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Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Rambling -- #atozchallenge

English: 1965 Ranbler Classic 660 station wago...Image via Wikipedia

      In the mid-1960s my parents bought a Rambler station wagon.  It caught fire somewhere outside Pulaski, Virginia.

      Actually there was only a tiny bit of fire inside the engine when it overheated as we climbed up the mountain after exiting off Interstate 81 because the gauge was registering a high temperature.  The car didn't really catch fire, but it makes for a good story to tell it that way.  This story is always good for some laughs at family gatherings.

      This has nothing to do with my post today.  I only used this thought because I used the word "rambling" in my title and had a flash of word association.  This concept of making associations is something I'll be blogging about in the future.  How can anyone say they can't come up with something to write about?  Or is it more of a case of having so much to write about that you don't quite know where to start?

     Today I'm just killing some time with this post.  In the future I'll be putting up a post about the topic of "killing time"--somehow that post keeps getting postponed.  I kind of hate it when I have to pone my posts, but these new ideas keep interrupting my schedule.  And since I have a special post scheduled for tomorrow, I thought maybe I'd just blabber today.

     And speaking of blabbering:

Follow me on Twitter logo                    Image via WikipediaI am now on Twitter!  Please follow me @ArleeBird


         As the cheering subsides, I will continue.   This was destined to happen.  I began playing with Twitter this past Saturday on the A to Z Challenge Twitter account.   Then when I started getting a bit out of hand with my tweets about "Federal Duck" I knew it was time to take the conversation to my own Twitter site.

       So now you can get updates on "Federal Duck" and all sorts of other inanities and nonsensical wise quacks on my own personal Twitter site--that is unless the Twitter folks decide to kick me out of the aviary for my palavering.  And from what I've seen on Twitter so far I'm probably in no danger.  After all, an Arlee Bird needs to Twitter.

       Yes, this Federal Duck thing is going somewhere.  Some of you might hope it will be going far away and if so, you will be getting your wish.  Be sure to check this week's edition of A Faraway View, another blog that many of you probably don't I have.  How's that for some product placement?

        Speaking of product placement, I'm not done with that topic yet.  I've still got more posts to come on that topic, marketing, advertising, and all sorts of capitalistic fun.  Consider this mention today an advertisement of things to come when I'm not getting sidetracked with other topics.

        So like I was saying, this coming Wednesday on this blog--Tossing It Out--I will be putting in a few words about Twitter. It will be more than 140 words you can rest assured, but I'll try to keep it relatively short.

        Here's my goal:  I want to learn about this Twitter thing.  I'll be tossing out my thoughts on it and looking for some education tossed back to me from you Twitter experts.  And I'm sure that even those of you who don't give a whit about how to twit can offer some valuable insight.

       But I'm stealing my own thunder.  Come back Wednesday for that story because I hear the sound of a nearer storm approaching.  Could it be a CassaStorm?   No, that's coming later.  The roar of revelry I hear in the near future is the sound of the party tomorrow for Alex J. Cavanaugh's Catch Fire CassaFire release party.  Are you ready to feel the burn of a hot new best seller from Alex?

       Join us tomorrow as the Blogoverse erupts when Alex makes his grand re-entry into the sci-fi scene.  Are you ready to party?

        And do not--I repeat, do not--forget to sign up for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  Tell your friends, enemies, family, and family who are enemies to get on board with us as we strive to achieve the amazing feat of 1000 by this Thursday March 1st.

        Then we'll talk about April 1st.

         Oh, and one more thing.  Be sure to stop by Yvonne's blog Welcome to My World of Poetry as she versifies the visit we had with one another.  Thank you for your sweet words, Yvonne.

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  1. Whoops! Comment were turned off until Jan Morrison let me know about it-- Thanks Jan!

    This is my seed comment to let readers know that comments are now open for business.


  2. Hi Lee! Yay for technology. Because of its brilliance I missed the best part of the Oscars last night. grrrr!
    I like a ramble from time to time...

  3. I stopped by Yvonne's blog earlier. Great pics of you two. And glad to see you're on Twitter. I'm off to click the follow button now.

  4. Sorry, I won't see you on Twitter - I quit it after 3 months of feeling frustrated. But I am definitely ready for Alex's launch tomorrow.

  5. Hey Lee. I read this article much earlier but realised I couldn't leave comments and left it. I basically just said that there's no need to worry about rambling when the content is as good as ever. I'm following you on Twitter now too buddy, it would be an honour to have you follow me back.

  6. I'm now following you are Twitter.

  7. LOL, suppose to be - I'm now following you on Twitter. Up way to early this morning. Have a great day!

  8. Woohoo, welcome to the world of Twitter, Lee!!

  9. Will I be a successful Twit? Or will I get frustrated like Karen (I know what you're saying Karen). I'm checking the list and my notifications and following those who pop up on it.


  10. Glad you're on Twitter. Social Media is SO vital to a writer's success these days! And I enjoyed Alex's CassaFire. Have not read CassaStar yet (it's in my very lengthly tbr pile though). Sometimes we all ramble. It's ok. That's what writers do most of the time, we just don't want people to know that. ;)

  11. I had a car that did catch on fire. With me in it!

  12. I had a Nash Rambler once. Can't remember the year, but I do remember that it had buttons that you pushed in to shift gears. These often popped out and landed under the gas pedal. That was a heck of a lot of fun!

    Great ramblings. Here's to more!

  13. I don't know if it's a true ramble. You actually managed to tie together a zillion topics rather neatly, I think.

  14. Congrats on twitter, not my thing but who knows it could happen.

    I posted yesterday On the A-Z challenge and what it has meant to me. Urged sign ups. We shall see.


  15. I too have been trying most of the day to comment.
    Thanks for the mention.
    I gave up twitter today as they said my account was suspended but to click on home page and there it was.Don't know what was going on so I quit.
    Have fun tweeting.

  16. I'm afraid I have nothing useful to contribute on Twitter...hubby says I'm always chirping at him but so far I've contained it to that. I'm always way behind in technology.

  17. Oh, I'll to find you on Twitter! Welcome!

  18. Bryan -- I try to ramble with purposeful intent.

    Andrew -- Omigosh! Did you survive?

    C.Lee -- I never got to drive my parents Rambler, but those buttons sound familiar.

    Kelly -- That was kind of my attempt I think.

    Debra -- I will make it to that post.

    Yvonne -- I guess Twitter will just be another social media annoyance, but for now it's a novelty.

    Delores -- I'm not that great with technology either, but as a Bird tweeting should come naturally.

    Ciara -- Thanks! I think we found each other there but now I don't remember. Darn memory!


  19. Just checking in to see if I am missing anything that has to do with A to Z. I am a newbie and I feel like I am already behind and it is not even April. I am sure I will figure it out. I guess I need to figure out how to get more involved in all of the pre-challenge activities.

    Did you color code some of your words in this post that started with certain letters for a reason that is related to the A to Z challenge? I am just curious because I notice certain words (okay never mind-I feel like a complete idiot now). I was looking at your hover links and thought it was some clue as to your theme or plan. Just ignore me.

    I am following you on Twitter , but I am REALLY a newbie on Twitter so that is about all I am doing-following. I haven't even figured out how to communicate with fellow tweeters unless I plan to stay glued to my laptop or phone all day because the tweets roll out every tenth of a second.

    Sorry, Lee. I really rambled on here didn't I?

  20. I have been on twitter for ages, and you know what? I hate it. I hate the trends, and the retweets, and all the other twitter bull. And yet, my account is still up.

  21. I've followed you. Still wondering what I'm gonna write about for the challenge. We'll see.

  22. I love your ramblings, Lee! They're always such fun. My brain works the word association way too - it can lead to some bizarre and interesting places! :)

  23. Andrew -- So are you now a zombie? I'm sure that goes over well with a lot of the zombie fans out there.

    Melissa -- Feel free to ramble, I'm not gonna be the one to say you can't. Sounds like you're figuring everything out pretty well.

    Nellie -- I think I understand.

    J.L. -- I'll bet you'll think of something.

    Jemi -- Word and thought association are fun.


  24. I think every family has a 'car' story. Ours was about a 'Ramble' too.

  25. That was one of my favorite stories growing up. Run for the hills!

  26. I'm looking forward to finding out how you get on with Twitter. I haven't quite come to grips with it yet :-)

  27. No, the rituals required to make me a zombie were never completed. I'm not sure what kind of undead I am.

  28. I have no idea why, but I've always had this serious fear of getting involved in a car fire. This post didn't help. But it was a good story.


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