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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zenith: Aim High

English: The Matterhorn seen seen from the Dom...
The Matterhorn seen seen from the Domhütte (Valais). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

          In this A to Z series on promotion and marketing we've covered a lot of ground.  The essence of it all is to aim high and try to reach the zenith of your marketing goals.  If you have targeted correctly and followed a logical practical progression of marketing steps then you are likely to do well in your efforts.   Success does not necessarily mean being number one, but achieving the mission you set out to do and knowing that you did your personal best.    Another measure of success in marketing is how much you learned from your experience and if you've laid down some solid groundwork towards future promotional efforts.

          Hard work on today's promotion is the experience that makes tomorrow's promotions a little bit easier and maybe even more fun.   I hope that you've enjoyed my marketing series and even more I hope I've provided some of you information that you can use and inspired you to press forward.  Keep me posted about your efforts.   And be watching for the next What Works Online Marketing Symposium.

Next Up on Tossing It Out


Battle of the Bands:   May 1st Edition

          Tomorrow this blog will be presenting another Battle of the Bands post.    Two different artists performing the same song.   Which is best?   You decide.  Please join me here tomorrow for more information and let your musical preferences be known.  My two previous Battles had record voting numbers due to being incorporated into the A to Z Challenge.  I hope I can keep those numbers up for my first post-Challenge Battle.  

         Tomorrow's post will take the place of my usual Friday post.   After all, I've been posting almost daily for the past month and besides I want to give the most visitors an opportunity to vote in the Battle of the Bands.   Please vote!

Blogging from A to Z Reflections 2014

           On Monday May 5th I'll be joining a good many A to Z Challenge participants in looking back over the 2014 April Challenge to tell about my experiences and my observations about the mighty A to Z blogging event.  

           For those who are wondering what this is, the premise is simple.  Between now and next week put up a post on your blog telling us what you thought about the A to Z Challenge this year.   Let us know how you were helped or hindered by the Challenge.   If you discovered any blogs that particularly stood out for you then let us know.   You can even tell us about favorite pieces that you posted on your own blog.

          You can provide statistics to give us insight about how the event affected your blog.  If you have complaints this is the time to vent your feelings.   And we always welcome praise.  The Reflections post is your opportunity to sound off whether it be good, bad, or neutral.   Like your challenge post your presentation can be in any form you like.  Your post can be prose, poetry, images, or even sound.   You can be serious, funny, or just conversational.   

           Once you've got your Reflections piece posted then you can add the link directly to that post on the Linky List that will be available on Monday May 5th.    The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post has been a venerated tradition since the first Challenge of 2010.   Don't be left off the list!

           Did my A to Z Marketing Series offer you any ideas that you think you'll use?    Did the series inspire you?   Will you join me for the Battle of the Bands on May 1st?      Are you going to post an A to Z Reflections Post?

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  1. Z for aiming high. Lovely! I'd love to post for the A to Z Reflections Post.

    Thank you so much again for this wonderful challenge!

  2. I enjoyed this series of yours and learned a lot from it.

    Z for Zephyr

  3. I just might sleep until Monday. But I will be back for the Reflections post!

  4. Is Z the Zenith of the Challenge? If so, we all made it to another one!

  5. I've learned a lot from your blog Lee ... actually it was more the motivation I got each time I read it - I went off and did something practical on my promotion without agonising for hours which is what I usually do. Thank you... I'll stay following.

    And I'll get something done for the Reflections on the 5th.

    Now it's time to find a way to continue blogging at a regular pace rather than 3 times a year!

    Thanks again
    Fil’s Place - Old Songs and Memories

  6. Another successful A to Z Lee.
    I shall join in with the Reflections and the May 1st Band.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Great challenge-thanks for helping to put it together!

  8. I'm going to have to go back and and read through all of your posts -- am gearing up for a little marketing within the next few months. ;)

  9. Sittie -- Look forward to your Reflections post.

    Cifar -- Thanks for sticking with me.

    Alex -- If I can get my at least 5 hours per night with a 20 minute power nap at midday, I'll still be tired, but able to manage I guess. I'd love to sleep for at least 8 hrs one night without being sick to do it.

    Judy -- Thank you! You did a great job once again.

    Fil -- Motivating was my main goal with my series. Yes, please, blog more than 3 times a year. At least once a month to keep your blog more vital.

    Yvonne -- Thank you for staying through to the end with another creative blending of travel and poetry.

    Finley -- Without the support of the bloggers like you A to Z would be nothing.

    Nicki -- Let me know how it all goes!


  10. Since I don't have anything yet to market this is all theoretical for me. However, it is nice to know that this information is here. I may very well refer back somewhere down the line.

    Ah... BOTB. I don't yet have my song chosen and tomorrow will arrive quickly. I better get cracking on that!

  11. I was wondering how you blogging ninjas got so much done - you don't SLEEP!!!! Me, I'm selfish. The only thing that comes before sleeping is eating. *burps*

  12. Glad you made it through Lee. If you didn't, it being your idea, what hope for the rest of us?

    I have already scheduled my blog for tomorrow. I don't think I will be doing a reflections post. I will return (somebody famous said that didn't they?)

  13. I'm so happy we survived. Thanks so much, Lee. Congrats for a another successful A to Z! Already looking forward to next year.

  14. Hi Lee - congratulations on having the A-Z idea: it's great and has always been fun, while being a happy time meeting new faces and bloggers ...

    Cheers to you and see you at the Reflections - Hilary

  15. Lovely post! It's a good definition of success!

  16. I always appreciate your posts, and I really appreciated your Marketing posts during the A to Z this year.

    Now I'm off to congratulate all the bloggers I visited this year. Wow! Huge number and I didn't scratch the surface. The list was amazing.

  17. Robin -- We are all "marketing" everyday even though we may not realize it. We promote ourselves, our blogs, our communities, and so on. We don't "sell" only for monetary payment.

    Cathy -- I wish I got as much done as a "ninja blogger". And believe me I eat and sleep and do the other things that I have to.

    Jo -- The Reflection post List doesn't go up until Monday so you still have a few days to put your post together.

    Sydney -- Thanks for being a part of A to Z.

    Hilary -- A lot of great content has come in these A to Z Challenges.

    Story -- Personal success is what we should strive most for. Success in the eyes of others is cool, but is not always true.

    C.Lee -- That list was soooo big!


  18. You gave me a few new things to think about and reminded me of some others I've let slide. I found you challenge theme very helpful and educational.

  19. Your theme for the challenge was great and helpful. Thanks for providing your insight. Also, congrats on finishing the challenge.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

  20. Rob -- Well you have done well as well. Well, well, well...

    Susan GK -- Hope it helped at least a few.

    Patricia - I somehow felt a real obligation to finish A to Z.


  21. Can't wait to read your Battle of the Bands! I'm going back to M,W,F posts after this. I think a lot of people will be taking some time off.

  22. Hey Lee,

    You did well. Indeed you reached the pinnacle of provoking. The Zenith of Zeal.

    Well done on completing the alternative to The Alphabark Challenge, 2014!

    Please don't say that you are going to have reflection posts. This could drag out until next April Fool's Day.

    Seriously, all the best and happy Tossing.

    Kind regards and goodwill,


  23. Stephanie -- Maybe in the summer I'll cut back, but MWF for me too--except for the days when I do BOTB on the 1st and 15th of the month.

    Gary -- I didn't say anything about Reflections posts. One of Alex's clones must have gotten into my blog and said it.


  24. I love the Matterhorn photograph. What a perfect ending for A to Z. Thank you for co-hosting it.

    Mary Montague Sikes

  25. Mary -- Of course I didn't take the Matterhorn photo. If it had been my own photo I would have had to gone down the road from where I live and take a picture of the Matterhorn at Disneyland.


  26. I will put up a reflection, but have to think a bit more about it. As Madeleine Kahn said, "I's tired...tired of playing the game..."

  27. Susan K-- I'm always tired it seems. I've got two of my Reflections done and hope to finish the other two today.


  28. I thought the challenge was great. I will be doing a Reflections post but not sure if my cat Teddy will do one for his blog. He participated and completed, too. I got around to a bit over 200 blogs so that's like nearly 10%. Teddy didn't do any visits, he needs his nap time.I'm Still visiting.

    Now onward to next year...I am already thinking of a theme.

  29. This was my 1st year with A-to-Z ~ what a blast! I wish I had more hours in the day to read all the great blogs. I'm going to try to get to some more of them now that the challenge is over. Starting with yours-- I've read a couple letters and can't wait to read more. Also I am now following your blog. Thanks for doing the A/Z Challenge!
    Mary from The View from my World

  30. I am glad to have stumbled on the info about the Reflections posting - somehow I missed reading about that tradition. By the end of the challenge I was so addicted to feedback I could hardly stand for it to be over! Already posted a "What I Learned from A to Z Challenge" last week before I knew about Reflections but maybe I'll just post that again. I enjoyed the whole thing. Really.

  31. Patricia -- The list is left accessible for the entire year so you can keep on visiting.

    Mary -- Oh to have more time! It would be wonderful.

    Shirley -- You can just add the link to the post you've already done to the Linky List at the blog---it will be showing up in an hour or two from when I write this.



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