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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Open Your Eyes #atozchallenge

"Keep Your Eyes Open" - NARA - 513956
"Keep Your Eyes Open" - NARA - 513956 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

         Opportunities to promote and market your wares and services are all around you.  If you don't keep your eyes open and your mind in tune you can miss out on many good chances that are worth pursuing.  What's worse is when you know an opportunity is there and you refuse to look at it.   Fear, shyness, or even arrogance can cause you to purposely ignore what is right in front of you.  Not a good plan.

          Sometimes you might not recognize the opportunity when it is right in front of you.  That is why you need to watch and listen carefully and take a creative marketing perspective on everything.  The smart marketing mind can turn just about anything into opportunity.  You have an imagination so use it for marketing creativity.

           Be on the lookout for coming events that you can use for promotional purposes.  Civic groups and libraries are often looking for interesting speakers.   Hone your presentation skills and come up with a program that they can use.  You fill their need and it gives you an opportunity to promote yourself and your product.

          There are always street fairs, conferences, seminars, or other events where you might be able to volunteer your services. Often you can even get paid.   If there is a promotional potential in doing something then look into it.   You might be a bit nervous at first, but your sense of boldness will usually increase the more you make contacts.

           Always keep in mind that your success mostly will depend on what you do.  If you do nothing then there is likely to be no result.   Stop focusing inward and look around you.  Answers and ideas are everywhere.  Take advantage of what's out there and stretch your mind to see opportunity where none initially seemed apparent.

            Are you observant about what's happening around you?   Do you have a tendency to find opportunity in expected situations?     What is something that you have taken advantage of that garnered you marketing exposure?  

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  1. I always have my eyes open and alert without being nosy. Sometimes things do slip under your nose without realising it.

    Good issue for letter O Lee.
    Have a nice day,

  2. Very well said.... we have to keep our senses open for Opportunities...

  3. I just missed out on a local Book Fair which my daughter recently informed me because I am not informed. I'm a bad self-promoter...Good Advice.

  4. I keep a lookout for online opportunities, as they are easier for me.

  5. I have enjoyed the A to Z challenge. It's my second go-round. I feel very alert. hee hee

  6. Yvonne -- Sometimes we've got so much going on in life that it's easy to let opportunity slip by.

    Makro -- Senses is a good way to put it.

    Cathrina -- If the book fair is an annual event be sure to put it on next year's calendar. Missed opportunities can be recouped in the future.

    Alex -- I can see that.

    Helen -- It's good to stay alert.


  7. In some ways, it is helpful for a writer to be partnered with someone who is good at this sort of thing. Writers tend to focus on their writing and tune everything else out. That is why the publisher was so helpful... they did all of that marketing/publicity stuff. Now, the burden is more on the writer - even if you go the traditional pub route - so it really makes a difference if you have someone on your "team"... be it a family member, spouse, friend, SO, really just anyone who is interested in what is going on around you... and keeps you informed.

  8. Such good advice. I took advantage of a library forum for writers. A blogger was there, bought my book, reviewed it and then called me to schedule a book signing at an Indie store. That store now carries all three of my books.

    None of this wouldn't have happened if I'd missed that library opportunity.

  9. Hi, Lee..

    Terrific topic...

    Actually last year during the A-Z, I posted intros to books all different and creative. Well, it paid off because many bloggers contacted me urging me to do this professionally. This was the beginning of my service business for writers.... writing blurbs, cover design, and creative editing....

    If I didn't take that step, I wouldn't be enjoying this so much or helping others with their problems.

  10. I'd been letting fear keep seeking speaking gigs, but when a librarian recently asked me to give a talk, I said "yes!" immediately. *gulp*

    Good idea, though, to keep one's eyes open. Any place with a waiting room is a good place to sell books, for instance.

    I still have so much to learn about marketing, though! It's a challenge for me not get overwhelmed.

    ~Tui Snider~ I'm dropping by from today's #AZchat on Twitter!
    @TuiSnider on Twitter
    My blog: Tui Snider's Offbeat & Overlooked Travel
    I am also part of the #StoryDam team, a friendly writing community!

  11. Robin-- A team effort is great. Having a professional marketing staff would be a dream come true.

    Rob -- We all may be doomed.

    C.Lee -- Most of the time it's a matter of who you know so that means getting out to meet people. One thing can lead to another.

    Michael -- Yes, I remember that and I've seen your work here and about.

    Tui-- Sometimes you just have to make a bold move and just jump in to do something. You did right.


  12. The local library had a book sale this weekend and I spent 12 hours at a display table. Unfortunately, few people stopped at the library, but the people I met and spoke with made the time spent worthwhile.
    Gail visiting for AtoZ

  13. Yeah...this is kind of my weakness--the whole "real life" events. I know I need to get out of the house, but it's so hard with three littles needing me here. One day.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  14. Yup, I let fear, shyness, and maybe a little laziness get in my way way too often.

  15. Gail -- Your dedication at that event might pay off later. You never know.

    Crystal -- Sometimes we're so busy with everything else it's difficult to focus on marketing.

    LD -- You, me, and a lot of others.



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