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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ask Arlee: Are You Ready for the A to Z Challenge?

The Big Question  

    Yes, someone actually asked me if I was ready for the A to Z Challenge which begins next Monday April 1st.   In fact, more than one person has asked me that.  What a silly question!  I'm one of the bloggers running this thing.   I should be ready shouldn't I?

       Well, I'm not.  Not really.  Kind of ready, but not as ready as I'd like to be.  Not as ready as I was in the two previous years.

       Tons of computer problems have been plaguing me and various life issues have been diverting my time away from A to Z.  Good news is that it looks like my computer issues have been fixed (for now at least).  I did the disk reformat and reinstalled my hard drive and the machine is working almost like new.  I probably will need to replace a fan that is getting noisy, but otherwise I've never seen this baby working so fast.

        And contrary to about half of those who advised me, I reinstalled Chrome and having no problems whatsoever.  Everything is working faster than ever.  Let's hope it stays that way for a while.

        So bottom line is that I have very few posts prepared and will be shooting these off as I go.   Before my problems started inundating me I had signed all four of my blogs as I did last year.   I'm going to try to keep up, but if I have to drop a few then so be it.

How Do I Follow a Blog on a Platform Different than the one I'm on?

       This is another question that was addressed to me.   My A to Z Ambassador Judy Raiser from Raising the Curtain took on this question and is providing the answer at the A to Z Blog.  Be sure to stop over to find out the answer.

A Reminder Will Be Coming Your Way

        Just in case anyone has forgotten that the A to Z Challenge starts next Monday, the A to Z Team of co-hosts will be sending out some reminder emails with a few suggestions to help you along your way.  I hope you are all more ready than I am to put up your first posts A through F during that first week.

        After the Challenge starts, many of you who are prepared with pre-written posts will be on auto-pilot as you cruise on through the list visiting all sorts of bloggers.  Good luck to you and congratulations on being so well organized.

       The main thing is have fun with it all and I hope you find this year's Challenge to be very rewarding.  I'll be back on Friday when I will announce my A to Z theme for Tossing It Out.

        Are you ready to go?

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  1. Hope Chrome keeps working properly for you.
    I finished writing my posts last weekend. Then I decided to add something, and now I'm working on them again. Might be my most ambitious theme yet!

  2. Hopefully you get everything sorted out in time for the challenge Lee, I really can't wait to find out your theme and read your posts so hopefully these stumbling blocks reduce in size for a day or two to give you a chance. It's so close now, can't wait!

  3. Sorry about all the computer problems you've had to deal with. Hopefully things will run smoothly now. Have fun with the A-Z Challenge.

  4. Computer problems "eeek"...I am glad that it's okay now.

  5. Am I ready? If by that do you mean do I have 26 posts ready? Nope. I have maybe ten but I do have ideas! That's a good thing!

  6. I am ready to go! I have 25 of the 26 posts already written. Looking forward to the challenge as always!

  7. Lee, good on Chrome etc .. may those glitch days be a thing of the past.
    Thank you for this post - I checked out the link you advised about wordpress and blogger and found that extremely useful thank you. I immediately forwarded it onto my son (1200 kms away) to check that my wp and blogger are compatible, which he assures me, are.
    Well done to all you others who are so organised! I am on the 'C' .. I write as doc on microsoft word, then copy it to drafts on my blog.
    Yikes, is Monday April 1st?

  8. i am not ready if that means having them all written already---hoping your computer continues well!

  9. I'm as ready as I'm going to be and looking forward to it...should be fun :)

  10. As a matter of fact I am almost ready - just four more letters which I hope to complete before Monday, maybe even sooner. I have actually become more organized each year (this is my 3rd)so I am feeling pretty pleased with myself :)

    Glad you got your computer problems sorted out.

  11. Alex-- Look forward to your April theme.

    Yeamie -- My problems will probably never be totally sorted out, but that's entirely a different issue.

    Susanne -- Life never runs totally smoothly from my experience. Always something new coming along.

    Lacey -- Fingers crossed.

    Gracie -- Ideas! Love ideas!

    Gregg -- You are an inspiration in more ways than one.

    Susan -- Can you believe it! Almost time to start Christmas shopping.

    Lynn-- There are things worse than not having posts already written. You can still have fun with it.

    Mark -- Ready as you'll ever be sounds fine to me.

    MsHatch-- Sounds like you are on the right track.


  12. I must thank you for that post in the A-Z blog. I didn't know how to follow Wordpress blogs. Not sure if I understand the Linky thing but will find out soon enough.

  13. sorry about the computer issues ughh
    We appreciate all the hard work you and your team are putting into this.

    Ready to push the comment button on Monday

  14. Hi Lee - In the likely event I add my name to your very long list of participants I will do what I did in 2011 - wing it.

    It was the best! I loved the adrenalin rush and I found it was everything a challenge should be...for me that is. I know folks are encouraged (and like) to be ready with prewritten posts - but truth is there is something quite exhilarating about seeing a letter and going with what comes to mind.

    So...if you don't have more than a couple of posts ready I think that's awesome - you're going to love the spontaneity of it...yes, you will. (in the event you are doubting me...hehehehe).

    I look forward to seeing what you "toss" our way this April.

    Good luck, and I'm happy to read your computer is ready too!


  15. My men are amassed on the border, waiting for the go ahead.

  16. Lee, I know what you mean about Life jumping up and messing with your Plans. Gah. I have written through the letter "G." My intention was to be DONE by now. So, I feel your pain here. I keep telling myself that I can certainly write two or three posts EVERY DAY and get this thing done and yet... some days it happens and other days, nope. Clearly most days - nope. And here we are. So, I am really going to try and devote some time to this before Monday. I also want to try and give some time over to making my blog "followable" per the blog just put out today on the Main Page. Seems like there is always so much to do...

  17. Al Diaz -- And I thank my Ambassador Judy Raiser for contributing that informational post to the site. Glad it helped you.

    Leslie -- Thank you!! Have a great A to Z!

    Jenny -- The spontaneity will be nothing new as that's how I did the first Challenge. It should be an adrenalin rush for sure.

    Mood -- Ready for the assault! It will be coming from all sides with many armies.

    Robin -- I guess if we didn't have a lot to do we'd be doing nothing. Hmmm--that doesn't sound so bad right now. Oh to just sit and veg out in front of the TV for a while.


  18. Hope you get everything sorted, Arlee. I just came across this challenge, and I'm really looking forward to it!


  19. Glad to hear you have sorted out the computer issues. I have written A-D so far and hope to get through the rest of the alphabet this weekend. Either way, just being a week or so ahead will be helpful. This is my first A-Z challenge and I'm really excited about it.

  20. Lee-

    Sorry to hear your PC issues are still plaguing you.

    I had my posts done before I signed up, and had I not been close to that I'd have been hesitant to sign up.

    Since I spend so much time in front of a PC for a living, to then feel obligated to do so in my free time would not sit well (even though I do usually turn the thing on after work).

    I think I found some pretty obscure stuff that will have readers scratching their heads...


  21. I'm looking forward to reading all the blogs from my favourite bloggers as well as from lots of new people if I can manage lots of visits, there are so many. I don't have any ninjas or clones like Alex does.


  22. Oh Lee - yes and ditto that!!! Computer failed, projects lining up, changes found when I tried to put a badge up because with my new address email etc... I am an author but not an administrator - GAH! Think I got some of that figured out but really??? There is only me on the blog. But I'm ready. I'm signed up and I got the badge loaded and I put a link for folks to look at and now I just need to decide a theme. Last year I just used the fickle finger of fate in the dictionary and wrote a story that came out of wherever my finger landed - the year before a lexicon of writerly traits - this year??? I'll figure it before April 1! And those of you who write and load them all ahead. JEEZ!

  23. Hi Lee,
    I'm going to fly by the seat of my pants!
    Good luck to you, i look forward to reading your posts.

  24. Sorry that you've had so many problems, and I hope that your computer continues to run smoothly now. Thanks for all of the pointers that you've provided for us, and I know whatever you write will be worthwhile!


  25. Ack! Computer problems suck. Glad they are clearing up in time for April!

  26. DL -- I should be better after April 1 starts.

    Joanne -- Glad you found us!

    Shell-- If I can stay a week ahead I'll be happy.

    Larry -- I like obscure stuff. Challenge me.

    Jo -- Visiting is the biggest challenge of all.

    Jan -- The prepared people are just bragging.

    Maria -- I'm sure I'll be flying in much the same way.

    Julie -- If the writing isn't worthwhile I hope it's at least there.

    SouthPaw -- I like life to be easy, but it rarely is.


  27. Good luck, Lee. I'm sure even your ad libbed posts will be great.

  28. Hi Arlee,

    Firstly, I use Chrome and have no problems with it at all.

    Secondly, I hope all will be well in your personal life.

    Thirdly, this is my 3rd year doing the A-Z challenge, but my first entering two blogs. Fortunately, I have almost finished pre-scheduling the posts for both blogs. So I'll have the time exclusively for visiting other blogs.

    All the best with yours, hope it goes great!

    (Testing out my new links for the challenge!)
    Keep Calm and A-Z
    An A-Z of learning English

  29. Greetings human Lee,

    My human loves Chrome. It's so simple to use and believe me, simple is best for him.

    Now then, I'm wishing you and all those involved in the A to Z, much fulfilment and positive interaction.

    And yes, our good natured satirical alternatives to this challenge, shall be ready to go.

    All the very best, my human friend.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  30. Glad to know your troubles are behind you, Lee!

    All the best for AZ :)-- of my two blogs I have only one post left to write for April, cos I have lots of traveling and home stuff to do.

  31. Hi Lee...excited, but not ready!
    Seems like obstacles are coming at me like space junk, but I'm hanging in there. If I made a list it would only lag me down. Let's just say hubby retired, daughter needs to go get her license, a Prom dress, me in an ART Walk..., etc.! April is going to be a wild ride. I'm looking forward to all the fun themes!
    Thanks for all you do :D

  32. My posts were written and scheduled two weeks ago. I'm going to need all the free time I can get during the A to Z.

  33. So glad you got your PC issues worked out, Lee!

  34. I'm still working on mine too. All the greats are too. HAAAHaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Best Wishes for a great run, Lee.

  35. I was having problems with Chrome myself the other day, in that it refused to load Google, though Firefox did fine with that.

    I've got all my posts written and edited so far, except for X. That post will probably be written sometime in April, before its date. I'm looking forward to discovering interesting new bloggers during the challenge.

  36. I always say I'm going to be ready. That I'm going to finish everything ahead of time.
    Yeah, never happens.
    I work better under pressure. :)


  37. LD -- Hope not too much ad libbing has to be done.

    Duncan - So far, so good. Things have been getting better of late.

    Penny -- Please keep your master in line and prolific with the A to Z satire.

    Damyanti -- I'll never say troubles are behind me, but just new ones to look forward to and hopefully not so troubling.

    Ella -- Your stuff sounds similar to my stuff except a bit different.

    L.Diane-- I started my posts a month ago, but then got sidetracked.

    Matthew-- I'm sure more will come someday, but hopefully at a more opportune time if there is such a thing.

    Teresa-- And all the best of A to Z-ing to you!

    Carrie -- X is often the sticky one that calls for some creative thinking.

    Heather -- I'm used to working under pressure even though I don't necessarily like it.


  38. I always have so much fun doing this challenge. Thanks.

  39. Got the email reminder. Thank you! Ready to go with EIGHT blogs! Mine are 475 - 483 on the A-Z list.

    Two of these blogs (Simply Snickers and The Meme Express) will offer DAILY writing/blogging prompts and A-Z words throughout the month of April. The Meme Express welcomes A-Zers to leave daily comments, linking back to their alphabetic posts.

    Thanks for hosting the A to Z Challenge! Here we go-o-o-o!

  40. @ Arlee - I am glad the A to Z challenge is going so well for you. I would like to take part, but I am stretched thin as it is with my other engagements.

    I wish you continued success.

    Thank you.

  41. Hi Lee, I am looking forward to my first A-Z Challenge - thanks for creating it! I just started following you. You can find me on
    See you around!

  42. I am ready - LOL at least as ready as planned to be. I am looking forward to it. I did have one question - Is there a time to start each new day? Being in New Zealand, I am a day ahead of the states.

  43. Hi Lee ... just about ready - written some, others decided and need to get them down ...

    I so enjoy the A-Z - and am so pleased you had the creativity to think up this challenge and involve so many along the way ..

    If Rhonda checks here .. any time if you're like me .. but I'm in the middle time zone ...

    The date should do it - first post is first of April ..

    Cheers to everyone and have fun .. Hilary

  44. Hi Lee, I'm writing from the UK and heard about your blogging challenge just a few days ago. It's come at a perfect time because in my business I do not practice what I preach (regular and frequent blogging!) so I'm all signed up and am looking forward to joining you all.
    Thanks so much for your fantastic idea and I hope your computer holds out!

    I'll be blogging over at

    Warm wishes

  45. Can totally relate to the computer woes. Have been battling those myself for far too long, many a time alongside internet connectivity woes. Landing here on Day 2 of the challenge, which I never knew existed until very recently. Spontaneously decided to jump although I'm totally unprepared as I wrote my 1st post 10 minutes before midnight to 1st April ! Good luck to you, me and everyone else participating in the challenge :)


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