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Friday, March 15, 2013

Meet Arlee's A to Z Ambassadors (Part 1)


      This year I am grateful to have some outstanding assistance to help me monitor my portions of the A to Z sign-up list.   These "Ambassadors" will be patrolling the list to make sure links are good and signed blogs are actually participating in the Challenge.  They will also be visiting participants to give encouragement with their comments.   This week we will get to know two of these Ambassadors.

Tim Brannan

I got into blogging around 2008 as a way to bring my old website "The Other Side" back to life and to work as a design diary for two books I was working on, "The Witch" and "Eldritch Witchery".  While as chance would have it I really got into blogging.  My blog, also named "The Other Side" was a general purpose gaming blog that focused on horror games and games from the "Old School Renaissance".  

I got involved in the A to Z challenge on a whim in 2011. I had no plan, no idea and no theme.  I loved every second of it.  Even the the days I struggled to find something.  Last year I turned it up a notch and submitted TWO blogs.  One the Other Side I did game reviews for each letter of the alphabet.  That worked great and kept me really busy. I also entered my then brand new blog The Freedom of Nonbelief where I did the A to Z of Atheism. That also went really well and I focused on some of the noted Atheist thinkers, bloggers and writers active today.  
I also used the A to Z to promote my book The Witch, which was going to be on sale that fall.  I started it and my blog together, I was going to have them help each other.
This year I am an Ambassador. Which I am reading as "cheerleader".  I make it a habit to go to every blog in a blog hop anyway and try to reply to some post.  The A to Z is no different, it just sometimes takes me a lot longer.  So being an Ambassador is a good for me really. Plus I love visiting all the blogs in the list.

Also this year I have two blogs participating.  I am doing this on The Other Side again, where I have a 2 themes. I need to decide which one to do. I also have a team blog I am part of participating, Red Sonja She Devil With a Sword which is dedicated to the comic character Red Sonja.  Every day will feature art from a different Sonja artist.  

I am hoping that two blogs in and being an ambassador will allow me to connect to a lot of new and exciting bloggers and maybe expose a little bit of my chosen hobby to the rest of the world.

The Freedom of Nonbelief,
Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword,


Judy started her blog, Raising The Curtain after stumbling on the A to Z Challenge blogsite in early March last yeat. She credits the Challenge with giving the impetus she needed to dip her toe into the blogging waters. Her blog is now reaching its 100th post and its first anniversary. Judy says she learned a lot during last year's Challenge having been one of the first to start and finish thanks to her Australian timezone.
Judy's characterizes her blog style as humorous wisdom. her philosophy is that laughter is important but is doubly effective if accompanied by a lesson or a message. The theme of her blog is looking at life at the cross roads of middle age. Judy provides a self-deprecating plank so that others can feel that they are not alone in navigating the swirling waters of what can only be described as a confusing time. Whilst you won't find all the answers to life's middle age puzzle through the blog, you may find just enough humour to get you through your next encounter with your teenage children or having to deal with the endless responsibilities that seem to converge at this time of life.

When not blogging, Judy lives with her husband and two teenage sons. She moonlights as a lawyer, media and journalism university student and Challenge Ambassador. A full plate on anyone's reckoning, but as the world turns... so do the transitional days of our lives.

         Next Friday we'll meet the rest of my team.

          Do you find your comment section to be kind of empty at times?   Would you like to get more comments?   How about getting 100 comments at least once in your blogging career?   

          If these are thoughts that have crossed your mind check out D.L. Hammons' post at Damyani's Daily (W)rite blog.  D.L. and Damyanti are two of the  A to Z Challenge co-hosts and they're interested in helping bloggers improve their blogs.  Be sure to visit D.L. Hammons at his blog Cruising Altitude 2.0 and while you're there sign up for his Blog Blitz and see your comments soar.  


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  1. Hey Tim and Judy!
    All signed up for DL's Blog Blitz. (Although I am good on the comments.)

  2. Hi Lee - good to meet two of your Ambassadors ... one new (Judy) .. and then Tim (who's been blogging for sometime) ... The Challenge is such a good experience for one and all ..

    Good to meet them - cheers Hilary

  3. I follow Tim - he's excited about helping you.

    Ready to help bombard someone with comments through DL's Blog Blitz.

  4. I am excited! I have the Red Sonja posts all done, but my posts for the other side...well maybe I need a cheerleader of my own. ;)

    Great to be doing this!

  5. cant wait. getting ramped up

    thanks for all the hard work

  6. Nice to meet your ambassadors Lee. As a Spunky's Soldier I am looking forward to the A to Z this year.


  7. Very nice to meet you, Tim and Judy.

  8. I even updated my A to Z banner on The Other Side in honor of this post.

    (oh and trying out my new sig for this challenge too.)

    Tim Brannan
    The Other Side and The Witch
    Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

  9. Great to be introduced to some of this year's ambassadors already Lee, with this team this year's challenge is going to be even more successful than the ones of the past which alone is exciting, can't wait to see who else is on the team.

  10. I've met Tim, but I don't think I've met Judy. Better hop on by there and introduce myself. I'm a minion for Diane Wolf and this is my first A-Z. Looking forward to it!

  11. Hi everyone, it's nice to be introduced and meet you all. I was thrilled when Arlee chose me as one of his ambassadors for the 2013Challenge. Such a great way to meet new bloggers and stumble on some quality blogs. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the Challenge, but unlike Tim, my preparation is not quite so advanced. I will be starting to schedule my Challenge post over the weekend.

    And I apologise to all the Blogger bloggers as I am a WordPress blogger. I see Arlee has adressed this issue in another post on this blog. I would love to find the answer to how to comment easily on alternative platform blogs. Google + gave me some hope, but it was shortlived.

    Anyway, Blogger or WordPress we are all in the Challenge together.

  12. Looks like you have some good help for the challenge this year.

    In other news... I dedicated a little something to you on the Thursday post. I hope you like it.

  13. Its sort of the calm before the storm so to speak. . . I wish your team well, I find it enough just to get all my own posts complete, but at least I am planning well ahead this year so hope to visit more blogs. I noticed the list has broken the 1000 barrier now so could reach last years sort of final count . . . . . very impressive

  14. You have a cool team, Lee, and I'm so glad we thought of support teams this year. I'd be lost without mine!

  15. Hi Tim n' Judy! I'm looking forward to getting to know you~ It should be a great year :D

    Thanks Lee ;D

  16. Hello to Tim and to Judy! CONGRATS on being on Arlee's team.

  17. Nice to meet Judy and Tim! I think it's a great idea having 'ambassadors' help out during A-Z. The list is huge, but it's also exciting.

  18. Great to 'meet' you Judy and Tim! Looking forward to this years challenge Lee, I think I missed last year. So far I have no ideas or plans, other than to have fun with it.

  19. My thanks to everyone who took the time time meet and great Tim and Judy. They've been doing a great job. Thanks to the both of you!


  20. This always turns out into an awesome event... can't wait.


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