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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Science Is Speaking ( #AtoZChallenge )

Speak to me, o science, and let me know your wisdom of all ages.  I also want to hear what you sound like because I keep hearing people saying, "Listen to Science."  And for that matter who the heck is Science anyway?

  Science Is Speaking

       Among the more annoying statements that proponents on one particular side of topical debate offer is the imploration to listen to science.   This phrase annoys me to no end--especially if someone admonishes me to "listen to science".    Yes, some of my opinions have elicited this cliched response without actually engaging me as to how I came to my conclusions about a particular topic.

       The anthropomorphization of a field of study becomes an absurdity when you figure that the field of science does not always speak with one voice.  Science is made up of individual scientists with varying opinions, insights, ideologies, and agendas.  There should always be room for debate and discussion.  If someone doesn't agree with my view (without actually hearing what it is) then it might be more fruitful to figure out how we differ and how we are the same rather than chide me with the retort of "listen to science"!

          Just thought I'd toss that opinion out there.  Gee, seems like old times...


Battle of the Bands Results

         My previous Battle was a match between Buddy Miles and Zoo with their versions of "Memphis Train".   Though I was well aware of the name and reputation, I don't know much about the music of Buddy Miles, but I did like his version of the song.  However, having long been familiar with the Zoo recording and a fan of their style of psychedelia, my vote goes to Zoo.

        A few voters agreed with my choice, but the favorite in this Battle was Buddy Miles.  I guess the frantic psychedelia of Zoo was a bit much for some voters.

Final Vote Tally

Buddy Miles         9 votes

Zoo                       5 votes


Next Battle of the Bands on Friday May 1st

        Plenty of posting before that Battle so hope you'll keep coming to my A to Z posts so I won't feel so lonely in my corner of Blogland.   April is almost over--again!


  1. Oh sorry, I was one of the Buddy Miles votes ;)

    1. Frederique, no problem--I'm just glad that you voted!


  2. Hmmm... does the term "solid science" then turn it into a rock?

    1. CW, or maybe an ice cube. In another state it would be pure gas.


  3. The people who rely on the "listen to science" have long since turned science into a deity, and their "chiding" us to listen to science or coming at us with statements like "the science is settled" turns it into a religion. You either accept it or are branded as a heretic. People who say "Whether or not you believe in science, it's still true" think that people who say "whether or not you believe in the Bible, it's still true" are silly. Ever notice that?

    Science is NEVER settled. EVERYTHING is open to questioning and testing. Scientists perform the same experiments all the time to see if the answer changed. Even things like the law of gravity are subject to testing and verification. People who seize on one explanation of why something happens and exclude all other explanations aren't scientists, they're priests, and arguing with them is a waste of time.

  4. Lee,

    Science is really cool and fascinating but what drives me bonkers is when scientists discounts God's existence. The other day one of my kids was talking about evolution and how animals have changed from this to that. I certainly do not believe man evolved from apes but I can see how God used evolution, yes God the creator all things, used this process when creating animals to populate this beautiful world. I haven't done any studying but my brain tells me like a great artist, He used many methods to mold and create this world - animals, plants, the air we breathe, everything to what we know now. Science has no understanding or acceptance of God the Creator and would rather rely on mystery along for creation. What a sad and hopeless life these sorts of people lead! I don't need science to tell me what I believe or don't believe. It's built in me internally without doubt of who or what God is.

    Thanks for sharing the BoTB results. I was on the winning team this time.

    Cathy's Pinup Girl Art Sketch Series 'S'

  5. LEE ~

    Not too bad of an outcome, considering that for awhile, it looked like Zoo was getting a serious beat-down.

    "Science" -- I have noted that a great many people who insist that their views are supported by science (or even "settled science") are actually very ignorant about both science in general, as well as the so-called "settled science" that they think proves their position without a shred of doubt.

    In my Amazon years, I had many debates against commenters who thought they were going to destroy me with their science. What they discovered, however, was that I had already seriously considered their "science" and could drive a division of tanks through the massive holes in it.

    A lot of Internet blowhards can sound like they know what they're talking about it, but in most cases, a person doing objective research of their own can blow the blowhards out of the water.

    ~ D-FensDogG


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