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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Friday, March 29, 2013

My #atozchallenge Theme for April: Film Genres A to Z

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         In my recent post for Alex Cavanaugh's Movie Countdown Blogfest, I mentioned that my list of movies would be hinting toward my Blogging from A to Z Challenge theme.  Well, the first big hint was the list of movies.  I am a big fan of movies and there are many movies that I like far more than others.

        My April theme will be some of my favorite films based on film genres A to Z.   An example as a preview is my first post.   For "A" the genre will be films about automobile accidents.  That should give you some idea of where this will be going.

        So that's it!  Keeping it short today.  I've got 26 movie posts to get ready.  Yeah, that's right--I haven't even started.   This could be a train wreck.   Hmm--what are some movies about train wrecks?

Blog Disaster!

        I'm not the only one with blogging problems.  Our co-host Stephen Tremp was banished from Blogger!  Hopefully this will only be temporary, but in the meantime you can find Stephen at his new blog address   Hope you retrieve the old blog successfully Stephen.

Connections:  The Circle of A to Z Life

        During the 2011 pre-challenge build-up, I got some promotional time for the A to Z Challenge on the Dennis and Judi radio show on FM 101.5 in New Jersey.  We got some sign ups as a result of that brief appearance.

          For the 2012 Challenge our official badge was designed by appropriately named artist Ada Z.   Ada also contributed a video to the A to Z Video Challenge.

          This past week Ada Z posted on YouTube a video commercial parody related to Dennis and Judi.  The station picked it up and featured it on the station website.  It's pretty clever and very short.  I've embedded the YouTube clip below.   Take a moment to enjoy the clip and perhaps you can visit the station site and leave a comment.   Let them know you're from the A to Z Challenge.  Who knows?   Maybe we'll get another mention on the air.    If you can, tweet or pass on the video for others to see to help Ada Z get her work noticed by more people.

101.5 FM link

        Have you got an A to Z theme?   Have you ever lost your blog and had to start a new one?   Have you tried to get the A to Z Challenge promoted through any conventional media sources?

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  1. I feel so sorry for Stephen, I've encountered so many problems of late as you know. I still don't know what went wrong but started blogs again and again,
    Looking forward to the challenge and wish every one good luck.


  2. If it's a parody, I need to catch the original.
    Announced my theme this morning. It began simple, then got a little more complicated. I'm still adding things to my post.
    Bummer about Stephen's site! At least most of the email reminders had his new website listed.

  3. I did have a theme, but March was a strange month, and I never got to working on the posts. I'll just have to enjoy reading others.

  4. That will be a fun theme.

    I lost both of my blogs for about two hours last summer. I eventually got a response about being in violation of Blogger's policy, and then finally a person responded that it was a glitch that had to do with connecting my Blogger profile to my Google+ profile. Both blogs returned, and I immediately disconnected the two profiles so it wouldn't happen again.

  5. Oh my goodness, film genres! I didn't even know there were film genres starting with all letters :)
    I also have a theme, I'll play a tune every day, obviously a tune on the mandolin or melodeon or concertina for each letter. It'll be fun but I still don't have any tunes for X or Z.
    I've both lost blogs and decided to delete blogs and started over. It's not a big deal but it's not fun when you didn't choose to do it, and lost your old posts.

  6. I've got a theme and a bunch of posts written. Finally! Looking forward to your posts!

    Oh, and I mentioned the A-Z Challenge in an interview I did over at Flash Fiction Chronicles. :)

  7. I love movies so I'll have to come back and check out your posts. And poor Stephen! That's horrible, nightmarish actually. That happened to Old Kitty once but she got it back so I hope Stephen is successful in getting his blog back.

  8. Sorry Lee, but I won't be participating this year, BUT I will be reading and commenting. For me personally, I'll have a lot more fun that way.

    Have a Blessed Easter and enjoy your April.

  9. That's terrible about Stephen the co-host getting banished from Blogger, I would freak out!

  10. Yvonne - Yes, you have had your blog travails of late. Not fun.

    Alex -- The video is a parody of fragrance commercials in general based on something the DJ's refer to on their show. My A to Z posts will probably be pretty simple this year.

    Em -- Yes, I can imagine your recent time has been quite an adjustment.

    L Diane --- I see a lot of blogs connected to Google+ profiles and it doesn't seem to affect them, but I don't like it when I'm taken to those profiles. I much prefer the old Blogger profiles.

    Susanne -- I like the idea of your theme. I guess you will have videos of you playing? I would be a bummer to lose old posts.

    Madeline -- Thank you for that promotion!

    Mshatch -- I think losing a blog at Blogger is usually a glitch that can be remedied through some effort, but it's annoying I'm sure.

    Faraway -- Reading and commenting is participating--in a big way! Thank you for that.

    Lacey -- Losing one's blog would be very disturbing. It makes me a bit insecure about things on Blogger.

    Karen -- You can take off from posting A to Z this year and just read through some of the posts. Maybe next year?


  11. It sucks what happened to Stephen and worse the timing. Hopefully, he can solve it.
    I'm still working on my posts. This is all new to me.

  12. How do you get banished from blogger? Wait, maybe I don't want to know...

  13. That's going to be interesting- I'm a movie junkie!

  14. What a great theme for the A to Z Challenge. Looking forward to those posts. How about The Taking of Pelham One Two Three? 1974 version. Maybe that's not really a train wreck ...

  15. Hi Lee and Alex - I'm going to enjoy both your postings ...

    I hope Stephen can get his blogs sorted out ... and people are beginning to find his new blog ..

    Cheers and looking forward to Monday .. Hilary

  16. Al -- Losing a blog has to be a hassle and a discouragement.

    Andrew -- Who knows? I guess it might have something to do with corporate entities, soulless computers, and sneaky bots trolling the internet. It's Google and they can do what they want and maybe don't even know what they are doing sometimes.

    Ghadeer -- A lot of film buffs out there and I am too.

    Thea -- A subway is a train. That would count.

    Hilary -- I'm sure Stephen will manage to sort things out.


  17. Good Luck will be calling by to read your posts.

    I have had no problems with Blogger, but then I am a very back water blog.

  18. It's my first year at A to Z and I'm going with a theme - my hometown, Scornicesti, through haibun.

    I've just visited Stephen's new blog.

  19. My vote is on not knowing what they're doing.

  20. I wondered what happened to Stephen. Monday is almost here and I'm not quite ready.

  21. Losing the blog sounds like something that would give me a permanent headache. No theme, but I am done writing the topics! In draft form anyway. A movie theme is always a winner.

  22. This is so interesting Lee! Going to be intense seeing if you can find a genre for every single letter, obviously ones like A for Action will be easy but when it comes to the tougher letters like G it's going to get intense and I just have this awesome feeling that I'm going to learn a lot about film. This is very exciting, honestly the Challenge can't come soon enough. You're an absolute lad Lee!

  23. I like the direction of your theme. A great way to handle movies. Sorry to hear about all the blogger problems. That's stinky!

  24. I'm a big movie fan, too. I'm looking forward to following your blog during A-Z.

    Elaine at

  25. Glad you mentioned about Stephen, I hadn't heard. Blogger can be a pain at times. Looking forward to your film genre theme.


  26. I read somewhere that you are to blame for starting this mess in the first place. LOL Is there a history recorded anywhere of the Challenge? When it first started, for instance? I know it has been going on for several years. I wanted to include that info in my introduction to my post.

    I am going to try to do words I'd like to meet in person for my theme. Not sure how that is going to work out, but it could be fun.

  27. Interesting theme for the A-Z Challenge. Look forward to reading your posts.

  28. Rob -- Blogger will get anyone they will no matter where you are. Just don't make them mad!

    Adriana -- I like your theme. Welcome to the Challenge.

    Andrew -- If we knew they might have to kill us.

    Stephen -- They can't keep Stephen down.

    Silvia -- Theme or no theme it all can be good.

    Yeamie -- I'll be looking at some micro-genres for sure.

    Southpaw -- Movies and music are two things I like to blog about.

    Elaine -- Thank you for being here.

    Jo -- We're all trying to get the word out about Stephen. He's an A to Z mainstay.

    Maryann -- Did you check the "About the A to Z" tab at ? I like your theme.

    Susanne -- I hope I can keep the theme going.


  29. Good luck with your theme- I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Is is a bad thing that my to Z posts aren't themed? I *tried* to theme them, but then stopped when I kept getting bloggers' block when I tried to stick to the themed topics, so now, I'm just kind of going wherever the wind takes me.

  30. Yes, I've lost my blog...sorta...and had to start a new one, back in May 2012 (or 2011...I don't quite remember) but luckily it was just for one day due to some type of systems error that brought down the entire blogger service platform, affecting tons of bloggers. Yes, I have a theme, finally! Talk about being in the nick of time! LOL

    The mention of film genres had me thinking that you were going to cover the Genres of film -- Cult, Noir, Horror, B-Movie, Anime', Blaxploitation, etc. now I see you're going moreso in the direction of types/categories of will be fun to learn about your favorite flicks :)

    It does make me feel better that you haven't started writing the posts for this theme yet....'cause it means I'm not the only one coming in at the last hour, trying to whip something up for our dear readers, lol


  31. I am ready to go, even posted about my theme at my blog site!

    Thank you, Arlee, for all work each year! This has been a boon to writers, bloggers, and readers alike.

  32. Aw, that's a bummer about Stephen. Bad Blogger. Bad, bad.

  33. That is a very creative theme, Lee. Glad to see I am not the only one behind the curve on getting posts ready.

    That sucks about Stephan's did that happen?? Something about spamming?

  34. Bring it on! Come on April 1st!! ~Angela

  35. Last year, our writing group, 1st Writes, had an article printed in our local newspaper about the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Didn't get a chance to do it this year, though.

  36. I have my posts all sorted out but not written. But I will be ready to go Monday. This will be my third year! I was going to be in the challenge with both my blogs but decided against one of them. I did notice it is still on the list tho I did respond to Livia's(?)email and ask that Day of Grace be deleted. Looking forward to April!

  37. Hi Lee,

    I've found out about Steve's situation and I was aware of his new link. Thank you for also sharing it.

    You know I wish you well and all those involved, much fun and fulfilment. And in the spirit of a sharing, caring blogging community, I shall continue to bring further awareness of what you are doing by forwarding your posting onto the various social networks.

    As for me and my satirical alternatives. They shall continue to promote you, even in my fun way. I understand I wont get a mention for what I do. However, that's fine. Be well and enjoy your Easter weekend, my friend.

    In kindness and goodwill,


  38. Colby -- The first year I went without a theme and that worked fine. Random posts can be just as fun.

    Nicole -- Genre might be a misleading term since it's more to do with film subject matter. Micro-genres in a sense.

    Susan -- Yes I can see what has come of A to Z and I give much credit to the great co-hosts I've had along the way.

    LD-- Stephen's a tough guy just like Chase Manhattan, the hero of Stephen's book series.

    Chuck -- I hope we find out what happened to Stephen's blog so we can avoid it happening to us. I really don't think it's anything that Stephen did though.

    Angela - Yeah! I'm ready. No--wait! I'm not ready.

    Dawn -- Did you put the article up on your site. Or is there a link to it somewhere? I'd love to see it.

    TodayIThink-- We probably are just behind on some of the blog deletions.

    Gary -- You are doing a great job so far! It's your best lead up yet. Keep it coming! You're our anti-hero or something like that.


  39. >> . . . Our co-host Stephen Tremp was banished from Blogger!

    Hey, wait a minute, LEE! You don't just make a statement like that and then move on!

    What's this all about? How did it happen? Do you have ANY IDEA? Does Stephen Tremp have ANY IDEA?

    WHEN did this happen and are there any clues to indicate WHY it happened? Because I might just shut my blog down tomorrow morning if Blogger is going to banish bloggers for no good reason.

    I want ANSWERS!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  40. Looking forward to it Lee! I've just outlined my themes for 3 blogs! Yes, I've gone a little crazy this time around!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  41. I also love movies, and look forward to your wonderful theme! Ada's video is very clever, and I'm glad the Dennis and Judi Show appreciated it! Sorry about Stephen's blogging trouble. I'll head on over. See you on Monday Lee!


  42. Great theme. Can't wait to read your posts.

  43. I'm sorry to hear about Stephen's misfortune. I've had my fair share of bloggy-related drama as well.
    Within the last 2 months, my PC motherboard crashed and my blog was hacked. Everything seems to be back on track now. Fingers crossed.
    See you during the challenge Lee.

  44. StMc -- We are all waiting for answers and hope we get some.

    Duncan -- Crazy is a good way to go for the A to Z.

    Julie -- Thanks for checking out the video. Ada's pretty excited about the response to it.

    Donna - Thank you for stopping by.

    Michelle --Hate it when that kind of stuff happens!


  45. Hey Lee, that's awful about Stephen's does this happen? I don't think I'll be particpating in the blogfest this year, but I'll be reading a bunch of them..can't wait to read yours about the movies! I love movies...well..some of them anyways! lol..btw, I mentioned you in my post's about that idea you had for setting your life to music, (something like that). I thought it was a great idea! Have a great weekend.

  46. Just wanted to stop by and say that I think it is amazing how your brilliant idea has grown so huge. I am looking forward to my third year of participating in the A to Z and I want to thank you so much for making it happen once again. With a little help from your friends. (I've already heard from two minions!!)

  47. Gosh, I didn't know one could banished from a blog site. Sure am glad I keep copies of my posts, but all the great comments get lost.

    Your theme sounds fun...I love movies and I'll look forward to adding to my list of "must watch."

  48. That really stinks about being banished from Blogger! It's weird also

  49. Eve -- I'll get by to check out your post. I love that idea. There's still time to get in on the A to Z. You know you want to do it.

    Inger -- Without the participants A to Z would be nothing. Thanks for your loyal support.

    Jagoda -- I've heard some strange blogging stories and Stephen's is one that I heard more times than I feel comfortable hearing.

    Ice Girl -- You're not kidding it's weird. Especially when it's a nice laid back blogger like Stephen. It must have been a mistake.


  50. I am trying this for the first time. Suddenly I feel the English language has too many alphabets, phew! I just hope I prove myself wrong. Thanks for bringing this to us Arlee. God Bless!

  51. Okay, I've done it! You're right, I guess I really did want to...sign up for the A-Z challenge that is! We'll see how it goes.

  52. i *might* hafta bust out johnny tsunami, my ukelele and sing a theme song...

  53. That's a theme I can certainly relate to! All kinds of fun in store for April!! :)

  54. Thanks so much for doing this! I think it will be fun. And...Happy Birthday!

  55. This year I decided to go with history. It's my not so secret love. Last year I tried talking about healthy foods--which I thought would be popular--but I didn't get much traffic. We'll have to see how this year goes. In all fairness, I also didn't comment as much last year as I would have liked.

    Tough break for Stephen. Hope he gets it all settled. Someone once reported my blog to Wordpress and they suspended it without even a word to me. I gave them a few choice words.

    Looking forward to this year's challenge.

  56. Blogwati --Welcome to the Challenge!

    Eve -- Okay you're finally here! Now we can get started.

    Pam -- Sing away!

    DL -- Always movie fans out there.

    Jean -- It will be fun. And thanks for the birthday greeting(?).

    Cheryl -- It's scary to think that someone else can get your blog shut down. Don't make any online enemies.


  57. Thanks for starting A to Z. Looking forward to your movies!

  58. I have a theme going this year. We shall see how that works out.

    I did want to FYI. I was going to do two blogs this year but that is just not happening. So please remove my blog called The Naila Moon Project.
    Please come by though at Just the Stuff Ya Know. :)

    Sorry about Stephen too. I had that happen with Google but got it back. Recently though, it was with FB. Don't get me started on that one, However, I managed to get it back too.

    Off we go.....
    ~Naila Moon

  59. I've never lost a blog, but Is anyone else having trouble with scheduling posts? Mine isn't working.

  60. Happy BirthdaY Arlee. Have a great bloggin month. Let's hope you gets all the kinds worked out.
    Writing Under Fire
    A-Z Blogger

  61. Didn't realise it was your birthday today Lee. Many Happy Returns. What a way to celebrate with the A to Z Blogfest.


  62. Neat idea! Good luck to you...I hope the challenge goes well!

  63. Arlee, I did lose my blog --- about 2 months into starting! It was quite frustrating for a new blogger, and I basically had to start all over. I was so new, I hadn't even started backing up my posts yet! All my lovely AtoZ entries from last year... GONE! I managed to save a few and reposted them a few at a time, but it simply wasn't the same. Now, a year later, we're slightly more savvy, so I'm hoping my AtoZ posts will lead right into my "official" blogiversary in May. Poor Stephen, though! Hope he has better luck than I did!

    You picked a fun theme and I'm looking forward to reading them! Thanks for putting this all together! :)


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