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Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog Boggled: New Blogging Schedule

             Readers have spoken.  For the past few weeks I have had a poll on this blog site to see which of my daily features were the most popular.  The results were as follows--with day, topic, and percentage of votes for the favorite topic:

Sunday Bible Study (20%)
Monday Blogging and Writing Topics  (68%)
Tossing It Out Tuesday  (50%)
Wednesday Human Interest stories and memoirs  (31%)
Thursday Debate Day  (31%)
Friday Mystery Topic  (43%)
Saturday Review and Preview  (11%)

         Percentages are over 100% because I had asked readers to pick the top three favorites.  I may have skewed things by including the day of the week since the percentages correspond with the most active days on this blog.  Still the numbers are pretty much what I had expected based on my analytics stats.

         The new schedule for Tossing It Out will eliminate the Saturday preview and review since that was pretty much of a throw away day anyway.  As I mentioned this past Saturday, there will still be occasional special Saturday posts for awards or whatever else special comes along.   These days will be unscheduled surprise days.   Also, the Sunday Bible Study will be taking a break as I re-evaluate what to do.  Alex J. Cavanaugh suggested that I might want to collaborate with other bloggers to create a separate Bible study blog where we can all contribute.  I'd be happy to discuss this with any interested parties.

         Here is the new schedule for Tossing It Out:

Monday:      Mostly Writing Monday is a day that may include Blog Boggled or Persnickety Penman features, reviews, or stories and poetry on some occasions.  And every now and then I might toss out a top favorites list.

Tuesday:   Tossing It Out Tuesday will continue with a mash up of Debate Day, my continued effort to get rid of stuff, and any other thoughts I want to toss out to readers to hear what you have to say.

Thursday:   The Thursday Mind Excursion will combine my current Wednesday human interest and memoirs with fiction and strange stories like I have been presenting on Fridays.  I might even experiment with Bible studies in a totally different way as suggested to me by Stephen T. McCarthy--I'll have to think on that one.

         I'll try the three day a week schedule for a while to see how that works and provide feedback to readers after the first month or so in case you're thinking about making your own changes.   And this is not to say surprise posts may occasionally pop up on other days. 

          Currently, I already have a couple of Wednesdays scheduled for book tours.  On Wednesday October 27 I am scheduled on Marvin Wilson's book tour for Beware the Devil's Hug.   Later, on Wednesday December 8 I am scheduled on Tamara Hart Heiner's book tour for her book, Perilous.

          As always, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you can offer me.  And as the weeks go by, if there is anything you miss or would like to see more of, please let me know.  I do enjoy your ideas and you may have noticed that I do often use some of those ideas.

          I've tossed out my plan to you for your consideration, now how about you tossing me back your thoughts on anything I've said here.


  1. Great idea - polling your readers to come up with a favorite blod schedule - I like! And hey - thanks for the shout out about the book tour coming up. Looking forward to being here!

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Sounds like a plan! I've several followers who post Sunday Bible studies. Check with Journaling Woman.

  3. I'm sure it dosen't matter what I think, I thought you were just cutting down on week-ends as it's very quiet on those days but cutting back on two others in the week is a bit drastic.

    I live alone and should the weather be bad it good to see a friendly blog regulary as I can't get out in bad weather,For those who are working it may be the perfect solution but there are many like me who has medical problems the pc and blogs are a God send.

    Have a good day

  4. This looks great and very interesting. Sometimes we DO need to step back and look at what we are included.


  5. Hello again, I couldn't resist giving you the award I've left on my latest blog.


  6. Sounds good to me. I think you'll enjoy having your regular blogging schedule being only three days a week instead of seven.

  7. the new schedule looks efficient and nice :) I hope your surprise posts will also include some surprise visiting comments as well :) since we shall miss you in your non-blogging days :)

    Off course, we do expect reports on your book!

  8. May we both have success with our new schedules. (Although mine's not so organized.)

  9. Its good to be organized. I like the Sunday Bible theme. I think its important to have themes visitors can rely on and expect.

    Stephen Tremp

  10. Marvin -- I want to write what people will read--this is not totally an exercise in self-indulgence.

    Alex -- Yes I am familiar with Teresa and several others. I may approach some of them about this.

    Yvonne -- Of course I want to know what you think. If I start getting better reorganized I might add back some days. And thank you for the award--it will show up on a special Saturday post this upcoming week end.

    Golden Eagle -- Thank you. Hope it gets me organized.

    Teresa -- It's good to take inventory and rearrange the store sometimes.

    Carol -- Hope my time gets used wisely.

    Dezmond -- Hopefully my commenting will get better with freed up time and book work will resume.

    L.Diane -- Oh, you are organized.

    Stephen -- I like the daily theme concept better than the just random whatever I feel like writing approach.

  11. It looks like a fine, well thought out schedule to me. I wish I was that organized. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. As with the others, I hope your new schedule works out best for you. I never realized how addicting blogging could become for me. I need to cut back my time myself. I was going to cut out Saturday but October ended up being review of the epistle of James on Saturday. I will re-think it for November.

    Since you are in my blog roll, I see your updates and will always read. I enjoy both you and your blog!

  13. Arlee, you've really looked into this carefully! I'm sure your schedule is excellent for you, and its perfection will resonate to all readers.

  14. Good luck with this new schedule. Looks like a winner.

  15. Lee-

    I have a suggestion to offer.

    Buy low, sell high.

    Or did you mean a suggestion about blog content?


  16. I love the new schedule and hopfully you'll find it easier to maintain. I like the idea of a collaborative faith/bible study blog.

    I'm happy to turn over my faith blog into a collaborated one.

  17. It sounds like a great schedule to me. I plan to check in as often as I can.

  18. It seems like you've come up with a pretty good plan/schedule. And I'm interested to see what becomes of the Bible study....

  19. Jules -- My organization is just an illusion.

    Gregg -- Blog addiction has been interfering with so many other things. I really like blogging but....

    Lynn -- Hopefully it works well. It may take a week or two for me to adapt.

    Mary -- Thank you.

    Larry -- I'm always open to any suggestions.

    Lynda -- I'll keep your thought in mind and see if there is more interest.

    Jane -- I hope you will stop in often and I should have more time freed up for visiting other blogs as well.

    Words Crafter -- We shall see about the Bible study ideas.

    Doris -- I hope so.

  20. Sounds like a great plan and will free up some time to have some fun and pursue other adventures! Congrats on your new schedule! Cheers!

  21. Jemi -- Hope it's fun, but at least it's a plan.

    Marguerite -- Thanks and I hope I can just can some more of my work done and maybe have a bit of fun too.

  22. Hi Lee .. it will certainly give you a little more time .. but as you say - you can mix and match a little now and see where it settles ..

    I shall just enjoying calling in and commenting .. oh ..looking forward to today's post - it's a Tuesday our time .. Hilary

  23. I think you've narrowed it down nicely. It's interesting that your traffic analytics for days of the week are similar to mine.

  24. Hillary -- Stay with me and see what happens. Thanks for your support.

    Paula- From what I hear, the traffic stats are pretty much the same for most bloggers and I can understand the logic of why.

  25. Hey, Lee, I always enjoy what I read on your blog no matter what day it is. I can't get by every day, so it will just continue to be what ever it happens to be. That is okay with me. Thanks for your continuing to post and to visit with me. Love,

  26. Grammy -- It's all okay. Juat stop by when you can and with me posting less days it'll be easier. I should be able to get be to visit your site more often.


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