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Monday, April 11, 2011

Interesting Ideas

          Interesting Ideas are everywhere and nothing is more proof than the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.   Have you ever seen so much blogging talent together in one event with such a continuous array of fascinating topics in such unique presentations?

           Blogging has opened so many new doors that have allowed me to peek in on the lives and the thoughts of others.   The realm of blogs has led me on a journey of discovery that could never end in my lifetime.  We have been given access to visit more people than we could ever imagine in the off-line everyday world.  Communications among us are often instantaneous or at least quick in coming.

            Human history has produced so many interesting ideas that have led to amazing inventions and discoveries that now we usually take for granted.  Now we can engage in global exchanges sometimes more easily than we can talk to our next door neighbors.  We can work jointly with people we may never meet face to face in order to create, discuss, or just keep up with one another's lives.  

            The world of blogging is filled with interesting ideas and you are among those contributing to this interesting world.  Encourage others with your topics and your comments.  Entertain, enlighten, and engage in whatever way you wish, and do your best to keep your ideas interesting.

Here are a few bloggers that I have discovered during the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge who are trying to keep things interesting:

           Nate Wilson has been offering up interesting ideas on his blog for going on two years now.  Check out the writing contest on Nate Wilson's Sometimes, This Wheel's On Fire.  It's all inspired by the A to Z Challenge so you can incorporate your entry into one of your daily posts.   It's time to be even more creative than you are now.  And as an incentive there are prizes.   You've got to check this out!

          I was surprised when I ran across a post about me!   This appeared on Informed Sharing-- a blog full of interesting ideas by a young woman who goes by the name San.  She also has a website--Ask San Anything--that like her blog offers information and interesting ideas.  Check it out.  Your blog may be one her upcoming features.

         Gary Philip Pennick wrote a somewhat humorous piece poking fun at the A to Z Challenge on his blog Klahanie.   I read a couple other entries by Gary and found them to be filled with some interesting ideas.  Humor can be interesting and a humorist doesn't always have to be funny.    Some of you may enjoy what Gary has to say in his blog.

          Many of you know Rachael Harrie at Rach Writes.   Rachael is the blogger behind the Platform-Building Crusade that is running in tandem with the A to Z Challenge.  The interesting idea of her Crusade will be repeated starting August 22, 2011 to October 31, 2011.  If you are interested in building up your following and having more networking opportunities like A to Z then visit Rach Writes for more information.

           What are some interesting ideas that you might have run across during the A to Z Challenge?    Do you have any of your own interesting ideas that you'd like to share?

Happy Birthday Mom!



  1. Hey Lee,
    I think the AZ challenge is going really well, you must be pleased. Hopefully most will stay active after the challenge is over (although not THIS active!). Well done on a great event.
    Moody Writing

  2. Having a great time, found so many blogs! Some with photos, some doing tributes to certain decades, or music, or movies, some tackling words themselves...there's a lot of creativity flowing this month! Hope you're having a smashing time too, Lee.

  3. They sound quite interesting ideas for me :).
    I am first timer to this challenge and find it very challenging it Ice-cream Image for the letter "I"

  4. Arlee I've been blogging for 3 months am so glad I joined you r challenge. It's helped me get more focus in what I want to do with my blogging life, as a result I even started a work blog to accompany my social one.

  5. Interesting ideas, yes as a matter of fact. I had alot of bloggers from A-Z challenge that helped me write a silly story using gibberish. We had alot of fun. Check it out for a good laugh :)

  6. This is a lovely, encouraging, inclusive feeling challenge. I'd so pleased I'm attempting it. Thankyou so much for the opportunity to contribute and for the effort you're all going to, to host. I'm enjoying romping around the world and dipping into many intriguing themes. I've found out things about myself, new strengths and confidence. Thankyou! Sue@JumpingAground (Alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  7. It's been such a success up to now, I have changed my S word. I won't say what it is but hope you can see the humous side to it.


  8. Too early in the morning for interesting ideas from me! I do know Nate, though. Funny dude. And several have posted fascinating stuff about outer space, so I've been learning.

  9. Thank you so very much, Arlee!! I'm so glad you got to see my post (I hadn't wanted to be intrusive). You deserve the praise for bringing bloggers everywhere the opportunity to come together this way. As it is also extremely educational...well, that's HUGE for me and sharing that with my readers is...what I do :) Thanks again for the link love. I'm going to try to get a YouTube vid out this week about the challenge too. I'm always trying to make the crossover with my viewers and readers and the A to Z Blogging Challenge deserves a big mention. Cheers!

  10. Though I am not participating except as a reader, A-Z itself is an "interesting idea" and I give you huge credit for inspiring so many. Congratulations!

  11. this challenge has really helped me to be more disciplined and duty conscience

  12. and to imagine that just ten years ago the blogosphere probably didn't even exist!

    I've liked best the AZ participants who chose to post some heartwarming stories in their challenge.

  13. I agree, the A-Z challenges has been an interesting and fun project. I have discovered new and fascinating blogs. It's been quite delightful.


  14. Saddens me to say I'm a bit behind on this challenge. Between having a few fibro flares as the weather changes to spring (FINALLY) and a death in our family... I plan to finish the challenge though, even if I finish late. Thanks for creating it for us. I'm really enjoying it.

  15. I love this idea. It keeps me writing, writing, writing!! Do you do this for all months that have 30 days? It sure helps me kill two birds with one stone. The Challenge and the 30 days/30 posts! Totally stretches my mind!

  16. I don't know about interesting but I feel like I have been to school, thank goodness for Sundays :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  17. It has been a lot of fun coming up with a different idea every day. I have met some interesting bloggers and gained a few followers. Thank you so much for starting this.

  18. I am learning a lot and meeting new friends. So, far it is great!

    Happy Birthday to your Mom~

  19. I've just enjoyed seeing the differences in what people come up with. So many creative people out there - it's mind-boggling. Lee, it is so successful. You should be very proud. And I'm very grateful.

  20. Lot's of ideas out there! Have loved most of them. Have seen things like photos, songs, TV programs, recipes, personal information, et cetcera.

    Lot's of creativity out there. I thin the best idea I saw (the best = which I had thought of that, is the blog that creates a blog for bible characters, check out Brianna @ Pocket full of Play Dough.

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  21. Thank you for your comment and the very helpful info. on my "Earth's crammed with heaven..." blog! I saw this challenge and was interested, then continued exploring blogs and forgot about it! (eye roll) Thank you for the reminder!

  22. yes, like certainly is full of interesting ideas...and interesting people! I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new bloggers and friends through the A to Z challenge!

    Blessings to you Lee!

  23. Thanks for the call out, Lee! (And, of course, for launching the A to Z Challenge in the first place.) I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone can come up with for my contest.

    And now I'm off to check out these other three fine bloggers you mentioned...

  24. Isn't every idea an interesting one???
    Great post.

  25. I have an interesting idea on my blog post today! It's about creating your own Personal Universe Deck. It's an exercise I had to do in my college creative writing class. It's a way to find new interesting ideas for stories or characters or breaking through writers block!

  26. This is fun. So far I have been able to come up with something even when I have no clue what before I do.
    I do have a feeling there are going to be a lot of zoo posts on z day. :)

  27. I am so pleased that so many of you are enjoying the Challenge and learning as much as I am. You all have your own interesting and unique ideas and I wish I could have acknowledged everyone today. Thanks for the links and references that some of you have provided in these comments. And an additional thank you to all of you who acknowledge other blogs on your own sites.


  28. Your challenge is going great guns. Kudos!

  29. Happy Birthday to Your Mom..

    interesting to learn about different take on the same word.

    I am glad to stop by today.

    bless you.
    Happy Monday.

  30. I have found some really great blogs! Two in particular have me anxious for the next day -
    Lucy Adams
    She's been blogging about literary terms, giving an example in literature and then using the technique in her own ongoing story. It's interesting, fun and educational.

    Pawny's Pen is also doing an ongoing story which is very interesting and well written.

    Thanks to the challenge I found Gregg from Gospel Driven Disciples And want to say a big thank you, Gregg for your encouraging words and comments on my blogs for this challenge!

  31. Hi Arlee
    I am one of your newest followers and my question...
    Do you have the A to Z challenge every month? Since it is almost the middle of April, I am going to pass on the challenge, but please tell me you have this EVERY month because I soooo want to be a part of it!!! Wanda

  32. I have come across so many new and interesting ideas that I would never have thought of. I have also found the structure of blogging with a fixed letter has made me more creative. Today I got to the point that I can now say I've popped in on all of the 1200+ blogs, that was a task and a half !!


  33. Have enjoyed the A to Z Challenge. Missed getting on board, but maybe next time?

    Thanks for stopping in at the Write Game. New followers are always <B over there.

  34. The A to Z is fascinating. I'm so pleased I joined in. No I don't really have the time to do it but it's worth getting a bit behind on the rest of my writing to meet so many interesting bloggers and read about so many different lives. I'll catch up on my writing in May.

  35. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Boid's Mom
    Happy Birthday to you

    ...and many mo'!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  36. I've been having an amazing time writing for the A-Z Challenge! Thank you for encouraging me to enter, Lee. I have met so many awesome bloggers and new friends, and I will definitely continue to post after the challenge is over, but not quite at a daily rate...this can be exhausting, lol!

  37. very interesting. The challenge was a great idea and I really am having fun doing it, aswell as meeting all the bloggers and such like. Keep the great ideas flowing.

  38. I've seen a diversity of blogs. One in particular is Susanne Drazic's blog on minerals and rocks and stuff. She makes it so interesting.

  39. I have found quite a few inspirational sites during this challenge so far. My post for letter I is ready.

    Thanks for looking.
    Laura T.

  40. This is great! Obviously there are so many bloggers signed up for this challenge, so many great ones, and its hard to get around to all of them, though I'd like to. Thanks for sharing some of the super great ones that you've found :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  41. I've gotten so much out of this A-Z Challenge so far! To 'meet' so many people with similar interests, to read so many different styles and's fantastic! I love it! Thank you for this, it's awesome!

  42. Right now I am working on editing one of my own interesting ideas: a book length poem written in a day. Editing always takes more for me to do than the initial writing.

    I enjoy the new friends I am making here and this prompt (The letter I) has been my favorite personal writing thus far.


    I is for Intimacy

  43. I agree Arlee so many interesting takes on the challenge. Just a wealth of discoveries awaits. It's a matter of having time the time to dig through them all.

  44. I stumbled across the blog along with others through it so it's all been quite interesting and is getting me back into my writing. I didn't make it quite in time but I'm jumping on board! Thanks for the inspiration:-)

  45. I've found some amazing blogs as well. I love it.

  46. I have loved the challenge so far! I have met several new people and I was super excited when 2 of my besties joined with me!!

    I love looking at photos, so that would be the thing that keeps it interesting for me.

    Stop on by and check out my random thoughts :)


  47. Hi, Lee,

    I try to keep my posts interesting with flash fiction with a riddle twist. I build up the story and finish with the answer woven into the prose.

    It's challenging, but I am having a blast.

  48. I totally agree! I've found quite a lot of good blogs, interesting posts and inspiring ideas! But I don't know, how you guys handle your time, but my time seems much too short for all that! *sigh*

    Out of these over 1200 blogs I've clicked on those with an interesting name or just by accident ... for sure, I've missed quite a lot! I'd wished to have a short explaining sentences, what each blog is all about or maybe even just some catchwords?! Would be great to have that next year! :-)

    Have fun & Keep writing!

    Karin @ Nofretiris Dream Of Writing

  49. I've come across lots of interesting ideas for the A to Z challenge. I like some of the themes going on: Alex's blog buddies, Sharon's friendship attributes, Diane's promotion ideas and so many more!

  50. Hi Lee, thanks so much for the lovely shout-out. It's wonderful to see everyone getting into the A-Z Challenge spirit. I'm really enjoying checking out all these new blogs and seeing their take on the letter of the day.



  51. Hey Lee! Had to stop by again and thank you for visiting my blog..I am so happy to meet someone else who loves musicals! You have no idea..I'm normally all alone with that. It's nice to know that somewhere, someone else is rockin' out to Cabaret! lol! Have a great week!

  52. I have met so many amazing people during this challenge. I wasn't quite sure what it would be like, but now I am so glad that I decided to join. It has been an amazing time so far and I am certain it will only get more so as the days go by.

    Thanks Lee for hosting this so that we could all come together and find each other!!


  53. So far, I've come across some very interesting blogs during this challenge and read some cool short stories of fiction and also picked up a nice recipe somebody's blog so I appreciate that, while I'm learning how to cook more dishes.

    As for myself, I believe that I write about some interesting ideas sometimes, such as focusing on movies that are about women in prison somehow or interviewing other filmmakers about things that the average moviegoer may find interesting, BUT I would rather not find my own blog posts interesting....I mean, I already do because if I wasn't interested in them, there is no reason for me to post them, lol.

    I'd rather my readers find my posts interesting so it's not for me to say whether my blog has interesting ideas or not. It's up to the readers and followers of the blog.

    Today, I am happy to find out that I received a Creative Blog award from a fellow blogger and so.....there is a reader who considers me or my blog to have Interesting Ideas! :)

    The Madlab Post

  54. I've encountered blogs on RPG Characters, sports figures, friendly pirates, and Egyptian clothing, to name but a few of the intriguing ideas I've encountered in A-Z! This brainchild of yours is a keeper, Arlee!

  55. I Have never had so much blog trouble as I have had since joining this 'challenge'.

    The amount of SPAM, rediculous comments and obviously backlinking to try and gain Followers and comments is outrageous.

    I WILL NEVER PARTICIPATE in this challenge agian, and WANT MY LINK REMOVED...

    I have already asked once to have it removed, and you have NOT done so.

    274. Annmaree - Emu Creations

    I want it removed! I've looked everywhere I can to see if I am anble to remove it, and there is nothing where I can. So I ask you to please remove it, my blog is being RUINED because of this rediculousness. and I want NO part of that!!!

  56. Oh, there's all sorts of ideas out there, and it's interesting to see everyone's perspective for each day. Appreciate the links, Lee!

  57. Hi there Arlee Bird,
    So I suppose that's like the 'Arlee Bird catches the worm'? :)
    Anyhow, thoroughly delighted to note that your 'A to Z Challenge' is most definitely, a huge success!
    Now then 'I' have figured out that today's posting is brought to you by one of my favourite (sorry, 'favorite') vowels. I C U are now up to the letter 'I' in this wonderful alphabet challenge :)
    Indeed, some interesting ideas, here. Some very notable bloggers amongst your list. I've been graced with interacting with a couple of them and the others, I shall duly check out.
    I'm truly honoured that you have included me in such an esteemed list. I would like to note that any feeble attempts by me at humour are only a small portion of what I endeavour to write on my blog. For, in fact, my blog is about eliminating the unfair stigma and labels that are often attached to those who are experiencing mental health concerns. We must realise, that mental health issues, can happen to any of us.
    Once again, I wish to thank you for taking my satirical posting in the good spirit it was truly intended.
    Continued happy writing and may all who are participating in your 'A to Z April Challenge', find much satisfaction from the power, the therapy, the magic of the written word.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary.

  58. Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    I do hope you get a chance to read Stephen King's "It" because it was fantastic. "Under the Dome" was great too, and if you read that one, you got a real glimpse of King at his best.

  59. I have only been blogging for a month and joined this challenge to help me learn to blog everyday and thinking maybe I could meet up with a couple other art bloggers. While the challenge has me staying to my commitment to blog everyday, and yes I have met several other art bloggers, this has been an incredible journey of opening up my world! I have "met" writers, poets, people healing through blogging, amazing and incredible bits of history and stories, inspiration and the list never ends. As I read your post, I was right clicking to "open in another tab" the links you provided. The journey continues everyday. This is awesome!

  60. I don't see how my blogs problems are isolated and not in relation to the link-up here, every one of the spammers have your lil icon attached to their blog or make some reference to the A-z challenge in how they found my blog....

    and the person whom I found this challenge blog through is ALSO having spam problem but only just realised its because of this challenge... there are probably a lot more too just not saying it, or not realising the true source of the nuisance.

    While you cannot be deemed responsible for others actions I know, I think its only fair to point out this link system is just giving a giant blog-hop party for a lot of cut and paste nuisance bloggers.

    And it needs to be said that this isn't appropriate commenting and blogging ettiquette and I feel it needs to be posted about considering its only day 11/12.

  61. I'm having a great time Lee! I've met some really interesting people and haven't had any problems. Well, other than not wanting to sleep because there are too many new and exciting blogs to visit. :)

    I wish everyone had a place you could comment on their blogs. I've run across a couple that had great posts, but nowhere to comment or follow. HMMM?

    I'm so glad you talked me into joining. :)

    Thanks for giving Gary a shout out...He's a fun guy. Ironically he lives in the town in England that two of my stories are based. I didn't know him before I started blogging.

  62. Well, once again I've let these comments pile up to the point where it is difficult to respond on an individual basis. And that system I talked about before the Challenge began--well the best laid plans and all that, you know.

    I am having a difficult time just keeping up with visiting commenters--which in a way is a good thing I guess--but I am trying my best.

    Appreciate the positive comments and I try to also address and keep in mind the few negative comments I receive. After all, I'd like to see everyone have an equally great experience with the A to Z Challenge, but I also realize that not everyone always sees things the same way.

    I will not delete any negative comments unless they are crude, abusive, or hurtful to another person. This is a place to share and exchange interesting ideas and even negative ideas can sometimes be useful and interesting. They are what often initiates change.


  63. Sorry to hear that you think anyone that doesn't see things your way isn't worth your time.

    Not a way to run a blog hop of this magnitude in my opinion.

    Its clear your in WAY over your head, So Heres some tips for next time... if you ever attempt this again.

    Set some ground rules.

    Have a blogging etiquette and commenting etiquette guideline in place.

    Have a link system where people can remove themselves or be removed by someone else if they wish, AND can be removed if they are not abiding the rules.

    Lastly open your own mind as to how this whole thing CAN negatively impact someones life and blog instead of washing your hands and not taking responsiblity for it.

    So I'll take my own negative self back to my blog, you won't hear from me again.


  64. lots of poetry out there.. and I don't do much of that.. so that is a great idea...thanks

  65. Hi Arlee .. crumbs - well not worth discussing .. this is great fun .. and I'm loving it. Also love that you're linking to a few new people each day .. just been over to San and know Gary .. and the other two I must check out .. well done is all I can say .. cheers Hilary

  66. Thanks again for all your comments I think :) .

    I do try to listen to everyone and Annmaree you're link has been removed as you requested. We are on different time zones here and not tending to this blog hobby
    24/7. I learned a great deal from my Challenge of last year and am continuing to learn next year. Part of your suggestion is good and practical and will be something I will take into consideration next year. I have not washed my hands of anything or refused to take responsibiity for anything. If that were the case do you really think I would leave your comments up for all to see or do you think I would have attempted to have a civil discourse with you concerning this matter?
    I do hope your life gets better and you find happiness in what you do.
    God bless you and may peace come upon you.



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