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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WWWWW -- Count 'em--Five!

          In journalism we learn about the five W's that are essential to any story:  Who?  What?  When? Where? and Why?

           These are the questions that a journalist must uncover and reveal in the news story being related to the audience.   Readers will usually be asking these questions themselves and it is the job of the reporter to find the answers so the readers receive all of the main information that they will need to know in order to understand what they are reading.

          It's equally important to answer these questions in other types of writing.  If a story is presented in a book there may be more than one question for each 'W'.   There may be many characters who need to be identified or different places where actions occur.  We need to give the reader everything they need to know to understand the story at hand and answer the questions they will most want to know to leave them fulfilled.

         On the other hand, it's also a good idea to know which questions are best unanswered and left to a reader's imagination.

Five W Blogs

           And now for some fine blogs that relate to these five W's.  Check them out to see if they answer the right questions for you.

Who Wants Taters???-- Andrew Green writes an eclectic, eccentric mixed bag of topics.  He sometimes reviews junk food and trashy movies, speculates on politics or other current events, or postulates on philosophical ponderings.   His style is delightful.  When he passes the taters your way pile up your plate and enjoy.

What's the Matter?  With Mojo -- Mojo likes to ask questions as well as answer them.  These may be the questions you never thought to ask, but you will be fascinated with the answers.  Take a mind excursion and delve into Mojo's informative blog world.

 In Time...  ---   Michael Di Gesu  answers the "When" question sometimes, but also tells us a whole lot more with his story crafting skills.   Sometimes he even tells an old story in his own unique way.  This blog is a lovely place to spend some time.

The Jersey Shore Mom -- There are many blogs that give us a sense of "Where".  Suzie, "a Jill of all trades", has been giving us the grand tour of her home state of New Jersey during the A to Z Challenge.  Suzie is one of the bloggers who heard me on a New Jersey radio station when I was talking about the Challenge and immediately joined in with us.  Check out her blog and read about the Garden State.

Why Not? Because I Said So! -- Across the country to Utah we find Sheila.  This busy mom,  full-time second grade teacher, and voracious reader gets asked the "Why" question plenty.  In jest her blog responds with "Because I said so!", but I'll bet she gives a lot better answers than that.  On her blog she talks about books, authors, and whatever else is on her mind at the moment.

           Be sure to stop by and visit these fine bloggers.  Say hello while you're there and maybe even click that follow button so you can come back again.

             Who are some bloggers that you like to visit for answers?   What are your favorite questions to ponder on your blog?   When do you normally post your blog articles?   Where would you prefer to blog from if you could live somewhere other than where you live now?   Why did you start blogging in the first place?



  1. Cheers, Lee, will check out the ones I'm not already following.

    Moody Writing

  2. I remember the five Ws very well, not just from journalism.

    I guess I go to the HollywoodSpy for answers about the latest film news and gossip.
    And on my blog, I pondered lately about chance - because that's really bugging me.

  3. I'll take a look....WHY not?

  4. I follow some of those people!
    I post in the morning. Started blogging to promote my my book, stayed for the friendships.

  5. I blog for release and I wish I could do it all day really but I sneak it in at work here & there and then in the morning before and in the evening after:-) Stop in & read W is for Waffler

  6. Why Not? Because I Said So!

    What an awesome blog name.

  7. Will check these out asap.
    Good post Lee.
    Have a good day.

  8. Lee,

    Thank you so much for your kind words... I feel very honored that you mentioned me in your blog today.

    Now lets see the answers to some of your questions.
    I visit lots of blogs, there are so many wonderful bloggers out there, who can choose?

    I like diversity on my blog. I also like to keep things very positive. I will be bringing back my weekly Earthly Angels post, which focuses on how special people help even strangers just out of kindness.All of us have experienced this at least once in our lives.

    I post early in the morning.

    I love to blog anywhere, but as a blogger buddy said the other day, a veranda in Italy sounds awfully sweet right now.

    I stated blogging to support a friend with her new blog, and I FELL in love with this amazing community.

    Great questions, Lee.

  9. Hi Lee .. great thoughts .. wwwww ... I subscribe to a mixed bag of blogs .. learning ones, friend ones, supportive ones, ones I like to support .. and I love Alex' last comment ... 'stayed for the friendship' - good to think about and more links to check out - thanks Hilary

  10. i love the idea of links.. have not done that in a while.. junk food that is a funny idea..for review.. LOL... I am so behind.. but I will finish.. I am up to U!!!!! My son is just learning to read.. and I ask him what, when, where... a lot after stories...

  11. I don't know if I really go to any blog for answers. I go to a number of theological blogs for research, information, etc. I have a few blogs like this one for fun or benefit.

    My favorite questions are those that cause my reader to think deeply about God, their relationship to God and their understanding of their Christian walk.

    My articles are written 1 -3 weeks in advance and post automatically at 3:00 AM each day.

    I would like blog from either Vancouver, WA; Moses Lake, WA; Kingman, AZ; Elko, NV

    I started blogging at the suggestions of Abraham Piper who said that pastors should blog. His reasons were good and so I started. Some 720 blogs later here I am, still a thorn in your side.

  12. I blog late at night once the kids are in bed and I can give it some decent thought. Unfortunately, this also means that I'm continuously going against the clock and my brain is a bit slow to crank out any good ideas too :P

    Thanks for the links to other blogs too. I definitely did not address those five Ws in my blog today! Will that count against me???

  13. Thanks, I am off to check out these links. :)

  14. I shall check these out. Since just coming from a blog post about a recent trip to Paris, I would like to be writing with Eifel Tower in my view.

  15. Thanks for your comments and answers so far. Blogging can offer so much to so many of us. Blogs may not be the go to place for research, but they are a great resource for spontaneity and offering new ideas to think about. The community as has been mentioned is great.

    Michael-- Glad to have given you the nod. I didn't see a blog on my roll that specifically had "When" in the title, but your title certainly stood out and your comments here have always been so kind.

    Lisa -- If you think junk food is a funny idea to blog about be sure to check out Andrew's reviews of Little Debbie Cakes and Banquet frozen dinners--fun stuff.

    Gregg -- I'm sure you are probably thinking of a higher plain of answers than I was talking about. I have found some great answers to questions about writing, blogging, and computers. And Kingman, AZ? It's an okay place to pass quickly through or to get gas, but you would want to live there? Hmm--it is kind of scenic and interesting, but it sure can get hot there.

    Giftof -- If you aren't telling a story then I guess it's okay not to have all of the 'W' questions if you don't need them. I read your post though to make sure, then I'll grade you on it :)

    Please check out the links and don't forget to let them know you saw it here.


  16. Thanks for the links. I always enjoy finding great new blogs.

  17. I'm your newest follower, and can't wait to jump on the A-Z blogging wagon LOL :) I am definitely going to go visit these blogs as well :)

    Visiting from

  18. Thanks for the links. But trying to read and comment in between storms, I'll come back :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  19. I taught the Five Ws when encouraging children to write. They work equally well for fiction and non-fiction.

  20. Since I am a scrapbooker, I use the 5 W's a lot when journaling.

    My post for W is up today ... about Words With Friends.

    Thanks for looking.
    Laura T.

  21. Jeez, ask questions much?! LOL, I'll answer one: I started blogging to build up a readership so my books would reach a wider market. And it has worked! Plus there are such cool peeps and connects to make in the wonderful world of Bloggydom.

    5 W's of journalism, hm? Cool, makes sense, and The Old Silly larnt sumthin' today, too!

  22. Thanks for all those W's today, Lee :) I will certainly get to going on the who, what, where, why, and when with them all, YAY!

    Cheers :)

  23. You should make an "I survived the A to Z Challenge" NanoWriMo...but harder. =)
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  24. Boy you sure are full of questions today!

    Here are a 2 blogs I visit for information -
    Moody Writing Great tips for novel writers.
    Judy Dunn Great tips for blog writers.

    On my blog I like to ponder questions on any subject really, especially writing and blogging.

    I try and post in the mornings as soon as can so I have the rest of the day to visit other blogs.

    I'd love to blog from anywhere tropical.

    I started blogging because we were talking about them in my writer's group and I decided it was worth a try.


  25. Thank you so much, I am always on the look out for interesting blogs... Thanks for letting me stop in! Have a wonderful day!

  26. It's very important to know those 5 W's! Thanks for the links & you did a great job of enticing us to visit them! :)

  27. Thanks for the links. I just noticed you're only 2 people away from 1000 followers!

  28. WOW! Thank you so much for making my your "where"! I am truly honored!!!

  29. Ah, I've been following Andrew Green's crazy adventures for years now :) I think I was one of his first followers :) he still hasn't changed a thing about his place, even though I tried to convince him to do it :)

  30. I just noticed that you are only 2 followers short of 1000. Come on folks, push Lee over the top. Click FOLLOW.

  31. Oops, had to re-post my comment as I did not proof-read and wrote it in a hurry during my lunch break. Another learning experience, right?

    Thanks Lee, I needed a reminder of the W's as I am starting a book. The links to other bloggers are great too. I am enjoying meeting all the wonderfully talented people out here. Now to answer your W's:

    I go to other mixed media art bloggers for answers to my questions about mixed media/art/techniques and more experienced bloggers for answers on writing/blogging.

    I find myself pondering questions that relate to my life and I wonder if they relate to others as well.

    I have been posting my articles at night after work(still making my A-Z deadline).

    I cannot imagine living anywhere else right now and I am happily blogging from home.

    I started blogging because I wanted to connect with other people like me, get practice writing to write a book, share art, find my passion, get motivated to create, help inspire others or at least get 'em to smile and learn from others. I'm sure there are more reasons, just can't think of ALL the reasons right now.

  32. oh i love links! Thanks for sharing these. I'll definitely check out these blogs.

  33. Thank you for all of these wonderful comments. I did have a lot of questions, but you probably noticed that they corresponded to the 5 W's and I was using them as an example.
    And yes, I did notice that I'm about the cross the 1000 threshold. Wow!


  34. Oh yeah--the five W's. I remember covering those when I taught 3rd grade. We even had a organizational chart for the kids.
    As for your questions:

    Who? So many great bloggers out there. I gravitate toward the writing blogs. Love Michael's, BTW.

    What? Writing-related posts, book reviews, random ramblings, grammar.

    When? Late at night after the kids and hubby are in bed (it's quiet then).

    Where? Home. I have a view of the pines from my office window. Would love to have an ocean view.

    Why? To promote my writing, but found the benefit were actually received by connecting with other writers.
    Great post, BTW!

  35. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow :) Nice one Lee and thanks for some more blogging links to check out.
    Allow me to answer just one question. I started blogging as a positive, cathartic, therapeutic resource. I have noted, through my open, honest and transparent writing, that others relate and in turn, I relate and interact with others in the blogging community. All different, all equal, celebrating the wonders and the knowledge we obtain, through such diversity.
    I've had a blog for over four years, not very well known, yet that's not the important thing. For, the few that grace my blog, are indeed, encouraging and supportive. A positive result, all round.
    Take care friend and may you have fun with the letter 'X' :)

  36. Great idea for the post! :) Who do I go to for answers? You, Elana, Elizabeth, Diane, Marissa & Martina, Jen, Alex, Helen & so many more!! :)

  37. Some bloggers that I like to visit for answers are Darren over at Problogger, Sujewa at DIY Filmmaker and Zen Habits.

    My favorite questions to ponder on my blog are....what can readers add to the discussion or topic of the moment?

    I normally post my blog articles during the morning or afternoon but now I post them at night because it's hard to find the time to blog this week. All in all, I typically post my blog articles whenever I am able, which can vary from day to day.

    I haven't really thought much about where I would prefer to blog from but at the moment, I would likely prefer to blog from London.

    I started blogging in the first place to promote my film projects and to keep readers updated on the latest developments with those projects such as festival screenings and such. Since then, it has evolved into serving the interests of movie fans in general, in an effort to have something to write about in between my procrastination and unproductive months (well, years now) as far as my own movies are concerned, lol.

    The Madlab Post

  38. Susan -- the 5 W's should be taught in every grade since they are so essential to writing.

    Klahanie -- I too find the writing to be often cathartic and other times just fun. 4 years! That's quite an achievement.

    Jemi -- There are really to many to think of and I'm always finding more.

    Nicole -- The beauty about blogging is that is give us a forum that allows for room to evolve while getting feedback from the audience. It's a good place to experiment and see what works.


  39. Wow you have a list of questions today Arlee and I can't believe you are at the "W's" already! I visit you for answers! I don't think that I ponder many questions on my blog. I just let my feelings hang out! I post whenever I have time to fit it in which isn't to often lately! I would prefer to be blogging from my little beach house on the ocean or my home in a Tuscan vineyard, but you know, it's only a dream! I started blogging per my daughters request to keep me still after recovering from a stroke in 2008. It didn't keep me down for long but I did keep the blogging bug!
    You are doing great this month Arlee!
    Love Di ♥

  40. I started blogging in March to share family stories and research with my family. The A to Z Challenge forced me to share tons in a short period of time. Nothing like jumping into the deep end!


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