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Friday, April 17, 2020

Orders To Be Pulled ( #AtoZChallenge )

One of my primary considerations in making any important decision is order of importance--priority. My long range future does not have the extent of range now like it did in my younger days...

Orders To Be Pulled

      Out in my garage where many remnants of my past reside, is a letter tray that came from the now closed business that I used to manage in what now is many years ago.  Back in those working days, during the night as I slept, customer orders would print so that when I would arrive at work early in the morning before my employees arrived I would organize those orders in various ways to facilitate the pulling process to get all of them out the door before the end of that day.

       Orders would be arranged according to how quickly they needed to be shipped.  Our goal was to ship everything same day, but it was imperative to have all of the priority shipping packages ready before anything else.  Also I might cluster small orders so that a picker could pull several orders that were in the same section of the warehouse.  The bottom line was that I wanted to streamline every part of the customer order fulfillment process so that they would receive their product as expected and we would do an efficient job in doing so.

     This process can be applied to my life as well.  Prioritizing and making my daily life more efficient.  The things-to-do list that so many efficiency experts recommend is a practical solution for getting things done.  I still don't do this--not usually--but it would likely be a good thing for me to do.

      I've got plenty of open orders in my life that need to be addressed or that I'd like to take care of one day.  Looking at that "orders to be pulled" letter tray in my garage every day should be an inspiration to me, yet it is a topic of contemplation.  That's me to a tee.  Sometimes it's easier to think than it is to do.

        Open orders in my life are waiting to be addressed by me.  Maybe I should apply my work principles to my life to get those orders out the door.  

         What methods do you use to prioritize your life chores and dreams?   How many of your life duties do you delegate to others in order to allow you to be more efficient?   When you have too much to do how do you decide what things can be left on hold or just let go?



  1. When the thing to do is too old, it's not a priority anymore. I like to have paper to-do lists, and online too, so I try to not forget too many things ;)
    O is for Oya

  2. All organizing tasks has done for me so far is to give others the opportunity to shoot holes in my ship...

  3. Mary usually tells me what's a high priority, which is fine with me, because I have a hard time prioritizing things.

  4. I have no organisation well it feels like that

  5. Housecleaning gets put on the back burner most of the time. I'd much rather work on my A to Z scrapbooking and blogging than dust the living room. Happy Saturday.

    Janet’s Smiles


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