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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When Things Don't Go Like They're Supposed To

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         Today I was supposed to have a post about Twitter and my observations on the first few days of using it.  Well, I changed my mind.   My plan now is to move that scheduled post until Friday--if all goes right.

          I was even announcing my Twitter post on Twitter over the past couple days.  Now I'm all red-faced that it's not gonna happen today.  But I will get to it.  And actually I'm not red-faced anyway.  I have my reasons.

          Weird computer issues.  Don't know what was going on yesterday, but I'm sure most of you have had issues like this before.  Actually I think it was Alex J Cavanaugh's fault by setting the blogosphere on fire with the release of CassaFire.  What a day for Alex, eh?  Congratulations on what seemed to be a very successful book launch.  Of course, I missed much of it dealing with whatever unexplained things I was dealing with.  Must have been Alex's fault,  Yeah, that's who I'll blame.  I don't think the Federal Duck would do anything like that.

         Then there is this new Blogger comment thing that seems to only be present in the pop up box.  No "subscribe to comments" option seems to be available.  I saw where others also mentioned this so it's not just me.  What's up with that?  It's difficult to keep track of the conversation without the notification and I can't keep track of where I've left my comments.  I hope Blogger fixes this.  Does anyone know what's going on with this?  The design of the pop-up box is even different now.

           Last time I looked you could still subscribe to comments with the embedded comment box, but so many people had said they were having problems with that system (and I used to as well until I started using Chrome) that I switched to the pop-up box.   Now I'm thinking I might change back--I like the possibility of interaction even though it usually didn't happen.  What's everyone else doing?

          I was also having problems with leaving comments on WordPress sites.  I would compose a wonderful comment, but then when I submitted it the comment just disappeared.  I thought it was just a fluke until it kept happening with every WordPress comment I left.  Now what's that about?  Did anyone else have any problems with that or is this something on my end?

         Twitter did see some action from me over the past couple days and that's what I really wanted to talk about.  Hopefully that will happen on Friday.   Although maybe anyone who saw my tweets about Federal Duck would just wish I'd shut up.   I'm serious about the Federal Duck issue.   Some out in Twitterland probably just thought those tweets were wise quacks.

          So now after a tedious day of frustrations I'm tired.  I'm ready to duck out of here and go to bed. Looks like I'm back on line, but now it's too late to do anything with it.  Tomorrow will be another day from where I stand (or actually sit), but for now tomorrow waits for today.  And ducks are birds too.

          And if all goes as planned, Federal Duck will be my Thursday topic on that other blog of mine--A Faraway View.   Quack!

           Did any of you experience the comment box problems that I mentioned above?   Are you on Twitter? If so, how do you use it and do you find it useful?

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  1. I haven't had problems with the comment box, yet. I probably just jinxed myself.

    Yes, blame Alex. It's all is fault. lol

    I am on twitter, but rarely use it. It can be a huge distraction sometimes.

  2. I noticed I could follow comments by email, it's very annoying, because like you I forget where I've posted comments. I'm getting fed up with the way Blogger, Facebook etc just randomly alter things that don't need changing!

  3. Hi Lee .. looking forward to your Twitter post .. and I'm sure Alex is the source of all problems - though Roland Yeomans did bring him back to earth.

    Re Blogger - I use Chrome and cannot (still) comment on embedded comment boxes. Pop up boxes are great for me.

    About a year ago I had problems with comments and actually started copying them before I hit the publish button - in case .. totally impractical I know - but it gave me peace of mind, instead of a sick stomach knowing my 'eloquent' post had disappeared. Don't think I've had problems with WP.

    Google changed my email to its new format .. without my asking, I changed it back, it has now once again changed the email to the new format - fewer emails visible.

    Yes - there are no longer email replies for comments - I too find that frustrating to put it mildly.

    I have one commenter who can't comment - but she has her own website without any of the 'accepted' email responders in it .. ie Disqus - is the obvious one I can think of.

    When you're on one side of the fence - ie our own blog .. it's mighty difficult to work out what is going on.

    I hope we get some clarification from some technically minded blogging friends.

    I used to be able to use an IE plug in to Chrome - but that went pear shaped and freezes the blog.

    Cheers - good luck and hope tomorrow for you brings an easier day ... Hilary

  4. Blogger has changed my blog address to include .au on the end now. I'm just annoyed because eventually the old links I've set up everywhere will not work.
    Not in love with blogger this week :/

    Twitter can be useful for finding new links and sharing blog posts. But sometimes it feels like people are just talking at each other and not actually connecting.
    Look forward to your findings.

    Wagging Tales

  5. Hi, I have come off twitter as they said I was suspended......and I wasn't. As for the blog I am still on Internet explorer and the old system at the moment have no problems only my jet lag.

    Hope things improve for you.

  6. That's really strange, the comment issues. I did notice Blogger have changed things a bit and that subscribe to comments thing is one of those issues, I wish they wouldn't change things so often. Looking forward to your Twitter post, when the hype for Alex's new book dies down a bit haha!

  7. I'm pretty sure we can blame Alex for a good few days :-)

    Blogger sucks they way they keep changing things. If I didn't love blogging so much, I'd leave 'em to it :-)

  8. I take no blame for messing up the blogging world yesterday!
    I prefer the pop up box although it does look different now. Not a fan of the dreaded embedded comment box. And I've never subscribed to a comment thread. I comment on a hundred blogs a day - do you know what that would do to my inbox?

  9. Sometimes when I tried to comment on a WordPress blog it said my comment was too short. What?? So weird. I just kept submitting until it went through.

    The pop-up comment box design is different. Perhaps blogger is still working on it and the subscribe button will be there eventually?

  10. I've got that as well, noticed it this morning. I have noticed though sometimes on blogger things will disappear, then a few days later will magically re-appear again. I'm on chrome though so maybe that's it. Stupid Google lol! :)

  11. I'm still sticking to replying by email. I can't possibly manage to subscribe to the comments on every post I leave a comment on.

  12. Blogger changed how comments look, but I haven't experienced problems leaving comments. But I haven't been doing much blogging, either. As for Twitter, gave up on it after trying for a few months way back when.
    Hope you have a better experience

  13. Thanks to all. I won't spend much time with individual replies as I don't know how many actually come back to look. I have to reassess how I handle comments or see what Google does.


  14. I noticed some differences with the comment box. I can be technically challenged at times, so I thought it was just me. Glad to know I wasn't alone.

    I'm on Twitter, but don't use it a lot. I'll retweet interesting posts I come across and I'll usually tweet when I do a blog post. It can be hard to keep up with at times.

  15. I will try to leave a comment.
    Some very good blogs have become impossible for me to leave comments on. (FOLKS HAVE YOUR FRIENDS TEST YOUR COMMENT FUNCTION!)
    I click on leave a comment and it goes into space and hangs on a blank window somewhere in google land.
    there is nowhere for me to leave the comment. NO COMMENT FIELD!
    I can only reply to someone else's comment because THAT is clickable but the main "leave a comment" is not.
    I prefer the popout blogger comment field (sorry, no subscribe seen either) because if it's not a popout comment field in blogger, I can guarantee I cannot leave a comment at all unless I right click
    and select "select this frame" and then "view frame in new tab" otherwise, I cannot leave a comment without it just disappearing.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  16. yeah, I love the way blogger and FB like to fix things that aren't broken. Fix them until the don't work anymore.
    And, yes, the lack of the subscribe button is... annoying. I don't have time to make notes of where I need to go back and check and do that over and over until the poster replies. >:(

  17. When did you get the banner? It looks great! (Or am I the last to notice?)

  18. Sorry you're having trouble with Twitter. I haven't been brave enough to try it yet. I'm also concerned with the changes in Blogger, and hope that everything runs smoothly during A to Z! Julie

  19. Lot of great interaction and feedback.
    I hope your Wordpress problems get resolved - it can be so annoying when a well thought out comment disappears into thin air.

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  20. Yes, I'm having blogger comment problems. But they may clear up tomorrow --or get worse as tomorrow is when Goggle is doing their spring cleaning.

    I have a twitter account but I'm not very active.

  21. So, it is Alex's fault my sidebar wasn't loading properly. :)

  22. I have sometimes had trouble posting on Word Press blogs. It does frustrate me.
    Hope tomorrow goes better.

  23. It's so frustrating when Blogger gets all wonky and commenting doesn't work quite right. Hope it's better now!

  24. I've been having massive issues leaving comments on blogger - it kept not recognizing my account and refusing to post... so frustrating... and only works sometimes.. go figure.

  25. Thanks for the additional comments in case anyone comes back to check.
    All I can say about the folks at Google, Blogger, WordPress, and others--computer geeks with too much time on their hands who like to screw things up.

    Their must be some kind of devious plot underway.


  26. y'all can blame Alex if you like, but on the UFO sites (et al) blame is mostly being laid at the Sun's doorstep (corona) -- massive flare hit earth on Alex's blog party and now NOAA's saying it'sall over... but 'snot...
    thanks for indulging us Wordpressers, Lee - and for your visit to me -- agree nerds w/ too much time, unwanted changed; but also it gives me loads to 'moan' about on Alex's next IWSG...

  27. I've been having problems leaving comments on WordPress blogs and I thought it was just me. I'm so glad to know it's not!

  28. I have reactivated my twitter, what is your twitter name.?


  29. No problems (so far) leaving comments.

  30. I'm sorry you're frustrated and having these issues, and I agree, it must be Alex's fault! ;) The book launch was certainly amazing.

    Now I want to read about the Federal Duck.

  31. People were complaining about the comment box problems, but I have yet to notice any changes.

  32. Aw, don't beat yourself up over the Twitter post. It'll happen when it happens.

    Also, Alex Cavanaugh is awesome.

  33. Yeah, I use Chrome - every other browser annoys me for various reasons. Chrome is the only one that hasn't so far (except back on that buggy version that kept crashing :P).

    I also prefer the embedded comments box.

  34. Hi Lee .. I have come back to read ..and I see no resolvement to the subscribe to comments buttons - I'm feeling completely cut off without the conversations via the comments.

    As you say very frustrating as we have no idea what's going on. If we ask a question and the blogger replies - we're never going to know.

    I hope it gets sorted out a.s.a.p. ... I'm away for 48 hours and won't post til I get back ..

    Looking forward to reading your Twitter post though .. cheers Hilary

  35. I noticed you had made several attempts to comment on one my posts. I'm not sure why but your comment was but in the spam box. I assuming it something to do with the number of links in your comments. Any rate I was able to rescue it.

  36. two of your much appreciated comments ended up in my spam folder (but I sent them to the right place) so why is that?

    Just thought you'd like to know.
    Also a couple other nice comments ended up there as well.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors


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