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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Radical Changes vs Sleepy Porch Time ( #AtoZChallenge )

     Radicalism for me is more of a mental concept that I ponder occasionally and not so much of any participatory action.  I'd rather find myself relaxing on the porch than marching in some kind of protest line...


 Radical Changes vs Sleepy Porch Time

       Radical thoughts may cross my mind every now and then, but you will probably not catch me acting upon any of those thoughts.  Some change is okay with me as long as I have mostly instigated the change or that change serves me to an advantage.  Change often requires too much thinking, learning, and rearranging.  Let's face it:  I tend to be kind of lazy and don't like messing with change.

      Personal change that I am happy or intrigued about is something I can deal with.  Something like moving for example--that is, moving because I want to or the move provides a tremendous opportunity for me.  In those cases you can count me gone if that move is within my means or it's paid for by someone else.

       But here I am in my busy urban surroundings.  Millions of other human beings within a close radius from where I live.  There are plenty of opportunities to experience culture and ethnic diversity. Restaurants abound and in normal non-COVID times there is so much to do.  Nothing overly sleepy about urban Los Angeles (other than me, my wife, and others like us).   Even in the current pandemic setting there is a bustle of traffic and people out and about.  A continual stream of traffic seems to pass by my windows both day and night.  This city never seems sleepy, but anxious and edgy.  And these days worried and wary.

       If I close my eyes I might imagine lazing on the front porch of my home in some rural setting back east.  Oh, I have a front porch in my present home, but the view just ain't what I envision in my country mountain home in southwestern Virginia.  It's a dream for now.  Going there would be a radical change for me, but that sleepy porch time just might be worth it.

         Where do you dream of being?  Do you deal well with radical changes?   What was the biggest change that you had to adjust to in your life? 


  1. Hi Lee!

    I'd be edgy without at least a little quietude. Other than late-night hot-rods, the busy street below my house is deserted. I'll enjoy it while it lasts ;-)
    The porch that so often fills your thoughts sounds like heaven to me. I picture a wrap-around with ceiling fans and rocking chairs, sweet iced tea, and Nilla wafers ;-)
    Sometimes we get so busy working through the hard times we forget how hard they are.
    Happy blogging!

  2. I had to adjust to being a stroke survivor and unable to do a lot of the things I did before then.

    Where do I dream of being? In the world my mind conjures up while I sleep.

  3. My biggest change was stoping living on a small sailboat, sailing in a tropical climate, to living in a house, which doesn't move (but I guess you know that), in France (which has not a tropical climate as you know too). Quite a big change ;)

  4. I like your approach I guess I rant but it's always to my husband or the dog.
    Rolling with the punches of life and trusting in an unchangeable God...
    Be well my friend


  5. "Let's face it: I tend to be kind of lazy and don't like messing with change." I woulda never connected the two, but...

  6. My dream is to sit in a rocking chair on a porch drinking coffee enjoying the brisk air.

  7. This COVID-19 stay-at-home change might be the most intimidating experience for me. I never realized how much it meant to jump in the car and run an errand without fearing exposure to another human.

  8. Staying home seeing no one is normal for me that said I do miss going out on Fridays as well as aqua

  9. Lee,

    I often dream of the day we're in our a new home that's bigger and has a little more property. We'd be content with a couple of acres but that's not easy to find in the city and if you do find it then's usually too pricey to fit our budget. Dreams keep me going, though. I know the right place is out there waiting for us, it's just a matter of finding it and I do believe we will when the time is right. I hope with our next place we have a covered porch with a view. We have a view somewhat of the Smoky's from Fountain City that we can see from our living room window or while standing on our front porch. It's nice when we can view the mountains but we can really relax in front of the view, so hopefully in our next place we can or at least that's my dream. Maybe one day you'll get to move back east to your rural southwestern Virginia destination your desire to call home on your porch with a view. Thanks for hosting the alphabet fun, my friend. Be well!

    Cathy's Pinup Girl Art Sketch Series 'R'


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