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Friday, February 3, 2012

One Comment and Some Other Comments

       Today I'm going to continue with my quest started a couple weeks ago to examine the comments left on my post Where Am I Now Anyway?.   My previous posts about the comment analysis can be found here and here.

       But first I have a few bits of A to Z business before I talk about the comment topic.

       Kathleen from Living 2012 submitted a video to the A to Z Video contest.   If you haven't seen this yet then you should check it out:

         Pretty cool video, eh?  We're taking video submissions until March 11th so you've got time, but we're also impatient and want to see more now.  Send us some videos!  Rules for the Video contest can be found on the A to Z Blog.

         Did you see the great write-up by Alana at Writercize?   You can read it here.

         Saturday and Sunday on the A to Z Blog there will be some more helpful information and news about the Challenge happenings.  In fact, there is something to see there every day.   Please continue to check with that site and if you haven't already, please like us on Facebook and become a follower of the blog.

         Have you seen the A to Z Twitter newspaper managed by A to Z Team member Damyanti Biswas?  You can find it at  The #atozchallenge Daily.  It's filled with more interesting news--an ideal introduction to the Challenge so email the link to your friends and post it on your site.   In other words, keep spreading the A to Z Challenge news.    If you're on Twitter there is an A to Z account: @AprilA2Z  and there's the hashtag #atozchallenge.  Tweet it everywhere if you would.

        And that's about all I can think of for now.  Since I had so much A to Z news, let me close out with just one comment with my comment about that comment:

        Blogger mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Your past is now present in my presence and I will ruminate on your rumblings in my immediate future .. so .. your past will influence my future. If you are still present in the universe, thank you. By the time you read this I will already be IN my future and your present words from the past will be in MY past. My head hurts. Is there a reset button?
January 4, 2012 9:20 AM

        Delores is a writer who appears to be in my stylistic camp of literary composition.    Look at the alliteration and the poetic use of words such as "ruminate on your rumblings".   This is the kind of writing that I often lean toward and Delores has mastered it in this short passage.  She has delightfully mingled the wordplay of the multiple nuances of the words "present"   and "future".  I felt the time shift in the reading of her words.  But Delores is right about the discombobulating effect, especially if you read the passage like a tongue twister.

       What the heck am I talking about anyway!  Good job, Delores.

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  1. Great informative blog Lee. Wish I was into video making but alas I have no camcorder. Looking forward to the A to Z in April.


  2. We have some awesome co-hosts with some great ideas this year!

  3. There's a lot going on in Blog Town.


  4. I agree with Journaling Woman. There is a lot going on in Blog Town.

  5. I've never been analyzed before Arlee. For a minute there, when I saw my profile picture, I thought I had annoyed you and you were going to blast me in public. Phew! I am reminded to be very very careful about my commnents lol.

  6. Amazing comment from Dolores, that lady sounds like she's got writing talent in a serious abundance. Great video submission too Lee, this challenge is going to be good.

  7. Ha, Kathleen steals the show.

    Have a great weekend Lee.

  8. I think we're just getting started! I have some great ideas I'm working on for next week.

  9. Love the video! I hope she gets jewelry for J and not jello.

  10. Hello.
    I am an aspiring, writer, artist, and father. I have come to this world/scene/culture of blogging just within the last week. And I am now addicted.

    I will be attempting the A to Z challenge... and look forward to it. I may do each letter spur of the moment, stream of conscious, come what may.

    That is a hilarious video submission by the way!

  11. So, evidently my linky list subscription expired and I can no longer access the list. Any thoughts on this one?

  12. Great video, Kathleen! Thanks for all the information, Lee. I just might have to try my hand at a video. :-) Have a great weekend!

  13. Kathleen has missed her calling. She should be in New York or Hollywood... or at least on a stage somewhere. Maybe she is. Hmmm...

  14. hah, I don't think I want to be analyzed...gearing up for A to Z :)

  15. The video rocked! As for the comment on a comment, my head is spinning... If that is the desired effect on your readers. Mission accomplished!

    When you read this comment, hopefully my future self will be back to normal. Have a great weekend, past, present, and future version of Lee!

  16. A to Z is so much bigger than I realized. Here I thought I'd just be blogging...

  17. I guess I'm losing track! I thought I had been responding to comments and now I'm up to 16 comments with no responses. Sorry if I rush through this, but I've read every comment and appreciate all of them. Here's a few responses though:

    Delores -- comment away! Your comments are always enjoyed even when they are analyzed.

    J. Fields -- Welcome to the world of blogging. The A to Z Challenge should be a great way to kick things off for you.

    Tracy Jo -- Please do try your hand at video. We want to see more.

    Theresa --Looking forward to your blogging in the Challenge. If your plan for April is as comprehensive as the plans you outlined on your recent blog post, you'll be set to rock out the Challenge.


  18. I haven't done any vlogs or anything yet, but it's an idea that intrigues me! I do tend to make funny faces though, without even meaning to, when being recorded on video (probably while talking normally too).

  19. Such a cute video!

    Damyanti is rocking Twitter, I gotta' say.

    I love Delores's piece. I wonder if she has read E.E. Cummings.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  20. Cute video. I like how she got her family involved with the making of it. Hope she gets the jewelry she's looking for on J day.

  21. Trisha -- I have long been intrigued with the Vlog concept, but have yet to try. Although I did put up a video of one of my daughters taste testing pickled pigs feet.

    Shannon -- Damyanti's got some big Twitter ambitions--1000 followers! Hope she gets there.

    Susanne -- I'm hoping to see more videos like what Kathleen did. Nothing like getting the whole family involved and the kid's are usually more than willing.



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