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Monday, February 20, 2012

My Tribute to a Very Special Blogger

Yvonne Lewis with Arlee Bird who proudly shows off his autographed copies  of  her two poetry books.

This Thursday past I had an experience extraordinaire.
I met a blogger whom most all of you do know.
The lovely Yvonne Lewis of poetry world fame
Was here in L.A. and to see her I did go.

She was staying downtown, so I took the train
And consequently was early to the place.
So I decided to look around the hotel,
When in the lobby I saw Yvonne's smiling face.

I was there early and so was she,
But we recognized each other right there.
We hit it off like long time friends--
We had so much conversation to share.

We talked about traveling, and music, and squirrels;
Of Daniel O'Donnell, and blogging of course.
Then we were joined by Yvonne's brother, Keith--
Who is a musician who plays the keyboards.

They opted to visit that famed tinsel town--
Hollywood.  It's just a short trip away.
The day was just right.  It was sunny and mild.
We walked from the hotel to catch the subway.

Yvonne Lewis and Arlee Bird on Hollywood Boulevard across from Graumann's Chinese Theater

Preparations had started for the Oscar Awards.
Bleachers were set up on the renown Boulevard.
Hollywood was abustle with hustlers in costume,
With tour guides and tourists from around the world.

We walked several blocks looking at stars--
And by that I mean those stars on the walk--
To see who we knew and who we did not
And as we walked, we talked and we talked.

When we reached the next subway station,
We boarded the train with feets all aweary.
Back at the hotel some last photos we took,
And though we were tired we still felt quite cheery.

We bade fond farewells and said our goodbyes.
It was nice to meet Yvonne after all of this time.
After all she was my first A to Z sign-up in 2010
And now she has me blogging in rhyme.

Back to the hotel after our tiring Hollywood trek we bid fond farewell.

          I want to thank Yvonne and Keith for a lovely visit and hope we will have the opportunity to meet again.  I hope you had a good holiday in the States.

          Now let's head on over to Alex J Cavanaugh's blog and see what he's cooked up for us.

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  1. Sounds like such a great day to me Lee. For some reason it fills me with this exciting happiness that you guys instantly met each other and hit it off like friends who see each other every single day, sounds like a good day to me friend, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. It sounds as though you had a lot of fun together.

  3. Oh... I am so excited to see these pictures and to learn about your fun day!!!

    Just lovely!


  4. How exciting for you both. Awesome!


  5. ah, you two are so royal and regal in that first pic :)

  6. Wow! First, when I saw your title, I was going to say, "Aw Shucks, you shouldn't have, but thanks."

    Then I saw you didn't mean me. Just kidding, what a privilege you have had dude. I would love the honor meeting Yvonne. We have talked frequently via email, blogs, and comments. She is truly a special friend indeed.

  7. Good morning. I tagged you in my 11 questions game as part of the writecampaign fun. Make sure to comment a link back to your responses on my site if you decide to play!

  8. Did you give her a hug for me? So envious you got to spend so much time with her. Not surprised you two recognized each other right away.
    And wow, thanks for mentioning my post today!

  9. Awesome! What a treat to meet a fellow blogger - sounds like you had a great time! :)

  10. That had to be a great day, Lee. It's always wonderful to make the connection in person, especially after such a great online relationship. I look forward to your rhyming A-Z posts.

  11. I've met several bloggers in person and it's wonderful. Yvonne will really appreciate that you wrote this in poem form.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time. It's always so much fun to meet fellow bloggers in person!

  13. Thank you for sharing pictures! That is a wonderful and quite perfect tribute to Yvonne, indeed. I'm glad you guys had a good time.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  14. BOIDMAN ~
    I have interacted with YVONNE many times over the last few years and she is just as nice and positive as anyone could possibly be.

    A clever and appropriate idea to write this blog bit in rhyme!

    But... "SUBWAY"? L.A. has a subway system now? Wow! I have been gone for a LOOOOONG TIME, haven't I?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. How wonderful that you had an opportunity to meet Yvonne. She is also a dear friend of mine who I hope to be able to meet someday and a faithful, long time follower of my blog!

    Glad to see you had a nice visit!

    Blessings to you Lee!

  16. So awesome you two met! I hope to meet some of my blogger buddies someday. That was a mighty fine, blogging rhyme. :-)

  17. Yes it was a very nice day and if any of you are ever in the area be sure to let me know.

    Alex -- Yes, I gave her a hug and said it was from you.

    StMc-- The light rail is above ground much of the time, but when it hits the downtown area it goes underground. The route from Downtown to Hollywood is all subway. It's an efficient and clean system, but it has never been very crowded when I've been on it and it is apparently not used like lines in other cities. For traveling downtown and going to Hollywood and Universal Citywalk I'm sold on it.


  18. How cool that you two could meet in person! :)

  19. I love that you rhymed! hehe

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all!

  20. Even though I worked in Hollywood for years and saw it's ugly underbelly, there is still something magical about the Chinese Theatre.

  21. How really cool is this. I've often dreamed about one day meeting both my favorite bloggers and now lo and behold they are meeting each other. SWEET!!!! One day I will meet both you, I just know it.


  22. Yes,even though Hollywood has a definite sleaze factor, there is a magic that visitors want to experience.

    I hope more of us can meet up eventually.


  23. Sounds like a fantastic visit. I'm headed to New York in a couple of weeks.

  24. Congratulations to Yvonne! Yay! Awesome that you were able to meet up with her! I am very fond of her! Thanks for sharing the pics too! ~TORI

  25. Awesome poetry bro. This is the second post I've read about how sweet she is (Alex). I'll have to head to her blog.

  26. It sounds, and looks like you had a wonderful time. It's so nice that you were able to connect in person!

  27. am a little late to the party... i have to say, this makes the whole blogging experience worth it. i cannot tell you how happy i am for you all to meet, because it steps out of a typed friendship into a cool reality. this is a very cool thing you all did, it inspires to do something the same...

  28. Ciara -- New York would be fun. Let me know when you're in L.A.

    Tori -- Hello! How've you been? Is there anyone who doesn't like Yvonne? She's a lovely lady.

    Maurice -- You haven't met Yvonne yet? You must visit her!

    Paula -- We had a very nice time and it was nice to meet her brother Keith as well.

    Jeremy -- Does that mean you're heading to L.A.?


  29. What a fun time! I, like almost every blogger, I'm sure, would just love the opportunity to have such a visiting opportunity!Very nice! Debra

  30. Hi Lee thanks for the poem and for a great day. Am in San Fransisco today and return home to the UK TOMORROW (Friday 24th)


  31. Great pics of you two! YOU both look great~ How magical and fun! I loved you rhymed this post, so clever and sweet you are~
    It is so great you were there to greet her! What a wonderful visit it must of been ;D

  32. Debra --I wish I could meet more of you in person.

    Yvonne --I hope you had a wonderful time in the States and have a good journey home.

    Ella --Thank you for the compliment. It was a fine time though too short.


  33. Hi Lee .. great poem just up Yvonne's street - oh you must have had so much fun together .. such a great look in on your day - Oscars this weekend -

    Cheers Hilary

  34. Oh this is truly wonderful Arlee.


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