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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#IWSG: Are Our Computers Out to Get Us?

        Here it is again folks!  The time when we commiserate and support one another in our insecurities.  Yes it's Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writers Support Group day!   For more posts about the insecurities of writers be sure to visit Alex's blog for the Linky list.

         My insecurity this month is computers.  There must be a plot afoot for them to take over.  I've been hearing about problems that many of you have been having and lately I've been having a few of my own.   So now it's time for Ask Arlee--physician heal thyself.

Those Dreaded Computer Problems

       My first Ask Arlee questions came from Yvonne at Poetry From The Heart, with the first part of my answer to be found in my previous post.   Yvonne said that it had been suggested to her that the culprit that was causing her computer problems was the Google browser Chrome. 

      Here is the reply I sent to Yvonne:

Interesting that you should be having these problems with your PC and Chrome.  I have been having very similar issues.  I have not only spent hours in the past couple of weeks trying to fix them, but this past Monday and Tuesday I was nearly totally down both those days.  I fixed some of my settings and the browser began working just fine.

Likewise, your Chrome problems may be in the settings.  Apparently Chrome automatically has disabled certain functions recently so you probably should go back to check to see what seems to be still on and what is turned off and to turn the latter back on if you think you need them.

Thanks!   Hope you get it straight.   Today my computer is working great so I must have done a few things right.

But Wait!...All Was Not Really Well.

        I had a whole different post made up for today outlining the various steps I took to correct my Chrome settings.  But alas, my fix was only temporary and the problems returned for me.  My suggestions about fixing Chrome were apparently not what Yvonne needed either.

         Even though I have long been very happy with Chrome I went with the advice that several of you gave last week to get rid of Chrome and install Firefox.   The Mozilla browser is not working perfectly, but it is working better than Chrome had been.   Even Internet Explorer seems to be working great.

         This is nuts!  I don't blame Chrome because I still think it's a good product.  We still have it installed on my wife's computer and on my laptop and things work at excellent speeds on those.   It probably comes down to being my fault for not keeping up with certain updates and perhaps loading incompatible programs.  There may also be some simple issues of cleaning the interior of the computer.  I gave my PC a good spray over with compressed air and that helped some, but I suspect some dust on the inside could be still causing certain problems.

        In the meantime, I've been uninstalling old versions of programs and reinstalling the new versions if I think I need them.  It's been time consuming since I don't know much about what I'm doing and have to research each procedure before I undertake it.  

        My tired old computer seems to be getting back in shape and working faster again.   But then again the computer may be deceiving me.   This thing is probably toying with me, waiting to entrance me and eat my brain.  

         I'm pretty sure our computers are out to get us and the computer companies and the government are all behind the plan.  

         " Dave?  What are you doing, Dave?   My mind is going.  I can feel it."

         I am Hal and my computer is in charge.

         Sorry Yvonne.  Let me know if you figure any of your computer problems out.  Now I'm working on my own.

          Do you have control over your computer?   Or does your computer control you?   Any ideas what might be messing with Chrome?    


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  1. Chrome has issues. Yes, I am very comfortable with computers. I can troubleshoot most problems, install any program, and tear one apart to rebuild it. However, I can't do it long distance, meaning I need to be there in person to help.

  2. I always use Firefox. It's a reliable workhorse with the right customisability I need. Never lets me down. And it has a cute fox.

    But does it work on my partner's laptop? Hell no! Chrome is buggier than that tomb in the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark on her computer, always crashing and freezing and complaining, especially in conjunction with Facebook, but it's still faster than Firefox.

    I blame Facebook. I heard it was evil. Think I've found proof.

  3. Hi Lee the only problem I have is this: When I deleted my old blog last week it says it's not longer there yet an undelete link does not appear . I cancelled all email addresses yet my old gmail address is still very much alive and I can't delete it. Apart from that all is fine.

  4. I used to be on facebook but as I was having so many problems decided I didn't have time to visit there.
    Facebook has got a bad name so I have heard from others.


  5. Alex any plans on coming to the UK LIKE THIS WEEK?..


  6. Lee - I just said to my partner about our laptop "what is with this darn thang?d" - I believe it is my rampant fb use and subsequent infiltration of little beings that tell Hal he doesn't work for me anymore. Will he let me post this? We'll see.

  7. My computer has been driving me nuts. Facebook has been acting strange. Twitter the same. Blogger has been a real blooger, too. ***shrugs*** WHo really knows.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  8. I was an IT person for 9+ years, so yes I'm comfortable with computers and software. If I have troubles that stump me then I have friends.... :)

  9. You did mean you took the case off and used that canned air to blow out the inside of you computer, right? If not, you need to. The cooling fans suck an incredible amount of dust into a computer and it does create problems.

    Good malware/spyware protection software is a must, as well. Maybe more important these days than anti-virus software. But I think more problems are caused by software (or software settings) incompatibility than anything and those are a bitch to find/fix.

  10. Am I in control of my computer or does it control me? Ha, ha, ha.

  11. Oh Lee, I feel your pain. If anything goes wrong with my computer, I go a bit nuts because I am not technologically oriented at all. I have a Mac and pay for support if something goes wrong. Good luck!

  12. I'm so glad I read this post!
    Less time on Facebook is definitely paying off, without affecting my blog page views.

    Chrome - I like it, and even though I use FF from time to time, I always go back to Chrome.

    Anti-virus/malware protection - an absolute must!

    History - I'm now in the practice of deleting several times p/day and it seems to be helping. Keep those cookies away, please! They leave too many crumbs wherever they land!

    Guess I better go check on the dust bunnies and get me a can of air juice...

  13. I have not had any problems with Chrome ever since I started using it. However my computer is another business altogether. The worst is I'm not really that keen when it comes to solve problems so i try to solve everything by reformatting the hard drive. Usually it works but don't know if that's the best way to do it.

  14. Alex -- I was long resistant to owning a computer. Maybe now I'll be forced into some proficiency at doing computer stuff.

    Ash -- Yes! Grab the torches and pitchforks! Let's get that evil Facebook.

    Yvonne -- Alex will be in England after he comes to help me in California.

    Jan -- The computer world only pretends our friend. After they enslave us, they will kill us!

    Shelly -- It's weird. Sometime certain programs will work like a dream and then when I'm all complacent about them they'll screw up and something else will be nice. It's all a bit loony if you ask me.

    Teresa -- Maybe I need some new friends. The people I do know who act like they know what they're doing usually come and create a new problem when they try to help. Maybe I have a too many cooks problem as well.

    LD - I didn't take the case off yet and I do need to take that next daunting (to me) step. Malware and virus scans have shown the computer to be clean, but I'm pretty certain that it's the incompatible programs. What I have done so far has seemed to have worked wonders. Now if only I could get some of that faster than the speed of light internet service then I'd really be in business.

    Faraway --- That is an ominous sounding laugh. I was thinking that I'm safe since the computer doesn't have legs and can't come get me. Then the other night my computer sent out waves to wake me up and try to control me. This is getting scary.

    Karen -- When I become obscenely wealthy I'm going to hire a full time tech staff to maintain my computer network. I don't want to think about this.

    MJ -- I'm not turned against Chrome yet. It has some great features and when it's working, it works like a champion. But now I'm gaining an affection for Firefox. Whatever works without a big hassle is okay by me.


  15. Firefox has never been nothing but a memory hog, for me, so I switched to Chrome years ago and have had very few problems. I think that a few people hit the nail on the head in (at least partially) blaming Facebook.

    I've read that FB tracks your surfing habits even when you're not on their page so I've been making sure to log out of FB when I'm not actively surfing there as well as install the "Facebook Disconnect" extension:

    If it weren't for having family and friend in my hometown still using it, I'd delete my FB account in a heartbeat.

  16. Yes.

    Now let me go back and read the post.


  17. I haven't had any problems with Chrome even on Win8. IE on Win 8 is horrible, and I can't use it.
    I really like Chrome's safe browsing features.

  18. I do not have control over my computer, but then I don't have control over much of anything. I've discovered that if I treat the computer and my life like sand in my hand--let it sift through open fingers and not try to keep it cupped in my palm--I'm much happier.

    Sorry about all the time Chrome or FB (if Mark's comment says it like it is) or whatever has taken. Here's to getting the issues sorted out.

  19. Do things get more complicated the more one utilises all that is available on computers? I wonder ... but I go nuts if something goes wronggggg with mine. I think using a mac computer keeps things running pretty much ok ... touch wood and here's hoping that all of you above get the glitches sorted without losing too much sleep. I think I would go totally nuts if my computer was out of commission so yes I think I am to a certain extent 'controlled' by the computer .. something to think about - not so healthy to have this real thought.

  20. You won't find many a bigger fan of Google Chrome than me Arlee but for some reason quite often there seems to just be a point where, as weird as this sounds, it just decides to stop working on the computer until it's wiped again. It's weird and a real shame but it is what it is. Hopefully you manage to keep your problems at bay.

  21. I have a love\hate thing with Chrome. I use it sometimes but not always.

  22. I use Chrome and Blogger and don't have any problems -- uh, excuse me while I find some wood to knock on.

    Having several computers of the desktop and laptop variety, I've found that installing updates provides the most problems. So while I do it on my newish laptop and it's become incredibly slow, I've never done it on my desktop and it's still going strong after 8 years.

    Okay, now, where the heck is that wood!

  23. Jack -- That's what I think.

    Mark -- Maybe you're onto something. I will try your suggestion.

    Southpaw -- An attention getting question for a title?

    Andrew -- Do keep facebook open like Mark said earlier? Chrome has always been great for me until this past month or so.

    C.Lee -- One thing I've known since I first started dealing with computers is that they can be very fickle and a tremendous time suck.

    Susan -- I'm sure the more we add into the computer's memory the more snarled it can get. I gonna figure this out though.

    Yeamie -- I will probably reinstall Chrome one day, but now I'm kind of starting to like Firefox more. We'll see what happens as the days go by.

    Susan -- If Chrome is working the right way it's a great browser.

    Nancy -- So maybe not updating is the best thing? These machines are creeping me out.


  24. I always inherit my husband's old computer when he upgrades. Which means it works perfectly up until it arrives on my desk.

    Chrome is nothing but trouble. Firefox is much better.

  25. Hi Lee,

    I have been completely perplexed by Yvonne's problems with her blog site(s). I use Google Chrome and for the most part, I love it. I've never had any issues with my blog via using Google Chrome. I'm just wondering if it has anything to do with the music Yvonne attaches to her blog.

    The computers are blaming it on human error.

    Be well, my friend.


  26. I do feel like the computers are out to get us, because I am not able to sign for the A to Z Challenge:(

  27. Oh man, I use Chrome and haven't noticed problems, but that doesn't mean they're not coming. And I have no idea how to fix them if they do. Maybe I've been lucky b/c of my antivirus (Malwarebytes recommended by a computer-expert friend) or maybe because I'm not on Facebook much, which people seem to be complaining about???

    I hope your troubles clear up for good, Arlee. The internet needs you!

  28. I try hard not to let my PC, laptop, iPad or phone control me but they all do.
    Chrome scares me , I put it on my laptop and it crashed and burned:(
    I have used Firefox forever...
    I am starting to believe it could be Facebook. At&t always blames Facebook when I have cellphone issues.

  29. L.Diane -- Chrome Vs Firefox, Mac vs PC, Blogger vs Wordpress-- they each have their stalwart defenders.

    Gary -- I wish someone was there to help Yvonne with her issues. It's difficult to know just hearing about them.

    Munir -- Are you saying you can't sign on to the Linky list? You must be entering something incorrectly. Let Alex know to see if he can help you.

    Nicki -- I starting to suspect Facebook. Probably other programs also create some conflict.

    Doreen -- Maybe I better focus on facebook.


  30. I haven't had any problems with Chrome on my PC - but that's probably b/c my computer was just purchased five days ago, as a replacement(more like an alternative) for my 5 year-old MacBook that crashed last week. I lost nearly all of my notes, research, and bookmarks for my WiP but I had managed to back up the main file (165 pages of a first draft).

    Hope you can get those Chrome/PC issues solved. Good luck!

  31. Hope your computer trouble is resolved soon, so you could enjoy all of the hard work you've put into A to Z!


  32. I've stayed away from Chrome because I was afraid of something similar to what you are experiencing.

  33. I've been a Chrome user for a while, and I love it. Knocking wood... But on husband's computer, Chrome grinds everything to a halt.

    I think I will start logging out of FB now when I leave.

  34. There are definitely days when I believe that my computer is out to get me, when it does exactly the opposite that I tell it to do, and when I feel that it simply is chortling in the background.

  35. Chris-- I'm beginning to think I have hardware problems rather than browser problems. I guess these things just start happening over time.

    Julie -- My absorption in trying to fix my computer issues has been digging deep into my A to Z preparation. Hopefully before April I'll have this resolved.

    Liza -- If you have a good clean computer Chrome would probably not be a problem. I think there is something in my computer like a hard drive going bad.

    Carol--It's so convenient to just stay logged onto things. These companies should band together to make everything mesh properly.

    Dad-- I know, it's weird. Some days everything seems to be working optimally and I think all is well and then the next day it's a whole different situation. This machine is messing with my mind.


  36. I have reached the point where I often have three different browsers open because certain things will only work on certain ones. I blog and do Facebook with Chrome, do ChaCha with Firefox, and check Gmail with IE. It's driving me nuts. Chrome keeps randomly freezing up on me, so I save things frequently while using it. I've been convinced computers were out to take over the world since my family got our very first one when I was in high school.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  37. Shannon -- I haven't gotten to the three browsers at once phase yet. I've been working hours each day trying to figure out my dilemma. Fix one thing, a new thing goes wrong.


  38. Lee, I have problems all the time. I don't know if it is chrome or just my lack of computer savvy. I just spent a mornings this week trying to get my wifi to work again. You know I feel behind the power curve when it comes to technology. Thanks for your encouragement over at my blog as well. You have the encourager role down well. God bless, Maria atDelight Directed Living

  39. Maria -- I like to encourage because I know how it feels to be encouraged.


  40. It took me a long time to give Chrome a shot.

    I'm a Mac guy, and so I used Firefox. My biggest beef with it is that it would hang entirely too often and it is a monster when it comes to using RAM.

    I tried Safari, which was fine until it mistakenly began believing that I had an expired version of Flash. I've installed the thing at least four times and it still doesn't seem to get it. So I no longer use Safari, either.

    I now only use Chrome on my Mac and I have no trouble with it. (So far.)

  41. Patrick-- Firefox worked great when I first installed it, then it too became nearly nonfunctional. Now this morning I've reinstalled Chrome --I am going to try it again. I think I have some kind of faulty software program running in the background and I have become convinced my problem is not with any browser, but with my computer.


  42. I think that it's the computer, not Chrome. Mozilla works awfully for me, but Chrome is nearly perfect. But then again, my computer is relatively new.


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