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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surprise! I'm Playing Tag On My First Saturday Off

            Okay, here's one of those special Saturday posts that I was mentioning last week.   Last Saturday I was tagged by Alex J. Cavanaugh of CassaStar fame, so I'm back this Saturday to follow-up.

Here's the deal:


Write down (by hand!) on a piece of paper the following:

1. Name, Blog Name
2. Right handed, left handed, or both?
3. Favorite letters to write
4. Least favorite letters to write
5. Write out "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
7. Favorite song lyrics
8. Tag 7 people (or like Alex and me you can tag 3 if you've got other things to do)
9. Whatever else strikes your fancy

So for you graphologists out there, here I am for analysis:

        I couldn't think of any song lyrics, especially since I usually don't listen much to lyrics or remember them, so I used the lyrics to a song I wrote back in the late 70s.  The song is called "(Do You Wanna Go) Back On the Road Again" and is from a musical that I was writing at that time.  I can remember my own lyrics.

        And now on to the part I always find most difficult:  thinking of those who might not have gotten tagged yet and might enjoy playing tag.  If this were real tag I wouldn't be playing since I don't like to run-- or at least my heart doesn't like it.   Here are my tags for the handwriting game:

1.    Gregg at Gospel Driven Disciples --- He recently celebrated his 500th post.  He's pretty good natured about doing stuff like this. 

2.   Yvonne at Welcome to my World of Poetry -- Her comment when Alex did this was, "How glad I escaped the handwriting tag. thank you for choosing men."   Unlike Alex I am not going to discriminate.  Come on--you know you want to do it!  And if you don't want to do the handwriting and all that's involved with that, you can write a poem about handwriting.   Or you can do both!

3.  The Golden Eagle at the Eagle's Aerial Perspective-- She said to Alex, "Your handwriting is way easier to read than mine is!"    Okay, show us!  Let the readers be the judge.

Also today I'm accepting an award:

       Yvonne at Welcome To My World Of Poetry has given me an apt award:  The Go Away, I'm Writing Award.

         Thank you Yvonne.   I don't know that I'm supposed to pass this on, but since I'm supposed to be writing I guess I can just opt out.   So if you will please excuse me I need to go and write.  See you later.


  1. You have a beautiful handwriting. Mine is terrifying.

    Congrats on the award!

  2. I LOVE that mug! I think with electronic communication, we're all getting sloppy with our handwriting...

  3. I find your handwriting much easier to read than mine! And congrats on the award!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. aH, Lee, you have a very traditional handwriting, with elegant and refined style. The way some of the longer letters are curved (g,y,j) and the slant of the whole handwriting shows artistic talent and sophisticated nature, but it can also show someone who abides the rules.

    The way you write upper case letters shows certain insecurities deep within, which we all have, although it can also show the wish to be non-intrusive or to stick to a child within.

  5. If I can read your handwriting early in the morning (for me it is) it must be pretty good.
    About Gregg's 500 posts -- are his eyes still uncrossed and how big are his finger stubs? Just asking.

  6. Nice prize, nice mug and legible handwriting. Pretty good for a Saturday morning.


  8. Glad I could zap someone else with that handwriting tag!
    Now, go write!

  9. You write in cursive! That isn't really a common thing these days.

  10. Congrats on the awards Lee. I like your handwriting!

  11. That's really great handwriting--it's elegant, if you ask me! I love cursive. :)

    I'm going to have to think if there's a way for me to upload my handwriting as an image--no digital camera/scanner here. But I might be able to figure something out!

  12. Now, Arlee, I can do this exercise but I don't have anyway of getting it on to the computer to show you I have done it. I don't have a camera connection for my phone, nor do I have a digital camera, nor do I have a scanner.

  13. I think that you write like a man! Yet much neater than my husband, LOL! Congratulations on the award Arlee, I have often felt like saying that!
    Love Di ♥

  14. I like your award - nice mug to have on one's desk. - :)

  15. Misha -- Someone will have to send you the next challenge so you can show us.

    Will -- I was almost surprised that I could still write in cursive. I almost always print when I do have to write by hand.

    Words Crafter -- I guess you need to prove your handwriting expertise, or lack of, as well.

    Dezmond -- I enjoy your interpretations and you analyzed my writing pretty well. And yes, I have a lot of inner child, which is probably why I like writing about childhood so much.

    Mary -- 500 posts is a pretty good achievement. I'll probably hit it early next year.

    Liza -- Top it off with a beautiful day and a good breakfast with my wife and granddaughter and it was a darn good morning.

    Anon-- Interesting link. I usually don't click on these anonymous links but the content sounded okay and I enjoyed it.

    Alex -- I've been spend the day playing Grandpa so haven't had much time for writing, but it's an important activity as well.

    Jemi-- Thanks!

  16. Marjorie-- Like I told Will earlier, I normally print these days when I write by hand.

    RaShelle -- Thank you and thank you.

    Golden Eagle -- Thank you for the compliment. I guess you'll be creative enough to figure something out.

    Gregg -- I figured you at least could load pictures off your camera. Guess you'll have to think of a creative alternative as well.

    Diana -- How does a man write? Never thought about that one very much.

    Paula -- I wouldn't mind really having a mug like that.

  17. I was going to comment on the tag, but then I saw the award.

    I totally want that mug.

  18. Nice award! Congrats... that mug is great!

    Glad you're the one doing the handwriting tag... mine's more like printing with squiggles! ;)

  19. I never thought before about which letters I don't like to write! Also, if you managed to write onomatopoeia without having to check the vowels more than once, I salute you.

  20. You have really nice handwriting! I love how you summed it up with your new award; Congrats...
    Now Go Write, right now~

  21. I like your explanation of tagging just three people!

  22. Annette -- I'd like to have the mug too. Well, at least I have a picture of one.

    DL -- Somebody needs to tag you so we can see what you're talking about.

    Amie - I never thought about favorite or least favorite letters to write either. Believe me, I was looking at "onomatopoeia" as I wrote it, just like I cut and pasted it to this comment. It's a weird word, but it's also kind of cool.

    Ellie -- Yeah, I thought I'd say something appropriate to the occasion.

    Jules -- You're never too late to leave a comment unless the post has an expiration date.

    L.Diane -- Yeah, we guys always have other things to do, not that they're important or anything.

  23. Congrats on the award and at least you can read your writing! :)

  24. Congrats on your award! You have a very nice handwriting and those are my favorite letters to write, too! Love that mug!

  25. Laura -- You'd probably have a harder time reading my real writing when I wasn't being careful.

    Karen -- Thanks!

    Marguerite-- Well, it's a nice mug picture--too bad I don't really have the mug.


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