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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Is Not My Most Important Post Today

          I'm not really posting much here today because I want you to go to my post at the A to Z Blog.

          Last March on Tossing It Out I ran a series about getting publicity.  This was done in conjunction with the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in hopes that some of you would go out and try to get some other publicity other  than blog promos.  Now, don't stop doing the blog promos--we love those.  But we would like to see some enterprising folks out there try their hands at playing press agent.

           Some of you may have done this before.  Undoubtedly many of you published authors have a press kit with releases that you send to newspapers or other publications.  Some of you may also have done media interviews or had feature stories written about you.  If you haven't been doing this, you should consider it as it is a great way to obtain free advertising.

           There's nothing wrong with tooting your own horn to get attention.  If you don't have a press agent (and really, who of you does?) then it's going to be mostly up to you to draw attention to whatever it is that you are doing.  Don't look at self-promotion as something negative.  It's the most common start on the road to success.

          So here's what I'm asking of you who are participating in the A to Z Challenge or those of you who just want to see it be a huge success:   Help us get word out in the media.   Last year we started too late to have much effect.  This year we have an extra few weeks to get this done.   I know all of you are capable of doing this and some of you may have enough ambition to actually get it done.   Will you help us promote the Challenge (and yourself while you're at it)?

          If you want some good experience in doing something that can help you as well, let's make the news with the April Challenge.   Go to the A to Z Challenge Blog and read my tips on how to do this.  Then if you want more information, follow the links that I've provided to get a quick lesson in promotion.  There are also links to some actual A to Z articles that can be found on line.

         Get a story in the news and let us know about it and we'll brag you up big time here on our blogs.  This is your opportunity to be an A to Z blogging star.   Thanks in advance to those of you who help out with this.  The Challenge is already big.   Now you can help make it huge.

          So if you made it this far in this post, get yourself over to the A to Z Blog now and read about promoting the April Challenge.

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  1. This is an excellent idea. We practice promoting ourselves by promoting the A to Z. Clever! I'm off to read your other tips. ;-)

  2. It's the hardest part, trying to sell yourself.

  3. The promoting aspect is fun but tricky. I'm putting together some things for the Challenge. Thought I'd be finished but this, that, and the other thing happened. I'll wrap them up tonight though and get moving on them.

  4. It definitely won't be the easiest to convince media to run stories on this but I say that one of the best courses of action may be to target smaller, maybe local news related blogs and ask them if they can contribute towards creating a buzz for the challenge along with us. That's just an idea though, we never know how big we could get this to be if we all pull together!

  5. self promoting... i need some help in that department. when i do it, it just comes off needy and sad... though the a to z buzz rocks, i call it the monster of a challenge.

  6. Yvonne -- I'll be responding to your email shortly.

    Rosalind --Exactly! After the Challenge we still have our own things to promote. Starting here is a good way to experiment without having to take it too personally.

    Matthew M-- Some people don't have any problem with self-promoting and often these are the ones who are having the most success at what they do.

    Stephen -- Keep us posted on what you are doing and what works for you.

    Yeamie Waffles-- Even small mentions can help. There are probably a lot of clandestine bloggers who we don't reach in our circles that might be reached elsewhere.

    Jeremy -- I think a lot of people approach self-promotion with the attitude that you suggest. Adjusting one's own perception is the first step to successful self-promotion.


  7. I'll check it out. Clicking over....

  8. You have definitely aroused my curiosity. I shall visit the other site later today ('tis now the 9th here) after a spot of shuteye.

  9. Great post Lee. Yes at one time I would have thought self promotion was awful, now I see it as a vital part of anyone's success. If we don't beleive in ourselves/ our product then we can't convince others to either. :O)

  10. I'm getting excited about the A-Z. I'll shout out about it on Twitter and FB tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

  11. Thanks for the comments and hope that someone gets something valuable out of my posts.

    Madeleine--You are exactly right. If you don't believe in yourself it's probably going to be tough to get anyone else to believe in you. When you get right down to it, we are all promoting ourselves in someday everyday.


  12. I like the idea... I sure don't have a press agent... going to do it on my own... going to check out your tips:)

  13. Stephen Tremp -Jeremy does nice work.

    T.F. -- Good luck. Keep me posted on what happens. Being a press agent can involve a lot of work, but that's what it takes.



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