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Monday, April 25, 2011

Unique Understanding


           Each of us has a unique understanding in the way that we perceive things in our universe.  We have skills and talents in which we excel, specific knowledge about things we have studied, and our own individual experiences as only we have sensed them.  

           No one else in this world knows every single thing that you know or can do the things that you do in exactly the same way that you do them.  You may have many things in common with other people, but your overall understanding is specific to you alone.

           Everything that you do, say, and think has your stamp of individuality upon it.   Take advantage of who you are and capitalize on it in every way that you can.   You are special because of your unique understanding and interpretation of your world.



  1. I have never really thought of it other then to think that we are all different, but it is our unique understanding that makes us who we are.

  2. Unique is sometimes eccentric;-)

  3. And that uniqueness is what makes the world interesting

  4. I agree - we are not only different biologically but also in our habits and character, and we portray them when we speak, write, and in our relationship with others.

    Life on The Farm

  5. So very true. True success is embracing our uniqueness, exploring and developing it, and sharing it with others. For the writer, it's through our writing. :)

  6. If we were all the same, life would be boring!

  7. letter U can't believe the challenge is almost over

  8. it's not that I'm just an oddball.

  9. well said, sir, we should all strive to developing our uniqueness!

  10. I like this, Arlee! I do know some things no one can ever know - like the way my seventh grade teacher moved to the back of the classroom to readjust her girdle. No one else knows that (but the rest of that class that is dispersed and how do I know if they are even with us or even saw or remembered - but I did).
    only a few more letters...
    Jan Morrison

  11. There was only one unique individual and we celebrated his resurrection yesterday. John 3:16 includes the declaration and emphasis that God gave his only "unique" Son as a sacrifice for sin.

    Solomon made the point there is nothing new under the sun. We repackage and rediscover what is already there. Our daily life is a wonderful discovery and what did the kids call it, oh yeah, our daily lives a great scavenger hunt!

    We are certainly different and wired differently!

  12. Or, as the sage philosopher, Popeye, said, "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam."
    Things you can learn from cartoons.
    Except that anvils on your head really DO friggin' hurt.

  13. Well yes, I am quite unique! Right now I have this unique understanding of poison Ivy. Yup, I know all about it! Love Di ♥

  14. I get it! And thank you SO much for the lovely compliment Friday. I will keep my uniqueness :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. So we don't need to go clear out in left field to be original. We are original right where we are. You don't need to get a tattoo of a dragon on your right eyebrow to be different. You already are different without embellishments. Do what you enjoy doing, be who you really are, and learn to like it. There are people who won't approve, no matter what you do. There are people who will want you to validate their choices by following them or you won't win their approval. What's important iss that YOU approve of who you are and what you do. Write what you know and what you enjoy.

  16. I think there's a lesson in this A to Z challenge. With so many people doing it you'd think there would have been a lot of similar posts, but everyone's take has been unique -- even if they used the same title.

    People always worry that a story idea has been done before, but your version will always be unique because it's yours.

  17. Unique can be wonderful! You're right, no1 else knows every single thing that you know.

    This is an excellent, uplifting blog entry & thanks for putting it up today! :)

  18. It's a good thing we are all unique Lee, imagine everyone queueing to go down the slide at the park??????

  19. Ocean Girl -- Yes, but it is sadly true how many people think that they have nothing new to offer and that their is nothing about their lives that is interesting or different than anyone else.

    Jabblog -- Unique can often be viewed as eccentric depending on who's viewing.

    Angeline -- Without the uniqueness we'd be like interconnected computers, all of one mind. There'd be nothing to talk or write about.

    Grandpa -- Exactly, and that's why I scoff somewhat when someone says they have nothing to write about.

    S.A.Larsen -- The first step is recognizing our uniqueness and appreciating it for what it is.

    Alex -- If we were all the same we wouldn't be blogging or anything else expressive. I can't even fathom what it would be like.

    becca -- Yes, this challenge went so fast--kind of like life.

    MybabyJohn -- Well, you might be an oddball and that would make you unique. There are plenty of us unique oddballs out here.

    Up -- Thanks and I'll stop by to read about Uranus-- there seems like something so wrong about what I just wrote.

    Dezmond -- Once we recognize our uniqueness developing it and even capitalizing on it are the next important steps.

    Jan -- You just pinpointed an essential part of the uniqueness that I'm talking about here.


  20. I had thought about using the word, unique, for my post too, along with unorthodox and unusual, but ended up with Under Pressure, because this challenge has been very stressful for me (but also a lot of fun). I've met some great bloggers here! If you would like to read my latest A-Z Challenge, here it is:

  21. So true how unique each of us really is.

  22. Whenever I would say something like "I'm going to do such and such differently" or "my approach is not like anyone else's," my dad would bring me down to earth with his humor: "you're unique, just like everyone else."

    You're right, though. Each of us has a right and a responsibility to make a special mark in this world. We shouldn't allow ourselves to be part of a lump.

  23. Gregg - You a taking the uniqueness to a whole different level and of course you are right about that, but you obviously understand the scavenger hunt that I'm talking about.

    Al -- Cartoons are filled with some of the deepest wisdom of life.

    Diana -- Poison Ivy is a unique experience that I don't want to have.

    Jules -- I guess you are stuck with your uniqueness like the rest of us. You deserve many compliments!

    Roxie -- You make an important point. Some people go to ridiculous extremes to be unique and never appreciate their true uniqueness that makes them special for who they really are.

    L.G. -- even if we had used the same word as a prompt instead of a letter we would have had 1200 different responses. It's so cool to see how all of the entries differed.

    Lisa -- Thank you for your kind words and your unique story that you have been telling on your blog.

    Yvonne -- I don't think you'll many of us in the slide queue-- that is uniquely Yvonne and that's fun.

    Carol -- It's true, but not always realized.

    Theresa -- Next time you won't feel as much pressure because you'll be a A to Z expert.

    Fredamans -- We are unique and our blogs illustrate that uniqueness.

    Walk1Write -- There is a truth in both views. We are all the same in many ways, but different in different ways. In a crowd, we are just one of many, but one on one we can see the differences. If we didn't we wouldn't bother looking or listening.


  24. I quite thoroughly enjoy the uniqueness of others. It's always a thrill for me to get to know people and find out what makes them tick, think differently, experiences of their past that have caused them to be who they've become.

  25. This blog is very encouraging indeed:)

  26. So true, Lee! Blogs are a perfect example. No two are exactly alike! Each has something special and unique about them.

  27. I enjoy seeking out the uniqueness in others as long as it is true. People who fake uniqueness drive me batty...

  28. Well said and posted. Like snowflakes, billions and trillions of them, each one different and yet the same, we are all of the same energy, but each individual with a totally unique spin of that energy.

    May 2nd is the big Mega Wrapup post, hmm? I'll be here. :-)

    Marvin D Wilson

  29. My post for letter U is up.

    Thanks for looking.

    Laura T.

  30. Heather -- I'm with you. We all have so much in common and yet so different and learning about the differences is enjoyable.

    Munir -- Thank you. You're being here encourages me.

    Brianna -- That's one of the things so much fun about A to Z: exploring the differences in style and contents of all these blogs that we might not normally have run across.

    Doreen -- Unfortunately you are correct at least as far as initial or peripheral contacts go. You can't help but eventually see signs of disingenuous personalities as you are around them more.

    Marvin -- Yes! We are like snowflakes--warm bodied snowflakes though occasionally with cold hearts.

    Laura -- Thanks for sharing your link.


  31. Great post!

    I like being unique - doesn't always sit well with some in the universe, but until my untimely and unplanned departure I will continue to be utterly and unequivocally uniquely me!

    I love the letter "U" - it it the ultimate, isn't it?

    Cheers, Jenny

  32. An uplifting post. We should all celebrate what makes us unique. Brilliant!

    Ellie Garratt

  33. Thanks for such an inspirational post. I agree that everyone has a unique understanding about things in our universe. That is what makes the world so fascinating.

    The Madlab Post

  34. Thanks Lee for the lovely comment,
    I will be pleased to take part in What's after the challenge?

  35. Nice post. Our unique understanding can didvide us as well us make us special. I often think we all have our own unique interpretations of such things as the finer tones of colour, which shapes our likes and dislikes :O)

  36. All snowflakes are similar in that they are snowflakes but all very different, not one is like another, much like people or fleshy flakes. :-) The Master Designer is awesome and He knows everything about everyone, including each snowflake. That just blows my mind! Blessings!

  37. I have nothing unique to add. Just stopping by. Less than a week to go. Woohoo!

  38. These words of wisdom will get us through the rest of the week! Thanks, Julie

  39. Jenny -- We're all individually unique despite what anyone else likes or dislikes.

    Ellie -- Gosh, thanks.

    Nicole -- No one else can see things exactly as we see them even if we tell them because the information all gets filtered through their own unique views.

    Yvonne -- I knew we could count on your Reflections post on May 2nd. I guess this year after the Challenge it's back to normal for me. We'll see who else has something planned. I do know that our co-host Karen Gowen is planning another virtual BBQ probably in September. I also believe that Alex may have something up his sleeve and Jeffrey Beesler said he's planning 3 contests. Keep your eyes open--I'm sure announcements will be coming soon.

    Holly -- I'm not sure how peppy it was but glad you stopped by.

    Madeleine -- You're right about how different points of view can lead to divisiveness and even worse.

    Karen--I believe it.

    Pebbles -- It is pretty mind blowing isn't it! The Infinite God is a creator of infinite variety.

    Better -- Exciting and a little sad at the same time. Thanks for stopping.

    Julie -- Thank you for that kind thought.


  40. I love this post and needed the reminder. Too often I spend time trying to fit in instead of trying to figure out my unique gifts and contributions. I wish everyone had your viewpoint! (Hey, I might have found my v word if I ever make it that far!)

  41. That sounds like a pep talk I would give my young daughter, but you know what? I needed that reminder. Thanks!

  42. I am who I am and that's all who I am. I'm about to share a very powerful "W" about being myself in this confusing world. Thanks for reminding me just how unique I am, Arlee!

  43. Well said! This is why as writers we have so much to share.

  44. So very true. That is why everyone should be respected and treated with dignity no matter what we think of them. We are all unique and special in our own rights.

  45. Thanks for reminding us (especially me) that we are unique...


  46. Wordnerd -- Snowflakes that still stand out as unique after we've blended into the fallen snow.

    Jessaca-- Thank you!

    Melody -- I hope you make it to V!

    Linda H-- I glad it worked for you.

    Jeffrey -- No problem. And now for that powerful 'W' word?

    Bish -- Thanks!

    Karen -- Hope we have something to share if we're trying to write!

    KC -- Thank you for stopping by.

    Greg -- Even if I don't like what you believe it doesn't give me the right to treat you with disrespect. The old Golden Rule certainly applies.

    Gray -- We should never forget.


  47. That's a great perspective, I've never thought of it that way before. It may also help me be more understanding of others, if I remember that they too have a "unique understanding and interpretation of the world."

  48. Well said. That is what made me take courage in both hands and step into writing.

  49. I think it's easy for people to forget how unique they are, but you are absolutely right.

  50. "Unique" I love that word.

    Well said, Lee. I find this post very insightful.



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