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Monday, April 14, 2014

Learn and Live #atozchallenge

learning (Photo credit: Anne Davis 773)

         The traditional thought suggests that we should learn from our life experiences.  That certainly makes a lot of sense to me.  In our life journey we all make mistakes now and then.  If we don't allow those mistakes to be learning experiences then we are missing out.

         However, learning and living goes both ways.  When we learn something new we should try to apply it to our own lives when it is applicable to what we are doing.   Many marketing lessons are learned from experience, but there are also many resources for learning the marketing tricks others have learned.

          Find good books or blogs on the subject of marketing and promotion to see what the experts have to say on that matter.  Start applying what you learn to your daily life.   Ask questions about the things you don't understand.   Work with others in their promotions to see what you can use for yourself later.

         Learning and then living while using what you've learned will help you attain your goals more efficiently.   If others have already blazed trails that makes your journey easier then use those trails.

Some Poetry about Life's Lessons

        Here's a bit of A to Z Challenge history for you.   When I put out my Challenge to bloggers in 2010 to blog with me from A to Z, the first person to take the challenge was poetry blogger Yvonne Lewis who blogs at Welcome to My World of Verse.   She's been a dear friend ever since.

        She's back again for this year's Challenge so I hope you'll visit her and while you're there join as one of her followers.  She's had some blog problems but hopefully this new one is here to say.  She's got some wonderful A to Z entries again this year.

          And just in time for April Yvonne Lewis has released her third volume of poetry.   Distribution in the U.S. is being worked on.   I'm particularly stoked about this release because I'm on the cover!   That's me with Yvonne at the bottom of the cover.  Plus I've written a few words about Yvonne in the book's Introduction.  Wow, it's so cool to be sharing the stage with this poet whom I've admired for so long.  Go Yvonne!


       Do you learn well from the mistakes you make in your life?    Have you taken any classes in marketing?    Do you know about Yvonne Lewis?     
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  1. I'll be first again and be the first to comment. Thanks for the write up much appreciated and hope I do get some sales. Although I have my doubts being in Amazon's top ten.

    Have a good day.

  2. Of course I know Yvonne! We've all been hanging out together since that very first Challenge.

  3. Great post today!

  4. Congrats to Yvonne!

    Yeah, sometimes all we can hope to gain from certain ventures is learning.

  5. I think most of us tend to make the same mistake over and over again. It actually takes recognizing the pattern to get to the root of the problem. For instance, so many of my issues turned out to be Boundary problems. I had no idea that I had boundary problems until I understood what good boundaries (and bad ones) even looked like.

    In other words, I think most people want to learn from their mistakes... but it isn't as easy as we would hope to identify the root problem.

  6. Yvonne is wonderful! I hope her poetry book makes it in the top ten!!!

    And as for learning and marketing . . . let's just say that I'm trying, but I feel kind of slow. I read posts and try to learn form the marketing masters. :)

  7. I believe you should learn something new every day, whether it's from a mistake you made or a new fact you come across, otherwise the day was wasted. :)

    Congrats Yvonne!

  8. Yvonne -- Think positive!

    Alex -- A couple of A to Z vets.


    Nicki -- We can pay to go to school or pay the price of experience. Chalk it all up to learning.

    Robin -- I think you're right. Old habits can be hard to break. One has to make a concerted conscientious effort.

    Tyrean --Slow and steady if fine so long as the learning is happening.

    Chrys -- So true. Education should never stop once you get out of school.


  9. Life is absolutely a learn by doing kind of experience. Great to meet so many people who share what they've learned in this marketing business. They have helped me so much, and I'm very grateful.

  10. I believe I made Yvonne's virtual acquaintance from a previous visit here with you, Arlee. Congrats to her for her latest release :-)

    And I simply must take some lesson learned from the mistakes I make, which happen more than I would care to admit lol!!

  11. I'm with you there Lee, about putting what we've learned into practise. I've been seeing Yvonne's new book around the trenches. Such a beautiful poet. I will pay her a visit.

  12. I'm not entirely sure I learn from my mistakes. lol Oh well.

  13. I treasure everything I've learned about writing and querying from those who have come before. This whole process takes long enough as it is, I can't imagine how long it would take if I was trying to learn these things without the wisdom of others.

    Congrats to Yvonne!!

    Hope you’re having fun with the A to Z challenge,

  14. I like the sentiment that nothing in this life is really a mistake or a waste of our time if we learn from it, it gets us to where we are now, and we don't repeat the things we did before.

  15. Hi Arlee,
    Nice to be here again!
    Learning is wonderful and its a continuous process and it should continue till our death. May God Bless us all to do this till our end on this earth.
    Thanks Arlee for the intro about Yvonne, indeed she is an amazing poet. And good to see you both of you on the cover. :-)
    Great Going Arlee.
    Wish Yvonne All success in her future assignments and may she have a great sale!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

  16. Hey there! Long time...

    My granny used to tell us that even though they don't feel like it, mistakes and failures are gifts that help us learn and grow.

    She would end with "Tables turn, bridges burn, live and learn."
    I don't think she invented it, but I heard it many times.

  17. C.Lee -- A lot of ad libbing in living.

    Angela -- I've known Yvonne from my early days of blogging and have featured her a few times.

    Denise -- When we learn something we should try to use it at least once.

    JoJo -- You and me both! I have made the same mistakes repeatedly.

    Jocelyn -- What others teach us saves us a lot of time.

    Carrie-Anne-- Everything has its purpose in being.

    PV -- I was surprised to see that picture of Yvonne and I on the cover of her book.

    Pat -- If we're not learning as we go then our future will be filled with trouble.



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