have to wonder, there must be some type of unknown threat, we aren't made aware of. Why all of sudden is this the new norm. Something is going on and we are clueless, as usual!

  16. Alex-- Opting out of flying will work to send a message to the airlines. They can make their voice heard to the government or get a bailout.

    Larry -- Next step: everybody checks everything and flies nude.

    Lynda -- I like flying, but not on the terms that we have now.

    Ellen-- This has been coming for a while. They've been developing the new scanners for a while and the buzz has been out there. Whatever is going on may not actually have anything at all to do with terrorists or security. Keep your eyes and ears open for what is coming next.

  17. Hi there,
    It just struck me that your link isn't on my dashboard any more. I'm not sure if you remember or not, but when I signed on, I told you that I used to live in Pico Rivera many years ago (on Shade Lane). Anyway, I just re-signed up.

    About the screening. I'd rather have them scan, than take all the time to pat everybody down. It's not like there is a group of people looking at the scan. I believe that the television news is responsible for whipping this issue into a frenzy...

  18. I don't really ever fly so this doesn't impact me much. I do know that if they let one person slip through, most of the country will be screaming that they didn't do enough to protect us. We can't really have it both ways. I'm just glad I am too poor to fly:)

  19. You were correct. From what I've heard, not many participated. I'm happy I didn't need to fly.

  20. When push came to shove with Opt Out Day, people just figured, "Awe, screw it. I need to get home to see the family."

    I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

  21. I plan to opt out of flying for a while. But if that's what it takes to go see my kids, I'll eventually give in. I'll go for the scanner though. Being ultra-frisked by strangers is not on my list of acceptable inconveniences.


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