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Thursday, April 16, 2020

New, Old, and Everything Else ( #AtoZChallenge )

New things are nice, old things can be quite comfortable, and everything else is what life and the world is all about...

           New, Old, and Everything Else

     Now and then I might buy myself something new, rarely in a spirit of frivolity, but because it was something that I needed.  My most recent purchase other than daily necessities (food mostly) was a couple of belts.  One of my old belts had snapped after years of buckling and another was well worn on its way to its own demise.  New belts were needed since my pants all seem to be getting looser.  Which brings me to the question of should I gain back more weight to accommodate all my old pants or buy new ones. 

       If I can keep losing weight then that would be a good thing.  Currently I'm about twenty pounds from my college weight of about 180 and reaching that would likely mean a new wardrobe of pants.  Fortunately I still have hanging in my closets some smaller waist pants from days past or that had belonged to my late brother.   Come to think of it I have a lot of clothes in my closets.  Sure they've been hanging there a long time, but they are in good condition. 

       As the years pass I keep thinking about all the stuff I need to wear out or just get rid of.  Sometimes I am drawn to the idea of getting new things, but then I talk myself out of getting something I really don't need--not yet at least.  But when I do decide to get what I want, will it be there? 

        My problem with getting sparkling shiny new things is that they usually get quickly out-dated or I find something even better later.  That is the point when I reflect the necessity of most of the life extras that I purchase.  Throughout our home there are books, CD's, DVD's, and many other media forms.  I've got plenty and rarely use most of it.  But it's not just me or my household.  It's undoubtedly people you know and also probably you as well.

         Most of us probably get new things when the fancy strikes us.  We keep old things longer than they continue to seem useful to us.  We might even buy old things just because they seem new to us until we have had them long enough that they seem old again.  And there is everything else--those things we keep for sentiment sake or just in case we need it someday.

        Sometimes I want everything while other times I wish it were all gone.  I sometimes dream of living in a bigger house with more places for my things of life--of my life.  Or I dream of a smaller abode with low maintenance and not enough room to keep more than what I need. Or just become a wayward wanderer with nothing but the clothes on my back.

         Nah, I'm getting too old for that.  Besides, when I stop to think, I realize that maybe sometimes I think too much.  My personal surroundings are probably just a reflection of what's in my head.  If my brain were a house it would probably be just like the house I live in filled with things new, old, and everything else.

        What have you been trying to get rid of?  Are you an impulse buyer?   Is there some particularly cool item that you purchased long ago but still enjoy?


  1. Maybe it's time to try a declutter method ;) Mary Kondo or someone else, but a method to keep what you love / need / use / have affect with and throw away all the rest!
    I know, much easier to say than to do ;)
    N is for Nature

  2. Lee,

    I'm not impulse shopper. I hate shopping! I have more than enough things in my closet so if I lost weight then I'd have plenty to wear. It might be a little outdated but that doesn't bother. I always wear what I like regardless of what's in. I need to drop about 15 pounds if I can do that then I'd be happy and I could wear some of the things just hanging in my closet. I'd rather be thinner than heavier any day. :)

    Cathy's Pinup Girl Art Sketch Series 'N'

  3. Nice things about belts, you can always just poke another hole if you lose weight! What I don't like is tossing them carelessly on the floor and the buckle breaks! As you might guess, I'm pretty much "content in all things"...

  4. We went through our closets and household items late last year and were able to sell some things at a flea market but I kept whatever didn't sell in hopes of having a garage sale. Now all that stuff is just sitting in my room and who knows when I'll be able to get rid of it!

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. Impulse buyer???????????
    Nah not really, although my daughter might say differently I tend to buy stuff for my gift box more then for my own use.


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