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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wonder Why #atozchallenge

open your eyes
open your eyes (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

        Whether it be marketing and promotion or anything else in life, don't ever lose your sense of wonder.   Don't be afraid to ask why, what, and how.    The more you understand about how things work, the better you can get a grasp on what does work.

            If others have blazed the trail before you then utilize the knowledge they have gained.   When you experiment keep track of outcomes to see what was effective and what was not worth the effort you put into whatever it was that out you tried.   Don't merely accept the surface observations, but analyze and dig deep to see if you can unravel the answers to whatever questions have arisen from the outcomes of your efforts.

          When you fail, wonder what you could have done differently.  When you succeed, wonder why your efforts were successful and what you can do better next time.   A sense of wonder inspires curiosity.   When we are curious we want to know why things are as they are and how we can continually improve upon what we are doing.

            Don't ever stop asking why.   Don't ever lose your sense of wonder.

What Works?

            If you missed the posts for the What Works?  Online Marketing Symposium you might want to go back when you have the time to review some of the great posts that are linked on the list at my post.  Several bloggers offered some advice and related their experiences with marketing.

             We intend to put together another Online Marketing Symposium in the future.  Be watching for more information.

          Why are you afraid to get out there to promote yourself?   Why have some of your promotional efforts fallen short?    Why do you repeat the same mistakes?    Why have you succeeded when you did?

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  1. There's so much experience out there if we look.

  2. I find my fellow writer bloggers to be my most essential resource when it comes to writing, editing, publishing, etc., advice. :)

  3. Questioning and a willingness to change your approach... these things go a long way toward the success of any project.

  4. I have a list of answers to the questions starting with why. They help a lot.

  5. Why am I such an idiot? I thought I tried all avenues to sell my book but I haven't found the right one ....yet.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  6. Are other people's experiences a valid guide. Different strokes for different folks surely?

  7. I spend a lot of time wondering these days. . . . .

  8. Spacer -- If it had been a race you'd be the winner.

    Alex -- That's a big part of what learning is all about.

    Trisha -- I agree. I've found so much great info on writer blogs.

    Robin -- If something's not working we need to be ready to reevaluate.

    C.Lee -- Answers can only come about from questioning.

    Yvonne - You're certainly not an idiot. And your book has just been released so I think you need to give it some time and keep trying different things. I still believe you can find distribution for your book. All is not lost.

    Jo -- You're right about the differences, but still I think there is much to be learned from the successes and failures of others when we put it in perspective to ourselves, our products, and our circumstances. What works for one party might not be our style. We have to look inward as well as outward.

    Rob -- I wonder why you do that? Come to think of it I wonder about a lot of things too. We must be wonderful guys, eh?


  9. I'm definitely going to be going back to read "What Works" for a second and third time when I have more time. I need to learn all I can. That hasn't changed and never will. :-) Marketing is the part of writing I don't like, but not because of the actual work of it – only because of the time it takes away from my writing. I hear a lot of complaints about that, but it's the nature of the beast nowadays.

  10. Hey Lee,

    You would be proud. I sent an email to an old acquaintance who works in publishing and asked him out for a drink to pick his brain. I figured even if he ignored me or said no, well, at least I tried.

  11. Thanks for reminding me how important wonder is to life. I needed that!

    Thanks for being an A-Z challenge hostess too :)

  12. Oh, the never ending questions of why? I hope you do run another symposium. I found a lot of good ideas on the last one.

  13. I echo Susan. I hope you'll do another one.

  14. If we lose our sense of wonder then life becomes just a loose collection of facts. If we have a sense of wonder, then we are more apt to be wonderful.

  15. I definitely need all the marketing/publicity help I can get, so I'm checking that blog out right now!

  16. Yes, that's how you keep learning.

  17. It amazes me how many people simply stop bothering to learn - or focus on only one type of improvement. I love the word wonder - it's so much more fun than learning, isn't it?

  18. I have learned to pull my shoulders back, raise my chin, and walk confidently. Best advice I can give; works every time.

  19. Debi-- Self-promotion has always been part of the game, but now promotion is a big part of the job.

    Sydney -- That's great! That exactly the kind of thing anyone with something to promote needs to do.

    Christine -- I feel like a cupcake :)

    Susan GK -- Don't know when yet, but it will happen.

    LD -- I echo my comment to Susan.

    Judy-- Yes!!!! Wonderful!!

    Stephanie - Hope you enjoy!

    Story -- Exactly

    Cindy -- I love to continually learn new things.

    Susan Kane -- You nailed it. How you carry yourself often says more than your words ever could.



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