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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Readers Respond

           When I want to know something about blogging, computers, or just about anything else I will often ask you the readers.   If I need an answer, I can usually find someone in the blog audience who has one for me.

             Most of the time I will close my post with some questions and many of you reply with some outstanding answers.  When the readers respond, that is some of the real magic of blogging.

What the Readers Said:

              In recent posts I asked for some of your recommendations of good blogs and books to read.  As usually happens I got some great reader responses.  Here are a few of them:

Brianna  from Pocketful of Playdough offered up these blogs for helpful ideas about writing and life.  In Brianna's words:

Lucy Adams --   "She's been blogging about literary terms, giving an example in literature and then using the technique in her own ongoing story. It's interesting, fun and educational."

Pawny's Pen is also doing an ongoing story which is very interesting and well written.

Thanks to the challenge I found Gregg from Gospel Driven Disciples And want to say a big thank you, Gregg for your encouraging words and comments on my blogs for this challenge! 

Yvonne from Welcome to My World of Poetry offered these books by Paul McKenna that have helped her:




"The Happiness Trap" by Russ Harris was recommended by Sue , who has a couple of blogs in the A to Z Challenge.

Pat Tillet suggested two popular books for positive thinking:

Norman Vincent Peale's  The Power of Positive Thinking

Rhonda Byrnes's      The Secret

           When the readers respond, I like to listen because you all have some great things to say.

             How about you?   What have your readers helped you with?   How have you helped other bloggers with their questions?    Do you open up your comments by offering questions?   



  1. Yes to all of the above. This challenge has put me in touch with some wonderful people who have helped me and I hope I have helped as well.

  2. The number one thing readers have responded with is support! Which is the most important thing, of course. I've recommended books already, asked for use of a photo/artwork, and had some help with computer stuff. It really is a wonderful network of people, and I've had FAR better experiences than with "social networking sites"!

  3. My blog has only been up since January, and I tried asking questions on a couple of posts shortly after starting the blog, and I've asked a question again today on "R is for Revision". The A-Z challenge is bringing in more hits and more comments, so maybe I'll get some answers. Let you know :-)
    By the way, my Dad gave me his copy of Peale's Power of Positive Thinking. I still have it and think I'll write a post about that. Am giving a talk about my Dad in June, might be a good starting point.

  4. Readers have definitely helped with support especially when I've most needed it. I try to use questions to reflect and converse sometimes though they tend to be rhetorical in nature.

    And in regards to books about optimism, check out "the happiness hypothesis"! Really interesting read- it combines "scholarly articles" into a more enjoyable form to learn new things.

  5. thankyou Lee.
    I've been struggling with my posts, but have been humbled by the generosity of people outside blogging circles in assisting with valid and reliable research to ensure that my content is reflecting current thinking. They've suddenly come out of the woodwork which is very gratifying. The A-Z challenge has provided me with the structure of addressing my topic which I'm positive I wouldn't have tackled otherwise. I hope my posts are helping other bloggers - I hadn't thought of asking questions - I don't think I'd know how to phrase them. Sue@JumpingAground (Alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  6. I've been very happy with the way people have left comments and responded to questions during the challenge.

    Having only just started blogging I'm curious to see if it will continue like this after the challenge ends.

    Moody Writing

  7. i adore my readers and they have helped me out so much. they totally rock

  8. All my followers are wonderful from the ones who have been with me for a while and new ones I have gained during this challenge, If I can help in any way I will. All of you have been so supportive to me,

    Have a good day.

  9. Little or much, I am influenced by other bloggers, by what they write about, how they design their blog, the comment system they use and by getting to know them, like it or not, my writings are influenced by my audience, although I do try to keep to my fancy and muse.

  10. I'm usually asking Ninja stuff, so the answers are varied! But my readers have helped through awesome support and encouragement.

  11. I am amazed at the amount of encouragement my blogger friends offer me. Really enjoying your A-Z posts.

  12. I like to offer questions at the end of my blog posts, not really to gain information in need, but rather to request opinion on certain things.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  13. Sometimes I end with a question but not usually... maybe I should:-) Stop in & readR is for Restitution

  14. I love hearing from my readers -- they have helped in so many ways. Too many to name, actually!

  15. I think I may have helped my readers. They're very grateful that they don't look like me, nor do they have nail fungus or urea-impregnated cream on their heels.
    It's not much, but it's a small contribution to the emotional health of my readers.

  16. oooh, my readers have helped me a lot in building my social network platforms and in spreading the word about me. I'm very proud of having my dear and loyal groups of supporters in many different places around the Net, and I also try supporting all those wonderful creatures whenever I can.

  17. I really don't ask too many questions. One time I did ask about diabetic recipes since my sister was just diagnosed and Amber over at Ambyland- - let me know about a dish that seemed to interest my sister.

  18. First, thank you for the mention in your blog! You are so kind! I am glad that last year's challenge sparked our friendship.

    Second, my readers keep me sharp and on my toes. I can't just throw anything out there because my readers have so many resources to "check me." Suggestions and additional thoughts have helped tremendously.

    I have had a unique opportunity this time around to really interact with a few readers via email and truly offer some comfort, guidance, and additional answers. That is what I live for.

    I try to ask questions in each blog. However, my topics alone generate thinking and questions which many readers freely ask. I am a teacher, and my spiritual gift is teaching. With all the gross mishandling of God's word that is out there I just want to look at the text and allow it to speak for itself and to discover the intended meaning of the author without mucking it up by my opinion

    God said what He meant and He meant what He said. It is not up to us to add to it or change it. Scripture has one meaning and I want to find it and help others find it.

    Finally, thanks for your blog and your generosity and big heart!

  19. After years of experience in the the industry, I try to offer information that would help other writers and authors. No one needs to fall into all of my pitfalls!

  20. I do like to ask questions to get a conversation going, but I'd say bloggers have directed me in my life, my writing, my photography by sharing their stories and knowledge. I am always grateful for the connections I have made!

  21. I have received valuable feedback which has encourages me to write on. I would probably write on regardless but with much less enthusiasm! I've not engaged my readers with question yet, but am considering it more and more. Thank you so much for having this challenge. It has brought some new readers, new friendships, and new perspectives on things (even some not related to blogging). How neat is that? And thank you so much for your encouraging visits and feedback!

  22. This is one of the most supportive communities I've ever come across. Amazing.

  23. I appreciate all comments. Even the distasteful ones.

  24. When I've asked for help I've gotten it. And, if there's a question on a blog I think I can answer, I leave a comment.

  25. As I've always written, there are so many talented bloggers out there that it's impossible to read all of them. Everytime I visit a blog I learn something new.

    My readers have taught me a lot even w/ brief comments. I've learned about the different perspectives they have. It was funny how last year when I was into the Gordon section of my 1st blog, Notes from Nadir, a lot of people thought I was writing chick-lit! It was fascinating to read the comments & know that my story was being followed. & it was very helpful.

  26. Blogging is at it's best when it becomes a conversation.

  27. Great comments! Thank you for your input on this topic.

    One of the best parts of the blogging experience is the interaction with readers and the support they give the blogger. Unless we or the information we have to offer is so essential to the readers that we are guaranteed readers, then we have to establish a rapport with those readers through mutual visits and leaving your posts open to invite comments.

    Ask the questions and you should receive the answers. Just remember to keep the questions fairly specific or relatively easy to digest and answer, unless complexity is the nature of your blog. But you must also attract the readers to your blog by visiting theirs. That's the way it works for most of us.

    As we see in your comments, the support of the community and the inspiration that we receive from each other is precious.

    Thanks again!


  28. I have ocasionally asked a question in the past but have never received any answers.

  29. Hey Lee! I don't usually ask any's a good idea though..I've visited so many blogs and commented that I sometimes go to a blog and can't remember if I've been there before...that could also be because, like my grandson says, "You're an old woman" lol! ...what was I talking about?! lol....peace, eve :)

  30. I've had a lot of feedback and support when I've posted questions. Since I joined this A-Z challenge this year, I've met lots of new and helpful bloggers and am so grateful for their input and interest!

    It works two ways, of course....(sometimes I don't get round to commenting on every blog, every day, but I do try!)

    A word of encouragement or advice (when requested!) is not that onerous and may make all the diference to the recipient.


  31. How cool!
    Thanks for mentioning my comment! I hope the blogs I listed see an increase in their readership!

    Comments are vital to blogging, in my opinion. Just one or two readers letting you know they are there offer a ton of encouragement and inspire the passion for writing within me.

    I do tend to ask questions of readers in my posts with great success. Before the challenge started, I asked my blogging audience about how to better my blog. I was concerned about the design and about how my blog doesn't fit into one niche.
    You kindly responded that the text/background combination could become trying on the eyes for an extended period of time and Alana from Writercize suggested making a schedule to help focus my interests.

    Then there are those special days when I open my email and a new reader has just found my blog and has left several comments on different posts. This recently happened with Sandra at Healthier and More Prosperous Living

    And I've found other bloggers through comments they've made on other blogs. Like Kelli at The Unexpected Education She left a comment about how she really enjoyed interacting with other bloggers and since I do too, I visited her blog and left her a comment. And now we are blogging buddies.

    Karen from Following the Whispers said she noticed me in comments on other blogs so decided to visit my blog.
    I hope that this rather lengthy comment will inspire more people to leave comments!

    Thanks again, Lee!

  32. I am not a question asker either, but I see the advantage of it now and will have to start!

  33. Thanks for the follow and the tips you sent me Lee. I only started my blog 10 days into the challenge, so I'm still playing catch-up. But I shall make the "Z" deadline! Q is for Quitter... NOT! :)

    Grant @ Grant's Big Blog

  34. Sometimes I ask questions, but not always. I guess it just depends on my mood and what I am writing about, but even without always asking questions I have received amazing feedback from people so I guess that is one reason I haven't felt the need to ask.

  35. I've been very fortunate in receiving lots of support and encouragement from participants in the challenge. I really appreciate all the feedback! I'll have to try posting a question sometime. Julie

  36. Thank you for posting a link to my blog. Soooo many thanks.

    I do try to either ask a question or two or provide a suggestion to open comments.

    I like to provide meaningful feedback to other bloggers, if I can. Mentioning something specific that I liked or elaborating on their ideas with my own are two of my favorite ways to do this.

    In terms of other bloggers helping me, Brianna at A Pocketful of Playdough tipped me off that I had made a mistake with a dialogue tag in my Q post. Thanks to her, it is now fixed. And you, yourself, broadened my understanding of how readers perceive regional dialect through your comment on my post today.

    This A to Z has been so fun and extremely challenging. Thank you for putting it together.


  37. My post for letter R is up on my blog.

    Thanks for looking.
    Laura T.

  38. I love asking my readers questions, and love it more when they respond! :) The variety of answers is amazing!

  39. My readers help me with advice, encouragement, tips to share with my writing students, and lots more. They are a great bunch.

    I normally close my posts with a question. I love to get a conversation going.

    Have a blessed weekend,

  40. I don't normally ask question at the end of my posts. I write mainly about stuff from the Far East which aroused curiosity and I usually get questions about them, esp from those who have not been to this part of the world.

    Life on The Farm

  41. I just read your comment about the Lucy episode. Watch it! I couldn't stop laughing! The link to it is on that page. She's just the best and now my kids love her!

    Blogging connects us all with so many delightful people. So glad I joined the A-Z!

  42. I do like to open up comments by ending with a question most of the time. I love the diverse insight I can get. And the encouragement. It's one of the things that keeps me blogging, for sure! :)

  43. My readers have helped me figure out how to make links, and how to get on Facebook. They have talked me through head colds, the death of a beloved cat, and a reluctance to clean house that has let my dust-bunnies mutate to the size and ferocity of rhinos. Sometimes they respond to questions, and sometimes they just have too much to do. Since we're almost all nice ladies, we tend to comment just to be polite if for no other reason. You, on the other hand, provoke comments by the brilliance and wit of your writing.

  44. I've learned so much about writing. I help as much as I can. I believe in giving back to the community.

  45. My readers? They've shared their time, their talent, and their friendship.

    They've also given me reason to write.

    I couldn't ask for a greater gift than that.

    r: RSVP

  46. More great comments! Sorry if I'm not getting to each of you individually but I appreciate every one of your comments.

    It's good to hear about so many of you directly communicating with your readers in one way or another. The posts are good, but the relationships with those who have stopped by to read your post help to gain a more consistent and loyal reader base. Leaving a thought or question at the end of your post helps to open a conversation, which is a great way to establish friendships.


  47. Blogging is great, and there have been some great and enlightening discussions on my blog. Those are probably my favorite posts.

  48. I Love hearing readers' suggestions! I always learn something new.

  49. I love it when a post ends with a question, especially if it's particularly thought provoking. If I ever get my act together, I want to start doing follow up posts on readers answers to my end-post questions---because they do impart such wisdom.

  50. I am new at all this but blogging is turning out to be a great experience. Many people are helpful in offering advice and I have met so many nice people.

    Yes. I try to end my post with a question. I think that I am writing for others so there must be some interaction. But sometimes I don't end with a question and still get feedback.

  51. Hey, I got two answers and a ping back! That's a dramatic increase! :-)

  52. Great post! I agree - blog buddies are the best resource! I've gotten help on everything from plotting to voice, to changing templates on my blog!

  53. My readers have helped me with finding new (and old) movies to watch that I've either not been familiar with or knew about and just never got around to checking them out or never thought the movie would be interesting. It's funny how a movie that I never thought I'd watch starts to interest me just because someone told me that they think it's good.

    It's a wonder how word-of-mouth can cause people to give a movie, service, product or even a blog a second chance at consumption.

    I've helped bloggers with their questions by trying to leave comments with answers that may fit the subject that they are addressing in their post. I also try to answer their questions directly in my comments, if I can. Just earlier today, a blogger that I found through the A to Z challenge asked her readers for ideas on a situation that happened between her and a stranger at a grocery store and I added my two cents along with an answer or two of ideas that could describe what happened.

    Yes, I open up my comments by offering questions on some posts but not all. It all depends on the post and if I have any questions or curiosities that readers could address on certain topics. However, I try to make sure that comments, responses and even questions for me to answer are always welcome on my blog posts....whether I ask questions or not :)
    The Madlab Post

  54. Asking a question is a great way to get comments and interact with your readers. Often readers come up with extra points I may not have thought of, or offer links to great sites. Even just giving and gaining encouragement is win.

  55. Hi Lee .. everyone's so 'open' and helpful .. it's great and there's always places to go for ideas, support etc .. the A - Z ers are a great bunch ..

    .. and comments certainly add to the mix and are often very helpful ..

    I don't tend to ask questions .. but I ask on others' blogs who post about the sort of information I need ..

    Cheers - have a good Easter .. Hilary

  56. didn't come across my mind to open up my comments (get more people involved in commenting) by offering questions...maybe I can try it...

    Thanks for the tip

  57. Sometimes prompting with a closing question or questions helps to stimulate comments. There are times when a reader just doesn't know what to say and needs some sort of opening. Other times the nature of the post just naturally lends itself to readers wanting to say something. You pretty much have to decide and make the call yourself. If you don't get any comments there is a possibility you should have asked a question of the readers.


  58. MY BLOG -- I do writing exercises, so I ask the readers to share their responses to the exercises in the comment section. They also leave feedback about my writing (I always post my own response to the exercise). I love getting to know other bloggers!

    OTHER BLOGS -- I love questions, especially when I don't have much time. I can connect with the blogger more easily if they give a question!

  59. The question thing doesn't work for me because I usually don't get any answers, then I look foolish, asking questions to the air...still, blogging is a fun thing to do...I have been doing a lot of writing in my private journal though,instead of blogging..I find I can be freer in private, I still worry about offending people in my blog...some people are so easily offended, it's frustrating...and if no one says anything to you, what's the point of making your writing public? I always leave comments for others because I know how good it feels to know that someone read what you had to say and appreciated it..all in all this has been a fun experience so far..thanks for opening up these discussions Lee! This is the kind of thing that is very informative and needed, I think. Peace to you


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