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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stand By to Stand In #atozchallenge

Regional Conference
Regional Conference (Photo credit: Earthworm)

         A few years ago I noticed in the newspaper that a major national event was occurring in my area.  This was the first I had ever heard of this event and it was only a couple weeks away.  Since it had to do with blogging and social media I was interested in going.  However tickets were rather expensive so I wasn't sure that I could afford to go.

          Intent on finding a way to attend, I did some research and discovered that the event was going to include a number seminars and presentations.  Earlier that year was the first big A to Z Challenge and since I was keen on trying to promote the upcoming Challenge I thought that A to Z might be of interest to those attending the social media event.   An idea came to me.

          I contacted some of the organizers of the event to let them know that I would be happy to stand in for any no shows that were on their lineup if they would provide me with show passes.   They declined on my offer to fill in since they had it all covered, but they sent me the passes.

         At the event I was able to make a number of contacts that have proven useful to me, to meet several bloggers, and to pick up some cool swag at the booths.    I didn't make the mark I had hoped to, but I at least established a foothold.

         There have been a number of times in my life when I've seen an opening that needed to be filled and have offered my services to help out.   This action has never hurt me and has sometimes helped in big ways.  When I stand by in readiness to fill a slot that needs filling, I can step in to use what I've prepared for and become a hero in the eyes of others.  This is a promotional opportunity that is worth jumping on when it's available to you.

         Contact the places where you could benefit from promotional exposure for you or your product and let them know about your abilities, your proximity to them, and your willingness to be on call if they ever needed you.   If you're a writer you can contact libraries, senior citizen centers, educational facilities, or civic organizations to have them put your name on their files in case your services are ever needed.  

          Be sure to have a presentation prepared in case you are contacted.   Keep a power-point program on a portable drive if you use this type of medium.  Have a presentation kit in readiness with any materials that you might need.   Once you have the show put together, rehearsed, and ready to take to the public you might even be emboldened to be the main attraction on your own without being just a fill-in.

        Take advantage of no shows.  Be willing to stand in for others.  This willingness can create a good name for you and help you in your promotions.

          Have you ever stood in for a no-show?    Have you ever conducted an event where a featured guest did not show up and if so how did you handle the situation?   What rewards have come to you by stepping up to the plate when someone else wasn't able to fulfill their obligations?  

Battle of the Bands Result

       The result of last week's Battle of the Bands (click on the link if you don't know what I'm referring to) is really not too much of a surprise.  Between the two versions of the song "Message in a Bottle" John Mayer managed to win 6 votes from those of you who were either not big Police fans and just preferred the more mellow sound.    I had to vote for the version by the Police because it's the one I liked since it first came out and though Mayer does a fine job his version just doesn't beat the original for me.  All votes counted, the Police win with 17 votes.

       To recap:   John Mayer 6 and Police 17.

Next Battle of the Bands will be on Thursday May 1st.  Please join me for that one.

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  1. I'd really need to be prepared if I was to stand in for a no-show.
    Do they still hold that event?

  2. Right now I am not trying to market anything, BUT I get what you are saying here. When you DO have something to market, always be prepared with some sort of presentation ready to go and rehearsed so that if a door opens unexpectedly you can walk right in... very confidently.

  3. I have stood in. I'm pretty good at giving last minute whatevers. Too many years of teaching teenagers. Your idea was certainly successful. Not sure I could offer myself out there like that.

  4. I've never been to an event like this, so I appreciate you sharing your experience with us. I suppose I would have to gather the guts to fill in for a no show.

  5. That's so out of the box thinking. I have never been that proactive. The best I've done is go to bookstores to ask them to put my books on their shelves and offer to do workshops. This works sometimes, but there are so few bookstores left these days.

    I have stepped in to do workshops for people who couldn't make it. That led to a permanent gig.

  6. I went into a book shop to ask if they would sell my first book, looks like I will have to go down that road with my new book.

    Pleased Police won the battle, great version.

  7. I like the guts it took to volunteer to stand in for any no-shows. Great idea, and something that many of us could learn from. I'm glad you started the A to Z Challenge. I've met many interesting bloggers this month!

  8. Alex -- Yes, the event was called "Blog World" when I attended in L.A. Now it's called something like New Media Expo but it's held in Las Vegas which is inconvenient for me to attend unless my expenses were being paid to go.

    Robin -- For a person who is planning to publish in the future or develop a product, the stand in concept is probably a good thing to do now. You can develop a presentation based on an area of expertise and start getting a foot in the door for when you will actually be doing some promoting.

    Susan GK-- Teachers should be able to manage the stand in concept very well. If you've done it at other times you could do what I did.

    Chrys --- preparation and motivation is the key. If you're ready to do the presentation then the guts are just a matter of getting past the nervousness of doing a public presentation.

    C.Lee -- Sounds like you're on the right track.

    Yvonne -- You should do that! And don't limit yourself to just one bookstores.

    Jeanne -- So glad you're part of this year's Challenge.


  9. I voted for the John Mayer version not because it thrilled me (it was a bit bland), but by default, since Sting just really grates on my nerves.

    Looking forward to the next Battle, Boid.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. This doesn't quite count but I stood in for a real estate agent once. I was a property manager at the time working a home and garden event. The agent didn't show for allotted hours. As a result, she lost a couple of rental prospects and we snagged them.

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  11. Wow, you had so many comments in the first, I'm abut surprised there weren't more votes. I'm not a fan if Sting or The Police, but I thought the Mayer version was almost painful. No make that actually painful.

    Actually, yesterday was the normal day to post BITB results. Never trust a dumb blonde to get it right. Yesterday, I was having 'one of those days'. My RESULTS post went up late today.

    With respect to a presentation. I have several ready that I could give on a few moments notice in various topics. In other words, I'm a yakker. Not surprised, are you?

  12. Hi Lee - that seems an excellent way in .. and yes if we are there, being as pro-active as we can be .. and generally being helpful - then we'll definitely benefit.

    You've always had some brave ideas and I'm glad you've managed to get out to a couple of events .. the A-Z has been and still is a great idea - and you all help 'regulate' it so well ..

    Cheers Hilary

  13. I'd have to be uber prepared to off that service, but I can see where it would be beneficial. I could probably do a presentation on genealogy that way! Gail

  14. StMc -- You must have really gotten stung by Sting. You really have it in for that guy.

    Elsie -- Actually that's exactly something like I'm talking about. You were standing by and took action instead of doing nothing.

    Faraway -- A lot of those comments were just for A to Z. Yakking works in a case like presenting before the public. If you engage an audience enough they'll accept just about anything you tell them.

    Hilary -- When there is a possible need it doesn't hurt to volunteer and if the need is definite then jumping in can be a big plus your favor.

    Gail -- Preparation makes a big difference. If you can be somewhat entertaining or interesting just about any topic can work.


  15. Wow! That's something I never would have thought of. Then again, I spend so much time criticising myself that I'd never be able to do it. Or have a really hard time with it.


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