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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Perception

    There are many good things in the world.  There are also bad things.  Then there is how each of us perceives either of the extremes.  I tend to be the optimist--the glass half full guy.  When somebody says "not possible" I might be apt to counter with "what if" or "maybe there's a way".

         I suppose there's a childlike way I view the world sometimes.  Sure, as some of you may have noticed in my blog posts, I can tend to appear pragmatic in my thinking at times, perhaps almost to the point of being too rigidly realistic or literal about some things.  I like to be cautious in my approach to many thoughts and deeds, but I can be a dreamer to the point of the ridiculous.

        It's probably much to do with upbringing--perhaps everything.   My mother was a storyteller and my father liked to dream big.  We always seemed to be looking toward the horizon for the next new thing, the adventure of what we could imagine.

        Then I think of a friend of mine who tends to look at the negative side of life much of the time.   I didn't know his parents very well, but in my experience with them his father seemed to be a rather grumpy fellow.  You could say it was a nice day and for him it was too hot, too cold, or not a perfect day in some way.  My friend's mother conversely was a cheery lady who seemed to be lost in a happy world of her own mind.

         My friend--the by-product of two different personalities--is now a slightly happier-seeming version of his old man.   But maybe I see it this way because my friend is my long-time friend and I never really knew his father.  Perhaps if his father had been my friend I would have had a whole different perception of the guy.

        Life is what we make it based on how we perceive it.   If we've got something to look forward to then we keep at it.   I don't ever want to be the kind of person who plops down in hopelessness and gives up.  Life is too rich.

My Photo        Recently I met a very cool guy who is a member of a writer's group I joined a year ago.   At 90 years of age Jack Eiden is ready for the next 100 years.  He's got two epic novels in the closing stages and will be shopping these around soon.   He published a novelette in 2000 and learned how to build his own website so he could promote that book. 

         Lately Jack and I have been putting together a blog for our writers group.   I encourage you to stop by the Writers Workshop West blog and take a look around.   It's currently still a work in progress that needs to be taken before the membership before we finalize how we will proceed with it.  If you would, please stop in and leave a comment on any post so our membership can see the potential of blog interaction and networking This will be a new concept for many of these writers.

         In developing this blog, Jack became inspired to start his own blog in preparation for expanding his platform and to eventually be able to showcase his upcoming books.   I hope you will take some time to drop by the blog of Jack Eiden Author Relapsed and provide him some encouragement.   Become a follower of his blog and welcome him into our blogging community. 

           Are you a member of a local writers group?   Does the group have a blog or a website?   Have you encouraged others to start a blog?

           Again, please visit these sites, Writers Workshop West and Author Relapsed, to welcome them to the world of blogging and encourage them in their endeavors.   Thank you all!

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  1. I encouraged the Kuantan Curry House restaurant downstairs to start a blog, and I helped them set it up! That was cool!

  2. No, not part of a local writer's group. Just the IWSG!
    That's really cool about Jack. Will stop by and welcome him.
    My father was military and rather rigid in his ways. Fortunately, my brother became more like him and I more like my mother. Maybe that's what happens when you're the youngest.

  3. I always encourage people to write and love the idea of Jack writing and pushing himself the way he does... he seems like a man that I would truly get along with!

  4. Wonderful post Lee and good luck to Jack.
    I've been blogging since 2006/2007 and love it but with the problems I've had not sure whether to introduce anyone to blogging.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  5. I've just followed Jack :-) I used to be rather pessimistic, and I also suffered constant anxiety over the future. But I'm learning to just take one day at a time, enjoy what I have at the moment...and I'm so much happier!

  6. No, I am not part of a writer's group. I was once. I will definitely stop by and say hi to Jack.

    I remember Jack's recent blog bit about his "writing addiction", and it was really quite good. It was very long (can you believe I - of all people - am saying that?), but I enjoyed it very much.

    Sometime later, after work today, I will return and sign up to 'Follow' Jack's blog. I hope the rest of his stuffs is as good as that first post I read. (I also hope you're feeling quite a bit better these days, McBuddy! Yak Later...)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. Duncan-- It certainly can't hurt for a business to start a blog if they can maintain it properly and in many cases it can help.

    Alex -- I liked Jack's "About Me" section where he talks about his military experience. Thanks for supporting his blog.

    Dad -- He is an inspiration.

    Yvonne -- There can be problems with anything we do in life, but that doesn't mean we should give up on them. I hate being defeated by the hassles of life.

    Li -- Worry can make you sick. And it rarely accomplishes anything unless you take action to overcome the problems that cause the worry.

    Karen -- He tells some great stories. Now he needs to make them a bit shorter for the purpose of blogging.

    StMc -- I've been battling my computer, but not letting it defeat me. I sure have been wearied of late from dealing with it all. I still have to finish the recent series you posted.


  9. I've been looking for a local writing group, but haven't been able to find one down here.

    Your friend sounds a bit like me. My dad..I'd call him more 'realistic' than a pessimist..sort of sounds like your friend's dad. So I grew up with him and my mom who was the total opposite...always looking on the bright side. I guess I'm a little of both...

  10. Although I've noticed your pragmatic view - my perception given I'm a bit of a lost-in-the-head kind of girl sometimes lol!! - I've often taken you the way many take me, as the catalyst for thoughts to expand beyond what is spoonfed or the one to risk expounding upon the "devil's advocate" side of a conversation to make people see the truth of "two sides to every story".

    You know, a tinkerer of thinking.

    Will check out these blogs mentioned. I'm trying to get a coworker to start her own blog. She's a make-up obsessive person though she doesn't wear much herself. It would be great to see her flourish discussing something she enjoys an sharing it with others online.

  11. Love this post Lee, I've introduced two friends to blogging but neither have stayed committed. The idea of a local writing group, love that one.

  12. My mother was so negative! I know it influenced me when I was younger. Took a heavy duty reading program to change the way I thought. Since then I have been accused of being way too optimistic. But it beats the alternative.

  13. I do belong to a local writer's group. We've managed a Facebook page but not a blog. I'll have to suggest that.

    Jack reminds me of my dad. At 85 he bought 26 acres of land a pickup truck and taught himself to drive a tractor.

  14. Not part of a writer's group because I don't consider myself a writer. WTG to Jack for proving that one can be very productive, no matter how old one might be!

    hopping over to check out his blog


  15. Mark -- If opposites attract as is said, perhaps it's to produce better balanced offspring.

    Angela -- I think there are many out there who could provide interesting information about their specialties on a blog.

    Yeamie -- I've seen a few people start blogging and fall by the wayside. It's something that takes a commitment.

    L.Diane -- Negativity does not serve the world well. A positive outlook moves us forward.

    LD -- I like the blog concept since writing samples can be presented well.

    Betty -- Never let the mind go fallow is my way of looking at it.


  16. I'm not part of a writer's group. My town doesn't even have a street light - just a coffee house and bar :)

    And life is way too short not to see the bright side of things. These days, I'm always looking forward. Sounds like you had a great childhood - lucky you!

    I'll stop by those new blogs now:)

  17. Writers groups are important and I belong tonone. Ill stop by the links and say hello to those two groups.

  18. I have belonged to sev. writers' groups, but have become more removed and independent. Time constraints, I suppose.

    Heading over to those sites you mentioned. You are a good man, Lee.

  19. Gwen -- Over all my whole life has been pretty good. For that I am very thankful.

    Stephen -- It's good to have a place where a writer can get some feedback and support.

    Susan --Aw, thank you for that kind thought.


  20. Hi Lee, I agree with you about perspective. I have tried to inculcate into my kids the concept by making their mantra, "Atitude A everyday." I will stop by the blogs you mentioned and leave a comment. Jack sounds like an interesting guy. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living

  21. I visited your friend's blog. Wow. He is a great writer. Now following. I bet he is full of amazing stories. Can't wait to read them:)

  22. Hi Lee, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now a new follower. We have some things in common. I also am in California (north of you)and I love blogging too. :-)

  23. Arlee, thank you so much for introducing me to Jack. What wonderful stories he has to tell. A real pleasure.

  24. I enjoyed Jack's story so much. Marisa's poetry was lovely too. The one following on from hers - Am not my comment was published.
    But thanks Lee -

  25. Maria -- What you're doing is good. So many kids are growing up with a resentment within them.

    Robin -- I hope Jack begins to focus on some memoir material. He has a storehouse I'm sure.

    Coffee -- So good to have made your acquaintance.

    Faraway -- thanks for showing a new blogger some support.

    Susan - Lost you at the end of the comment. Thanks for stopping by.


  26. Lee you are a great guy and a great friend

  27. I loved Jack's post on that group and got so excited I told everyone I could on that day :)

  28. I've tried to convince some groups to make blogs, but it didn't work.


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